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Here is our list of the best corporate team events in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Corporate team events in Philadelphia are activities that boost team morale, develop new communication skills, and bond teams. Examples include scavenger hunts, trivia nights, and escape rooms. These activities reward teams for a job well done, reenergize employees, and heighten team bonding in Philly, AKA the City of Brotherly love.

These ideas work as conference entertainment, retreat agenda items, and office holiday party ideas. These activities are similar to company outing ideas in Philly.

This list includes:

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Here we go!

List of corporate team building activities in Philadelphia

From On the Goga to Treetop Quests, here is a list of the best ideas for corporate events in Philly.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

Ultimate Trivia Showdown is no ordinary trivia. This event consists of 90 minutes of challenging, high-energy, fast-paced trivia fully facilitated by a professional entertainer. The host will form teams and introduce new spins on traditional quiz games with activities like Majority Rules and the Champion Challenge. The contest channels a gameshow atmosphere and brings out the competitive spirit in every challenger.

For more information on Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

2. Espionage!

Espionage! channels team members’ inner James Bond. This 90-minute event asks attendees to assume the role of agents on a mission to save the world. Players need to decode messages and crack complex puzzles to lure double agents into the open and successfully save the day. In addition, this event offers a crash course in people-reading, collaboration, and quick-thinking.

For more information on Espionage!.

3. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy is a 90-minute adventure of puzzles and challenges of heroic proportions. This collaborative competition encourages participants to put their unique skills on display while working together towards a shared goal. The nature of the game emphasizes individual strengths as well as team dynamics. This activity will surely be a hit among comic buffs and puzzle fiends. An energetic host ensures no teammate feels too silly to embrace their super alter ego.

For more information on Superhero Academy.

4. Pride Trivia

Pride Trivia banner

The City of Brotherly Love meets the concept of love is love in Pride Trivia. This event is one of the most fun and interactive ways to spread education about LGBTQ+ history and promote acceptance during Pride Month. This event was designed and led by LGBTQ+ individuals and is equal parts fun and fundamental to the lived experiences of the community. The activity is runnable in a variety of venues.

For more information on Pride Trivia.

5. Minute Madness

Minute Madness is 60-minutes of active, high-stakes team building where your team competes in physical competitions designed to see who in your group can win one-minute challenges. An experienced and charismatic host acts as referee and emcee and stokes the energy and friendly competition. This event is ideal for extroverted teams and will surely be a hit for employees who miss school field days.

For more information on Minute Madness.

6. Mix ‘n Mingle

Mix ‘n Mingle is an elevated networking event that fosters genuine connection. At this 90-minute meet and greet, attendees participate in low-pressure yet highly interactive activities that accelerate bonding and make professional socialization fun. A host is on hand to keep the conversation going and ensure that even the shiest participants walk away knowing coworkers more intimately.

For more information on Mix ‘n Mingle.

7. Hidden Stripey Guy

This 90-minute activity embraces the spirit of I-Spy to bring teams a high-energy and low-stakes hunt. Teammates band together to explore or re-explore a Philadelphia neighbor and track down every appearance of the Hidden Stripey Guy. The game’s object is to find the figure completely before other teams, and friendly competition is alive and well in this race.

For more information on Hidden Stripey Guy.

8. Bank Heist

Bank Heist is a problem-solving game where participants assume the role of detectives. A gang of thieves has pulled off a daring heist, and it is up to attendees to piece together the motives and machinations of the crime. A host plays the part of the lead investigator to give out extra hints and clues to the intrepid teams who manage to solve puzzles most quickly. This thrilling game helps team members show each other their smarts and work together to chase justice.

For more information on Bank Heist.

9. The Art of Storytelling

Some folks are not natural storytellers, however, all employees can learn the art of telling a compelling tale. The Art of Storytelling is a professional development workshop that teaches attendees how to make messages resonate. Panel participants learn and practice TeamBuilding’s tested and proven storytelling framework and gain the competencies and confidence to deliver their words to the masses. In addition, this event is excellent for team bonding as teammates share personal details and practice giving and receiving criticism in a controlled and safe environment.

For more information on Storytelling Workshops.

10. Museum Hack

Museum Hack offers two-hour renegade tours of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Tour guides eschew a traditional lecture format for an interactive and engaging approach that encourages teams to run amok in the museum and view the pieces from a new and novel perspective. The tours include fun and fascinating tidbits about artists and objects, plus team building games, ice breakers, and fun group photos.

For more information on Museum Hack.

11. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is a 90-minute team-building experience where hosts lead your team through fun games like Trivia-cado and Happy Cup before competing to make the best guac! You can run the Great Guac Off at your office,  conference center, or rent a space in Philadelphia. The Great Guac Off accommodates at least six participants and satisfies participants’ appetites for connection, competition, and the world’s favorite avocado-based dip.

For more information on The Great Guac Off.

12. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is a holiday-themed team building activity. In Gingerbread Wars, hosts challenge your team to team building games like trivia and Snowman Hustle followed by an epic gingerbread-house-making competition. Gingerbread Wars can happen in your office, conference space, or a third-party rental location in Philadelphia. Potential add-ons include “Cookie Monster,” “Deck the Halls,” and BYOB.

For more information on Gingerbread Wars.

13. ScavBoss

ScavBoss fuses games, fun storylines, and wicked intelligent puzzles that stump even the most smartypants of all participants. Plus, game designers can customize the hunt to match your company, mission, or theme. Indoor and outdoor options are available in Philadelphia.

Note that not every team finishes, and you have to work to win!

For more information on ScavBoss.

14. Yay Clay Pottery Class

One of the most fun corporate event ideas in Philadelphia for adults is Yay Clay Potter Class. The classes can accommodate up to 24 participants.

In the class, your team will create pieces on a pottery wheel. Once the pieces are assembled, Yay Clay will dry, fire, glaze, and fire again over three weeks. All pottery is oven, dishwasher, microwave, and food safe.

For example, in Yay Clay’s Bottle and Glass slumping class, your team will mold wine and beer bottles from various bottle slumping molds into a piece of art.

Yay Clay is a BYOB Studio, so teams are welcome to bring alcohol, food, or snacks.

For more information on Yay Clay.

15. Treetop Quest

One of the best outdoor corporate events in Philadelphia is Treetop Quest. This aerial adventure park has over 60 obstacles and zip-lines that run through the trees. Treetop Quest instructors will show your team how to operate their equipment, then let them swing through each course as many times as they want for two and a half hours. Your team will love zipping through trees and helping one another through challenges!

For more information on Treetop Quest.

16. Thirsty Dice

A board game café, Thirsty Dice offers light bites and over 800 board games. Board games include rare finds like Debockle, Frequent Flyer, Deep Dilemmas, and common classics like Battleship or Apples to Apples. Your team can grab their game of choice of challenges off a shelf or have one of Thirsty Dice’s Gametenders teach everyone a new game.

For more information on Thirsty Dice.

17. Wax & Wine

Wax & Wine offers teams the unique team-building activity of sipping wine while making soy candles. The venue offers both a large and private party experience.

With either experience, participants can choose from over 75 different fragrances and have between 90-minutes to one hour to make two candles. This event can hold up to 15 guests, so we recommend this for smaller team events.

Wax & Wine is BYOB but will provide plates, glassware, napkins, and cleanup.

For more information on Wax & Wine.

18. Wonderfly Games

Wonderfly Games offers a host of team-building games, including:

  • Bubble Ball: Bubble Soccer, also known as Bubble Ball, Battle Balls, Bumper Ball, or Knocker Soccer, has teams wearing inflatable bubble suits as they play soccer and try to score off one another.
  • Arrow Tag: A combination of archery, dodgeball, and paintball where teams compete to eliminate their opponents.
  • Hamster Balls: Hamster Balls have teams rolling around in life-size plastic bubbles. Teams can flip, roll, and bounce, all while bonding and laughing.
  • Lawn Games: Lawn games include Giant Jenga, Cornhole, Yard Pong, Giant Connect 4, and other Giant Games.

Booking a Wonderfly Game is simple. First, choose your game and submit a request, then, Wonderfly Games will deliver all game equipment and handle setup.

For more information on Wonderfly Games.

19. Really Cooking With Robin

One of the best corporate party ideas in Philadelphia is Really Cooking With Robin. This service offers cooking classes for groups of up to 50 team members, including Rustic French Cooking and Pierogi & Prosecco Party.

With a Rustic French Cooking class, teams learn to make Coq au Vin with buttered noodles and one-hour Homemade Rustic French Bread. In the Pierogi & Prosecco Party, teams bring their favorite bottles of Prosecco and learn how to make pierogis filled with Filet Mignon, caramelized onions, and white sharp cheddar, Sweet Potato & Zucchini, and Three Cheese Jalapeno. 

The classes span a variety of cuisines, and team members get the satisfaction of learning a new skill and enjoying a meal together at the end of the event.

For more information on Really Cooking With Robin.

20. Nailed It DIY

The Pinterest buffs on your team will love a Nailed It DIY event. This attraction offers tailored projects where team members can choose shapes, styles, and designs.

Sample projects include:

  • serving trays
  • tea towels
  • room sign décor
  • beer bottle openers
  • menu boards
  • recipe holder
  • pet leash holders
  • porch planter
  • chore charts

Some fun themes Nailed It DIY offers include Spring Fresh, Summer Living, Fall Comfort, Winter Warmth, Road Trip USA, Pets, and Sports & Games.

This outing idea allows attendees to socialize while focusing on a goal and keeping their hands busy and is a good option for introverts.

For more information on Nailed It DIY.

21. Flaco’s Dance Factory

One of the best large group corporate event activities in Philadelphia is a Flaco’s Dance Factory experience. Flaco’s Dance Factory offers team-building experiences that get your team dancing and having fun! Some classes that Flaco’s Dance Factory offers include Salsa, Latin, Ballroom, and Polynesian.

For more information on Flaco’s Dance Factory.

22. Speed Raceway Experience

You can fulfill your team’s need for speed with a Speed Raceway Experience. Speed Raceway offers multiple options, including entire track reservations or entire facility reservations. Regardless of the format, your team can zip around the track in fast cars and compete for the quickest times.

Speed Raceway also offers axe throwing and arcade games like air hockey tables, Space Invaders Frenzy, and Mario Kart Arcade.

For more information on Speed Raceway.

23. On The Goga

One of the best corporate conference ideas in Philadelphia is On the Goga. On the Goga offers corporate wellness workshops that inspire your team to lead healthier, happier, and more productive lives. These experiences include Stress Response, Mindfulness 101, Eat Yourself Calm, Desk Yoga, The Productivity Secret, and Every Day Movement. Each workshop is 40 to 60 minutes long and can accommodate up to 500 people.

For more information on On The Goga.

24. StrEATs of Philly Food Tour

Philadelphia is not short of yummy food. StreEATs of Philly Food Tours offers multiple tours to make your team’s bellies happy. The tours include:

  • Chef-Led Taste of the Italian Market Food Tour: Teams on this tour enjoy a virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting, cheesy foods from Say Cheese!, fresh corn tortillas, Sicilian square pizza from the Italian Market, cannoli from an iconic bakery, and coffee with handcrafted chocolate truffles.
  • Chef-Led East Passyunk Avenue Comfort Foods Tour: This tour includes organic beef sliders with cheese, kale salad, cheese steak pot stickers with cheese sauce, onions, poutine, wine, and homemade pizza.
  • Chef-Led Italian Market Dinner Tour: Teams on this tour take a professional chef-led food tour of the Italian Market. Italian favorites on this tour include cheeses, homemade gnocchi, bread, meatballs, cannoli, and coffee.

For more information on StrEATs of Philly Food Tour.


Corporate events are essential for a myriad of reasons, including showing employees appreciation for achieving team goals. You can also use these occasions to improve team camaraderie and boost employee morale. You do not have to spend much money on your corporate event. Several experiences will not break the bank yet still give your team good memories.

Next, check out these lists of corporate family fun day ideas and Have Fun at Work Day ideas.

FAQ: Corporate event ideas in Philadelphia

Here are answers to questions about corporate event ideas in Philadelphia.

What are some ideas for corporate events in Philadelphia?

Some ideas for corporate events in Philadelphia include Nailed It DIY, Wax & Wine, and Gingerbread Wars.

How do you entertain attendees at corporate events in Philadelphia?

The keys to entertaining attendees at corporate events is interaction, participation, and fun. Regardless of how you choose to entertain, choose activities where your team can disconnect from work, relax, and enjoy the moment. For example, Bubble Ball can bring both laughter, physical activity, and teamwork. In another example, cooking classes can teach teams new skills while having fun.

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