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21 Fun Corporate Event Ideas in Miami, FL

Here is our list of the best corporate event ideas in Miami, Florida.

Corporate event ideas in Miami are fun ways to gather your group while giving attendees the best experience. For example, your group can swim with dolphins at Dolphin World or learn to cook at Sur La Table. The purpose of these ideas is to facilitate team building by creating familiarity and encouraging guests to bond over memorable experiences in this beach city.

These ideas can work as conference entertainment, retreat activities for groups, and connection activities. They are similar to team building events in Miami as well as Miami corporate outing ideas.

This list includes:

  • team building activities for small groups in Miami, Florida
  • team building activities for large groups in Miami, FL
  • team building activities for adults in Miami
  • corporate team building ideas in Miami

Here we go!

List of corporate event ideas in Miami

Hosting a corporate event is a great way to bring employees together, build relationships, and improve communication. From riding horses at MM Equestrian Farm to seeing a movie at Silverspot Cinema, here are ways to have the best corporate events in Miami.

1. The Great Guac Off™️ (Highly Rated)

Guacamole making competition

If you are looking for a friendly competition that pits teammates head-to-head, then consider checking out The Great Guac Off! In this experience, participants compete in exciting games and a guacamole-making competition!

Here is what to expect from The Great Guac Off:

  • 90 minutes with a team of talented hosts
  • engaging icebreakers, mini-games, and avocado trivia
  • premium guacamole ingredients and dippers
  • a high-energy guacamole-making competition and a judging round

We will meet you at your chosen venue with all the needed ingredients. To boost camaraderie in an energetic environment, consider participating in The Great Guac Off!

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

2. Mix n’ Mingle (Popular)

During Mix n’ Mingle, you can discover a creative take on a traditional networking experience. Each activity aims to create authentic conversations and strong connections.

Here is what to expect:

  • 90 minutes facilitated by an experienced professional
  • icebreakers that start engaging conversations
  • collaborative challenges and group discussions
  • diverse viewpoints, shared interests, and common goals

In addition, we will bring all the needed supplies to the venue of your choice. With Mix n’ Mingle, you can establish deep connections, strengthen relationships, and foster collaboration.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

3. The Art of Storytelling (Top Choice)

Teams can use storytelling to connect with one another and colleagues, and The Art of Storytelling teaches them the best techniques.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 120 minutes with a skilled facilitator
  • the five elements of an engaging story
  • strategies to connect with audiences
  • practice time for participants to hone their new skills
  • in-depth feedback from the host

Additionally, we will bring all the needed supplies to your chosen venue. Be sure to explore The Art of Storytelling if you are looking for an experience that teaches your staff to share meaningful stories.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

4. El Palacio de los Jugos

El Palacio de los Jugos is a Miami Cuban and Latin restaurant. The venue was originally a small takeout spot specializing in chicharrones, natural juices, and smoothies. Quickly, this family-owned restaurant started serving traditional Cuban delicacies and locally sourced fruits. Over time, El Palacio expanded to include a bodega, offering eggs, cheeses, and a variety of tropical fruits. Today, patrons enjoy dishes like Pan con Bistec and the famous chicharrones, praised by both locals and international chefs. El Palacio de los Jugos offers a taste of home-cooked Cuban recipes and fresh tropical juices.

Learn more about El Palacio de los Jugos.

5. Miami Beach Botanical Garden

The Miami Beach Botanical Garden is a three-acre tropical paradise! The garden is a lively spot for art, culture, environmental education, and tourism. The grounds have various themed areas like the Collins Canal Promenade, Japanese Garden, Edible Garden, and Orchids. Guests will also see the Flowering Trees, Native Garden, Palm Garden, Water Features, and Wildlife sections. Those interested in unique events can check out activities like yoga and meditation, art exhibitions, and educational talks. Firms can also rent the space for corporate events. Whether you are after beautiful views, learning opportunities, or a stunning event location, this botanical space has it all.

Learn more about the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

6. Miami Kiteboarding

Miami Kiteboarding is a top spot for water sports enthusiasts. MKB offers top-notch lessons, a well-stocked kite shop, and a beach club for relaxation.

You can experience the ultimate fun with corporate events, team building activities, and various water sports adventures. Teams can participate in activities like kiteboarding, kayaking, or paddleboarding. Colleagues can enjoy challenging games, treasure hunts, trivia, and beach volleyball tournaments while promoting teamwork. Plus, you can tailor your program based on your group’s interests and enjoy the beautiful waters of Miami.

For those seeking lessons, MKB offers private and semi-private sessions throughout the week. In addition, the impressive store has kite gear, accessories, clothing, and beach essentials. So, come join the MKB community and make waves in the world of water sports!

Learn more about Miami Kiteboarding.

7. Dolphin World

Taking a trip to Dolphin World is one of the best team building activities for large groups in Miami, FL. Dolphin World hosts a 30-minute experience of swimming with dolphins in shallow water. You can also book a package to interact with the animals without swimming. The park also hosts a feeding experience lasting for over two hours. Your team will get an up-close view while feeding birds, reptiles, and sea lions.

Furthermore, the Miami Sea Trek package allows you to enjoy an unforgettable diving adventure while wearing helmets, letting you breathe freely underwater. The ticket pricing will depend on your selected experience, with the least expensive package charged at around $100. Most tickets cover general admission to the park, a marine tour, and a dolphin show.

Learn more about Dolphin World.

8. Dezerland Park

Dezerland is a fun amusement center with a go-kart track. The racing price will depend on the number of rounds you reserve for your team members. Before hitting the track, the racers will receive helmets and head-socks. Apart from go-karts, Dezerland offers attractions like mini-golf, rock climbing, an arcade, bumper cars, an ice skating rink, and a trampoline. In addition, the amusement park provides indoor and outdoor spaces you can use for your event.

Learn more about Dezerland Park.

9. Gold Coast Railway Museum

If you have train lovers in your group, then hosting your corporate event at Gold Coast Railway Museum is a brilliant idea. The museum displays various rail equipment. You can also check the train shed that houses around twelve railway cars. The exhibits will expose the rich railway significance throughout history. Also, you can ride a train around the museum’s location based on the weather condition. The ride duration and pricing vary, depending on the category you choose.

Learn more about Gold Coast Railway Museum.

10. Palmetto Golf Course

Playing at Palmetto Golf Course is one of the best team building activities for small groups in Miami, Florida. You can only book a tee time for two to four players. The facility is an 18-hole course that also hosts golf lessons for groups. Your reserved package will determine the lesson’s duration.

The location also has an 18-hole mini-golf course with a fascinating landscape. You will find a cave, waterfalls, and lagoons around the area. Also, the reservation fee will depend on your booked day and golf rounds.

Learn more about Palmetto Golf Course.

11. MM Equestrian Farm

MM Equestrian Farm is one of the thrilling locations in Miami where your team will ride horses and interact with the lovely animals. The farm cares for horses and animals like hens, goats, and pigs. Your experience can include riding a pony for five laps, charged at around $15, and exploring the petting farm for an extra fee. Your team can also take one-hour private lessons on riding, handling, tackling, and grooming. The lesson price starts at around $150.

Learn more about MM Equestrian Farm.

12. J Wakefield Brewing

Toasting with mugs of beers at J Wakefield Brewing is among the entertaining team building activities for adults in Miami. This brewing company, located in Wynwood Arts District, features a taproom with 15 taps where your team can collect and enjoy beers. You can gather your team indoors or outdoors in the empire-themed garden. The brewing company produces handcrafted beers with the barrel aging technique. Furthermore, by partnering with several food trucks in Miami, the brewery ensures guests have access to good meals and snacks to pair with the beer.

Learn more about J Wakefield Brewing.

13. Sur La Table

Sur La Table is a well-rated cooking school in Miami that also offers short-term classes for groups. If you make reservations for a private event, then you can have the cooking class tailored to suit your group. The event pricing covers kitchen rentals and ingredients. You can also choose from several menu packages, from Dim Sum to Steak Night. After booking, expert chefs guide your group in preparing the food on the menu.

The cooking school also takes a baking class for 16 attendees that will work in groups of four. You can learn different baking techniques and cupcake decorations, depending on your chosen class. An improved culinary skill is not the only benefit of attending Sur La Table classes. Your team members will also bond over the fun experience and share their tasty creations.

Learn more about Sur La Table.

14. Zoological Wildlife Foundation

Exploring the Zoological Wildlife Foundation is an exciting way to interact with the animals and bond with your team. The zoo, measuring five acres, is home to different species ranging from capuchin monkeys to American alligators and ligers. Your group can go on a guided tour for one hour. A tour guide will enlighten you about the animals as you walk and stop by several areas. Zoological Wildlife Foundation also offers a personalized venue where you can relax with your team during your corporate gathering.

Learn more about the Zoological Wildlife Foundation.

15. Silverspot Cinema

Watching a movie at Silverspot is among the stress-relieving team building activities for small groups in Miami, Florida. You will find a list of movies showing soon on Sikeverspot Cinema’s official site. You can also purchase tickets for ‘Flashback Cinema’ to rewatch your favorite classic movies. If you intend to get more than ten tickets at once, then you should contact the cinema’s concierge. Before your movie, your group can dine at the restaurant within the cinema’s premises, particularly inside the auditoriums.

You can also enjoy your meal inside the theater while watching your movie. However, you must order the food through a specified app or arrive at the theater 30 minutes before your movie to enjoy the dine-in experience.

Silverspot Cinema features various auditorium sizes you can rent for a movie session with your group alone.

Learn more about Silverspot Cinema.

16. The Social Hub

The Social Hub is an amazing selfie museum located inside Brickell City Center. The museum has around 20 themed studios. You can immerse yourself in the unique room designs while taking nice pictures with your colleagues. The location provides facilities like mirrors, dressing rooms, and LED lights to ensure your group takes awesome pictures.

Furthermore, you can bring in professional photography equipment. A general admission ticket price starts at around $30. The Social Hub also provides adequate space for a large group gathering.

Learn more about The Social Hub.

17. Lock & Load Miami

Shooting with your colleagues at Lock & Load is one of the intriguing corporate team building ideas in Miami. To participate, you have to present your ID or passport. Your experience will begin with a training session led by a firearm specialist. Before shooting, your group members will also receive eye and ear protection gear. The firearm specialist will guide your group throughout your experience.

Lock & Load Miami offers various booking packages to suit different budgets, with prices starting at around $170.

In addition, the shooting center has a museum guests can access for free. The museum displays firearm collections from different historical war periods. You will also find various rocket launchers, missiles, and mortars.

Learn more about Lock & Load Miami.

18. Axe Habits

Throwing axes at Axe Habits is one of the entertaining corporate event ideas in Miami. Expert and beginner axe throwers can have a lot of fun in the ranges. Before throwing, your group will have an orientation on the game’s safety measures. Also, the coaches will guide your team members to ensure that all participants have the best experience. A regular reservation can last for 60 to 90 minutes. But a group reservation will last for two hours or more. Although the venue does not welcome outside drinks, you can bring your own food and snacks. Axe Habits offers a menu with various wine and beer selections.

Furthermore, the location has 60-minute escape rooms accessible to guests.

Learn more about Axe Habits.

19. The Wynwood Marketplace

The Wynwood Marketplace is one of the best locations to experience multiple adventures with your team. From dining areas to live art exhibits, the market has many fun places to explore. You can interact with local artists and have a close look at their displayed works. You can also reserve a table at The Deck and chat over glasses of craft cocktails with your colleagues.

Learn more about The Wynwood Marketplace.

20. GameTime Miami

GameTime is a restaurant, sports bar, and a great place to play arcade games with your team. You can play more than 150 games, from Air Hockey and simulators to skeeball and DDR. The bar also ensures that guests access a variety of food that suits their taste buds. In addition, your team can come together to watch a sports match at this bar. You can keep the atmosphere lively by playing your favorite songs on the digital jukebox.

Learn more about GameTime Miami.

21. 8Street Brickell

The best team building activities for adults in Miami include making a group toast at 8Street Brickell. 8Street Brickell is a cocktail lounge with a 1920s setting and colorful lighting. By night, the lounge’s dress code applies, exempting guests from wearing clothing items like shorts, sports attires, or flip-flops. Your team will have a fun moment interacting while sipping creative cocktails or dancing together.

Learn more about 8Street Brickell.


Corporate event ideas include activities and places to explore with your team. Miami has many fun activities and awesome places that will guarantee a fantastic experience for your guests. The city is a destination for amazing wildlife scenery, fine dining areas, and entertainment centers. Whether you plan for an outdoor or indoor corporate event, Miami has no shortage of vibrant locations and entertainment you can use.

Next, check out these lists of workplace beach party ideas and summer team building activities.

FAQ: Corporate event ideas in Miami

Here are answers to questions about corporate event ideas in Miami.

What are some ideas for corporate events in Miami?

Some ideas teams can use for corporate events in Miami include having cocktails at 8Street Brickell, shooting at Lock & Load Miami, and seeing a movie at Silverspot Cinema.

How do you entertain attendees at corporate events in Miami?

You can keep attendees entertained by starting your event with an ice breaker session. Also, you can look into having your event in a location providing entertainment like games, music, or a sports match displayed on TV.

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