20 Unique Company Retreat Ideas in Sacramento, CA

By: | Updated: February 13, 2024

Here is our list of the best company retreat ideas in Sacramento, California.

Company retreat ideas in Sacramento are opportunities for corporate teams to experience a fun getaway together in the sunny city. For example, groups can relax at Asha Urban Baths, throw axes at The Smart Axe, and play mini-golf at Flatstick Pub. The purpose of these ideas is to highlight the best ways large and small groups can host a retreat in Sacramento.

These ideas work as team retreat activities and company retreat venues. The activities are similar to Sacramento company outings and things to do with groups in Sacramento.

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Here we go!

List of company retreat ideas in Sacramento

A corporate retreat can include competitive games, collaborative activities, educational events, and relaxing experiences. From climbing at The Boulder Field to finding clues at Skeleton Key Rooms, here are fun ideas to make your next corporate retreat in Sacramento exceptional.

1. The Art of Storytelling (Top Choice)

If you are searching for an in-depth lesson on language, communication, and presentation, then consider exploring The Art of Storytelling! Through our immersive workshop, your team discovers how telling stories can create strong connections.

The Art of Storytelling includes the following:

  • 120 minutes with expert facilitators
  • the five elements of a captivating story
  • engaging language, emotion, and structure techniques
  • dedicated time for attendees to practice their new skills
  • valuable feedback from the hosts

Additionally, we can host this experience at any location you choose, and we will bring all the needed supplies. Through The Art of Storytelling, your team will learn to connect and inspire others through engaging narratives.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

2. Field Day (Popular)

With Field Day, your team can play exciting and interactive outdoor games! Teams will go head-to-head in thrilling competitions that encourage communication and teamwork.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 90 minutes with a highly talented facilitator
  • high-energy innovative competitions and classic games
  • nostalgic activities that unleash players’ inner child
  • chances to take memorable team pictures

We can host this experience at any location you choose, and we will meet you there with all the necessary supplies. During Field Day, teams will have a blast while developing workplace skills. So add Field Day to your agenda for some team building fun in the sun!

Learn more about Field Day.

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3. The Great Guac Off™️ (Team Favorite)

The Great Guac Off is a popular team building experience that pits team members head-to-head! Participants will compete in a one-of-a-kind guacamole competition.

The Great Guac Off includes the following:

  • 90 minutes with an entertaining host
  • engaging avocado-themed mini-games, trivia, and competitions
  • tasty guacamole ingredients and chips for dipping
  • an option to include an exciting secret ingredient
  • a fast-paced guacamole mash-off and judging round

We can host this experience at any location you choose, and we will meet you there with all the needed ingredients. The Great Guac Off is a fun environment that helps teams connect and communicate, so add it to your team building roster!

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

4. Zion VR

Playing virtual reality games at Zion VR is one of the entertaining staff retreat activities in California. Located in Rancho Cardova, the VR center also serves groups from Sacramento. You can choose from different adventures, from virtual reality escape rooms to racing games and free-roam laser tag VR experiences.

Your session will run for 60 minutes. The center also has up to ten VR stations, each with an occupancy capacity of one player. If you have a large group, then the center can allow two players to share one booth. You can have the stations linked together through voice chat to communicate with your group members, especially if you are playing a multiplayer game.

Learn more about Zion VR.

5. Skeleton Key Rooms

During your retreat, you and your group members can test your escaping skills at Skeleton Key Rooms. The center provides fun puzzle rooms themed “The Magician Library Series.”

Each room has a color code that indicates the series. The first part is the Blue Room, where your group will play to save a magician friend from a corrupt master. The series continues to the Black Room, where you will fight the final battle against the powerful magician. The rooms can accommodate four to ten players depending on the series you play. Also, each puzzle room has a time limit of one hour.

Learn more about Skeleton Key Rooms.

6. The Boulder Field

The Boulder Field is a gym and climbing facility in Sacramento. The climbing walls are ideal for beginners and veterans. You will find a cafe within the center serving beer, coffee, and kombucha.

With your day pass ticket, you can extend your stay to include a yoga practice. The Boulder Field also provides locker rooms, saunas, and showers to guarantee a comfortable experience for visitors. Furthermore, several classes are available to expand participants’ knowledge of bouldering basics, timing, and coordination.

Before you visit, you can watch an orientation video on the gym’s official website, which addresses safety measures for your experience.

Learn more about The Boulder Field.

7. Smash Sacramento

Smash Sacramento is one of the best company retreat locations in Sacramento. Located in the city’s heart, Smash Sacramento provides a safe space to boost your group’s morale by breaking objects. From hard hats to face shields and breakables, the company will provide all you need for your session.

If you prefer to break large items, then you can book the Deluxe Room Package. Several weapons, including paintball guns, bell mace, and bats, are available to destroy the objects. You can also throw axes at a range located within the center. Aside from axes, Smash Sacramento offers various tools you can land on the bullseye, like spears, knives, and tomahawks. The center can host groups with up to 30 members.

Learn more about Smash Sacramento.

8. Sacramento Comedy Spot

Sacramento Comedy Spot is among the best stand-up venue in the city. The center hosts fun shows like Comedy Spot Games, Improv Wednesdays, and The Bad Flick Show. The weekly shows can last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, except for special events.

The venue offers a variety of classes and workshops to teach attendees skills like acting, sketch writing, and stand-up comedy. However, the training center and the showrooms have different locations in Sacramento. You do not have to purchase a specified minimum of drinks to sit in the showroom. Also, the venue entrances are all wheelchair accessible.

Learn more about Sacramento Comedy Spot.

9. Capital Edge Paintball

Exploring the fields at Capital Edge Paintball is among the fun company retreat ideas in Sacramento. The parks have different layouts with themes like The Playground, Spool, Urban Scenario, and Mounds.

The Urban Scenario Park can accommodate up to 100 players. Also, you will find picnic tables and a covered space to sit at the staging area. Once your group is ready to play, a referee will brief you on the game rules and safety. Additionally, the number of paintballs you purchase will determine how long your group spends on the field. You can decide to bring your own beverages or order drinks from the center. Capital Edge Paintball operates on weekends.

Learn more about Capital Edge Paintball.

10. Napoli Culinary Academy

Learning to cook at Napoli Culinary Academy is one of the exciting team retreat ideas in Sacramento. The venue has an intimate setting that resembles an Italian outdoor restaurant. During your reserved culinary class, a professional chef will take your team through the steps for preparing tasty meals.

Napoli Culinary Academy features a dining area where you can have a group meal, chat over glasses of wine, and enjoy Italian music. If you host a private event at the venue, then you can decide between preparing your food or having the meal catered for your gathering. Also, the event menu is customizable to your taste.

Learn more about Napoli Culinary Academy.

11. Asha Urban Baths

You can get affordable spa treatments and a hot bath experience at Asha Urban Baths. The bathhouse provides free soaps and rental options for towels and shower shoes. The experience is pretty relaxing and similar to a hot spring bath but in an indoor location.

Also, you can have a 45-minute relaxation session on the oversized beanbag chairs and weighted blankets provided at the center. Asha Urban Baths offer a Personal Day of Retreat package, which includes salt therapy, massage, and access to the sauna.

Learn more about Asha Urban Baths.

12. Scandia Fun Center

Scandia Fun Center is an amusement park and event venue in Sacramento. The destination provides two mini golf courses, batting cages, and a thrilling ride on the Crazy Dane Coaster.

Also, attractions like Sky Screamer, Baltic Sea Bumper Boat, and Swedish Scramblers are available. The center will help you set up your gathering and prepare all you need, from catering to clowns and games. Whether you have a large or small group, you can enjoy private access to a picnic facility. Scandia Fun Center also provides a party room reservable for 90 minutes.

Learn more about Scandia Fun Center.

13. Hook and Ladder Manufacturing Company

Hook and Ladder Manufacturing Company is a fine dining restaurant in Sacramento. The kitchen serves craft cocktails and beverages produced locally. Your group can sit inside the indoor dining room or on the patio.

Dining at Hook and Ladder is one of the corporate retreat ideas for small groups in Sacramento. A reservation is necessary to gather your team at the patio area. On the other hand, the indoor seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The restaurant opens daily for brunch and dinner and can accommodate groups having up to 12 members.

Learn more about Hook and Ladder Manufacturing Company.

14. The Murieta Inn and Spa

The Murieta Inn and Spa is a hotel in Sacramento with a world-class restaurant, bar, fitness center, patio, outdoor pool, and garden. The destination is ideal for a relaxing escape with your group. Also, the hotel’s location makes accessing attractions in the city quite easy. Nearby, you will find the Amador & El Dorado County Winery and the Murieta Equestrian Center.

Various event spaces are available with an occupancy capacity of about 250 guests. Your group can unwind at the luxurious spa featuring four treatment rooms. Furthermore, The Murieta Inn and Spa offers an exclusive dining experience at The Gate and Murieta Cafe. You and your colleagues can also spend time together around a firepit under the gazebo.

Learn more about The Murieta Inn and Spa.

15. The Smart Axe

Throwing axes at The Smart Axe is one of the immersive staff retreat activities in California. You will spend up to 75 minutes during an ax-throwing session. Also, your group can join a league to participate in a tournament and compete to earn the prizes reserved for the top three participants.

You will have a great time visiting the range for a freestyle or competitive experience. During your session, your team can also order from the center’s menu offering tasty bites and great wine and beer options.

Learn more about The Smart Axe.

16. Tipsy Putt

Tipsy Putt provides a mini-golf course where your team bond while playing a game. The center allows visitors to come along with personal putters. You can also reserve one of the event spaces, including a semi-private room designed to accommodate around 450 guests. Your reservation will cover access to large-screen TVs and discounts on mini-golf for your group members.

Flatstcik Pub ensure guests have a memorable dining experience by customizing catered meal to fit any dietary restriction. In addition, the venue is fully ADA compliant and accessible to guests aged at least 21 years, except on weekends.

Learn more about Tipsy Putt.

17. The Painted Cork

Having a paint and sip session at The Painted Cork is one of the company retreat entertainment ideas in Sacramento. The studio is a family-owned business and an adult-only venue. You can paint at the studio irrespective of your skill level. From aprons and brushes to canvases and easels, the studio will provide the necessary supplies for your paint and sip.

The painting center offers a variety of classes lasting two to four hours. You can choose from numerous paintings in the studio’s gallery, like Swan Lake Sunset, Bee Happy, Avocado, Summer Tree, and Spring Tree. The artwork you choose to work with will determine your event’s duration.

Learn more about The Painted Cork.

18. Capitol Bowl

Capitol Bowl is a bowling alley located around the west Sacramento area. Event packages for corporate gatherings are available and cover two hours of bowling, food, and shoe rentals. Capitol Bowl can help you customize an event to match your desired experience and budget. Additionally, you can include a host bar in your reservation.

Six players can share a lane during a session. The bowling cost varies by time and day. The bowling alley also hosts fun tournaments for players who join a league. You can get tasty meals at the Bar and Grill located in the center.

Learn more about Capitol Bowl.

19. California State Railway Museum

Exploring California State Railway Museum is one of the most fun company retreat ideas in Sacramento. The museum showcases trains and exhibits that recount California’s history of railway and engineering. You will find interactive displays and locomotives like Nevada Central Railway, Union Pacific Railway, and the Fruit Growers Express Company Refrigerator Car.

Furthermore, you can experience a fun train ride scheduled on specific days. The museum offers first-class services in The French Quarter, The Audubon Dining Car, and The El Dorado.

Indoor and outdoor venues are also available at the museum for events.

Learn more about California State Railway Museum.

20. Lucid Winery and Tasting Room

Lucid Winery and Tasting Room is one of the best corporate retreat ideas for big groups in Sacramento. Conveniently located in the downtown area, the winery produces great wines free from gluten, sugar, and additives. You can rent an event space in the winery, equipped with barrels, plants, books, tanks, bars, and walnut tables in the event space.

The winery also features a tasting room where you can expand your palate with a range of sweet, white, sparkling, and red wines. A buy-out option is available for a private or large group gathering.

Learn more about Lucid Winery and Tasting Room.


Whether you reside in Sacramento or plan to travel to the city for your corporate retreat, these ideas guarantee an unbeatable experience for your team. Sacramento is a city with plenty of entertainment and a lovely view. The American River and the Sacramento River surrounding the city further enhance the beautiful scenery. The city has something for every group, from an impressive food scene and interactive museums to wellness centers and entertainment parks. Regardless of your group size, you will find just the right entertainments and destinations to keep your group members hooked.

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FAQ: Company retreat ideas in Sacramento

Here are answers to questions about company retreat ideas in Sacramento.

What are some good corporate retreat ideas in Sacramento?

Some good corporate retreat ideas in Sacramento include dining at Hook and Ladder Manufacturing Company, having fun at Scandia Fun Center, tasting wine at Lucid Winery, doing yoga at The Boulder Field, and relaxing at The Murieta Inn and Spa.

How do you plan a fun retreat in Sacramento?

To plan a fun retreat in Sacramento, first, you should leave enough time for planning. There will be a higher chance of success if you take your time to ensure that you prepare well for the retreat. Also, you would want to decide how long your retreat will last, whether a day or even a few weeks. You can set up a planning committee within your group to keep attendees engaged. Also, you should use the opinions of your group members while deciding on crucial aspects like entertainment, accommodation, meal plan, and venues.

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