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You found our list of top company retreat ideas in NYC, New York.

Company retreat ideas in NYC are activities that allow employees to spend quality time together outside of the normal work environment and routines. The retreat creates opportunities for team-building exercises, free time for chitchat, and group projects. Examples include Central Park, Sidewalk Food Tours, and Pizza School. Company retreats are important to build the team’s collaboration skills and increase employee engagement.

New York City is one of the most popular company retreat locations and offers many retreat activity options. These ideas are similar to NYC corporate outings and NYC work events.

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List of company retreat ideas in NYC

From ScavBoss to Art Studio NYC to Governors Island, the following is a list of team retreat ideas in NYC.

1. Museum Hack

Taking a group on a Museum Hack tour is a great idea for a company retreat in NYC. These experiences lead teams on renegade scavenger hunts through the Met. The host may tailor the experience to the preferences of your participants. The tour also features unconventional stories about art, creators, and collaboration.

In addition to the hilarious anecdotes and icebreakers, your group will capture some very memorable moments. You and your team will spend about two hours at the museum. Every participant will have a fantastic time touring the grounds and listening to the stories, regardless of your team’s size.

2. ScavBoss

Whether your company prefers to explore indoors or outdoors, ScavBoss can help you organize a scavenger hunt that your team will remember for a long time. The host will help you and your group uncover secrets and tidbits as you go across the explored area.

ScavBoss’s scavenger hunts are one-of-a-kind because they include riddles that your teams may solve in various ways. The host may tailor the event to your needs and goals. Your team will have a great time battling against each other for the title of “ScavBoss” in about 90 to 120 minutes.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

3. Pride Trivia

Pride Trivia banner

Teams in NYC will enjoy an entertaining hour of Pride Trivia. This quiz game is perfect for Pride Month celebrations and good for any time of year. You and your team will enjoy answering interesting and realistic questions crafted by LGBTQ+ experiences. You can have the trivia event at any venue within New York City. The event’s goal is to facilitate group bonding, promote a sense of pride, and disseminate information entertainingly.

Learn more about Pride Trivia.

4. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy banner

This activity is a fun and engaging way to get members of your organization working together toward a shared goal. Participants will form teams and assume the roles of superheroes on a quest to defend the planet from evil or supervillians trying to thwart those plans. Your crew will vanquish evil forever through cooperation, combining wits, and coordinated effort. Participating at Superhero Academy is exciting because it is like living out a comic book. The duration of the experience is about 90 minutes.

Discover the details of the Superhero Academy.

5. Art Studio NYC

Your team may benefit greatly from taking art lessons together to foster a more collaborative and innovative atmosphere. Inspiring business teams to work together more effectively and with more self-assurance is the primary goal of Art Studio NYC’s group programs. For your staff retreat activities in New York, you can select from various options, including courses emphasizing teamwork, product dedication, and problem resolution. Additionally, your team members will go home with a finished piece of artwork they can display proudly in their cubicles or at home. You may take a lesson at the New York City studio or arrange for one of their skilled teachers to come to your workplace or retreat location.

Learn more about the Art Studio NYC.

6. Cooking by the Book

One of the interesting ways to bond with your team is through a shared culinary experience. With Cooking by the Book, it is time to put work away and whip out the recipe books. This fantastic retreat idea offers two or three-course cooking classes in Tribeca. Like the popular Food Network program, Chopped, you can participate in the Market Basket Challenge as a fun way to test your competitive spirit. The elegant on-site restaurant can accommodate 50 diners. You can host a virtual event in one of the company retreat locations in New York City.

Learn more about Cooking by the Book.

7. NYC Outward Bound

NYC Outward Bound is an organization that helps underprivileged children in New York City’s public schools. The organization also collaborates with businesses to organize outings in which young people pair with adult mentors for team building and adventure in the city.

With Outward Bound, you can include some exercise and volunteer work as part of your company retreat. In fact, you may participate in a simulated catapult-building session in addition to urban trekking and outdoor rock climbing. These group activities can help your staff bond while promoting corporate social responsibility and expanding your company’s network in the local area.

Learn more about NYC Outward Bound.

8. Governors Island

Glamping on Governors Island with the Collective is a great way to get away from work without traveling far. You can see Midtown Manhattan from your tent, but you will feel like you are in another universe as soon as you get inside your luxurious lodgings. You can take a bike ride or a walk around the island to see its offerings. The facility also offers meal options for different times of the day.

This option works if you are searching for a unique activity on your New York City retreat. Attending a yoga class or getting a massage at this spa is a great way to unwind while you are at the location.

Learn more about Governor’s Island.

9. Tarrytown House Estate

Teams visiting the Tarrytown House Estate on the Hudson River have many activities to choose from. This 26-acre retreat location is about an hour north of the city and features culinary competitions, cake-decorating contests, and casino nights. Restaurant Wars challenges teams to design and run their own restaurant, while Brilliant Bicycle Build guides them through the process of building a functional bicycle from scratch for a kid. This location is great for corporate retreat ideas for big groups in NYC. You could spend the day, or even decide to stay the entire weekend since there are so many activities to do!

Learn more about Tarrytown House Estate.

10. One World Observatory

You and your team can visit One World Observatory if you are searching for company retreat entertainment ideas in New York City. Located at the World Trade Center’s 100th story, this observatory offers breathtaking views of the city below. Even though there is more to do at the observatory than just looking out, it is one of the few low-cost activities to do in Manhattan.

You can enjoy a thrilling ride in the 102-story sky pod, enjoy an amazing cinema experience, or explore the multimedia exhibition. You can also learn about the history of Manhattan with the help of interactive tour guides as they lead you through some of the city’s most impressive exhibitions. Additionally, One World Observatory is home to an outstanding bar and restaurant from whence the stunning city skyline is your background.

One World Observatory offers an opportunity to enjoy an educational and entertaining experience.

Learn more about One World Observatory.

11. Central Park

Central Park is one of the top event sites in the city and a good location for your next company retreat. Like other outdoor locations, Central Park lends itself perfectly to scavenger hunts, fantastic races, and picnics. New York City’s Central Park spans 843 acres and is visited by approximately 42 million people annually. The famous park sports horse-drawn carriages, boat rides, and a prime view of downtown Manhattan. If you decide to have a picnic for your company retreat, be sure to bring along some outdoor games like playing cards or sports balls to enjoy while outdoors.

Find out more about Central Park.

12. Court 16

You probably have a handful of tennis players and fans on your team. Court 16 turns tennis into an exciting and engaging team building activity. You may organize a friendly workplace competition amongst different departments or teams competitively and cooperatively. If your workplace is more athletic and you would want to go out of the building and work up a sweat, then Court 16 would be a nice choice for your company retreat.

Learn more about Court 16.

13. Sidewalk Food Tours

Sidewalk Food Tour offers an opportunity for your employees to take a stroll around the city they love while sampling local food. The guides at Sidewalk Food Tours will take you to the finest local restaurants to sample delicious cuisine, and you can even order beverages on the side if you would like. Your team will enjoy delicious cuisine and get insight into the background and cultural significance of the dishes they are trying.

Learn more about Sidewalk Food Tours.

14. North Branch Inn

The North Branch Inn in the Catskills may be farther from the city, but it is well worth the trip for a weekend retreat. This lodge offers 14 rooms, a large conference area, and delicious meals prepared right in the hotel. The location is great for corporate retreat ideas for small groups in NYC. A two-lane bowling facility is also available. This retreat venue will allow your staff to unwind with some free time on the premises, or organize activities like guided hikes, yoga classes, and spa treatments.

Learn more about North Branch Inn.

15. Yoga Yacht

Yoga Yacht offers a nighttime sail from Lower Manhattan to the Rockaways, where participants will practice yoga for 45 minutes on a private beach. This activity is a one-of-a-kind retreat idea for businesses. You may set sail at sunset as part of a daylong business retreat or as a standalone event. Nutritious snacks and live music are also available on board. Yoga Yacht is a fantastic way to take a break from the routine of the work year, but it is only available during the summer.

Learn more about Yoga Yacht.

16. Pizza School NYC

New York City is popular for many reasons, and pizza ranks high on the list. You and your team can spend the day learning how to make one of the city’s most popular desserts. Pizza School NYC is great for a fun and interactive evening out with friends or as a team-building exercise for your company’s retreat. During the Pizza making classes at the school, participants will learn the ins and outs of pizza making before enjoying their own masterpieces at a reception that can include alcoholic beverages. When you book an event at Pizza School NYC, you can be certain that your employees will have a great time while learning how to work together, gaining a new skill, and bonding over delicious pizza!

Learn more about Pizza School.

17. Drum Cafe

The Drum Cafe is a unique idea for your company retreat that makes use of the unifying force of rhythm. The café offers many options for your business retreat. You can try the 15-minute DrumStick Interactive to make your team feel energized and focused. You might also go with a Keynote Address, where every team member in the room shares an inspirational message. Drum Cafe is a fantastic retreat activity for groups of any size in New York City. You can host the activity anywhere, from your workplace to a rented auditorium.

Learn more about Drum Café.

18. Sea The City

Sea The City’s mission is to unite teams throughout the city via a novel and exciting shared experience. Additionally, Sea The City provides an exciting and entertaining experience, with all the makings of a successful exercise for a company retreat. The certified jet ski instructors at Sea The City will get your group and get even those who have never been on a jet ski before ready to cruise the city’s waterways. The sail along the Hudson River will give you unique perspectives of New York City. The event is memorable, entertaining, and unique. Your employees will likely be talking about this company retreat activity for a long time.

Learn more about Sea The City.

19. The High Line

The High Line is a must-see attraction in New York City. The city constructed this roughly one-and-a-half-mile rail trail in 2009, quickly becoming a popular attraction due to its low cost and high entertainment value. This elevated park, located between Gansevoort Street and West 34th Street in Manhattan, was constructed on a former railroad spur.

The High Line, one of the city’s most popular parks, has spectacular vistas of New York City and its most cherished historical buildings and offers fantastic options for outdoor sports. The park is a beautiful green space that was created by repurposing the area surrounding the former railroad lines. Notable features of the park include picnic sites, a great walking or biking track, and seats suitable for relaxing and soaking in the scenery. Informative walking tours of the park’s history are also available.

Learn more about The High Line.

20. Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers is the go-to spot to study, train, and compete in over 25 sports. The venue, situated on the beautiful Hudson River, is home to several recreational facilities, including a state-of-the-art fitness center,  event halls, and various sports leagues for both children and adults. Traditional team-building exercises such as bowling may be just what you need for your next company retreat and Chelsea Piers may be the perfect place to host these activities. The facility is great for team trips and all group activities. You can spend about two or three hours at this location, and with the available refreshments, you can take care of your nutritional needs and your fun pursuits in one place.

Learn more about Chelsea Piers.

21. Dave & Buster’s

Dave & Buster’s is a popular entertainment and dining destination. This location may be perfect if you are searching for a dynamic atmosphere for your business retreat. The arcade offers a convenient method for your group to engage in team-building activities during the retreat. Different team members will benefit from the arcade games’ emphasis on cooperation or competition. Finally, the venue offers enough food varieties, so your team members can enjoy their preferred meals.

Learn more about Dave & Buster’s.

22. Bryant Park

Located close to Times Square, this park is a favorite among New Yorkers. Nearly ten acres in size, this park in the heart of Manhattan is a wonderful spot for leisurely strolls, shopping, dining, and retreats.

You will also find other little cafés, a bar, and a wonderful carousel scattered around the park. During the winter months, an ice skating rink attracts many visitors. Bryant Park is open all year but is especially charming during Christmas. You and your team can enjoy the sights and sounds of the season in Manhattan with a day filled with ice skating, hot chocolate, holiday shopping, and the Christmas lights.

Learn more about Bryant Park.


Employers in New York City have access to a global pool of top-tier talent. When planning a company retreat in New York City, it is important to choose activities that appeal to every employee in the office. These team retreat ideas in NYC are essential for maintaining enthusiasm and creativity among employees.

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FAQ: Company retreat ideas in NYC, NY

Here are frequently asked questions about company retreat ideas in NYC.

What are some good corporate retreat ideas in New York City?

Some good corporate retreat ideas in New York City include One World Observatory, Governor’s Island, and Art Studio NYC. These locations offer excellent opportunities for team bonding and boost employee engagement and retention.

How do you plan a fun team retreat in New York?

Incorporating a work retreat into your company’s annual strategy may do wonders for your team’s sense of community. You might completely ruin your good intentions by ignoring other employees’ opinions in your preparations. Involving team members in the planning process is the simplest method to plan a fun team retreat. You should get opinions on the retreat’s agenda, lodging, and food.

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