Updated: January 19, 2024

16 Best Free Online Escape Rooms in 2024

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Free online escape rooms are virtual gaming activities where players have to solve puzzles and clues within a given time to escape a room. Examples include Jumanji: Escape Room, Minecraft Escape Room, and Mr. X. Free online escape rooms provide a fun virtual escape room experience for you and your team without paying.

This list is similar to virtual escape rooms and is a subset of virtual team building activities and online team building games.


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List of free online escape rooms

This article concisely lists the best free escape rooms you can play with your team without paying a dime. For your next game night, check out these free virtual escape rooms with your friends or colleagues.

1. Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

If you really love the Harry Potter series, then make sure to try out this virtual digital escape room. The Hogwarts Digital Escape Room offers a fantastic experience for fans. In this digital escape room, you step into the shoes of first-year Hogwarts students who find themselves stuck in a room after receiving a letter from Hagrid.

As you solve clues and puzzles, you will work your way out of the room and continue your virtual school year. The game even gives you multiple-choice options for tackling tougher puzzles. If you enjoy playing escape rooms on your phone, then you will love the convenience of Hogwarts Digital Escape Room. You can start playing by simply clicking on a Google link on your mobile device. While you can play the game alone, it is also an excellent choice for free online escape rooms for groups.

Completing the whole puzzle and escaping the room usually takes 10 to 15 minutes. The most exciting part is that you can play the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room multiple times without subscribing.

Check out Hogwarts Digital Escape Room.

2. Romeo and Juliet Escape Room

If you enjoy love stories, then you should definitely try out the Romeo and Juliet Escape Room. This game is among the top free multiplayer online escape rooms available The story revolves around the famous lovers, Romeo and Juliet, who are separated by Juliet’s parents, the Capulets. The Capulets want to test your intelligence by challenging you with complex tests.

Your task, along with your team, is to quickly solve clues and puzzles, including eight challenging tests, to reunite the couple. The Romeo and Juliet Escape Room is a web-based virtual game for teens and adults. The website is user-friendly, so it will not take long to figure out how to solve the puzzles. The game’s duration can vary, lasting anywhere from 25 to 60 minutes.

Moreover, the Romeo and Juliet Escape Room offers a mix of audio and visual puzzles, along with games like Bingo and a matching game. The dialogue even includes clever Shakespearean insults for those moments when you stumble on a puzzle.

Check out Romeo and Juliet Escape Room.

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3. Escape Minecraft

Escape Minecraft offers an engaging experience as a free online escape room game that you can enjoy on your own or with friends. If you are a big Minecraft enthusiast, then this PowerPoint escape room is an excellent option. The PowerPoint contains 63 pages filled with puzzles and questions you must crack to finish the game.

In this game, you will need to face off against mobs, construct a shelter, and strive to stay alive by deciphering all the puzzles and clues that will lead you to the next stage. Minecraft provides an immersive gaming environment where you can showcase your math, logical, and problem-solving abilities. Escape Minecraft challenges you with a mix of math problems, mazes, and matching questions that you must solve to secure your escape.

Check out Escape Minecraft.

4. Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley

Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley is an intriguing online escape room that you can play with family, friends, and colleagues. Developed by the Livingston Parish Library, the game gives players the experience of exploring the Oregon Trail. In this game, you and your wagon train are trying to escape a mysterious sickness and must travel along the Oregon Trail.

The goal is to arrive at Willamette Valley, where there is a safe place to stay. The problem is the trail is full of dangerous obstacles that require solving puzzles and clues. You and your team must escape these obstacles and survive the course. You must solve your puzzles fast, or the mysterious sickness will catch up with you and your team.

Like many free virtual escape rooms, you can compete in the Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley Escape Room game several times.

Check out Oregon Trail Escape to Willamette Valley.

5.  The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

If you enjoy an imaginative storyline, then you will enjoy The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. This escape room has a twist, as it rewrites history. You have to play as John Wilkes Booth, a well-known actor and Confederate sympathizer. You believe Abraham Lincoln is the villain, a tyrant who is the cause of the country’s woes. Eventually, you decide that you want to take steps about the problem.

You can choose an alternative version of history or follow the original path of history. The choice is up to you, but you must complete all the puzzles in your chosen scenario to move to the next stage. You and your team can play the game multiple times due to its different possibilities. Despite being based on history, you will also like that the game uses modern multimedia to solve puzzles. For instance, the game provides screenshots of text messages between teams to solve puzzles and uncover clues. Players have a time limit of 60 minutes.

Check out The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

6. Mr-X

Meet Mr-X, an exhilarating escape room experience with a spy theme that revolves around unraveling the mysteries tied to Mr-X. This mysterious character challenges your team with cryptic hints and clues. Your mission is to crack through puzzles, ultimately unveiling Mr-X’s last name and his true identity. To conquer the challenges, you will need to explore local websites, Google Maps, Twitter, and even utilize Google Street View to gather crucial information.

Remember, when entering passwords, type them all in lowercase. If you are stumped on a puzzle, then the game provides a helpful HINT button to guide you. Once you successfully decipher all six clues, you will uncover Mr-X’s surname and successfully accomplish the mission. Mr-X guarantees an engrossing experience that could span anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours to fully complete a mission.

Check out Mr-X.

7. Jumanji: Escape Room

Based on the classic adventure movie, Jumanji Escape Room is an adventure-themed game that takes you and your team into the jungle. The team must use their logical and problem-solving skills to tackle obstacles and solve puzzles. The only way out of the jungle is to return the magic gem to the jaguar statue.

Jumanji Escape room is the perfect game for a team because each character has a special ability required to solve puzzles and uncover clues. Once you complete all six clues, you and your teammates can successfully escape.

Check out Jumanji: Escape Room.

8. Oscar’s Stolen Oscar

Oscar’s Stolen Oscar is among the most educational free online escape room games. The adventurous fish-themed game’s premise centers around the National Aquarium in Baltimore. You will have to help Hollywood fish Oscar from the movie Shark Tale find his Oscar statuette.

The National Aquarium created this fun game to educate players about sea creatures. You will get a visual tour of the aquarium and need to move around to find the answers to your puzzle. Oscar’s Stolen Oscar is an immersive game that lets you answer questions, share your screen, or explore the aquarium.

Check out Oscar’s Stolen Oscar.

9. The Midnight Express

An enthralling online escape room, the Midnight Express by Escape the Crate is one of the most fun online escape room games. This escape room is perfect for multiplayer teams who want to engage in a fun yet mysterious adventure. In this game, you and your teams are agents who discover a change in the timeline of the Civil War. You suspect the change is about Abraham Lincoln, but you can only get the evidence on a midnight train to Baltimore, Maryland.

Knowing there is minimal movement on the train, you and your team decide to go undercover and seek the truth. You will have to sneak between train cars to gather whatever evidence you find of this timeline change. To get out of the train quickly and undiscovered, you must uncover all hidden clues and solve your puzzles. Thankfully, the Midnight Express lets players go back to previous pages to find information to help them solve puzzles.

The game also offers multiple hints to help you solve your puzzle faster. However, gameplay requires a lot of note-taking so you can avoid returning to already-discovered clues.

Check out Escape: The Midnight Express.

10. See Me Escape Room

If you are searching for a free online escape room for students, especially younger kids, then check out See Me Escape Room. In this scavenger hunt-themed adventure, you have to solve a sequence of puzzles set by Grandpa Sam to discover the price. See Me Escape Room has an estimated length of ten to 15 minutes. The gameplay requires you to solve each puzzle in order because the correct answer is the passcode to advance to the next page.

You must type all answers in uppercase letters, or your answer will be invalid. Besides being kid-friendly and free to use, the game’s storyline is engaging. See Me Escape Rooms is the perfect virtual game to keep your students or kids busy while helping them learn the importance of teamwork.

Check out See Me Escape Room.

11. Enchambered: Alone Together

Alone Together is an ideal game tailored for a duo, making it a free multiplayer online escape room perfect for two players. You only need a sizable screen, a notepad, and a pen to dive into the adventure. Alone Together steps up the gameplay by enabling seamless communication between players via calls or text messages. In this virtual escape room, you and your partner must work together to solve practical puzzles, relying on constant communication to break free from the room’s confines.

Alone Together stands out if you are a fan of games that encourage spoken interaction between players. Moreover, the graphics are eye-catching and skillfully designed. The game does not follow a specific theme, and although the puzzles can pose a moderate challenge, they definitely make the experience worthwhile. Once you have conquered the initial game, you can continue the escapade with “Alone Together 2: Together Apart.” The sequel’s gameplay offers endless amusement for you to enjoy.

Check out Enchambered: Alone Together.

12. Dr. Who Escape Room

Dr. Who Escape Room is based on Dr. Who, the popular thriller and sci-fi TV show. Suddenly, a woman who claims to be a doctor walks up to you and insists she needs your help. She drags you over to a blue police call box, and she shoves you in before you can call the police on her. To your dismay, you discover the blue call box is the control room of a spaceship.

The ship is on the verge of destruction by a Dalek, a rogue villain who wants to activate the ship’s secret weapon capable of destroying the ship and even the world. As The Doctor’s friends, you and your team must employ your critical thinking skills to stop the Dalek and save the spaceship. The time limit is 60 minutes, and your team’s extermination is imminent if you cannot complete the mission.

Check out Dr. Who Escape Room.

13. Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room

Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room is a fascinating virtual escape room game. This spy-themed mission game requires you or a team to follow renowned spy Carmen.

You will have to constantly solve puzzles and uncover clues to prove you are worthy of being her apprentice. The gameplay lasts between 30 to 60 minutes and is quite difficult. Therefore, the game is best suited for players who are 15 and up. If you are looking for a challenge, then check out Spy Apprentice’s tricky clues and puzzles. However, this online escape room lets you integrate links with web pages to solve your puzzles more easily.

Once you complete this puzzle, you can also check out the sequel, Chasing Carmen Digital Escape Room.

Check out Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room.

14. Escape From Wonderland

You will love this free digital escape room if you like Lewis Carroll’s famous Alice in Wonderland tale. The game takes inspiration from the original story as well as the Disney versions. Players will recognize familiar storylines and experience them firsthand in this immersive game.

You play the role of Alice and go on a journey rife with mysteries and puzzles. The story begins with you daydreaming in a field. Suddenly, you notice a white rabbit running into a hole. You and your companions must follow the rabbit down the hole to begin your fantastic journey. To escape, you must watch videos, answer riddles, and solve clues.

Check out Escape From Wonderland.

15. Ultra Mega Super Death

Ultra Mega Super Death is a virtual escape room set during a long quarantine. You have tried every conceivable activity to kill boredom, so you decide to get a Nintendo Switch. You check online, but you cannot find any available devices. However, you are in luck! A friend of a friend knows an important Nintendo employee. This worker knows the magic word to get you inside the hidden warehouse where Nintendo keeps their extra supplies. You will need to do some company-designed challenges to find the magic word.

This escape room is suitable for groups of up to four individuals aged 13 and above. The game has strict regulations, such as no outside help like Googling or using devices like calculators. Instead, you must use your knowledge of mathematics and geography to decipher the riddles.

Learn more about Ultra Mega Super Death.

16. Shelburne Museum Escape Rooms

The A. Tuckaway General Store and Apothecary Shop are free virtual escape rooms from the Shelburne Museum. You will search for clues, solve puzzles, and decipher secret codes to escape each room.

Each escape room is modeled after a location in the museum itself. In the general store, you are trapped inside the room and need to open four locks to escape. During the apothecary shop experience, you get to enjoy a bit of roleplaying. In this scenario, you are beginning your seven-year-long apprenticeship, and your mentor has locked you into the shop to test your skills. You will need to complete tasks and solve clues to unlock five locks.

The game works best on a personal computer, but you can also play on a smartphone or tablet. You should have a pencil and paper nearby to keep track of clues and answers.

Learn more about the Shelburne Museum.


Engaging in online escape rooms is a fun and safe way to experience the thrill of an adventure associated with real-life escape rooms. Thankfully, the free versions of these games let a team play multiple times while building collaborative skills and improving bonds. Our list of the best free online escape rooms is a good resource for selecting the best free games for your next game night or team building activity.

Next, check out our lists of tips for solving escape rooms, DIY escape room printables, and escape room boxes.

FAQ: Free online escape rooms

Here are frequently asked questions about free online escape rooms.

What are free online escape rooms?

Free online escape rooms are virtual rooms that you can play without purchasing. The most common free online escape rooms are usually in the form of Google Forms or web-based. You can find free escape rooms that allow for individual or multiplayer modes.

What are the best free online escape rooms?

The best free online escape rooms include Hogwarts Digital Escape Room, Romeo and Juliet Escape Room, and Jumanji: Escape Room. Others include Mr. X, Midnight Express by Escape the Crate, and Ultra Mega Super Death.

How do you find free virtual escape rooms?

You can find free virtual escape rooms by searching for them online. You can type in a related search team into the search bar, and Google provides a variety of free virtual escape rooms to play.

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