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Here is our list of the best group activities in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Fun group activities in Indianapolis are non-mundane ideas that you can use to entertain your team in the Indianapolis region. Examples include Indiana State Museum, Indy Racing Experience, and Indianapolis City Market. These activities aim to improve workers’ performance and foster team bonding. Fun group activities in Indianapolis will also help retain top talent and help teams embrace diversity among workers.

These ideas are examples of group activities for adults and ways to have fun at work. These experiences are similar to Indianapolis corporate outings and team building in Indianapolis.

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List of fun group activities in Indianapolis

As one of the best vacation spots in the U.S, there are countless attractions that you can enjoy with your team in Indianapolis. From a tour of the Indianapolis Zoo to Bad Axe Throwing and DEFY Trampoline Park, here is a list of fun group activities your team can enjoy in the city.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

virtual trivia

The Ultimate Trivia Showdown is not a standard quiz competition. Instead, the 90-minute activity will intrigue even the most competent worker on your team. A professional entertainer will lead your team through mini-challenges like Majority Rules and Champion Challenge. The host will then engage your team in the competition, giving the winner epic trivia bragging rights. Ultimate Trivia is one of the best group activities in Indiana that will foster team bonding and teach our workforce essential skills like communication and collaboration.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

2. The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling tops the list of professional development workshops in Indianapolis. The activity will improve your team’s storytelling skills while offering vital communication tips. For 90 minutes, a group of storytellers, actors, and comedians will lead your team through an equally fun, educational, and engaging event. Your team will leave the workshop with handy tips that attendees can implement as soon as the activity ends.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

3. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is a fun group activity where participants will compete to make the best guacamole. A high-energy host will arrive at your selected venue with all the essentials you need for a fun-filled event, including dippers, prizes, group photos, and guacamole-making ingredients. To start the mash-off, the host will divide your team into smaller and manageable groups. Then, the host will introduce fun games such as the Trivia-cado to get participants into a competitive spirit. Your team will then get ready to make the guacamole, after which you will crown the winner based on factors like creative presentation and taste. You can hold The Great Guac Off in your office, rental spaces in Indianapolis, or conference rooms.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

4. Mix n’ Mingle

Mix n’ Mingle tops the list of group activities for adults in Indianapolis that will strengthen relationships in your workforce. The 90-minute activity will promote deeper bonds and networking. As a result, you will minimize work-related conflicts and enjoy a more cohesive workforce. Mix n’ Mingle uses highly interactive activities that encourage every participant to collaborate, talk, and connect in a non-mundane way.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

5. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy banner

Superhero Academy is a 90-minute team activity that will take participants into a real-life comic book. A fun host will start by dividing your group into teams of four to eight participants for maximum team engagement. Then, the host will lead participants through heroic challenges and puzzles that amaze every participant. With every challenge requiring every participant’s contribution, you will see each attendee’s capabilities.

Learn more about Superhero Academy.

6. Bank Heist

A bold bank heist has just occurred. With your team leading in the hunt against the audacious gang, you will marvel as you watch participants become super sleuths. Teams will follow clues and solve puzzles to unveil the bank’s security detail location during the heist. Bank Heist is a high-energy and social deduction fun activity that will teach your team cooperation and friendly competition, as teams compete for clues and race to crack open the case.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

7. Indiana State Museum

The Indiana State Museum tops the list of fun things to do in Indianapolis as a group. The museum features hands-on experiences and exhibits detailing Indiana’s history. You will see and review exhibits on art, science, history, and culture dating from prehistoric times to the present. Some major exhibits in the museum’s collection of over 500,000 objects include Abraham Lincoln, quilts and textiles, Indiana art and artists, Ice Age paleontology, and Indiana archaeology. With icons representing the 92 counties in Indiana, the museum’s building is a marvelous piece of artwork. After the museum tour, you can let participants grab food and drinks and enjoy the city’s best views at the Indiana State Museum farmers market café.

Learn more about Indiana State Museum.

8. Indianapolis Cultural Trail

Conveniently located near downtown Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail is an 8.1-mile multi-use route. You can rent your team bikes to ride along the trail or take a stroll with your team. The fully paved route provides views of some of the most spectacular attractions in Indianapolis. Participants can take the north-eastern spur, which follows Massachusetts Avenue, the south-eastern spur, which follows Virginia Avenue, or the short southern spur, which follows Capital Avenue. The Indianapolis Cultural Trail, which passes through neighborhoods such as Fountain Square, Indiana Avenue, and Mass Ave, will delight your team.

Learn more about Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

9. Indianapolis Zoo

As one of the largest privately funded zoos in the U.S, the Indianapolis Zoo is one of the best group activities in Indiana that will inspire conservation in your team. The 64-acre venue features a zoo, a public aquarium, and a botanical garden. Your team will see over 1,400 animals from more than 235 species. At the White River Gardens, attendees will explore over 50,000 plans from over 3,000 species.

The zoo has classified animals around the concept of biomes, which are areas with similar plants, climates, and animals. Be sure to pass the deserts, flights of fancy, forests, oceans, and plains sections. The Indianapolis Zoo also has seasonal amusement rides, rotating exhibits, animal feedings, and presentations that your team can enjoy. In addition, you can make the zoo tour more enjoyable by booking your team unique animal adventures such as sloth adventures, rhino adventures, dolphin meet and greets, and the elephant bathing experience.

Learn more about Indianapolis Zoo.

10. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

If you have speed lovers in your team, then a team tour to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is a must-try. As one of the oldest motorsport facilities in the world, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is among the top three sports attractions in the U.S. The 37,500-square-foot exhibit houses passenger cars, motorsports, and engines that date back to the 1800s. You will also view countless race trophies and the collection of former Indianapolis 500 winners on a rotational display. Other intriguing items include racing paraphernalia like gloves and helmets, paintings, and model cars. At any given time., you will find about 75 cars on display. A team tour of the museum is a great way to stir generational memories and teach the impact of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Learn more about Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.

11. Indy Racing Experience

The Indy Racing Experience tops the list of group activities for adults in Indianapolis. Your team will get an exclusive opportunity to drive and ride in real IndyCar series cars. The venue boasts being the only IndyCar experience at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Indy Racing Experience enhances participants’ safety by using top-rated safety checks and up-to-date industry equipment. Attendees can opt for the IndyCar two-seater ride, where participants will sit behind an NTT IndyCar certified driver and race at thrilling speeds of around 180 mph. If you are looking for a venue to host a large team, then you can consider the IndyCar racing group experience.

Learn more about Indy Racing Experience.

12. DEFY Trampoline Park

If you are looking for fun group activities in Indianapolis that will bring out your workers’ inner child, then try DEFY Trampoline Park. You will watch attendees try gravity-defying tricks and epic flips in a safe environment. The venue is ideal for extreme sports fans and players on your team who want to try a new exciting activity. You can engage your team in competitive sports such as basketball or extreme dodgeball. Other highlights include battle beams, ninja course, stunt fall, wall tramp, and the trapeze and aerial silks. You can also rent the entire DEFY Trampoline Park venue for a team outing. If you want your team to have an overnight outing, then be sure to check out the DEFY Trampoline Park’s sleepover package.

Learn more about DEFY Trampoline Park.

13. Bad Axe Throwing

As one of the biggest urban axe throwing leagues, Bad Axe Throwing is the perfect venue for small group activities in Indianapolis. Your team will learn axe throwing basics, handy tips, and safety precautions from the talented axe throwing coaches before the activity. Bad Axe Throwing offers tons of mini-axe throwing games, including countdown and rings that attendees can play to warm up for the tournament. Before the initial match, participants can take five warm-ups and one practice throw before additional matches. The coach will also keep the scores so all participants can bring out their A-game. You can BYO food or let participants grab food and drinks outside Bad Axe Throwing after the event.

Learn more about Bad Axe Throwing.

14. Central Canal

As one of the most scenic spots in Indianapolis, Central Canal tops the list of fun things to do in Indianapolis as a group. You can let participants stroll, walk, jog, or people-watch. Central Canal also has one of the best views of the downtown Indianapolis skyline. With the range of boats that sail through the canal, you can book your team a boat ride as participants soak in the view. After the Central Canal walk, attendees can grab meals from the restaurants and taste Indy cuisine.

Learn more about Central Canal.

15. Lucas Oil Raceway

Lucas Oil Raceway tops the list of venues for teams with an insatiable need for speed. Participants can drive the dragsters to speeds of over 150 mph. You can let participants try the dragster blast ride along, the dragster drive experience, or the extreme drive experience. Attendees will first undergo safety instructions, track orientation, and get a demo run. The Lucas Oil Raceway team will then suit and belt each participant into a high-horse-powered dragster. Teams will create memories together, regardless of whether you opt for the quarter-mile run or the driver packages.

Learn more about Lucas Oil Raceway.

16. Natural Valley Ranch

If you want to escape the city’s hustle and bustle with your team, then Natural Valley Ranch is a great option. Weather permitting, your team can ride horses at the 78-acre ranch as other participants take horse riding lessons. Depending on your budget, you can let participants enjoy the 30-minute or 60-minute horse rides along the over 50 acres of scenic trails, including White Lick Creek. Participants can be lucky to spot wildlife species up-close along the trails. If you are looking for large group activities in Indianapolis, then you can consider adding a team camping experience at Natural Valley Ranch.

Learn more about Natural Valley Ranch.

17. Indiana Medical History Museum

A team tour of the Indiana Medical History Museum is a great learning experience. As the oldest surviving pathology facility in the U.S, the museum is a representation of the onset of scientific medical research and modern medicine. A team of knowledgeable docents will lead your team through over 15,000 collections relating to pathological items and medical history. Your group can explore laboratories for clinical chemistry, bacteriology, photography, and histology. Attendees will also explore the records room and the library. Willing participants can check out the anatomical museum and autopsy room which houses specimens such as brains. You can also browse the list of events and programs that the Indiana Medical History Museum offers.

Learn more about Indiana Medical History Museum.

18. Lucas Oil Stadium

As one of the most impressive football stadiums in the U.S, Lucas Oil Stadium is the perfect venue for large group activities in Indianapolis. The stadium that seats approximately 67,000 for football and over 70,000 for basketball is home to the Indianapolis Colts and National Football League. If you want a private sports viewing experience, then you can check out the venue’s club lounge and suites. The stadium covers over 1.8 million square feet, nearly two and half times the size of the RCA Dome. Be sure to check out the list of events at the venue and book your team tickets early enough.

Learn more about Lucas Oil Stadium.

19. Indiana State Fair Midway

If you have a diverse team and are unsure of the best group activities that will interest your workforce, then you will love the Indiana State Fair Midway. The venue features countless attractions and activities, such as the animal town, the taproom, livestock barns, and the pioneer village. Willing participants can also enjoy over 100 rides, including Ferris wheels, roller coasters, and the Sleep Number SkyRide. Your team can browse the list of events at the over 1,000,000 square exhibit space. Be sure to try food and drinks from the different eateries at the venue. The Indiana State Fair Midway event is among the best summertime group activities to delight your team.

Learn more about Indiana State Fair Midway.

20. Indianapolis City Market

A team tour to the Indianapolis City Market tops the list of small group activities in Indianapolis. You can start the fun outing with a tour of the city market catacombs. Then, participants can stroll through the market that is part of Indiana’s history. Attendees can shop for produce, flowers, jewelry, antique pieces, and artisanal items. You can also let attendees explore Indiana’s delicacies, from coffee, teas, and authentic cuisines. Teams can also sip their favorite drinks as they enjoy live music. If you have a large team, then you can host your corporate event at Indianapolis City Market.

Learn more about Indianapolis City Market.


As the capital of Indiana, Indianapolis is full of pleasant surprises. The city has exciting options for your team, from a rich history to dazzling art to diverse entertainment venues. Your company will reap immeasurable returns from company group activities. For instance, you will attract and retain top talent, enjoy a more productive team, and encourage innovativeness. Whether your team is full of art lovers, sports enthusiasts, or outdoor lovers, there are options for any group in Indianapolis.

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FAQ: Fun group activities in Indianapolis

Here are answers to questions about fun group activities in Indianapolis.

What are some good group activities in Indianapolis, IN?

When selecting a group activity for your team, it is important to consider attendees’ interests. For instance, group activities that will appeal to sports fans may not be the best option for nature lovers or history enthusiasts. However, some of the best group activities in Indianapolis, IN, include Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, Natural Valley Ranch, and Lucas Oil Stadium.

How do you plan fun activities for groups in Indianapolis?

Planning successful group activities can be overwhelming, regardless of how many times you have organized work outings. You can start by determining the goal of the event. Then, start preparations earlier, at least four to six weeks earlier. If you have a large team, do not be shy to ask for help. You can set up a planning team who will coordinate the event.

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