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21 Best HR Conferences to Attend in 2023

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HR conferences are events that host the most influential HR professionals so participants can learn about industry insights. In contrast to other industry conferences, HR conferences concentrate on high-quality instructional materials rather than vendor-centric content. Attending these conferences is essential to learn from real-world HR professionals in the field doing the job and how to adapt to today’s quickly changing work economy. These events are also known as “human resources conferences.”

These events are similar to leadership conferences and help to build HR skills. Other ways to learn the industry include reading HR books and HR blogs.

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List of HR Conferences

There are several HR conferences, seminars and networking events that you may attend physically or virtually. Some of these events include:

1. HR West

Location: Oakland, California

Date: March

HR West 2022 is a hybrid two-day event organized by HR.com, the leading social networking site for human resources professionals. HR workers may see what the future holds by visiting this event. Most Silicon Valley firms and their executives and some of the HR industry’s most inventive and experienced individuals attend. You will get the opportunity to network with more than 1,000 HR experts, create trust, and test out HR solutions in a conventional exhibition setting.

This event will bring together over 80 experts from the field to share cutting-edge workplace data and analytics, industry insight, tools, and resources to improve employee output and foster leadership within the company, globalization, and workplace cultures.

Although the event has both physical and virtual versions, in-person attendance allows for direct interaction with presenters, a chance to meet with HR colleagues after the conference, and participation in evening parties after networking.

Check out HR West.

2. HR Transform

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Date: March

Some of the world’s leading HR leaders, innovators, and experts forging a new world of work will gather in Las Vegas for HR Transform. HR professionals can look forward to networking with colleagues from forward-thinking firms, gaining insight into the latest developments in the HR field, and meeting thought leaders who are redefining the workplace.

The event will cover many subjects, such as leadership, DEI, hybrid workplaces, talent acquisition, L&D, retention, benefits, and culture, which concern many HR professionals. This conference also brings together various speakers and executive-level leaders to discuss today’s issues and goals.

All business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors may benefit from attending this conference. Attendance offers the advantage of networking with executives and innovators and setting the pace as a thought leader in the workplace.

Check out HR Transform.

3. The HRE’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: April

Employers and HR professionals who want to learn more about health and wellness initiatives might benefit from attending the Human Resource Executive’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference. The event offers professional insights and practical advice on how HR personnel and managers can build benefit strategies and boost their firm’s wellbeing.

For HR professionals and company executives, this conference provides a framework for modifying health and benefits programs to meet employee pain points and retain key personnel. In addition, there will be many workplace networking opportunities, new health and wellness solutions, and recertification credits for HRCI and SHRM certifications for attendees of this conference.

Check out the Human Resource Executive’s Health & Benefits Leadership Conference.

4. SHRM Talent Conference & Exposition

Location: Denver, Colorado

Date: April

This SHRM-sponsored exhibition provides HR workers with the resources to improve their strategy, procedures, and policies. The Talent Conference & Exhibition offers over 50 sessions covering seven critical topics, 75 engaging speakers, 15 Professional Development Credits (PDC), and infinite networking possibilities for attendees. Some sessions include general, panel, concurrent, and even case-study.

The conference covers HR tracks like Sourcing and Recruiting, engagement and retention, HR and Talent Acquisition, Strategic Planning, and Talent Selection. This event is great for professionals in human resources who want to network with their peers and get insight into current issues in recruitment and personnel management.

Check out the SHRM Talent Conference & Exposition.


Location: Boston, MA

Date: April

HR professionals who attend the OPTIMA conference will learn to develop successful teams, recruit the best individuals, and effectively manage human capital. Attendees can choose from a wide range of breakout tracks, including Hiring, Employee Experience, Team Design, Management Consulting, and The Predictive Index. The conference also provides a dedicated track to help consultants grow their firms via talent optimization.

The Optima22 conference is fantastic for HR professionals who want to join the push for talent optimization, bridging worker strategy with business strategy, and adopting a data-driven approach to getting employee management right.

Check out the OPTIMA conference.

6. BenefitsPRO Broker Expo

Location: Austin, Texas

Date: May

BenefitsPRO, while focusing on benefits brokers, is nevertheless a terrific opportunity for HR experts advising on benefits-related issues. At the expo, attendees will learn how to incorporate political changes with business strategies and integrate data analytics into their organizations. The event is suitable for employer benefits advisors, brokers, agents, or HR professionals engaged in sales.

Check out the BenefitsPRO Broker Expo.

7. California HR Conference

Location: Riverside, CA

Date: May

As a company’s first line of defense, HR professionals will learn key points for success in their multifaceted position at the California HR Conference. The conference sees over 2,000 participants, with 66 percent being managers or upper-level executives. There will be 11 conference sessions and 35 recertification credits.

The conference will cover topics ranging from compensation and benefits to culture, employment law, and regulations. In addition, attendees can expect to learn about the best HR tools and build lasting relationships with other HR professionals. The event works for HR professionals who want to understand and handle California’s complicated requirements and rise in leadership ranks within their firms.

Check out the California HR Conference.

8. ASE Annual HR Conference

Location: Novi, MI

Date: March

Amidst the turbulence of today’s world, businesses are scrambling to stay afloat and expand. However, if you want to succeed, you need to adopt a development attitude. HR departments and experts can promote growth-centric thinking by transforming the mentality of the businesses they work. The ASE Annual HR Conference participants will learn how to foster forward-thinking mindsets in their organization. The conference includes activities like keynote presentations on the future of HR, and a general session on employment law. This seminar is ideal for HR Managers, Chief HR Officers, and Directors of HR.

Check out the ASE Annual HR Conference.

9. SHRM Annual Conference & Expo

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Date: June

SHRM Annual Conference is one of the most crucial in-person HR conferences to attend. The event offers over 200 workshops covering every major subject, from the fundamentals of human resources to more advanced topics for C-level executives. Even if you are a newbie or a seasoned HR professional, you will walk away with new information to add to your toolbox.

The content offerings include Comp, Benefits & Wellbeing, DEI, People & Talent Management, and Recruitment & Talent Acquisition. Also, the organizers personalize each session to different learning styles so that you can absorb the knowledge most effectively. Each session format, from general main stage experiences to smart stage, concurrent and instructional activities, each session format works for their specific audiences.

HR professionals, executives, and business leaders looking for the most current information and lessons on trending subjects to achieve organizational objectives should attend the conference.

Check out the SHRM Annual Conference.

10. HR Florida Conference & Expo

Location: Orlando, Florida

Date: August

HR Florida Conference & Expo is the Southeast region’s largest HR event. Over 1,500 HR professionals and suppliers worldwide attend this popular event. The conference aims to foster networking, professional development, and exposure to various HR-related issues.

Dr. Moogega Cooper, Adam Steltzner, Ben Nemtin, and Sarah Thomas are just a few of the speakers scheduled to be at the conference. Attendees may obtain recertification credits and gain new knowledge from the over 130 different sessions available at the event. HR professionals will get the most up-to-date information and networking opportunities in the HR field.

Check out the HR Florida Conference & Expo.

11. HR Virtual Summit

Location: Virtual

Date: December

Hosted by Kazoo and BambooHR, this event is one of the most popular virtual HR conferences globally. HR professionals who want to learn more about the employee experience will benefit from attending this conference.

The HR virtual summit usually attracts more than 45,000 professionals, including several of the world’s most influential thought leaders, executive coaches, and visionaries. Attendees will leave with the tools and resources to accomplish outstanding work without the restraining elements of transactional HR practices.

Check out the HR Virtual Summit.

12. HR Technology Conference and Expo

Location: Las Vegas

Date: September

This conference, hosted by HR Tech, an industry leader, gives in-depth insights into making crucial HR system choices, driving your company, and supporting your organization’s ever-changing demands. HR Tech also hosts the world’s biggest HR technology marketplace. The event aims to show the HR community how technology can help them in uncertain circumstances. Human resources experts will get to review hundreds of HR solutions when searching for the right fit.

Attendees will walk away with practical HR takeaways, direct access to industry thought leaders, admission to the Women in HR Technology Summit, and the opportunity to earn recertification credits. The event is one of the major HR tech conferences to attend. Some of the session tracks include Artificial Intelligence, Core HR, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, and more. This conference is beneficial for HR professionals constantly striving to improve their present HR systems, use HR automation, or investigate new HR technologies.

In a state-of-the-art virtual environment, participants can peruse products from thousands of exhibitors.

Check out the HR Technology Conference and Expo.

13. HRSouthwest Conference

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Date: October

HRSouthwest Conference, sponsored by DallasHR, is one of the major regional educational and networking events for HR professionals and vendors in the HR sector. HR professionals may recertify their SHRM and HRCI certifications at the conference. Participants will learn about the most recent developments in HR technology, services, and procedures.

This event is for HR professionals who want to stay updated on industry trends, analyze HR technologies, and earn recertification credits.

Check out the HRSouthwest Conference.

14. Decoding Future HR

Location: Virtual

Date: January

This virtual event is one of the top free HR conferences. The session focuses on automation and how the technologies will impact human employment and task execution. The conference will also cover an overview of today’s workforce needs regarding skills and resources. Human resource leaders are responsible for changing how they manage employees and prepare for their futures.

This virtual HR event covers many subjects, including data-driven HR, the gig economy, human analytics, fostering data literacy, and using big data to increase inclusion and diversity. The event is notable for giving an engaging platform to enhance attendees’ development abilities via analytical tools to boost employee engagement methods, AI in recruiting, and social media, among other topics.

Check out Decoding Future HR.

15. Gartner ReimagineHR Conference

Location: London, Orlando, and Virtual

Date: September and October

This conference will cover the cultural and economic implications of Covid-19 and the significance of shifting to a hybrid workplace. HR executives make this transition easy so all HR procedures and systems can function together. Gartner plans to use data to explore how to redefine fairness in the workplace and establish high-performing and inclusive businesses.

CHROs and HR leaders have a unique opportunity to get cross-functional insights that will help them improve their firm’s performance. The event discusses some of the best methods for implementing incentive packages to guarantee psychological and physical wellbeing. The sessions will include finding and keeping top talent, fostering a lifelong learning and development culture, building a diverse and inclusive workplace, boosting productivity, and employee incentives.

Check out the Gartner ReimagineHR Conference.

16. WorkVision

Location: Amelia Island, Florida

Date: April

This event is an annual HR conference that hosts HR professionals with over 15 years of experience in talent acquisition and management. The three-day conference includes CEOs and managers from some of the largest firms. WorkVision brings together top-level company executives to plan, research and exchange critical information on the growth of individuality in the workforce or the shift in how employees work.

At the HR conference, you will meet with HR thought leaders to discuss the future of workforce development and company asset management.

Check out WorkVision.

17. The Future of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Location: Virtual

Date: October

The term “diversity” is more than a trendy word for companies; it is an integral part of workplace culture. HR professionals should ensure that candidates’ demographics do not influence their talent selection and retention practices. Fortunately, the problem is getting plenty of recognition, and organizations are working hard to ensure that workplaces are diverse, equitable, and inclusive. This recent shift includes the Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements.

HR leaders should respond appropriately to avoid offending or wronging an employee. During this virtual HR event, there will be an exhibition of companies that have effectively incorporated the DEI technique into their workplace culture.

Check out The Future of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

18. HR Transform: The Future Is Now

Location: MGM Grand Las Vegas, NV

Date: March

This HR event is about gamifying HR to enhance applicant feedback, communication, and hiring experience. HR Transform’s Future is Now event focuses on how executives and leaders can improve the company.

Some of the world’s most popular firms, including Slack, AirBnB, and Zoom, have attended the HR conference. This event also attracts some of the industry’s top HR executives regularly. HR Transform is one of the best HR conferences and can help you succeed in your business.

Check out HR Transform: The Future Is Now.

19. Grace Hopper’s Celebration

Location: Orlando, FL and Virtual

Date: September

This virtual HR conference boasts the attendance of over 30,000 delegates from more than 115 countries. The event is perhaps the biggest meeting of female technologists in the world.

Grace Hopper is reputed for inventing the first computer language compiler and being the first female to receive the National Medal of Technology. In recognition of Grace Hooper’s contributions to computer science, she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom posthumously. The HR conference focuses on the interests and research of women in computing. The event also covers women’s contributions to technology. The conference provides a chance for female HR professionals to network, seek mentorship, and collaborate.

Check out Grace Hopper’s Celebration.

20. Human Resource Summit

Location: Corinthia Hotel, Prague

Date: October

This event has been one of the most prestigious in-person HR conferences for the last three decades. At the conference, you will learn about the newest advancements in the human resources sector. The event also offers a chance for participants to network with like-minded colleagues and pick some tips on how to be more creative in the workplace.

The conference will include more than 40 HR and development professionals to handle topics on human resource management, leadership development, succession management, and employee engagement. More than 80 high-ranking executives from some of Ireland and the United Kingdom’s largest corporations also attend the event.

Check out Human Resource Summit.

21. The AHRD Conference

Location: Virtual

Date: April

Due to Covid-19, the AHRD Conference is going hybrid. This conference will include a mix of in-person and live-streamed programs, focusing on redefining the meaning of work. The event will host established HR experts, practitioners, and up-and-comers in the HR industry. The Association for Human Resource Development is a welcoming place for any employee interested in human resources, regardless of background.

Check out The AHRD Conference.


For HR professionals, these conferences are excellent events to learn more about their field. The best HR conferences provide fresh insights into the newest developments in human resources. Attending HR conferences is a good idea for you and your company since the events help you learn about best practices in human resource management.

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FAQ: HR conferences

Here are frequently asked questions about HR conferences.

What are HR conferences?

HR conferences are events that offer attendees the opportunity to hear from thought leaders and experts in the HR field.

What happens at HR conferences?

At HR conferences, HR professionals will share their expertise on various subjects. Participants will also learn about resources and tools that may assist them in implementing changes to the working environment. At these HR conferences, participants might get a new perspective by hearing what other thought leaders have to say.

What are some good HR conferences to attend?

Some good HR conferences to attend include OPTIMA22, Human Resource Summit, and HR Technology Conference and Expo.

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