Updated: February 13, 2024

20 Best Corporate Event Ideas in Atlanta, GA

Here is our list of the top corporate event ideas in Atlanta, Georgia.

Corporate event ideas in Atlanta are ways you can bring your team together in the city. For example, your team can paint at The Splatter Studio, have dinner at Bones Restaurant, or visit The Painted Pin. The purpose of these ideas is to help you choose the best venues and activities for your corporate event.

These ideas can double as conference entertainment, activities for group retreats, and company offsites. These activities are similar to corporate team building activities in Atlanta and Atlanta company outings.

This list includes:

  • corporate event ideas in Atlanta for adults
  • outdoor corporate events in Atlanta, GA
  • corporate party ideas in Atlanta, Georgia
  • large group corporate event activities in Atlanta

Here we go!

List of corporate event ideas in Atlanta

The activities and places you plan for your corporate gathering go a long way in determining the event’s success. From visiting Fox Theatre to touring SCAD FASH, here are the best ideas you use for your next corporate event in Atlanta.

1. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is hailed as one of the top team building activities and is adored by teams at Amazon, HelloFresh, and YouTube. This action-packed event offers 90 minutes of lively icebreakers, captivating mini-games, and an exhilarating guacamole-making competition that fuels both fun and competition.

The following is included in The Great Guac Off:

  • wildly entertaining hosts and cohosts
  • mini-games and competitions that amplify team engagement
  • essential guacamole ingredients and chips for delightful dipping
  • fun and memorable group photos ops

This event brings hands-on, interactive participation that energizes any corporate event. Best of all, facilitators handle all event logistics so that you can concentrate on planning the rest of your event.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

2. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

Ultimate Trivia Showdown is a competition filled with engaging questions that will keep you on your toes.

Here is what you can expect during this exciting event:

  • 90 minutes with a dynamic host
  • thrilling games like Majority Rules and General Knowledge Trivia
  • interactive questions, games, and puzzles
  • topics for every player, like pop culture, science, and history
  • hosted at your preferred venue
  • all needed materials provided

Ultimate Trivia Showdown is the ideal choice for a team-bonding activity. Your team can showcase their trivia skills, strengthen connections, and create unforgettable memories!

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

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3. The Art of Storytelling

With our immersive workshop, you can explore how to use language, emotion, and structure to create stories that resonate with your audience.

The Art of Storytelling includes the following features:

  • 120-minutes with accomplished storytellers
  • valuable storytelling insights and techniques
  • powerful communication and presentation methods
  • an environment of openness, vulnerability, and active listening
  • meet at a location of your choice with any needed materials

By mastering the art of storytelling, your team will learn to share meaningful narratives and connect with others. These techniques are great for bonding with both colleagues and clients, improving the overall workplace experience.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

4. Municipal Market

The Municipal Market, known locally as the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, has a rich history. The market dates back to 1918 when it began as an open-air market. In 1924, the Municipal Market found its permanent home, thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Atlanta Women’s Club. A. Ten Eyck Brown designed a fireproof brick structure to house the market. Today, this vibrant marketplace, located close to Auburn Avenue, is home to thirty local businesses. Shoppers can find goods from fresh produce, butchers, seafood, and a full-service bakery to a cooking school and ten of the city’s most popular eateries. So stop by to experience the charm and diversity of this iconic market for yourself!

Learn more about the Municipal Market.

5. Illuminarium

Illuminarium offers a diverse range of immersive experiences that transport you to extraordinary worlds!

Here are some of the experiences you may enjoy:

  • Waking Wonderland: Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland inspired this interactive journey. As you tumble down the rabbit hole, you will see surreal landscapes and vibrant characters. For instance, visitors will chase the Cheshire Cat through a magical forest and stir up drinks in the Mad Hatter’s tea factory.
  • WILD: A Safari Experience: You will meet exotic animals in their natural habitats through 4K laser projection, 3D audio, in-floor vibration, and even scent.
  • SPACE After Dark: For those seeking an adult-oriented adventure, this event offers an out-of-this-world night out. Visitors will enjoy cinematic journeys across the galaxy and cocktails in the cosmos.
  • SPACE: A Journey to the Moon & Beyond: This epic voyage lets you fly through space, explore the moon’s surface, and witness the universe’s wonders.

Additionally, the venue offers event spaces for corporate gatherings, conferences, meetings, and galas. The space has transformable spaces that can transport you to various immersive settings. With nearly 14,000 square feet of space, Illuminarium provides great hospitality and the opportunity to create extraordinary memories.

Whether with family, friends, or a group, Illuminarium offers unforgettable experiences that engage all your senses.

Learn more about Illuminarium.

6. The Painted Pin

The Painted Pin offers a unique party experience. This venue offers a range of entertaining activities like bowling, bocce, shuffleboard, ping pong, and skee-ball. The firm is also known for its vibrant atmosphere and a variety of classic interactive games.

If you are interested in hosting a private event, then this bowling alley provides several options to cater to your party needs. The space features a semi-private event space with eight bowling lanes, lounge-style seating, flat-screen TVs, and automatic bumpers. Additionally, the firm has an indoor gaming courtyard, perfect for happy hours and cocktail parties. Full venue buyouts, suitable for up to 400 guests, are available.

The Painted Pin also has a delectable menu featuring small plates, sandwiches, salads, tacos, wood-fired pizzas, and sweets. Diners can also enjoy a variety of beverages, including draft and bottled beers, wines, and signature cocktails. For an all-inclusive experience, be sure to stop by The Painted Pin!

Learn more about The Painted Pin.

7. Bellina Alimentari

Bellina Alimentari is an Italian eatery that serves traditional dishes made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant also uses meats from pasture-raised animals treated humanely. You can also take a private cooking class to improve your team’s culinary skills. The restaurant also offers an exclusive fine dining and wine-tasting experience. You can order from the menu containing various seasonal foods prepared from scratch, including coffee, Italian beers, wines, and craft cocktails.

Learn more about Bellina Alimentari.

8. Big Escape Rooms

Big Escape Rooms is one of the best escape game providers in Atlanta. The escape games will challenge your team to rely on each other’s skills while finding clues and solving puzzles. The one-hour escape games have themes like:

  • Outbreak: This escape room will give you a post-apocalypse experience. Your team will work together to find an antidote and save humanity.
  • Basketball: Trapped in the locker room, you must escape before your next match begins. This room is ideal for beginner escapers.
  • Clown: You have to find clues to win a serial killer’s games and save your life.

The game provider designed the escape rooms to have different difficulty levels. So you can book the rooms based on your team’s skill levels. You will have a game master guide your team to get the best experience. Also, the game master can provide three clues to help you if you get stuck. The escape rooms can accommodate up to 12 players. Furthermore, you can find a space to use for your event with an occupancy capacity of around 300 guests.

Learn more about Big Escape Rooms.

9. Bones Restaurant

Bones Restaurant offers excellent service and fine dining for groups. The restaurant serves seasonal dishes made with local ingredients. You can get excellent vintage and new world wine that pairs well with your meal. The restaurant limits guests’ dress code to business casual.

Furthermore, Bones Restaurant has a wine room you can reserve for your event. Also, the private dining rooms can accommodate up to 65 guests.

Learn more about Bones Restaurant.

10. Sweet-Stack Creamery

Sweet-Stack Creamery is a dessert bar in Atlanta. The bar welcomes office teams celebrating a win or just coming together to enjoy delicious ice creams made with the best locally sourced ingredients. You will find a variety of traditional ice cream flavors on the menu. You can also order tasty donut sandwiches and cookies.

Sweet-Stack Creamery also serves vegan flavors on the menu. However, the dairy-free flavors are likely to contain cashew, so be sure to check for nut allergies.

Learn more about Sweet-Stack Creamery.

11. Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge

Drinking and chatting at Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge is one of the exciting corporate party ideas in Atlanta. You can locate this lounge at Colony Square. The venue has an occupancy capacity of around eight guests.

You can check the cocktail menu on the lounge’s site for a list of currently served drinks. The bar also serves classical cocktails to give you the disco-era experience. During your cocktail party, your team cannot bring outside food.

Learn more about Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge.

12. Delta Flight Museum

Visiting Delta Flight Museum is one of the intriguing corporate event ideas in Atlanta. The museum is home to aircraft dating back to the early 1900s. You can also take a free public tour offered once a week. The experience includes having an up-close view of historical aircraft.

Your group can also enjoy the flight simulator ride, which is ideal for up to four guests simultaneously and consists of 60 minutes of pilot experience. You will also find nice event spaces in the institution suitable for any group size.

Learn more about Delta Flight Museum.

13. The Splatter Studio

The Splatter Studio is a creative space located in Virginia Highland, Atlanta. The studio allows you and your colleagues to channel your inner artists and paint masterpieces. Your paint party experience will be private and will last for 90 minutes. The studio offers a party package for groups of up to 15 members. You can have the event as a BYOB. You can also invite a DJ to make if the party is strictly for adult guests.

During your experience, the studio’s staff members will give directions to your group. The studio will provide each guest with the needed gear like latex gloves, disposable Poncho, paintbrush, and colors. After the event, you can take your artwork home.

Learn more about The Splatter Studio.

14. Atlanta Archery Club

Atlanta Archery Club is a great location to enjoy outdoor corporate events in Atlanta, GA. The archery club provides a safe space to learn archery and have fun with your colleagues. Your experience includes learning the basics of shooting archery. Also, your team will learn the safety rules and prepare for the exciting adventure ahead with a light warm-up. The venue will provide the necessary archery equipment.

The venue also takes one-hour private lessons. The lesson focus will depend on your skill level. Also, you can bring your own bow and arrows, subject to approval by the archery club.

Learn more about Atlanta Archery Club.

15. Revery VR Bar

Visiting Revery VR Bar is among the fun corporate event ideas in Atlanta for adults. The bar is a cocktail and virtual reality lounge. You can reserve a group package customizable to fit into your desired experience. You can also add a drink package and food truck to your reservation. To make the experience more fun, you can have a DJ perform for your guest. Your team will have a fantastic time chatting, dancing, and exploring virtual-reality adventures.

Learn more about Revery VR Bar.

16. Monday Night Brewing

Monday Night Brewing is one of the best areas you can use for your group gathering. The company has different locations within the city, each featuring unique event spaces. You can rent the entire space in a location to accommodate more than 400 guests. For smaller events, you can use “The Rooftops” outdoor area, providing a good view of the brewery’s operation. The company serves non-alcoholic sodas for guests who do not take beers.

Learn more about Monday Night Brewing Tour.


SCAD FASH is an art and fashion museum in Atlanta. The museum displays different exhibitions reflecting the historical perception of fashion design. Your group can go on a guided tour to explore the institution. Your tour guide will enlighten you about the museum’s exhibits on display during your visit. If you make a group reservation, then you can get a discounted price. However, your group must have at least ten guests.

The museum features a media lounge within the premises. You can also access gallery talks, lectures, and film screenings during your visit.

Learn more about SCAD FASH.

18. Civil Axe Throwing

Throwing axes at Civil Axe Throwing is among the exciting large group corporate event activities in Atlanta. The axe-throwing company offers several lanes sharable by eight players. You can bring your own food and beverages to the venue and enjoy a team meal before or after throwing axes. The center will provide your team with the essential axe-throwing equipment, yet you can also bring your favorite axe.

You will find professionals to guide your team in the sport. Furthermore, the center can host groups of any size. The event pricing will depend on your group size and the weekday you book.

Learn more about Civil Axe Throwing.

19. 4o4 Esports

For a fun and entertaining outing, check out 4o4 Esports! This venue is one of the top fighting arcades in Atlanta. Most nights of the week, the space holds events. For instance, your team can compete in Super Smash Bros tournaments and fight nights. You can also enjoy games like Dragonball Z Fighter and Street Fighter. If you are interested in gaming often, then you can get a monthly membership for unlimited entry. Be sure to check out 4o4 Esports for gaming fun!

Learn more about 4o4 Esports.

20. Ready to Live Soaps

At Ready to Live Soaps, you can make amazing creations. This venue offers several live classes that are perfect for corporate party ideas in Atlanta, Georgia.

Examples of available courses include:

  • Private Soap Experience: A two-and-a-half-hour soap-making experience with a professional photographer
  • Sip, Socialize, Soap: A two-hour class featuring wine and snacks
  • Soap Therapy: A two-hour course that encourages healing through art

The soap-making process includes picking a mold, choosing a soap base, and customizing your scent. Then, you can customize your colors, pour the soap, and let it dry. In the end, you will have a functional creation!

Learn more about Ready to Live Soaps.


Atlanta is not only the largest city in Georgia but also one of the best places to have your corporate event. You can find indoor and outdoor locations for your gathering, depending on the experience you seek. Atlanta has no lack of fun entertainment to give your guests a memorable experience. Whether you throw axes or admire the unique exhibits the city offers, you can expect the best experience during your local corporate event.

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FAQ: Corporate event ideas in Atlanta, Georgia

Here are answers to questions about corporate event ideas in Atlanta.

What are some ideas for corporate events in Atlanta?

Some corporate event ideas in Atlanta include having ice cream at Sweet-Stack Creamery, touring Delta Flight Museum, visiting Atlanta Archery Club, having a drink at Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge, and dining at Bones Restaurant.

How do you entertain attendees at corporate events in Atlanta?

One of the best ways to entertain attendees at corporate events is to set up activities that will encourage interaction and engagement. The entertainment can be as simple as chatting over glasses of wine or dancing. Also, the place where you host your event can influence how you choose to entertain guests. Whether you explore the location’s facilities, play games, or have a team meal, the important aspect is for the attendees to share a fun experience.

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