40 Fun Group Activities For Adults

By: | Updated: November 15, 2023

You found our list of fun group activities for adults.

Group activities for adults aim to bring folks together for socialization and fun. For example, scavenger hunts, board games, and happy hours. These ideas can work for team building outings, friendly gatherings and other social activities.

These ideas are similar to connection games, relationship-building activities, and community-building ideas. You can also use these activities as part of corporate family fun days or National Fun at Work Day.


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Here we go!

List of fun group activities for adults

From LEGO art to dragon boat racing, you can engage everyone in your group with these fun activities for adults.

1. Superhero Academy (Top Choice)

superhero academy

With Superhero Academy, you can unleash your team’s heroic potential! During this thrilling comic-book adventure, participants will need to work together to conquer challenges.

Superhero Academy includes the following:

  • a 90-minute session guided by an experienced host
  • detailed storytelling transforming players into superheroes
  • exciting games and activities to enhance participants’ skills
  • engaging exercises to showcase players’ abilities

Also, we will provide all the necessary materials and meet you at your chosen venue. If you are ready to overcome obstacles with your team, then check out Superhero Academy!

Learn more about Superhero Academy.

2. Ultimate Game Show (Team Favorite)

You can improve your game night with the exciting addition of game shows! The fully hosted Ultimate Game Show brings classic daytime television right to your screen.

Ultimate Game Show includes the following features:

  • 90 minutes of entertainment led by a world-class host
  • Office Feud, where players guess the most common response to a poll question
  • Price Hike, where participants determine the price of a random object
  • Final Quizardry, where players wager points and answer trivia questions

Players will love the chance to go head-to-head in this virtual adventure! So include Ultimate Game Show in your team building roster to foster lasting bonds among your team.

Learn more about Ultimate Game Show.

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3. The Great Guac Off™️ (Highly Rated)

Guacamole making competition

With The Great Guac Off, you can send your team on a thrilling avocado-infused adventure! Teams will play mini-games and make their finest guacamole recipes during this head-to-head competition.

Key features of The Great Guac Off include:

  • 90 minutes guided by a skilled facilitator
  • premium guacamole ingredients and dippers
  • an optional secret ingredient to shake up the competition
  • engaging avocado facts, trivia, and mini-games
  • a competitive guacamole mash-off and judging session

To simplify planning, we will bring all the ingredients to your chosen venue. For a personalized touch, you can even customize the trivia questions for your company. So check out The Great Guac Off to foster connections and boost teamwork!

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

4. Ice Cream or Gelato Classes

You do not need an ice cream maker to make delicious ice cream or gelato. One of the fun indoor group activities for adults is machine-less ice cream or gelato-making classes. You can purchase an online course, take an in-person class, or DIY.

Some resources for online classes:

For in-person classes, Google “local ice cream or gelato-making classes.” I found creameries and culinary schools that offer group classes in my area.

If you decide to DIY, many websites teach you how to make ice cream without an ice cream maker like:

Some fun ice cream flavors that your group can experiment with include German chocolate cake, key lime pie, and mint chocolate chip.

5. Themed Puzzle Night

Puzzles are great activities for large or small groups. One fun puzzle idea is to create a giant crossword puzzle based on a theme—for example, a cocktail theme with a crossword puzzle highlighting international mixed drinks. You can purchase large, blank crossword puzzles online and fill in your topic. Or, you can work with a print shop to print a massive version of a custom puzzle.

A few themed puzzle ideas:

  • wine
  • TV shows
  • art
  • pop culture
  • strange stories
  • original names
  • superheroes

You can either purchase a giant crossword puzzle online or create your own using different websites like mycrosswordmaker.com.

Check out more team building puzzles.

6. International Indoor Picnic

You can hold a picnic rain or shine with an international indoor picnic. First, pick a country and coinciding cuisine.

Some ideas include:

  • Italian with Caprese salad, prosciutto and brie sandwiches, and Italian cookies
  • French with quiches, tartlets, and French wine
  • German with Reuben sandwiches, German potato salad, and strudel

Then, create a picnic ambiance with blankets, candles, and flowers. You can also partner with a luxury picnic company to set up a glamorous spread at your venue of choice.

Check out this list of fun company picnic ideas for work.

7. LEGO Art Night

You do not have to be a child to create LEGO masterpieces. A LEGO Art night is where your group can create works of art with a childhood favorite. To set up your night, gather supplies like:

  • LEGO bricks and kits
  • art canvases
  • tacky glue
  • sketching pencils
  • different stencils

Then, instruct your group to sketch a design on the canvas freehand or use a stencil to map out a plan. Next, prompt participants to bring the blueprints to life by making the structures. Finally, let the creativity flow!

8. Wheel of Fortune Games

Wheel of Fortune is a favorite classic game show that makes for a great group activity. To create a Wheel of Fortune Game for your group, purchase a prize spinning wheel, or find a digital wheel online. Then, make labels for each wheel piece like “Lose a Turn,” “Bankrupt,” and monetary numbers. Next, pick categories for your word puzzles.

For example:

  • people
  • places
  • famous quotes
  • food and drink

Finally, choose prizes for the players with the highest scores.

Check out this list of virtual game show ideas.

9. Mario Go-Kart Racing

Mario Go-Kart racing is a combination of classic go-kart racing and Mario Kart. In our version, your group races at a Go-Kart track but dresses up as characters from Mario Kart.

If you do not want to wear full costumes, there are places where you can buy character masks online.

10. Live Candyland

Candyland is a timeless game that appeals to both adults and children. A fun idea for small group activities for adults is Live Candyland, where the game comes alive with full-sized game pieces and characters. To set up the game, purchase needed supplies.

Ideas for supplies:

  • 134 educational marker squares in yellow, purple, blue, orange, green, and red
  • props for the different locations like Candy Cane Forest and Gumdrop Mountain
  • laminated character cutouts
  • lawn stakes
  • Candyland playing cards from the game
  • red, blue, yellow, and green t-shirts

To set up the game, lay out marker squares and props, closely following Candyland’s board pattern. Next, you can glue character cutouts on lawn stakes and add them to the appropriate location props. For example, place Princess Lolly in the Lollipop Forest. Then, give each player a t-shirt. Each t-shirt color represents a game piece. Next, pick someone to be the cardholder and have each board player draw a card. Finally, the player who reaches the end first wins!

11. Mock Polo Game

One of the unique large group activities for adults is a mock polo game. Inflatable horses and spongee polo sticks replace real horses and mallets in this game.

Items needed for the game:

  • spongee polo sticks
  • inflatable horses
  • spongee balls
  • lawn stakes

To play the game, set up an area 300 yards long and 200 yards wide. If you do not have this much space, you can pair it down to 200 yards long and 100 yards wide. Then, divide into groups of four. Next, use stakes to set up goalposts on both ends of the field. Finally, establish the rules of the game.

Rules for Mock Polo:

  • the object of the game is to score as many goals as possible
  • there are four chukkas (plays), each seven minutes long
  • teams change ends each time a goal occurs
  • players are allowed to “bump” other players and try to get the ball from them

You can add authenticity to the event by encouraging players to wear their finest polo shirts and khakis.

12. Live Clue Game

Clue is the beloved whodunit game and is one of the top entertainment activities for adults. In Live Clue, characters come to life.

To set up your game:

  1.  Send invitations to your group with specific character assignments and encourage guests to dress as their characters.
  2. Collect your Clue props like a lead pipe, wrench, candlestick, revolver, knife, and rope.
  3. Designate the guilty character, murder weapon, and the room where the crime occurred, then separate these cards in an envelope.
  4. Set up Clue rooms like the kitchen, study, conservatory, hall, dining room, billiard room, lounge, library, and ballroom. If you do not have nine rooms to work with, combine the rooms and label them.

To play the game, give each guest an envelope with a character card, weapon card, room card, Clue sheet, and writing utensil. For the victim, add a note explaining that they need to fall to the ground and pretend to be dead when lights go out. Then, bring everyone to the room where you want the game to begin. After the lights are turned off and back on, ask the first group member to guess the murder weapon, room, and guilty character. From here, the accused player reveals his cards. The game continues with players accusing and eliminating characters, rooms, and weapons.

This activity puts a nostalgic spin on murder mystery games.

13. Roaming Dinner Party

Dinner parties are great social activities for adults and make for a fabulous way to bring a group together. In a roaming dinner party, four to five hosts provide different courses at their homes. For example, Host A provides the appetizers and cocktails, Host B provides the soup and salad course, Host C provides the main course and side dishes, Host D provides the dessert, and Host E provides a variety of wines and spirits.

You can add class and convenience to the evening by renting a limo to transport your group from house to house.

14. 5K Fun Run

One of the fun outdoor activities for adults is a group 5K. These races have fun themes and spins that make running more fun. If there is a member of your group who does not like running, then you can sweet-talk them into walking.

Some fun 5K ideas:

  • Bubble Runs where you run through waves of bubbles
  • Boozy runs where you can sample wine or beer at different race points
  • Sweet runs where different stations offer chocolate, candy, and other desserts
  • Color Runs where you get doused with colored powder at different stations
  • Zombie Runs where you are running from zombies

To find a 5K run in your area, you can either Google “local 5Ks” or use websites like active.com.

15. Sandcastle Competition

You do not have to live near a beach to host a sandcastle competition. However, if you are near that shore, that is a bonus!

To set up a sandcastle competition on a beach, locate a suitable beach. I recommend you pick a time like late afternoon or early evening to avoid large crowds. If it is in the early evening, then you can use LED lanterns to help builders see their work! Then, send out invitations. Next, purchase sandcastle building equipment. Children’s toys will do the trick and are available in bulk on sites like Amazon. Finally, pick judges and prizes for the winners.

To set up a sandcastle on a non-beach, locate a large area outside as the activity can get messy! I would also recommend laying tarps down in the work area. Then, purchase materials to make sand at local hardware stores or big box stores like Home Depot. Next, gather sandcastle building equipment like shovels and buckets. Finally, pick judges and prizes for the winners.

16. Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon boat racing is a 2,000-year-old Chinese tradition that has become popular in the United States. Like a regatta, dragon boat racers compete in boats that seat 22 people for the fastest time.

To find a race near you, you can Google “dragon boat racing near me” or use dragonboatsport.com to find a local dragon boat racing club.

Here are more team workout ideas.

17. Stargazing

You can bring the galaxy to your group with a stargazing evening. Many venues offer glimpses of the stars like planetariums, observatories, astronomical societies, and hotels.

Sites where you can find stargazing events:

To set up the event, go to the venue of your choice and determine what days work for your group according to the venue’s hours of operation.

18. Japanese Kite Building and Picnic

Pairing a Japanese kite building activity with a picnic elevates outdoor dining experiences with culture and hands-on crafts. To set up this event, first, gather supplies for your group’s Japanese kites. I recommend buying pre-made kits online, as this step will save organizers and participants time and money! Next, plan your picnic menu.

Some menu ideas:

  • sushi
  • ramen
  • Japanese egg sandwiches and Japanese potato salad
  • banana sushi

You can complete your group’s experience with Japanese blankets and LED tea lights.

19. Trampoline Park

When searching for group outing ideas for adults, consider a trampoline park! Trampoline parks are not just for children. To get your group jumping, book a private session for your attendees. First, find a trampoline park near you. You can either Google “trampoline parks near me” or utilize websites like trampolineparkguide.com. Then, decide a time for your group to go. Finally, jump, spin, and tumble like you have no worries!

20. Arcade Day

I grew up on old arcade games like Space Invaders. Although I have not played in years, the game still brings back fond memories. You can rekindle your group’s arcade memories with an arcade day. You can host the event at a local arcade or DIY a gaming lounge.

If you decide to DIY, you can buy an inexpensive projecting game like ProjeX. Then, to set up the space, you can use a wall or projector screen.

21. Glass Blowing

One of the fun social group activities for adults is glassblowing. Although the practice may sound intimidating, many museums, art institutes, and studios offer group classes for beginners. With these lessons, you can make everything from decanters to ornaments to lights!

To find a glassblowing venue near you, either Google “glass blowing near me” or search on websites like Yelp.

22. Seasonal Baking

Baking has become a popular hobby for many folks. You can channel teammates’ inner chefs by hosting a seasonal baking group activity.

To do this activity, simply select a recipe, gather your ingredients, split the group into teams, and whip up your creations. For a competitive spin, make the event a timed bake-off and recruit a panel of judges to pick a winner based on taste and presentation.

Some seasonal baking ideas:

  • Fall: salted caramel apple galettes, maple candy, and pumpkin streusel coffee cake
  • Winer: eggnog cheesecake, cranberry-orange cupcakes, and peppermint bark
  • Spring: Cadbury Egg brownies, lemon Bundt cake, and raspberry-pistachio cake
  • Summer: lemon strawberry thyme shortcake, blueberry clafoutis, and peach crisp

You can also search for local cooking classes in your area or pay for an online course that you can take as a group.

Here is a collection of online group cooking classes.

23. Wood Burning Classes

Farmhouse and rustic chic decorations are all the rage! You can get on this bandwagon by organizing a wood burning class for your group. With wood burning, you burn fun designs into wooden signs and pieces of wood.

If there is not a class near you, you can find pre-recorded wood burning classes on websites like woodburncorner.com and purchase basic wood burn kits online.

24. Food Tours

To please the foodies in your group, you can set up a food tour in your city. Food tours have become popular and there are many types to choose from like walking, cruising, biking, and driving tours.

Some unique food tour ideas from around the country:

  • Savannah Taste Experience
  • Foods of NY
  • Sicily food and wine
  • Thai Foodie Tour

To find a food tour near you, Google “food tours near me” or “private food tours.” You could also DIY your own tour by reaching out to local tour companies and restaurants.

25. Water Sports

Water sports make fun group activities for adults. Examples of these activities include sports-jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing, rowboats, and sailboats. You can have loads of group fun zipping around waterways!

There are many companies that tailor to group activities by renting out water sports equipment like atlanticwatersports.com or charter companies.

26. Bubble Soccer Extravaganza

Groups can strap on inflatable bubble suits and hit the soccer field for a hilarious and action-packed game of bubble soccer. Players bounce and bump their way to victory, fostering laughter, camaraderie, and a unique, physically engaging experience. The unconventional twist on soccer adds an element of fun that transcends traditional team sports.

27. Nerf Dart Tag

Nerf Dart Tag takes a playground game to a new level. In this activity, teams compete by tagging each other by tossing foam darts or footballs, or shooting foam blasters. Note that you should not shoot foam arrows directly at others because even toys can still be harmful, and you should establish rules like only hit shoulders and below.

This high-energy activity promotes strategic thinking, communication, and a unique blend of physical and mental agility. Not to mention, the game invokes childish fun!

28. Murder Mystery Wine Tasting

You can combine the sophistication of a wine tasting with the intrigue of a murder mystery. Participants become characters in a thrilling storyline while sampling different wines. Players must solve the mystery of the crime while guessing the blend! This activity encourages socializing, creativity, and deductive reasoning, making for an entertaining and unforgettable evening.

29. Human Foosball Championship

You can transform the classic foosball game into a life-sized, human foosball championship. Teams strap into position and compete to score goals, requiring communication, teamwork, and a sense of humor. This larger-than-life version of the game adds a physical and social twist to a familiar favorite. Plus, the game requires careful coordination and communication!

30. Interactive Drum Circle Experience

One of the best group activities for adults is an interactive drum circle experience. Led by a percussionist, participants create rhythmic beats together, promoting communication, collaboration, and stress relief. The power of music and group dynamics combine for a memorable and uplifting activity.

Pro Tip: If you do not have bongos onhand, you can improvise with items found in the office, such as empty coffee canisters or recycling bins!

31. Pour Painting

Pour painting is a technique where folks create art by pouring paint onto a canvas. This satisfyingly chaotic way to create art is therapeutic and fun and is a great activity to do as a group. You can often find art studios in your area that offer classes and experiences in the craft, or you can set up a DIY paint pour evening. Just be sure to put down tarps, as creation can get messy!

32. Aerial Silks Fitness Class

You can elevate your group’s fitness routine with an aerial silks class. Participants learn acrobatic movements and poses using suspended fabric, promoting strength, flexibility, and a sense of accomplishment. This unconventional fitness experience encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zones while building camaraderie in a supportive environment.

33. Outdoor Adventure Board Game

One of the most unexpected ways to engage groups is to create a life-sized outdoor adventure board game. Teams roll oversized dice and navigate through a giant game board, completing challenges and solving puzzles. This physical and strategic activity promotes teamwork, critical thinking, and a sense of exploration in an interactive and playful way.

34. Mindful Geocaching Adventure

You can combine the adventure of geocaching with mindfulness practices. Teams use GPS devices to locate hidden treasures while incorporating mindful meditation at each cache location. This activity promotes teamwork, problem-solving, and a sense of tranquility as participants engage with both the thrill of the hunt and moments of mindfulness.

35. Epic Sandcastle Building Challenge

Epic Sandcastle Building Challenges take a classic beach activity to the next level. Teams receive limited tools like buckets, shovels, and random decorations, and must collaborate to create intricate and imaginative sand sculptures. This hands-on and creative exercise fosters teamwork, communication, and a shared appreciation for artistic expression. Not to mention, the activity results in fantastic photo ops!

36. Human Canvas Art Workshop

A Human Canvas Art Workshop transform the team into living painbrushes. Teams work together to create a collaborative painting using their bodies and non-toxic paint. To prep the activity, have group members don full-body protective suits and booties. Then, team members will dip parts of their bodies in paint and create shapes by rolling on a canvas on the floor.

This unique and visually expressive activity encourages creativity, communication, and a shared sense of accomplishment.

37. Digital Detox Challenge

You can challenge your team to a digital detox day. This activity helps folks disconnect from electronic devices and engage in face-to-face communication, team-building exercises, and outdoor activities. This detox promotes mindfulness, interpersonal connections, and a break from the constant digital distractions, fostering a more present and cohesive team.

Simply choose a day for the detox, and have team members mute all notifications except for critical messages.

38. Collaborative Virtual Art Gallery

You can foster creativity and collaboration with a virtual art gallery project. Teams create digital artworks that will live in a collaborative virtual gallery.

You can create this gallery multiple ways, such as:

  • Google Drive Folder
  • Cloud Slideshow
  • Canva Design
  • Shared Digital Photo Album
  • Virtual Reality Platform

This activity encourages artistic expression, teamwork, and the celebration of diverse perspectives in a digital space.

39. Blacklight Paint Party

In this activity, group members paint with glow in the dark paint beneath blacklights. Many paint splatter rooms, activity centers, and smash rooms offer this service. You can also DIY the experience by getting inexpensive canvases, blacklights, and glow in the dark paint.

For a less messy and more cost-friendly alternate, you can simply get blacklights and glow in the dark markets, then have participants show up with white T-shirts. Partygoers will take turns doodling on each other’s T-shirts. If folks feel uncomfortable wearing the shirts and having others touch them, then there is an option to leave the shirts on the table!

40. Takeout Potluck

In this activity, group members each get a takeout item from a different restaurant. Then, folks divide the dishes up equally, and every group member gets a portion to try. This exercise is a great way to try many different cuisines and restaurants, and is all the communal fun of potluck without the preparation.


Life gets busy and many folks have trouble keeping connected. Fun group activities are a way to bring friends, family, and coworkers together regards of group size. The key to planning a group activity is planning an idea that the group is enthusiastic about as a whole. One way to ensure this is to give your group three activity options, then put the selection to a vote. Another important consideration is that activities don’t have to be time-consuming or expensive to be a hit. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most impactful.

Next, check out these lists of company offsite ideas and trivia night ideas.

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FAQ: Fun group activities for adults

Here are answers to questions about fun group activities for adults.

What are some good group activities for adults?

Some good group activities include food tours, live board games, and dragon boat racing.

How do you do activities with large groups?

Large group activities are trickier than small group activities for many reasons including cost, differing hobbies and interests, and time restraints. To simplify planning, first set a date for the activity at least six weeks in advance. Then, commit to a type of activity. Next, work out details like venue, menus, cost, and attire. Finally, send out invitations, gather the group, and have fun!

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