Updated: February 13, 2024

21 Top Client Entertainment Ideas in Philadelphia, PA

Here is our list of the best client entertainment ideas in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Client entertainment ideas in Philadelphia are ways to spend time and learn more about your clients outside the regular work environment. For example, you can watch a show at Punch Line Philly or learn glassblowing at Jim Loewer Glass. The purpose of this list is to highlight fun experiences you can share with your clients in the city.

These experiences are similar to ways to entertain groups in Philly and Philadelphia work outings. Client entertainment serves a similar purpose as luxury gifting.

This list includes:

  • VIP client entertainment ideas in Philadelphia
  • client appreciation event venues in Philadelphia
  • places to bring clients in Philadelphia
  • client meeting spaces in Philadelphia

Here we go!

List of client entertainment ideas in Philadelphia

Philadelphia has many locations with exceptional experiences that clients will love. From hosting an event at Le Cat Cafe to having fun at Kick Axe Throwing, here are fun ways you can impress your clients in Philadelphia.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown (Top Choice)

Trivia is a classic team building activity, and Ultimate Trivia Showdown puts an innovative twist on this game! This engaging experience keeps both staff and clients entertained and involved.

During Ultimate Trivia Showdown, you can expect:

  • 90 minutes of interactive entertainment guided by a talented host
  • unique trivia questions across a range of categories, like history and pop culture
  • engaging games like The Champion Challenge and Smarty Pants Ultimate Trivia
  • thrilling games, puzzles, and question rounds
  • optional trivia customization for a personalized experience

To make planning a breeze, we will meet you at your preferred venue with all the necessary materials. Overall, trivia allows each player to shine while promoting collaboration and bonding within your group.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

2. Mix n’ Mingle (Best for Networking)

Mix n’ Mingle is a networking experience that immerses participants in engaging activities. These exercises aim to foster deep conversations and forge lasting bonds.

The key features of Mix n’ Mingle include:

  • 90 minutes with a world-class facilitator
  • thoughtfully designed icebreakers
  • activities that ignite conversations and enable genuine connections
  • group discussions and collaborative team challenges

In addition, we will meet you at your chosen venue with all the needed supplies. By joining Mix n’ Mingle, you can establish profound connections, strengthen relationships, and enhance collaboration with your team.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

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3. The Great Guac Off™️ (Popular)

Guacamole making competition

During The Great Guac Off, get ready for an exhilarating experience where teams showcase their guacamole-making skills!

Here is what to expect:

  • 90 minutes guided by talented hosts
  • engaging icebreakers, mini-games, and avocado trivia
  • delectable guacamole ingredients and chips for dipping
  • an optional secret ingredient to spice up the recipes
  • a guacamole mash-off featuring a judging round

In addition, we will come to your chosen venue with all the necessary ingredients. This mouthwatering team building experience is designed to foster team bonding and enhance communication skills.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

4. Kick Axe Throwing

Kick Axe Throwing provides indoor facilities for enjoying an ax-throwing tournament with your guests. Before exploring the range, a dedicated coach will take you and your clients through the activity’s basics.

If you prefer exclusive access to the range, then you must reserve no less than eight spots. After a game, you can relax at the lounge and sip your favorite drink or munch on the delicious food served in the kitchen. Kick Axe Throwing features a lively atmosphere and comfy furnishing that will make the entire experience relaxing for your guests.

Learn more about Kick Axe Throwing.

5. South Bowl

South Bowl is a bowling center and event space in Philadelphia with over 25 bowling lanes available on a first-come, first-served basis. Each lane can accommodate about six players. South Bowl also features a backyard area with batting cages, arcade games, a bocce court, a pool table, and horseshoes. You can attend special events like Taco Tuesday, Wednesday Half Price, and Three Dollar Thursday.

Additionally, you will have a private area with specially reserved lanes if you book an event. Plus, the center will take care of your event menu and customize the options to meet your client’s dietary requirements. You can further impress your clients with add-ons like a photo booth, henna tattoo artist, magician, DJ, and ice cream cart.

Learn more about South Bowl.

6. La Cucina at the Market

Taking a cooking class offered by La Cucina at the Market is one of the exciting client entertainment ideas in Philadelphia. The classes have various themes like Dinner in Amalfi, Brunch Italiano, and Handmade Pasta. The “Fish Without Fear” class includes visiting a fishmonger at the market to learn more about buying fish before returning to prepare a mouthwatering meal. Also, the cooking school takes masterclasses on making quick-rise pizza dough.

You can consider booking an event for a private session with your clients. Although the entire experience will run for two to three hours on average, you can extend the time to include a cocktail reception. The kitchen is only a two-minute walk from the Reading Terminal Market, which you can tour before or after your cooking class.

Learn more about La Cucina at the Market.

7. Lincoln Financial Field

Lincoln Financial Field is home to the National Football League’s Philadelphia Eagles. If your clients are sports enthusiasts, then you can book tickets to watch a game at the stadium. You can also enhance your experience by taking an exclusive tour to explore the Eagles locker room, post-game interview room, team tunnel, and field.

You are free to bring your food and use the outdoor picnic tables at the plaza for dining. The stadium has more than 20 event spaces, from RedZone Lounge to Headhouse Plaza. One of the VIP client appreciation event ideas is hosting your clients in a luxury suite in the stadium with field views.

Learn more about Lincoln Financial Field.

8. Yay Clay

Yay Clay is one of the best places to channel your inner artist and go creative with clients. This pottery studio offers hands-on wheel-throwing classes running for two hours. You will receive instructions on making your own pottery piece and return to the studio weeks later to pick up your creations. The classes are accessible to beginners and experts.

The studio can conduct the experience as a private event. You are free to bring food and beverages for guests. Before or after your event, you can explore the artwork on-site or play arcade games. Besides mastering a new skill, your clients will have creative pieces to show off and bring home.

Learn more about Yay Clay.

9. Punch Line Philly

Punch Line Philly is a comedy club, restaurant, and bar. The venue has a two-drink minimum policy for each guest in the showroom. Although the seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, you can reserve a private table for your clients if you book a show with this option.

You can also treat your guest to local beer, wine, and appealing food options featured on the menu. Punch Line Philly is among the nicest client appreciation event venues in Philadelphia. You will have access to all you need to create a lasting experience for your clients, from high-tech lighting and sound system to catering and exceptional musical entertainment.

Learn more about Punch Line Philly.

10. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is nonprofit running an art gallery on South Street. You can impress your guests with a 75-minute guided tour to explore the public murals, galleries, and sculpture garden. The Morning Magic Tour will give you exclusive access before the galleries open to the public.

After, you can further explore the areas at your own pace and for as long as you want. You will find artworks like Issac Scott’s clay works, stained glass pieces by Justin Tyner, and sculptures designed by Warren Muller. You can also stop for a bite at one of the nearby dining areas like Jim’s Steaks, Sam’s Morning Glory Dinner, Whole Foods Market, and Hawthorne’s.

Learn more about Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.

11. Jim Loewer Glass

Jim Loewer Glass is a glassblowing studio that also takes classes for parties interested in mastering the skill. The studio will schedule the lesson to suit your convenient date and time. These classes are ideal for all visitors, irrespective of skill level.

In the BYOB Glassblowing Demo experience, you and your clients can chat, sip wine, and watch a demonstration without participating. Your clients can also learn to make items like a pendant, glass turtle, and mini paperweight in a class. Jim Loewer Glass offers a special package for groups having up to eight participants, which can also cover catering.

Learn more about Jim Loewer Glass.

12. XIX Restaurant

Dining at XIX Restaurant is among the VIP client entertainment ideas in Philadelphia. XIX Restaurant represents the city’s food culture with tasty options ranging from seafood to veggies and fine wine.

Your guests’ dining experience will be exceptional and impressive. You can try to secure one of the window tables so that you and your clients can feast your eyes on the city’s stunning views. Aside from an unparalleled dining service, XIX Restaurant is also notable for having an eye-catching interior design and stunning artwork from local artists and galleries. The restaurant conveniently sits on the 19th floor of The Bellevue Hotel. You can also access a private dining room or the wine cellar for exclusive dining.

Learn more about XIX Restaurant.

13. Voix

Voix Karaoke Lounge has several karaoke rooms, with the occupancy capacity ranging from 6 to 150 guests. Your clients will have a fantastic time in this karaoke lounge featuring outstanding Asian cuisine and state-of-the-art technology.

The karaoke lounge also offers different drinks, dine-in, and karaoke menus. You should plan to spend at least one hour at the venues. If you cannot finish your drink during the event, then the bar will help you keep your bottles for up to two weeks.

Learn more about Voix Karaoke Lounge.

14. Cocktail Culture Co.

Cocktail Culture Co. is an event venue where your guests can have a memorable experience. The venue offers cocktail workshops, where a mixologist will guide your group through the process of creating balanced cocktails in two hours. The session is informative, fun, and offers an excellent opportunity to socialize with your clients.

Your booking will cover the needed supplies, including liquors, homemade syrups, and garnishes. The venue also hosts tasting experiences for wine or whiskey lovers.

Learn more about Cocktail Culture Co.

15. Wax + Wine

Wax + Wine is one of the unique places to bring clients in Philadelphia. The company offers candle-making experiences in a sophisticated and relaxed environment. You and your clients can socialize during the session and even return home with your own fragrance candle.

You get to pick your preferred fragrance from over 75 options. Also, an expert will provide instructions to guide you through making your candles within 90 to 120 minutes. The experience runs as a BYOB, while the venue takes care of utensils, plates, and glassware. You can also order food from nearby restaurants like Pinefish, MIXTO Restaurante, and Giorgio on Pine. Wax + Wine features a private party room reservable for no more than 15 guests.

Learn more about Wax + Wine.

16. Le Cat Cafe

Le Cat Cafe is an animal rescue service and an event venue in the heart of Brewerytown. The center allows reservations for no more than 20 guests per hour. While you socialize with your clients, you will have lovely cats to keep you company and cuddle with you. The cats are also up for adoption if you find a feline friend who captures your heart.

Le Cat Cafe is close to attractions like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philly Zoo, and Crime and Punishment Brewing Company.

Learn more about Le Cat Cafe.

17. Yards Brewing Co.

Besides being a brewery, Yards Brewing Co. serves the Philadelphia area as a restaurant, bar, and event venue. The Garage is one of the private rooms on the taproom’s main level, with large TVs, a pool table, and darts to complement your event. Also, the brewery features a private space accessible by an elevator and provides views of the brewery.

You can reserve a behind-the-scenes tour to enhance your client’s experience with funny stories, an explanation of the brewing process, and sample beer tasting.

Learn more about Yards Brewing Co.

18. Tower Theater

Tower Theater is one of the best live music venues in Philadelphia. The venue’s stage featured top artists like Neil Young, David Bowie, Kanye West, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Bob Marley. There are two full-service bars on-site and several specialty drink kiosks serving visitors during shows. Tower Theater offers event spaces with state-of-the-art facilities and an expert event team.

Booking the GG’S Lounge is one of the VIP client entertainment ideas in Philadelphia. Your guests will have exclusive access to an entrance, a dedicated host, a full-service bar, and a private smoking session.

Learn more about Tower Theater.

19. Patriot Harbor Lines

Patriot Harbor Lines is a cruise service in the Philadelphia area with boats that can accommodate up to 25 passengers. You can reserve a sightseeing tour to impress your clients with different perspectives of the city on the Delaware River. The company offers a flexible service to meet with varying needs of your event. You can also enjoy a variety of beverages on board.

The tour comes in different experiences lasting close to two hours. You can go on a pirate adventure with the “Phantom of the River” experience, which features dark tale narration and a view of areas like Petty’s Island, The Tallship Gazela, and Graffiti Pier. Also, the “Patriot Wine Cruise” combines a wine-tasting experience with unforgettable sightseeing. Patriot Harbor Lines also hosts tours along the Schuylkill River to catch a glimpse of Fairmount Water Works, Bartram’s Garden, Cira Center, and Comcast Center.

Learn more about Patriot Harbor Lines.

20. The Rittenhouse Hotel

The Rittenhouse Hotel is home to luxury meeting spaces in Philadelphia with different settings and occupation capacities to fit various types of events. If you prefer an area with an intimate setting, then the Marry Cassatt Tea Room will be a great choice. This venue also features stunning garden views and natural sunlight reflection.

The Grand Salon has a sophisticated setting and connects to the foyer. You can use the Parkview Room to impress your clients with a panoramic view of the park while dining. Furthermore, the hotel has a spa and wellness center offering services that will enrich guests’ stay. During your visit, you can also enjoy the city’s food culture in restaurants and bars on-site, including Scarpetta Rittenhouse, Lacroix, Library Bar, and Chef’s Table.

Learn more about The Rittenhouse Hotel.

21. The Wine Garden

The Wine Garden is a locally-owned brunch restaurant in John F. Collins Park. The restaurant is among the elegant client meeting spaces in Philadelphia, providing full-service brunch, exclusive access to the venue, and an unlimited frose and mimosa bar. You can also enrich your client’s entertainment with add-ons like live music, custom desserts, and unlimited specialty cocktails.

The Wine Garden can customize your event package to suit your client’s taste. You can also make a non-event reservation to enjoy brunch and unlimited drinks.

Learn more about The Wine Garden.


Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and is rich with many historical, cultural, and artistic attractions. You can entertain your guests by exploring these attractions, either in the form of a museum tour or art appreciation. The city offers unique culinary experiences and entertainment to suit diverse preferences, from music and games to comedy shows and DIY events. You can also enjoy a scenic view of the Philadephia area from different points, including a cruise along the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers. Philadelphia is notable for having many spots where your clients can explore the city’s vibrant nightlife. Your next client appreciation event in Philadelphia will be a blast with these entertainment ideas.

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FAQ: Client entertainment ideas in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Here are answers to questions about client entertainment ideas in Philadelphia.

What are the best client entertainment ideas in Philadelphia, PA?

The best ideas to entertain clients in Philadelphia include making candles at Wax + Wine, dining at XIX Restaurant, watching a musical show at Tower Theater, making pottery at Yay Clay, and bowling at South Bowl.

How do you entertain clients in Philadelphia?

To entertain clients, you should first decide the best time, date, and location. Ideally, plan for activities your guests will most likely enjoy. Therefore, understanding your clients is crucial. While fancy and luxurious entertainment is quite impressive, you do not have to break the bank to make a good impression. Simple activities like art appreciation, board games, or a heartful conversation over a drink can also give your clients memorable moments.

What are some good places to take clients in Philadelphia?

Some good places to take clients in Philadelphia are The Wine Garden, Yards Brewing Co., Voix Karaoke Lounge, Punch Line Philly, La Cucina at the Market, Lincoln Financial Fields, and Le Cat Cafe.

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