44 Best Team Building Events & Activities for Work

By: | Updated: November 15, 2023

Here is a list of the most fun team building events & activities for work.

Team building events are activities that deepen coworker relationships and foster cooperation among team members. Examples include team meals and movie nights. The purpose of these gatherings is to boost collaboration and worker morale.

These ideas are in-person versions of virtual team events and online group socials. These activities are similar to group activities for adults, team bonding ideas, and relationship-building exercises.


This list includes:

  • corporate team building events
  • outdoor team building events
  • indoor team building events
  • team building events for big groups
  • team building events for small groups

Here we go!

List of team building events

From birthday parties to spirit weeks to guacamole mash-offs, here is a list of events to foster camaraderie, cooperation, and connection between team members.

1. The Great Guac Off™️ (Top Choice)

The Great Guac Off is a lively avocado-themed celebration where teammates compete against each other! This thrilling experience showcases the teams’ guacamole-making skills.

The Great Guac Off includes the following:

  • 90 minutes guided by talented hosts
  • interactive icebreakers, mini-games, and avocado trivia
  • delicious guacamole ingredients and chips for dipping
  • an optional secret ingredient to add excitement to the competition
  • a guacamole mash-off followed by a judging round

For a seamless planning process, we will meet you at the venue of your choice with all the necessary ingredients. This flavorful team building experience fosters bonding and enhances communication skills within teams.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

2. Ultimate Game Show (Staff Favorite)

If you are interested in an innovative team building experience, then look no further than Ultimate Trivia Showdown! Our fresh approach to this timeless team building activity will captivate and entertain your team.

Here is what to expect:

  • 90 minutes guided by an experienced host
  • engaging question rounds, games, and puzzles
  • thrilling mini games

Furthermore, we will meet you at your preferred venue with all the necessary materials. During this diverse competition, every player will have an opportunity to shine as teams collaborate. Be sure to add Ultimate Game Show to your team building agenda!

Learn more about Ultimate Game Show.

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3. Espionage! (Highly Rated)

espionage banner

You can test your team’s wits and instincts with an exciting game of social deduction. Participants discover secret spies and accomplish mission objectives during Espionage!

Espionage! includes the following features:

  • 90 minutes with a skilled host to guide players through each activity
  • covert teams of spies and agents
  • intricate puzzles, challenges, and strategic maneuvers
  • group discussions to uncover secret identities

We can host this mission at a location of your choosing, and we will provide all the necessary game materials. This captivating experience will enhance communication and critical-thinking skills on your team.

Learn more about Espionage!

4. Field Day (Popular)

With Field Day, colleagues get to experience a round of high-energy outdoor games! Participants will use their communication skills during this friendly competition.

Field Day includes the following:

  • 90 minutes with a talented facilitator
  • nostalgic games and exercises
  • classic childhood favorite activities
  • photo ops to capture memorable moments

Best of all, we will meet you at your chosen location with all the game materials. Field Day pushes team members to rely on each other’s skills to complete the challenges ahead. So consider adding this experience to your team building roster!

Learn more about Field Day.

5. Virtual Holiday Party (Festive Favorite)

If you are looking for a fun and festive holiday gathering, then check out Virtual Holiday Party! During this experience, teams will play fun winter games and enjoy each other’s company.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 90 minutes with a highly talented facilitator
  • festive nondenominational games and activities
  • optional trivia customization for a personalized touch
  • seasonal cocktail kit add-on to kick the celebration up a notch

In addition, the games rotate each season, so every party is a completely new experience! Virtual Holiday Party can help bring your remote office together to connect.

Learn more about Virtual Holiday Party.

6. Happy Hour

Happy hours are a go-to team social event. These gatherings involve heading to a local watering hole, setting up a bar in the office, and socializing over drinks and snacks. The most common times for happy hours are directly after work or during the final hours of the workday. Entertainment ideas include answering icebreaker questions, playing pool or board games, competing in trivia, and participating in mixology lessons. You could assign a theme for happy hour or leave the event more free-form and simply encourage teammates to chat with peers.

Check out more work happy hour ideas.

7. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are among the most high-energy team building events. These games are customizable to fit various venues and occasions. Most scavenger hunts involve players getting into groups and racing against each other to find clues and fulfill commands. Examples might include “find a statue that reminds you of your boss,” “show the oldest coin within your group’s wallets,” or “recreate the Crossing of the Delaware in photo form.” Typically, scavenger hunts have a theme and a time limit. At the end of the game, the group that completes the most tasks or finds the most items wins the game and earns a prize.

Check out this list of scavenger hunt ideas for adults and photo scavenger hunt activities.

8. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are one of the most popular team building events for small groups. In these games, participants usually enter a locked themed room and have a limited time to find clues and solve a mystery to escape and win the game. These challenges require team members to collaborate, communicate clearly, think critically, and work quickly under pressure. Entertainment venues like malls often host these attractions, and there are usually at least one or two options in every city. However, you could also DIY an escape room experience in your office or event space by printing out and setting up clues and puzzles or by opening an escape room kit.

Here is a list of DIY escape room ideas.

9. Beach Parties

Beach parties are a beloved summertime activity for work. These events allow employees to get out of the office and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. You can take your staff on a trip to the beach or create a beach-like atmosphere in your party space by handing out leis and serving tropical drinks. Some ideas include putting up a volleyball net, handing out branded beach balls and sunglasses, and setting up a tiki bar. As a bonding exercise, you can ask teammates to submit photos of their favorite beach or dream beach destination and turn the resulting slideshow into a guessing game.

Check out more beach party ideas for work.

10. Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are one of the most beloved team building events. These bashes celebrate employees’ special days. Standard office celebrations typically involve cards and cake at minimum. However, you can make celebrations extra special by throwing a theme party or planning a special outing like a meal at a restaurant or an afternoon in an escape room. When designing office birthdays, it is best to consider the honoree’s interests and set a budget for the occasions. Or, instead of planning a gathering, you can give employees an extra paid day off so they can spend their special day however they prefer.

Here are more work birthday party ideas.

11. Murder Mystery Games

Murder mystery games are roleplaying events that ask employees to play the parts of suspects and detectives. The games follow a murder plot, and participants must figure out the murderer and the motive by searching for clues and listening closely to the script. You can split the group into teams so players can share theories and pool clues, or participants can individually race to unravel the mystery. These activities motivate coworkers to interact, even if they are acting during those interactions. The games are great fun, especially if you have teammates with panache and dramatic flair. Props and costumes can make the event more immersive.

Here is a list of virtual murder mystery games, many of which you can turn into in-person parties.

12. Picnics

Picnics are often workers’ favorite outdoor team building events. These occasions revolve around enjoying delicious food outside together as a team. Often, company picnics are open to employees’ families and are a way for coworkers to get a glimpse of teammates’ home lives. Besides food, these events often include competitions like scavenger hunts or capture the flag and announcements about company news. These events make great largescale team gatherings, as the minimum requirements are arranging tables and food.

For a more high-end and memorable experience, you can book a luxury picnic company to set up fancy decorations.

Check out this list of team picnic ideas.

13. Team Meals

Team meals are one of the easiest corporate team building events. These events are also the most well-attended by employees since most folks love free food and eat during the workday. To plan a team lunch, first, choose a day and time that fits most of the team’s schedule. Then, decide on a restaurant. Next, you can ask employees to vote on a few options, choose a restaurant within walking or driving distance, base the choice around a particular theme, or pick a place randomly. During the meal, you can ask icebreaker questions or allow the conversation to happen naturally.

These events are ideal for celebrating special occasions like birthdays or retirements or showing staff appreciation. Meals can also be an excellent way to welcome a new hire to the team.

Check out this guide to team lunches online.

14. Lunch and Learns

Lunch and learns are professional development events where teammates gather to share a light meal or snack while listening to an expert explain a particular topic. These events often happen midday during lunchtime, and employers typically book the speaker and provide refreshments. The topics can be strictly professional and revolve around a particular industry or career concept, for instance, diversity in the workplace or sales strategy. Or, the subjects can be non-work-centric and focus on general life skills, for example, financial literacy or local history. Generally, these events include a Q&A component where teammates can interact with the host.

Here is a guide to virtual lunch and learn topics.

15. Game Nights

Game nights are hands-on and low-key team events. These experiences revolve around playing familiar card, board, video, or party games. Employees can compete for prizes or team pride, or you can take a more collaborative approach and let attendees enjoy each other’s company. Participants can play in teams or individually, and you can mix up groups from game to game for maximum interaction. Snacks and drinks elevate the event to a fun hangout. Also, you do not have to wait until nighttime to break out the games.  An afternoon group trip to the office game room can boost your team’s morale and encourage playfulness and interaction.

Check out these lists of team building board games and office game room ideas.

16. Spirit Weeks

Spirit weeks are in-office events where each day of the week revolves around a different theme. Examples include sports day, decades day, or hometown day. Employees often dress up in costume, and the day’s schedule includes on-theme activities. For example, decades day might consist of a collaborative team playlist of favorite songs from the era, and a pajama day may have a breakfast buffet. Sometimes, these weeks are interoffice competitions where teams or departments can earn points for different challenges, and the group that scores highest by week’s end wins a fantastic prize. However, even without contests, spirit weeks can shake up the work routine, add an element of fun to the office, and boost staff’s moods.

Here is a guide to spirit week ideas for work.

17. Costume Parties

Costume parties allow employees to ditch the dress code and show off their personalities and creativity. These occasions are most common at Halloween. However, you can organize a dress-up event to add fun to any time of the year. Each party should have a theme, for instance, heroes, masquerade, throwback, or kindergarten career day. Many parties give out prizes for best dressed, and these competitions can be an opportunity for departments or teams to come up with clever group costumes. These experiences add humor and playfulness to the workplace and result in fantastic photos!

Read a guide to virtual costume contests.

18. Craft Nights

Craft nights are beloved by both introverts and big personalities. These events give participants something to do with their hands and can make socialization lower pressure. During these classes, team members receive all necessary supplies for a chosen project and step-by-step instructions from an artist. At the end of the event, each teammate has a masterpiece to decorate their home, desk, or department. Cool project ideas include origami garland, etched drinkware, painted signs, planters, coasters, and preserved flowers. The best projects for craft nights are easy to set up, make, and clean up, and leave attendees with a souvenir that reminds them of the experience.

Check out this list of online art classes for inspiration.

19. Winery or Brewery Tours

Winery, brewery, or distillery tours are more active versions of happy hour. At these events, teammates travel to different vineyards or brewers or take a tour of fields or facilities before sampling different beverage options. These happenings allow teammates to share a drink and an experience. In addition, participants can sip, chat, and get to know each other better while learning more about beer, wine, or liquor.

Here are lists of online wine tasting and virtual beer tasting events.

20. Movie Nights

Movie nights are one of the best team building events for big groups. To create your cinema, set up a screen and projector. Movie nights can be regular team events; thus, movie screens are a good investment. However, a blank wall or sheet can do if a proper screen is unavailable. You can project the film via a projector or AV hookup. Be sure to set up ample seating or tell attendees to bring chairs or blankets. Outdoor movies are fun in the warm weather, and you could create a drive-in experience in your parking lot. If you have the budget, then you could rent out a local theatre. Or, for the easiest option, you can set up the screening in a conference room or stream the flick together online. Whatever the setup, snacks are a must. Popcorn and boxed candy are must-haves.

Instead of longer movies, you could set up a film festival of shorter clips or watch television shows together on the big screen.

Check out this list of team building movies.

21. Team Retreats

Team retreats are events where groups head offsite for focused days of camaraderie and development. Common locations for these gatherings include resorts, conference centers, and camps. The agenda at these events consists of various activities such as meals, icebreaker games, discussion groups, team sports, and hikes. In addition, these venues allow teams to get to know each other and strengthen their skills and relationships without outside distractions.

Check out this list of team retreat activities and ideas.

22. Day Trips

Day trips are like mini-vacations for employees. Rather than travel to a new country or state, teams take a bus or carpool to a nearby town or city. Once there, team members explore the environment, see local attractions, and visit spots like parks and restaurants together. In smaller groups, each team member can choose one activity for the group to do during the day, while larger groups can vote on the agenda. These excursions take teams out of their elements and comfort zones and can spark creativity and forge memories. At the same time, because the destinations are close to home, travel is convenient and often inexpensive, and a sense of familiarity remains.

23. Cook-Offs

Cook-Offs blend teammates’ love of food with their competitive spirit. Employees compete on teams or individually to prepare the best version of a themed dish in this event. Common categories include chili, BBQ, mac and cheese, wings, and cake. Entrants can cook in teams or individually. If the building has a big kitchen or you are willing to rent a cooking space or simple cooking equipment, then contestants can make meals onsite. Otherwise, entrants can cook food at home and serve it from crock pots. Non-cooking employees can act as judges by tasting samples of each dish and casting votes. Or, you can tap organizational leaders to act as a panel of “celebrity judges.”

Here is a guide to office cook-offs.

24. Concerts and Plays

Concerts and plays bring culture to your team building events. Often, theatres offer special group and corporate rates. Attending a performance together as a team can be an exciting change of pace and give teammates a topic to discuss over the next week of work. These experiences are even more meaningful if a team member is part of the performance, for instance, part of an improv group presenting a showcase or a band playing an open mic night. If you do not have seasoned performers in your troupe, then you can still hold your showcase. Or, if your team would rather be in the audience, then you can support your local arts scene by seeing a show or booking an act to perform in your office. Also, you could use tickets to big-name performances as a reward for your hardworking team.

25. Sporting Events

Most sports emphasize teamwork. Your group can take lessons from athletes working together to achieve victory. Many teams have loyal followings, and hometown sports can bring about unity and pride. Many employees clamor when employers announce complimentary tickets to baseball and basketball games or car races. Most stadiums have corporate packages allowing group rates, corporate season passes, or company boxes. Employees can cheer on a favorite team together and enjoy refreshments from the stands or seats.

Or, if your group is athletic, then you can host intercompany sporting events like softball leagues or dodgeball games.

26. Workout Classes

Fitness classes are one of the best indoor team building events. These activities promote positive health and physical activity. Plus, the social factor lends accountability and encourages folks to exercise. First, find out what kind of fitness most interests your group. Yoga tends to be a popular option among workers because it is low-intensity and doubles as a mindfulness activity. However, perhaps your group might enjoy a more exciting option like a dance class, spin session, boxing lessons, or aerial aerobics. Or, maybe the team prefers a teacherless option like a group run or a meetup in the company gym. Whatever the workout, find a teacher, book a large room, and gather your group to sweat together. Be sure to remind staff to wear comfortable clothes and bring water bottles. You can hold these events as a routine, ongoing option as an incentive for employees to keep moving.

Check out these lists of online fitness courses and group team building workouts.

27. Ice Cream Socials

Ice cream socials are snack sessions ideal for summertime. You can take your team to a nearby ice cream parlor, arrange a visit from an ice cream truck, or set up a sundae bar in the office. You can go classic with traditional flavors like chocolate and vanilla or entertain those with more adventurous tastes by trying out options like merlot, sriracha vanilla, and ginger orange. Dairy-free options are available to appease attendees with dietary restrictions. You can also make the event more hands-on by starting a sundae competition, making ice cream sandwiches or bars, or sharing a flight of flavors.

Here are more summer team building activities.

28. Office Olympics

Office Olympics is a competition where employees face off in different athletic events. Sometimes the matches are traditional sporting events like relay races or ping pong, and often these games are office equivalents such as desk chair soccer or pencil toss javelin. Regardless of the contests, participants usually try to bring glory to their team, and the games at large promote teamwork and unity. Medals are a must for these events, and the team that wins the most points overall should receive a more substantial prize. To up the team bonding factor, you can ask each group to design team uniforms and flags and encourage attendees to watch and cheer on their teammates.

Check out this guide to Office Olympics.

29. Gift Exchanges

Gift exchanges are popular holiday team building activities, however, you can host this exercise any time during the year. For example, secret Santas involve team members receiving the name of a random coworker to gift, while white elephant exchanges follow a similar concept but encourage participants to get gag gifts or impractical presents. These gift-giving exercises can encourage gratitude and prompt workers to learn more about peers. You can assign matchings using an online generator or by pulling names from a hat. Be sure to set a budget, preferably all gifts under $25. For best results, have participants give suggestions or answer icebreaker questions to give givers hints for good presents.

Here is a guide to doing holiday gift exchanges online.

30. Haunted House Tours

Haunted house tours are one of the best indoor team building events for Halloween. These memorable events scare groups and accelerate bonding by allowing team members to be vulnerable around each other. You can take a trip to a local attraction or turn a part of your building into a haunted house. Departments can compete to create the scariest scene and spook each other. Wherever you wander, take plenty of pictures, mid-scream especially! Be aware, however, that these experiences are not for the faint of heart. If your group is easily spooked, then you may want to opt for a calmer option like a kid-friendly haunted house or a walking ghost tour.

Browse this list of online haunted houses for teams.

31. Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to unite a group around a shared cause or purpose. Community service can bring about positive feelings. Team members can feel good about giving back to the surrounding community and the wider world, which is bound to make them feel more fondly about each other. You can arrange a group volunteering day where team members participate in a service project while on the clock. These projects can be one-time or ongoing, and you can poll your group to find out what causes or projects most interest your team. Example projects include cleaning up highways or parks, building houses with Habitat for Humanity, visiting nursing homes, or hosting a career day for local youth. If your staff is too busy to donate their time, then you could launch a fundraiser or collect donations instead.

Check out this list of group volunteering opportunities.

32. Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies give employees recognition and a chance to celebrate with coworkers. These events acknowledge team members and teams for extraordinary achievements and efforts. Often, team members nominate each other for awards, or leadership picks outstanding employees. Then, the group comes together to applaud each other. Winners typically receive trophies, plaques, certificates, and prizes like gift cards. Best practice is to provide food and drinks at the event so that all employees in attendance receive a treat. You can host traditional awards to call attention to true achievements or hold just-for-fun awards where team members make up silly titles and prizes for each other. These events make employees feel appreciated. Team members who do not receive awards still walk away with the sense that the organization values workers.

Here is a list of employee recognition program ideas.

33. Escape Room Expedition

You can elevate the escape room experience by turning it into a city-wide expedition. Teams decipher clues and solve puzzles scattered throughout different locations, racing against the clock. This dynamic urban adventure enhances problem-solving and communication skills but also encourages exploration, teamwork, and adaptability in a unique and engaging way. Not to mention, the event helps participants explore and enjoy the locale!

34. Interactive Mystery Dinner Cruise

These events combine the excitement of a mystery dinner with the ambiance of a cruise. Participants become characters in a scripted mystery storyline, working together to solve the case while enjoying a scenic boat ride. This interactive and entertaining activity promotes critical thinking and collaboration and also creates a memorable and immersive team-building experience.

35. Philanthropy Shopping Spree

This charity shopping spree puts a high-energy, competitive spin on giving back. The event will take place at a big box store. First, divide the group into teams, and give each team a set amount of money and a list of items to purchase. These items will all be charitable donations such as toys, clothes, and groceries, and should be in different areas of the store. Teams will have up to three minutes to strategize how they will divide the lists. Then, the countdown begins, as teams race off to fulfill their lists!

The first team to checkout with all items wins the game. This exercise combines the thrill of volunteering with the adrenaline rush of a shopping spree, and is an especially great fit for the holiday season.

Pro Tip: Be sure to tell your teams not to mess up any displays or cause trouble for store workers!

36. Wearable Tech Team Challenge

The Wearable Tech Team Challenge combines technology and team building. Teams don fitness trackers or smartwatches and compete in various physical activities such as step challenges, sprints, jumping jacks, and hikes. Teams can do the challenges simultaneously, or spread out over a week.

This activity promotes a healthy lifestyle and also encourages teamwork, friendly competition, and a shared commitment to well-being.

37. DIY Team Mural Adventure

You can turn team building into an artistic adventure with a DIY mural project. Each team contributes to a collective mural, fostering collaboration, creativity, and a sense of shared accomplishment. This visually engaging activity allows participants to showcase their artistic talents and work together to create a lasting masterpiece.

If you do not have an entire wall that you can paint, then you can cover a wall with a giant piece of paper or cardboard and have team members paint on this makeshift canvas.

38. Team Mosaic Movie

This activity creates found art from videos found on participants phone! First, split participants into teams. Next, teams will have 15 to 20 minutes to create a mini movie out of videos from their phone library. If players do not have any videos on their phones, then they must use a random video generator to pick a clip.

The total movie should be five minutes maximum, and groups should ideally be no larger than six members.

Teams will then put on a mini film festival screening their films and filling in any gaps in the plot by narrating.

39. Aerial Adventure Course at Night

Completing an aerial adventure course at night is one of the most unexpected and unique team building events. Teams navigate through suspended obstacles in the dark, using headlamps or glow-in-the-dark elements. This thrilling and challenging activity promotes trust, communication, and teamwork while adding an extra layer of excitement and adventure. This event is only for the most daring teams!

40. Team Hiking Challenge with Mystery Checkpoints

Plan a hiking challenge with mystery checkpoints. Teams follow a trail, solving clues to discover the location of hidden checkpoints. At checkpoints, teams can get a surprise treat or complete a challenge. This outdoor adventure promotes physical fitness and also enhances teamwork, problem-solving, and a sense of exploration in a natural setting.

41. Candle Making Workshop

Candle bars have become a popular trend in recent years. At these experiences, participants get to pick their vessels and scents, then pour and mix their own candles. This activity can be a relaxing yet hands-on experience for teams. As the wax takes time to dry, we recommend coupling the craft with meditations and wellbeing exercises.

42. Vinyl Bar Visit

Vinyl bars are establishments where patrons can enjoy craft cocktails while listening to records. This type of bar is very trendy right now and can elevate your team happy hour. If you live in a big city, then chances are you might have a vinyl den near you. If not, then you can DIY the experience by inviting a bartender to create music-themed cocktails and encouraging attendees to bring or suggest their favorite records to play.

43. Roller Skating

Roller Skating is one of the most beloved team building event ideas. You can reserve a space at a rink relatively cheaply, and some spots even include food and drink in these packages. For extra fun, give your roller derby night a theme like disco or neon and encourage participants to dress up. You can even give an award for best costume!

44. Human Knot Water Balloon Challenge

Add a refreshing twist to the classic human knot icebreaker by incorporating water balloons. Teams untangle themselves while maneuvering water balloons without popping them. This fun and wet activity promote communication, teamwork, and a lighthearted approach to team building. This game works best at a team picnic or beach day, as it can get wet!


Team events put groups into new settings with interesting activities that encourage coworkers to interact and engage with each other in out-of-the-ordinary ways. These shared experiences can create the foundations for deeper relationships and give employees a means to communicate and get to know each other beyond the scope of work. These events also serve the dual purpose of giving the team a treat and a break from work and showing the organization’s investments in its employees.

Throughout the year, there are numerous occasions and ways to get the group together for a new experience. However, you do not need a holiday or a firm reason to host an event. You can arrange a special experience whenever you think employees could use a morale boost and social time!

Next, check out these lists of office party ideas and company offsites.

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FAQ: Team building events

Here are answers to common questions about team building events.

What are team building events?

Team building events are gatherings where coworkers participate in a non-work activity that strengthens relationships and team dynamics. Employers host these events to improve cooperation, communication, and camaraderie in the workplace.

What are some good team building event ideas?

Some good team building event ideas include cook-offs, team meals, volunteering, sporting events, office Olympics, and gift exchanges.

How do you hold a good team building event?

The first step to holding a good team building event is to set a budget. Next, choose activity options that fall within the price range, ideally by polling the staff for suggestions. You can narrow the ideas to a few options and leave the final decision to a group vote. Then, choose a day or time or let employees pick the date.

It is wise to get an initial headcount to know how many people plan on attending and can plan accordingly. Be sure to make reservations for larger parties if holding an outing. Think about logistics, for instance, transportation or AV equipment. Food is an essential element of any team building event, and drinks are a nice touch. Entertainment is also a must. Even if you base your event around a packaged activity like an escape room or a cook-off, you may want to plan icebreaker activities or team games to encourage interaction.

Finally, announce your event, set the scene, and enjoy a good time with your group. Remember to ask for feedback afterward so you can continue improving your employees’ experience!

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