Updated: November 24, 2023

21 Great Corporate Event Venues in Phoenix, AZ

Here is our list of the best corporate event venues in Phoenix, Arizona.

Corporate event venues in Phoenix are spaces you can use to hold corporate gatherings in the Phoenix region. Examples include Cambria Phoenix Downtown, Venue 122, and Sportsman Park. The purpose of these events is to reward company successes and recognize parties that play a role in the growth of an entity. Choosing the right Phoneix venue can properly honor employee and company milestones and ensure guests have a good time.

These spaces are great spaces for entertaining groups in Phoenix and ideal for corporate events in Phoenix, such as corporate Christmas parties, team celebrations, and team building events.

This list includes:

  • small corporate event venues in Phoenix
  • large corporate event venues in Phoenix
  • outdoor corporate event venues in Phoenix
  • corporate event spaces near Phoenix

Here we go!

List of corporate event venues in Phoenix

Boasting year-round sunshine and warmth, Phoenix offers tons of outdoor and indoor event venues. From Uptown Alley Surprise to Desert Willow Conference Center and Phoenix Zoo, here is a list of the best corporate event venues where you can hold your gatherings in Phoenix.

1. Sportsman Park

Sportsman Park is one of the best spaces in Phoenix for companies that are looking for large corporate event venues in Phoenix. The venue has many unique areas you can customize to suit your event. The Heritage is a multi-story building that offers guests the perfect views across the park. You can expand the space to the private garden area for an outdoor experience. You can also hold your event at The Great Lawn, a 201,128-square-foot space between trees and an ideal outdoor space for a cocktail reception. You can also check out the Cardinals Practice Field and host your guests in a spacious outdoor venue. The 14,000-square-foot car park area is a great event canvas if you have a large group.

Learn more about Sportsman Park.

2. Ahwatukee Community Center

Ahwatukee Community Center is a tennis, swim, and events center that provides services that promote the well-being and health of the community. Beyond the event spaces, the venue offers swimming and tennis lessons and holds various events such as car shows and dog shows. You can host your guests in the 1,528-square-foot Sunset Room, a spacious venue that offers guests panoramic views of the mountains. Another space your guests will love is the Sunset Patio, an extension of the ballroom. You can host your team at the Sunset Patio for outdoor entertainment or have an intimate event at the 870-square-foot Oasis Room I & II. If you want your guests to have an outdoor experience, then extending the Oasis Patio to Oasis Rooms I & II is an excellent option. You can also rent out the entire Ahwatukee Community Center and get exclusive use of the space.

Learn more about Ahwatukee Community Center.

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3. Venue 122

Venue 122 is a historic building that is on the list of the National Register of Historic Places. The over 100-year-old building has an inviting and warm charm ideal for all types of corporate events. You can host your guests at The Sanctuary, a space with 19th-century architecture, including the original hardwood floors and wood-framed windows. The venue accommodates up to 230 guests for a theatre-style event, 180 attendees for a cocktail setup, and 150 for a dinner setup. The Garden area is a great space where you can host outdoor events for groups of up to 350 attendees. The beautiful garden, which overlooks Margaret T. Hance Park, has a bricked perimeter and lush green lawn, which will entice your guests. If you are looking for corporate event venues for an intimate setup, then you will love the 30-capacity Bungalow. The space has an open floor plan and maintains traditional architectural elements. You can also check out the Multi-Purpose Room and The Gallery.

Learn more about Venue 122.

4. Cambria Phoenix Downtown

Located in Roosevelt Row Arts District, Cambria Phoenix Downtown is a fantastic choice of corporate event venue. The Masai Meeting Room is a top pick if you are holding a meeting-style event. This 900-square-foot space can accommodate up to 100 guests. The venue also hosts other types of events like banquets or corporate celebrations. From the Rooftop, West Space is an excellent option for event planners looking for outdoor corporate event venues in Phoenix. The 2,000-square-foot-area offers fantastic views of the city and can accommodate up to 175 attendees. You can offer your team a dining experience at the Cambria Hotel.

Learn more about Cambria Phoenix Downtown.

5. Uptown Alley Surprise

If you are hosting a fun corporate event, then Uptown Alley Surprise is a great option. The 60,000-square-foot entertainment venue features an array of fun group activities. You will have access to the 40-lane bowling alley, billiards, arcade games, laser tag, and video games. You can also host live entertainment sessions at the venue, such as a karaoke session. Uptown Alley Surprise also has two bars and a full-service restaurant where you can get meals for attendees.

Learn more about Uptown Alley Surprise.

6. The Stockyards Restaurant and 1889 Saloon

As a favorite gathering place for the Arizona community and part of local history, the Stockyards Restaurant and 1889 Saloon is a great venue choice. Event planners looking for small corporate event venues in Phoenix will love the selection at the restaurant. You can host your guests in the Rose Room, which accommodates up to 50 attendees, or the 60-capacity Cattleman’s Room and Gold Coast Room. Other than the historic event spaces, your guests can enjoy a menu that only features the finest aged steaks and prime rib. In addition, the restaurant offers menus incorporating the culinary trends and cultures of the Southwest, including Arizona’s wines.

Learn more about The Stockyards Restaurant and 1889 Saloon.

7. Parkwood Studios

Just a few minutes from Sky Harbor Airport is Parkwood Studios, a venue where you can hold your next corporate event. The venue is perfect for small groups and can accommodate different event styles. The 4,400-square-foot venue features a flexible space that you can customize to suit your event. Booking provides access to a lounge area, a bistro kitchen, and private bathroom suites. You can also rent the venue’s audio and video equipment, including a photo booth and DJ services.

Learn more about Parkwood Studios.

8. The Newton

Home to the Southern Rail Restaurant and Changing Hands Bookstore, the Newton is a top-tier corporate event venue in Phoenix. You can choose between the venue’s two private spaces, which offer a warm ambiance and a mix of historical touches. The Meeting Room, which accommodates up to 50 attendees, is also an excellent option for hosting an intimate gathering. The Commons which accommodates up to 100 guests depending on your event layout. Each rental at The Newton includes exclusive use of the venue, free parking, and audio-visual equipment. You can get an on-site catering package from the First Draft Book Bar and the Southern Rail Restaurant.

Learn more about The Newton.

9. Foothills Golf Club

Stretching over 7,000 yards, Foothills Golf Club tops the list of outdoor corporate event venues in Phoenix. Your guests will get a perfect view of the blue lakes and the surrounding rocky desert terrain. You can hold your event at the Main Ballroom, a 2,600-square-foot space that will enchant your guests. Another space that is great for outdoor gatherings is the 225-capacity Outdoor Veranda. Depending on the type of event that you are hosting, you can check out the venue’s two outdoor patios, the 144-capacity theatre, and the private dining room.

Learn more about Foothills Golf Club.

10. Alpio’s At Troon

Alpio’s At Troon is one of the most creative corporate event venues in Phoenix. The space features a 1950s-style diner with a large collection of cars and life-size mannequins. Your guests will love the large-scale military aircraft models that hang from the ceiling. The 100-capacity space also has a lounge area, pinball games, pool table, and video games on the mezzanine floors. You can come with your caterer or seek catering from the Alpio team.

Learn more about Alpio’s At Troon.

11. Madison Center for the Arts

Madison Center for the Arts is a state-of-the-art venue that enlightens and engages the community through arts. The versatility of the event spaces makes the venue one of the most sought spaces in Phoenix. If you are hosting a theatre-style corporate event, then the 908-seating Theatre and the 500-capacity Lobby are great options. You can also combine the theatre and the lobby spaces to accommodate large groups. The venue offers free parking for your guests.

Learn more about Madison Center for the Arts.

12. Heritage Square

Featuring green landscape and historical architecture, Heritage Square is a wonderful corporate venue option for companies. The venue has different unique spaces and details that you can use to enhance your event. If you are looking for small corporate event venues in Phoenix, then you can host your guests at the Rosson House. You can select the Lath Pavilion for larger groups and let guests marvel at the lush gardens and historic architectural details. You can browse the list of recommended caterers and let guests experience Arizonan dining culture.

Learn more about Heritage Square.

13. Warehouse215

Right in the heart of downtown Phoenix is Warehouse215, a historic venue that dates back to 1918. The expansive venue boasts elegance and versatility that you can customize to suit any corporate event, whether intimate or large gatherings. Warehouse215 features clerestory windows, truss ceilings, exposed brick, and iconic semi-industrial aesthetics. You can combine the 11,500-square-foot-Cathedrals area, the 2,741-square-foot Grotto, the terrace, the veranda, and the garden to host a large group. If you want to host smaller groups, then you can combine the 3,965-square-foot Guild, the 1,154 Vestibule, and the grove. You are free to add the 1,175-square-foot Reading Room or the Vault to your package. You can also buy out the entire 22,031-square-foot Warehouse215 space and give your guests exclusive use of the venue.

Learn more about Warehouse215.

14. Valley Garden Center

Just minutes from downtown Phoenix, Valley Garden Center is an exquisite venue that offers inviting spaces for events. The venue features a range of amenities, including a full kitchen area, event setup and take-down, and on-site security. The Japanese Teahouse is a great space that accommodates up to 90 guests. You can also hold your event at the Giant Mesquite Tree, a 120-capacity space that features the oldest mesquite tree in the valley. The Palm Tree Garden is another venue that you can use to host up to 150 attendees.

You can also hold meeting-style corporate events or presentations at the Grand Reception Area, which accommodates 96 guests. The space features an elevated stage with podium and presentation screens. In addition, your guests can stroll the Courtyard Garden, which showcases Mediterranean palms, and explore the Bonsai Gardens and the Koi Pond.

Learn more about Valley Garden Center.

15. The Clayton House

Featuring original charm and character, the Clayton House is a one-of-a-kind event venue. The former postal storage warehouse now offers a timeless backdrop for all your corporate events. You can host your guests at The Great Room, a blank canvas ideal for large gatherings. The space features sliding floor-to-ceiling windows that open to the patio area. You can also hold your event at The Lounge & Porch area, a space with sliding doors leading up to the bar. The Rafters tops the list of intimate corporate event spaces near Phoenix for a cocktail event or meeting. Your guests can sip drinks in the courtyard before or after the event. The Clayton House offers exceptional catering services with a focus on traditional favorites.

Learn more about The Clayton House.

16. Desert Willow Conference Center

Whether planning a corporate meeting or a fun gathering for your guests, you will love the selection of spaces that Desert Willow Conference Center offers. The over 40,000 square-foot spaces can accommodate large and small groups with an open configuration plan. You can check out the 400-capacity Ballroom, which features ergonomic furniture and video projection systems. For a meeting-style event, you can select any of the 11 conference rooms with different sizes and amenities. You can host your guests at the 500-capacity Cottonwood Ballroom, the Ocotillo, and the Brittlebush. For intimate setups, you can check out the Mariposa, Primrose, the Chla, and the Golden Poppy conference rooms. Desert Willow Conference Center also offers catering services and incorporates individual menu options and event goals.

Learn more about Desert Willow Conference Center.

17. The Croft Downtown

The Croft Downtown is an urban space where you can host guests. The venue features urban cement floors and wood ceilings that pair perfectly with the chic décor. You can host your guests at The Abbey, a 3,500-square-foot space ideal for small intimate gatherings. You can also host your guests at the 5,000-square-foot Cheshire Room or the 2,500-square-foot outdoor patio. If you are looking for large corporate event venues in Phoenix, then you can rent out the entire 10,000-square-foot Croft space. The Croft team offers event planners design consultation, custom décor, set up and break down, valet parking, and security options. You can also use the venue’s catering services and customize meals and drinks according to your budget and preferences.

Learn more about The Croft Downtown.

18. monOrchid

Set up in the Roosevelt Row Arts District, the monOrchid is a diverse and creative space where you can host your next corporate event. The venue, which remains part of the city’s creative tapestry, offers event planners unmatched flexibility to accommodate any corporate gathering. You can host up to 250 standing and 150 seated guests at the monOrchid. If you want to offer your guests a dining experience, then reach out to Fork & Dagger Hospitality. Depending on your event style, you can opt for an open bar or a pre-purchase drink option.

Learn more about monOrchid.

19. Phoenix Art Museum

Featuring over 20,000 works that date back to historical times, Phoenix Art Museum is a top-tier corporate event venue. The venue has different spaces where guests can experience progressive architectural details and world-class fine art. You can check out one of the most dramatic event spaces in Phoenix, the Cummings Great Hall. You can also host your guests at the Greenbaum Lobby, a space with floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing views of Central Phoenix. If you want to offer your guests outdoor views from an indoor space, then you will love the JPMorgan Chase Lobby. The space has expansive windows which overlook the Dorrance Sculptures Garden. The Wild Terrace and the Dorrance Sculpture Gardens are great options for event planners searching for outdoor corporate event spaces near Phoenix. Feel free to browse the list of caterers that Phoenix Art Museum recommends and enjoy a variety of menu options.

Learn more about Phoenix Art Museum.

20. Phoenix Zoo

As the largest privately owned zoo in the U.S, Phoenix Zoo prides itself in the conservation of wildlife. The 1.25-acre zoo is home to over 1,400 animals, including endangered species. The zoo also has multiple indoor and outdoor spaces where you can host small and large groups. You can host your guests at the Desert Grove, an area that accommodates 150 guests for a reception event, 100 seated attendees, and up to 100 guests for a round table setting. You can also hold your evening event at Forest of UCO, where guests can enjoy the special Portofino lighting. The space accommodates 120 to 300 guests depending on the event setup. The Stone House Pavilion is a great space where you can entertain large groups of up to 550 guests. You can also check out the Savanna, Phoenix Bakery, Ruby House, and the Orang-Hutan spaces.

Learn more about Phoenix Zoo.

21. WestWorld of Scottsdale

As one of the most renowned event venues in Phoenix, WestWorld of Scottsdale offers 386 acres of spaces where you can host a corporate gathering. You can hold your event at the TNEC Equidome, a 12,000-square-foot space with 3,400 permanent seats, VIP suites, and a sunken arena. You can also host your event at the Monterra, accommodating up to 1,000 attendees. The 117,000-square-foot TNEC North or the 37,000-square-foot South Hall are also fantastic spots with a flexible design for hosting various events. Companies looking for large outdoor spaces can check out the parking lots. Since WestWorld of Scottsdale has a closed-catering policy, you can get your team food and drinks from M catering.

Learn more about WestWorld of Scottsdale.


Known as the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix has top venues which you can use to enhance your corporate gatherings. The capital and the most populous city in Arizona has a typical Southwest vibe which features cowpokes, ranches, and tons of modern event spaces. Whether you are planning a celebratory event or a formal business meeting, the dilemma is picking the best space that is ideal for your event. Be sure to get venues where attendees can explore or sight the city’s beautiful landscapes.

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FAQ: Corporate event venues in Phoenix, Arizona

Here are answers to common questions about corporate event venues in Phoenix.

What are some good venues for corporate events in Phoenix, AZ?

Choosing the perfect venue for corporate gatherings is a major problem that event planners face  Some good venues for corporate events in Phoenix, AZ include Phoenix Art Museum, The Croft Downtown, and The Newton.

How much do event spaces cost to rent in Phoenix?

Phoenix offers event planners free, budget-friendly, and luxury spaces  The limitless variety of event venues in Phoenix means that a company’s budget is not a major hindrance when looking for venues  The average cost of renting event spaces in Phoenix ranges from $350 and $150,000.

How do you choose places to hold corporate gatherings in Phoenix?

Some of the factors that you should consider when choosing places to hold corporate gatherings include the atmosphere, location, and capacity.  You should also take into consideration the demographics of your attendees and the venue’s contract flexibility.

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