Updated: August 23, 2022

19 Best Corporate Event Venues in Milwaukee, WI

Here is our list of the top corporate event venues in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Corporate event venues in Milwaukee are locations where you can hold a company event in the Milwaukee region. Examples include Milwaukee Art Museum, The Pfister Hotel, and Boerner Botanical Gardens. These venues provide an out-of-office environment where teams can interact, learn, and get to know each other better. These locations will also build brand recognition and elevate team performance.

These spaces are ideal for company retreats, office parties, and conference agendas. The venues can host Milwaukee corporate events and Milwaukee retreats.

This list includes:

  • small corporate event venues in Milwaukee
  • large corporate event venues in Milwaukee
  • outdoor corporate event venues in Milwaukee
  • corporate event spaces near Milwaukee

Let’s get to it!

List of corporate event venues in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is an exciting venue destination that boasts a wide range of corporate event venues for large and small teams. From Saz’s State House to St. James Episcopal Church and Zilli Lake & Gardens, here is a list of the best corporate event venues in Milwaukee that you can book for your team.

1. Jan Serr Studio

Based in UWM’s Kenilworth Square East Building, Jan Serr Studio is one of the best large corporate event venues in Milwaukee. The floor-to-ceiling windows and penthouse balcony offer unbeatable views of Milwaukee’s downtown skyline and Lake Michigan. Jan Serr Studio has a modern industrial interior that translates into an airy and spacious studio. Based on the floor plan, the 7,000-square feet venue has a maximum seating of 405 attendees. If you want to add a catering package to your event, then you can check out Saz’s Catering’s menu. You can also customize the menu options to mirror the personality and atmosphere of your corporate event. Attendees can access the venue by car service or public transport.

Learn more about Jan Serr Studio.

2. The Box

Right in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, The Box is a loft-style space that you can use to host your corporate event. The 3,000-square-foot event space features soaring ceilings, an open-floor concept, and polished wood floors. The event’s neutral palette ensures the customization of the space to suit varying event styles. You can use your event vendor or browse service providers as per the venue’s recommendations.

Learn more about The Box.

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3. St. James Episcopal Church

As one of the oldest stone churches in Milwaukee, St. James Episcopal Church is a fantastic corporate event venue for your team. The church, which features a gothic-revival style, is on the National Register of Historic Places. You can opt for The Abbey, a 250-seating space with original Tiffany glass windows, 15th-century monastery panels, and a 50-foot cathedral ceiling. The 2,200 square foot space is the perfect idea for companies looking for outdoor corporate event venues in Milwaukee. You can hold your event at The Hyde if you have fewer attendees. The 150-seating venue features expansive windows, original hardwood floors, and an outdoor ceremony space. While St. James Episcopal Church is renowned as a wedding venue, this epic space also welcomes corporate events.

Learn more about St. James Episcopal Church.

4. The Pfister Hotel

As the premier hotel in downtown Milwaukee for over a decade, The Pfister Hotel is a great choice for companies looking for corporate event venues. The hotel has a welcoming ambiance and extraordinary architecture that will fascinate your team. The over 25,000 square feet of event space highlights the Victorian era in Milwaukee. You can opt for the Imperial Ballroom, which can accommodate 125 to 350 event attendees. You can also host your event at the King’s Row, the Grand Ballroom, or the Grand Foyer. You will also enjoy amenities, including teleconferencing capabilities, private entrances, and catering.

Learn more about The Pfister Hotel.

5. Milwaukee Art Museum

Featuring nearly 25,000 artworks and globally renowned architecture, the Milwaukee Art Museum is an excellent choice for corporate events in Milwaukee. Your team will enjoy views of Lake Michigan, delicious foods, drinks, and wow-worthy event amenities. Additionally, you can opt for the Quadracci Pavilion, which includes a grand hall, an auditorium, and two galleries. If you are looking for corporate event venues for small teams, then you can book one of the smaller spaces within the Quadracci Pavilion. You can also opt to host your corporate event at the Museum Café, the Baumgartner Terrace, the Windhover Hall, or the Lubar Auditorium. The Baumgartner Terrace is the perfect outdoor venue where your team will enjoy views of downtown Milwaukee, Lake Michigan, and Cudahy Gardens. Feel free to browse the Café Calatrava menu options for an in-house catering package.

Learn more about Milwaukee Art Museum.

6. Wisconsin Center District

Wisconsin Center District is a fantastic option if you are looking for large corporate event venues in Milwaukee. With a wide variety of event spaces, you will have plenty of options. The Wisconsin Center District operates the Wisconsin Centre, the UWM Panther Arena, or the Miller High Life Theatre. If you opt for the Wisconsin Center, you can choose venues such as the etched hall, palm garden, penthouse atrium, and main hobby. The UWM Panther Arena has a total capacity of 12,700, which includes the arena and the event-level lounge. You can also host your corporate event at the 4,087-capacity Miller High Life Theatre. You can choose between the theatre’s Grand Rotunda Balcony, Kilbourn Rotunda, and Plankinton Hall.

Once you book your preferred event space at Wisconsin Center District, your event manager will coordinate your event as another team crafts your culinary experience. You can also browse food and drinks at the Levy Restaurant.

Learn more about Wisconsin Centre District.

7. Cuvée

Cuvée nurtures an event atmosphere that blends creativity, sophistication, and a historic ambiance. To make every event memorable, the Cuvée team will be on-site to help make your event planning easy. Champagne Lounge and cream city brick feature loft-style private rooms that can host up to 250 attendees. For a mix and mingle corporate event, you can host up to 250 attendees at the venue. In addition, you will have access to a catering kitchen and a wide variety of champagne and wine by glass or bottle.

Learn more about Cuvée.

8. The George and Madcap Lounge

The George and Madcap Lounge is an elegant venue ideal for hosting corporate events in Milwaukee. You can opt for The George Ballroom, a space that boasts architectural elements from the 19th century with modern finery. The space accommodates up to 160 attendees for seated events and up to 200 attendees for cocktail events. Meanwhile, the Madcap Lounge offers teams an intimate and unique experience. This upscale bar features billiard rooms where groups can chat as attendees play a game and sample cocktails. Be sure to check out the venue’s custom menu and craft one for your team with the expert guidance of Saz’s Catering.

Learn more about The George and Madcap Lounge.

9. Zilli Lake & Gardens

Zilli Lake & Gardens has one of the best outdoor corporate event venues in Milwaukee. With three event rooms, Zilli Lake & Gardens offers stunning views of Lake Michigan and the Milwaukee Art Museum. If you are organizing a relaxation-style corporate event, then the Coast room is the best choice. The room’s design features décor and architecture that embody a sea theme and mimics a lakefront setting. Coast offers professional and polished settings that will make an event memorable. You can also opt for the Miller Room where your team will enjoy the fantastic lakefront waves and Milwaukee’s architecture. For an unforgettable outdoor corporate event, choose the North and South gardens, which can host up to 2,000 attendees. Zilli Lake & Gardens offers endless menu options that will delight your team.

Learn more about Zilli Lake & Gardens.

10. Milwaukee County Zoo

Milwaukee County Zoo offers a variety of indoor and outdoor corporate event venues. If you want an indoor setting, then you can check out the Peck Welcome Center, which accommodates up to 500 attendees. You can also check out the 300-seating Zoofari Center, which features a dance floor and a permanent stage. For a more unique corporate event, you can opt for animal buildings like the Aquatic and Reptile Centre or the Adventure Africa Learning Loft. The Milwaukee County Zoo also offers various outdoor corporate event venues. For example, you can opt for the Zoo Terrace Picnic Area, Little Oka, or Tembo Trial.

Learn more about Milwaukee County Zoo.

11. Lakefront Brewery, Inc.

Lakefront Brewery, Inc. tops the list of small corporate event venues in Milwaukee. The beer hall can accommodate up to 80 attendees. You can opt for a catered buffet that is available for groups of over 25 attendees. For fewer participants, you can pre-order your meals off the Lakefront Brewery’s daily menu. Your team will also enjoy a private brewery tour and a bar tab. If you want to host a group of up to 200 team players during the week, then you can rent out the entire Beer Hall.

Learn more about Lakefront Brewery.

12. The Riviera Ballroom

The Riviera Ballroom is a historic event venue right on the shores of Geneva Lake. With the elegance that the venue holds, your team will experience a unique corporate event. The Riviera Ballroom features large windows that overlook Geneva Lake and high ceilings. Other vital amenities at the venue include audio-visual tools, a drop-down screen, and several catering options. The Riviera Ballroom can accommodate groups of up to 400 attendees. You can also check out the venue’s ancillary meeting spaces, such as the Avant Cycle Café, Lake Geneva Cruise Lines, and Studio Winery.

Learn more about The Riviera Ballroom.

13. Third Space Brewing

Third Space Brewing offers corporate event venues in Milwaukee ideal for small and large teams. If you have a small team, then opt for the Covered Deck. The deck connects the interior space with the beer garden, offering a relaxed environment for your event. You can also opt for the Loading Deck, which has a capacity of 70 standing and 40 seated attendees. If you have a larger team, then the best option is the Extended Beer Garden, an outdoor event space that has a capacity of 240 attendees. For an intimate event, you can rent out the entire brewery, which has a seating of 480 attendees.

Learn more about Third Space Brewing.

14. Boerner Botanical Gardens

Located 15 minutes from downtown Milwaukee, Boerner Botanical Gardens is one of the best corporate event spaces near Milwaukee. The venue has different in-house spaces that you can choose from and a full-service kitchen. The Boerner Hall Rental space accommodates 288 full-seating attendees and 300 for a theatre-style event. The space features a riser, a dance floor, a podium, and a drop-down screen. With seating of up to 96 attendees, The Garden Room Rental is ideal for intimate corporate events. The space offers the best views of the Fragrance Gardens. You can combine the Garden Room Rental with Boerner Hall for an evening party-style corporate event. You can also check out the Classroom Rental, the Multimedia Room Rental, and Nell’s Garden Café Rental.

Learn more about Boerner Botanical Gardens.

15. Milwaukee County War Memorial Center

The Milwaukee County War Memorial Center has three event rooms for small groups that provide breathtaking views of Lake Michigan. The venue also has other available spaces that can accommodate larger teams, including Fitch Plaza and Memorial Hall. Memorial Hall offers teams the best views of downtown Milwaukee and has seating for up to 260 event attendees. Fitch Plaza provides the best views of Discovery World, downtown Milwaukee, and Lake Michigan. The Milwaukee County War Memorial Center event spaces boast simple elegance and modern sophistication.

Learn more about Milwaukee County War Memorial Center.

16. Milwaukee Community Sailing Center

Boasting stunning views of the Milwaukee skyline and Lake Michigan, the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center is an ideal venue for your corporate event. You can rent the Windhover Community Room, a 1,782-square-foot space with well-maintained grass on three sides. The room can accommodate 120 attendees for a sit-down event style and 150 attendees for a theatre-style event. The Sullivan Deck is a 527-square-foot outdoor space that provides an excellent outdoor venue for corporate event breakout sessions. Milwaukee Community Sailing Center has a large free parking area. You can make your corporate event more memorable by including a sailing experience in your package. If you want to include meals and drinks in your event package, then the Zilli Hospitality Group will provide catering services.

Learn more about Milwaukee Community Sailing Center.

17. Saz’s State House

With picturesque architectural accents, Saz’s State House tops the list of small corporate event venues in Milwaukee. Your team will enjoy the European-style glass windows and the rich wood details in Saz’s State House. Other event amenities that your team will enjoy include personalized menus, private bar service, and a private entrance. The venue accommodates 48 attendees for sit-down events and 60 team players for cocktail parties. Saz’s State House provides the perfect atmosphere to facilitate relaxation and team bonding.

Learn more about Saz’s State House.

18. WhirlyBall

If you are planning a fun corporate event, then a relaxed venue is ideal. At WhirlyBall, you can engage your team in fun activities that will facilitate team bonding. The event space is large enough to accommodate large and small teams. Your workforce can play whirly ball, a game that combines hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and bumper cars. Other fun activities that groups can enjoy at WhirlyBall include pop-up games, laser tag, and bowling. You can also opt for an in-house catering option and let attendees explore several menu options.

Learn more about WhirlyBall.

19. Skylight Music Theatre

The Skylight Music Theatre offers a variety of event rental spaces. If you have a smaller team, then you can host your corporate event at The Studio Theatre or the 100-seating Dorothea C. Mayer Salon. The Skylight Bar and Bistro, which can host 175 standing and 100 seating visitors is also a great option. If you have a large team, then the 358-seat Cabot Theatre is the ideal option. The theatre features comfortable seating where teams will enjoy an unobstructed view. Skylight Music Theatre offers equipment such as a grand piano, lighting equipment, sound equipment, and an overhead projector.

Learn more about Skylight Music Theatre.


With the huge selection of event venues in Milwaukee, it can be challenging to settle on one space. From the venue’s atmosphere to amenities and technology, you must carefully review your selection of venues in Milwaukee before settling for one space. For instance, if a venue is too small, the space may feel crowded, and attendees will be uncomfortable. Similarly, selecting a venue that is too large for a few attendees results in a dull event atmosphere. Frequent corporate events in Milwaukee will improve the company culture, build your team’s relationships, and boost workers’ morale.

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FAQ: Corporate event venues in Milwaukee

Here are answers about corporate event venues in Milwaukee.

What are some good venues for corporate events in Milwaukee, WI?

Location is the most important factor when selecting a corporate event venue. Some good venues for corporate events in Milwaukee include WhirlyBall, The Riviera Ballroom, and Lakefront Brewery, Inc.

How much do event spaces cost to rent in Milwaukee?

Milwaukee offers a wide variety of event spaces with varying costs. You will find luxury, budget-friendly, and free event spaces. The renting cost of event spaces in Milwaukee depends on the chosen location, number of attendees, and amenities available.

How do you choose places to hold corporate gatherings in Milwaukee?

While the components of planning an event are numerous, finding an event remains a major hurdle for corporate event planners.

Here are tips that will help you choose a corporate venue easily:

  • Determine the ideal venue atmosphere- A venue atmosphere can dull or energize event attendees. If you are planning a fun corporate event, then be sure to match the venue’s atmosphere.
  • Work out the venue’s capacity- Ignoring a venue’s capacity is a dire mistake that no event planner wants to make.
  • Budget- If you are on a tight event budget, then do not be shy to go for budget-friendly or free venues. Ensure that your budget covers all the event’s needs, such as food, transport, accommodation, and the venue rental fee.

Pro tip: Do not forget to assess the venue’s amenities and quality of services before your event.

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