19 Unique Company Retreat Ideas in Portland, OR

By: | Updated: February 13, 2024

Here is our list of the best company retreat ideas in Portland, Oregon.

Company retreat ideas in Portland are entertaining activities you can use to help workers take a break from work in the Portland region. Examples include Battle Creek Cellars and The Grotto. The purpose of these activities is to bring your workers closer and forge strong bonds while reducing work-related stress and increasing productivity.

These ideas work for corporate retreats, executive retreat ideas, and group retreat activities. The activities are similar to Portland company outings and activities for groups in Portland.

This list includes:

  • corporate retreat ideas for big groups in Portland
  • corporate retreat ideas for small groups in Portland
  • company retreat entertainment ideas in Portland
  • company retreat locations in Portland
  • staff retreat activities in Oregon
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Here we go!

List of company retreat ideas in Portland

As the largest city in Oregon, Portland boasts vibrant art exhibits, a rich history, and incredible natural parks. From Portland International Raceway to Forest Park, here is a list of the best company retreat ideas to engage your team in the Portland region.

1. Field Day (Staff Favorite)

To have some fun in the sun with your team, check out Field Day! These outdoor games and competitions create strong friendships and improve communication skills.

Field Day includes the following:

  • a 90-minute session led by an experienced host
  • chances to capture memorable team photos
  • classic games and new competitions
  • childhood activities that spark nostalgia

To simplify planning, we will meet you at your chosen venue with all the game equipment. For an experience that boosts teamwork and camaraderie, check out Field Day!

Learn more about Field Day.

2. The Great Guac Off™️ (Highly Rated)

Guacamole making competition

If you are looking for a team building experience that promotes creativity and collaboration, then check out The Great Guac Off! Participants will go head-to-head in a guacamole-making competition.

Here is what to expect:

  • 90 minutes with a world-class host
  • entertaining avocado mini-games, trivia, and facts
  • high-quality guacamole ingredients and chips for dipping
  • an optional secret ingredient to add a fun twist
  • a high-energy guacamole mash-off and judging session

Best of all, we will bring all the ingredients to your chosen location. Overall, The Great Guac Off promotes creativity, collaboration, and friendly competition.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

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3. The Art of Storytelling (Popular)

If you are looking for an in-depth lesson on language, communication, and presentation, then check out The Art of Storytelling! Through our immersive workshop, your team find out how telling stories can create strong connections.

The Art of Storytelling includes the following:

  • 120 minutes with expert facilitators
  • the five elements of a captivating story
  • engaging language, emotion, and structure
  • time for attendees to practice their new skills
  • valuable feedback from the hosts

Additionally, we can host this experience at any location you choose, and we will bring the needed supplies. Through The Art of Storytelling, your team will learn to connect and inspire others through engaging narratives.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

4. Hip Chicks Do Wine

Hip Chicks Do Wine proudly holds the title of the city’s oldest urban winery. In the fall of 1999, the founders got enough grapes to make 500 cases of wine. From that point forward, the hip chicks have been crafting 2,000 to 3,000 cases every year.

With a variety of grapes like pinot gris, viognier, and pinot noir, Hip Chicks Do Wine has become a go-to spot for wine lovers. You can visit their tasting room on weekends. Reservations are encouraged, ensuring you get a comfy spot in Portland’s oldest urban winery.

Beyond the Tasting Room, Hip Chicks hosts various events. For instance, visitors can build a charcuterie board or pair chocolate and wine. Whether you are a wine pro or just curious, Hip Chicks Do Wine is a great spot for a laid-back wine journey.

Learn more about Hip Chicks Do Wine.

5. Tōv Coffee

Tōv Coffee brews delightful Egyptian-inspired coffee. Originally in a double-decker bus, Tōv Coffee has moved to a more permanent home on Hawthorne. Egyptian coffee is brewed in a traditional heated sand pit for a unique taste.

Tōv roasts all of their own beans in-house, and locals love the firm’s unique homemade syrups and sauces. Alongside its classic Egyptian coffee, Tōv serves up delightful treats like cardamom-infused lattes and sweet konafa.

Learn more about Tōv Coffee.

6. Grand Central Bowl

Grand Central Bowl is a Portland hotspot for bowling, arcade fun, and delicious dining! This alley blends entertainment and great food.

Bowling alleys fit seven players each, and you can reserve as many as needed for your group outing. Bowling makes for a great budget-friendly choice. Located directly above the bowling alley, the arcade offers a nostalgic gaming experience. You can enjoy old and new arcade games alike.

On the menu, Grand Central Bowl offers options like loaded tater tots, spicy fried chicken sliders, and Grand Central nachos. For those looking to host special events, Grand Central Bowl offers a full-service bar and options for bowling and arcade games. Teams will enjoy a fantastic blend of bowling, arcade fun, and dining at Grand Central Bowl!

Learn more about Grand Central Bowl.

7. Cheerful Tortoise

Cheerful Tortoise is a fun dive bar that has been around since 1951. The bar has karaoke on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. On Wicked Wednesdays, DJ Wicked & Crew play from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. The menu goes beyond regular bar food, offering more than 20 wing sauces, all-day breakfast, and tasty burgers and sandwiches. You can pair your food with one of the bar’s 18 draft beers or try different top-shelf liquors. Cheerful Tortoise also offers video poker, free shuffleboard, free pool, and daily specials to make your time there even better. This bar is a friendly place where you can have a good time and enjoy tasty food.

Learn more about Cheerful Tortoise.

8. America’s Hub World Tours

America’s Hub World Tours offers a memorable adventure with their City Tour & Gorge Waterfalls Combo. This tour combines the best of Portland and the Columbia River Gorge. Guests explore Portland’s iconic sites, such as Pioneer Courthouse Square, NW 23rd, and the International Rose Test Garden.

The tour then heads to the Columbia River Gorge, where participants can see Multnomah Falls. Private tours are also available at varying rates depending on the group size. America’s Hub World Tours creates a unique experience that mixes the charm of the city with the wonders of nature.

Learn more about America’s Hub World Tours.

9. The Tamanawas Falls Trail

Portland has plenty of waterfall hikes, and The Tamanawas Falls Trail on Mt. Hood offers a refreshing escape on a hot summer day. A valid recreation pass is required at the trailhead. The trailhead is accessible from Hood River, OR, and is a perfect spot for medium-usage hiking. Following Cold Spring Creek, the trail leads to the impressive 100-foot-high, 40-foot-wide Tamanawas Falls. Shaded by Douglas fir, cedar, and various trees, the trail provides a scenic journey. Hikers can explore different return routes, such as the Tamanawas Tie Trail, offering a five-mile loop. Hiking is one of the top ways to unwind and connect during a retreat.

Learn more about The Tamanawas Falls Trail.

10. Forest Park

As one of the largest urban forest reserves in the U.S., Forest Park tops the list of company retreat ideas in Portland for nature lovers. The over 5,100-acre park stretches eight miles on the hillside and overlooks the Willamette River. Visitors enjoy over 80 miles of recreational trails where attendees can hike and cycle. Participants may also be lucky to catch the over 62 mammal species and 112 bird species that frequent the park. Given the vast park area, attendees can wander. You can choose one trail that your team will use. One of the most recommended trails is the Wildwood Trail which spans 30.2 breathtaking miles leading to the Colombian River. Forest Park does not charge an admission fee, and you can add the park to your list of free corporate retreat ideas for big groups in Portland.

Learn more about Forest Park.

11. Pittock Mansion

A tour of Pittock Mansion is a company retreat idea where your team will learn the history of Portland and marvel at the architecture. The French and Victorian Renaissance-style mansion is a 23-room estate on 46 acres. Some of the rooms that your team will tour include the Turkish smoking room, a library, a music room, and a sewing room. Nestled in the West Hills, the mansion captures the views of the Cascade Mountains and downtown Portland. You can also check out the Pittock Mansion’s permanent art collection, which includes personal artifacts and furnishings from the early 20th century.

Learn more about Pittock Mansion.

12. Portland International Raceway

A team visit to Portland International Raceway tops the list of team retreat ideas in Portland for speed enthusiasts. The 1.97-mile track hosts annual events such as the IndyCar Series and the NASCAR Pro Series West. Here, your team can experience drag racing, motorcycle road racing, cruise-ins, and motor cross. You can check out the calendar of events at Portland International Raceway and book an activity that interests your team. The venue also hosts charity events that raise money for great causes.

Learn more about Portland International Raceway.

13. Portland Japanese Garden

If you have a team of nature lovers, then a tour of the Portland Japanese Garden is an excellent choice. The garden, which overlooks the city, provides visitors with a tranquil environment. The 12-acre retreat venue features eight garden styles, including the Tea Garden, the Strolling Pond Garden, Sand and Stone Garden, and the Natural Garden. Your team will enjoy the authentic Japanese Tea House, intimate walkways, streams, and a stunning view of Mt. Hood. You can let your team explore Japanese art through the garden’s in-house art exhibitions.

For more immersive staff retreat activities in Oregon, you can pass by the Cultural Village, where attendees will experience traditional Japanese arts through performances and demonstrations. You can finish the team retreat by grabbing Japanese food and drinks at the Umami Café. A team retreat to the Portland Japanese Garden will promote diversity and inclusion in your company.

Learn more about Portland Japanese Garden.

14. The Grotto

Renowned as The National Sanctuary of our Sorrowful Mother, The Grotto is a sanctuary and Catholic outdoor shrine that celebrates Mary. Boasting a place of prayer, peace, and natural beauty, the 62-acre sanctuary includes a church, trails, and botanical gardens. You can book your team a guided tour where attendees will learn the religious and spiritual significance of the artwork, chapel, gardens, and statues. Attendees who want to catch views of the Cascade Mountains, Columbia River Valley, and Mount St. Helens can visit the upper botanical gardens. The Grotto also features a gift shop where your team can shop for jewelry, books, and Grotto merchandise. You can also host a large team retreat at the in-house full-service conference center.

Learn more about The Grotto.

15. Portland Farmers Market

With seven different locations in Portland, the Portland Farmers Market tops the list of corporate retreat ideas for small groups in Portland. The farmer’s markets open all year round, albeit with varying schedules. Your team can browse over 200 vendor stalls, including bakeries, meat and seafood providers, cheese makers, farms, and specialty food producers. Through the shopping experience, your team will contribute to the success of local food growers and help create a sustainable local food system. You can also let attendees sample the different eateries at the market and experience Portland’s cuisine.

Learn more about Portland Farmers Market.

16. Battle Creek Cellars

Battle Creek Cellars is the perfect retreat option for wine lovers in your workforce. The company’s wines showcase Portland’s dedication to winemaking and farming. Visitors will taste an exclusive wine collection, including the Pinot Noir, which boasts delicious flavors. Your team will also love Willamette Valley’s tasting room which features welcoming and comfortable modern aesthetics. As they bond, you can let attendees watch a game at the Battle Creek Cellars tasting rooms.

Learn more about Battle Creek Cellars.

17. The Columbia River Gorge

When browsing the list of company retreat entertainment ideas in Portland, you can never go wrong with a tour of The Columbia River Gorge. Your team will escape the city’s hustle and bustle and recharge for work. The recreational destination stretches more than eighty miles through the Cascade Range and is a remarkable team sightseeing venue. The 292,500-acre gorge offers hiking trails and picturesque viewpoints. The 4,000-foot-deep and 80-mile-long valley marks the state line between Washington and Oregon. The Columbia River Gorge has a diverse collection of ecosystems and is renowned as the most scenic part of the lower Columbia River. Be sure to get your camera ready and take pictures of the stunning waterfalls, including the Oneonta Gorge, Multnomah Falls, and Latourell Falls.

Learn more about The Columbia River Gorge.

18. Portland Aerial Tram

As part of Portland’s official transit system, the Portland Aerial Tram is a retreat idea where your workforce will catch the awe-inspiring Portland cityscape views. Through the four-minute ride, your team will capture views of the Willamette River and the entirety of Portland. The cabins travel at 22 miles per hour and rise 500 feet during the trip. While the aerial tram is functional throughout the day, be sure to visit in the early morning or late evenings and catch the sunrise or sunset.

Learn more about Portland Aerial Tram.

19. Escape Games PDX

Escape Games PDX offers teams challenging and fun escape games. For 60 minutes, players will work as a team to solve puzzles, figure out clues, and escape before time runs out. Featuring five unique and interactive rooms, Escape Games PDX has all-weather activities that you can enjoy with your team.


  • Prison Heist: You are retiring from your criminal career. But before then, you need to carry out one last heist. You will escape prison, disable security, and steal goods within 60 minutes. While Prison Heist is a challenging experience, beginner escape room players will enjoy the game.
  • Amnesia: You will find yourself in a laboratory with zero memory recollection. You are set to partake in a clinical trial. Unfortunately, you only have 60 minutes to gather your mind lest you will disappear for good. Amnesia is an escape room game that is ideal for players who are looking for a challenge.

If you are on the search for company retreat locations in Portland that will foster collaboration among your workers, then you can not go wrong with Escape Games PDX.

Learn more about Escape Games PDX.


With a wide variety of interesting tourist spots, Portland offers retreat ideas that will interest every team player in your workforce. Whether you have outdoorsy, history lovers, or art lovers in your company, you will have a great time exploring the city as participants bond. You will get to know why the culture-rich city tops the list of the most desirable places to live in the U.S. Company retreat ideas in Portland will boost work morale, help teams settle conflicts easily, and create an enjoyable workspace.

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FAQ: Company retreat ideas in Portland

Here are answers to common questions about company retreat ideas in Portland.

What are some good corporate retreat ideas in Portland?

Corporate retreats provide opportunities for workers to spend quality time together and break down barriers. Some good corporate retreat ideas in Portland include Escape Games PDX and Battle Creek Cellars.

How do you plan a fun team retreat in Portland?

Company retreats have positive benefits for workers and companies. However, the key to a fun team retreat remains intricate planning and execution. It would help if you started by figuring out what you want to achieve. If your team is experiencing work-related friction, then you can consider a retreat that will foster team bonding. Be sure to pick a timeframe where all participants will be available to engage all attendees.

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