15 Best Kahoot Topics for Work and School

By: | Updated: June 02, 2023

You found our list of the best Kahoot topics.

Kahoot topics are discussion points hosts can use to deliver specific messages to learners. Examples include sales and marketing, language learning, and sports. The purpose of these ideas is to boost engagement, enhance collaboration, and enable personalized learning.

These examples are similar to trivia topics, quiz games and team building quiz questions. Hosts can use these topics to boost engagement, improve company culture, and teach company core values.

This list includes:

  • Kahoot ideas for work
  • fun Kahoot topics
  • Kahoot topics for team building
  • best Kahoot quizzes

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List of Kahoot topics

Kahoot is a valuable resource for teachers and learners alike that provides an innovative way to enhance the learning process. From pop culture to time travel to unsolved mysteries, here is a list of the best topics that will interest different demographics of learners.

1. Space Exploration

Space exploration is one of the most fun Kahoot topics for kids and adults alike. For instance, you can use Infiscope to make space exploration interactive and exciting. The Infiscope project challenges players to explore the vastness of space and inspires curiosity and engagement. For example, learners could take a virtual tour around Mars, identify solar system objects, and learn about eclipses. Another fantastic space exploration topic idea is creating a challenge for individuals to navigate different planets.

Space exploration quiz ideas:

  • Which was the initial manned mission to orbit the moon?
    • ​Answer: Apollo 8
  • What was Apollo 11’s lunar module called?
    • ​Answer: Eagle
  • Who was the first woman in space, and when did she go?
    • ​Answer: Valentina V. Tereshkova, 1963
  • What was the first man-made satellite?
    • ​Answer: Sputnik 1
  • Who was the first person to orbit Earth?
    • Answer: Yuri Gagarin
  • Who was the first person on the moon?
    • ​Answer: Neil Armstrong
  • What does the Drake equation calculate?
    • ​Answer: The probability of finding life elsewhere in our galaxy

You can either test players individually or organize a team competition. You are free to customize the quiz as per the capability of your players, adjust the time limit, or use closed-ended questions.

Learn more about Infiniscope.

2. Back-to-School Quiz

A back-to-school quiz is a fun and interactive way to start a new school year. The game enables teachers and students to reconnect, learn about individual holiday adventures, and meet new learners in a relaxed setting. Teachers and students can create or choose from a variety of quizzes on holiday stories, personal facts, and photo sharing. Hosts can customize the quizzes to match the classroom’s grade level, subject matter, and learning objectives. The back-to-school quiz enables teachers to know their students better, assess their knowledge and skills, and identify areas for improvement.

Back-to-school quiz ideas:

  • What are the three items to bring to class every day?
    • ​Answer: Notebook, pen, and subject reading resources
  • Which year were erasers added to pencils?
    • ​Answer: 1858
  • What is the most liked subject in elementary school worldwide?
    • ​Answer: Mathematics
  • What is the teacher’s favorite color?
  • Do you prefer English or math class?

Students and teachers can play the game from the classroom or digital devices, making it a convenient and versatile tool for both in-person and remote learning.

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3. Food and Drinks

Food and drinks quizzes are exciting ways to test your knowledge of food-related topics, including cooking, ingredients, popular dishes, and food culture. Whether you are a foodie or just enjoy learning new facts, food trivia can be a fun way to challenge players. Kahoot’s online platform allows you to create and play food trivia games with folks worldwide easily.

Food trivia ideas:

  • What are the two most popular spices across the world?
    • ​Answer: Cumin and black pepper
  • When was Coca-Cola invented?
    • ​Answer: 1886
  • Which country invented French fries?
    • ​Answer: Belgium
  • Mention three foods that do not go bad.
    • ​Answer: Honey, salt, and vinegar
  • What is the world’s most stolen food?
    • ​Answer: Cheese

You could also quiz learners’ knowledge on specific food items like pizza, coffee, or salads. Consider having a learner-to-learner session where players will quiz each other on food from their cultures. Food trivia is a top choice of Kahoot topics for team building for in-person or remote teams.

4. Sales and Marketing

A sales and marketing Kahoot is one of the best ways to increase memorability for team members. The game-based method boosts information retention since participants learn in a relaxed setting. A sales and marketing Kahoot also facilitates learning at a quick pace as opposed to training demos or tutorial videos.

Consider hosting Kahoots on diverse sales and marketing-related topics such as:

  • Social media marketing quiz
  • Customer journey
  • Negotiation
  • Pitching
  • Pricing
  • Company products
  • Lead generation

The competition element increases excitement in the room and makes participants eager to join the training. We encourage hosts to have a mix of both serious and lightweight questions with fun imagery and humor.

5. Sports

Sports tops the list of Kahoot topics for team building. Sports enthusiasts can test their knowledge of diverse sports and challenge their peers to learn more about the topic. You can create a Kahoot on diverse sports such as Formula 1, rugby, swimming, or baseball or choose a preexisting quiz. For instance, baseball enthusiasts could start with the various Major League Baseball Kahoot quizzes.

Sports quiz ideas:

  • Which sport is known as the most beautiful game?
    • ​Answer: Soccer
  • What are the regulation strokes in swimming?
    • ​Answer: Butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle
  • Who is the most successful sprinter worldwide?
    • ​Answer: Usain Bolt
  • What is the only sport ever played on the moon?
    • ​Answer: Golf
  • What is the national summer sport in Canada?
    • ​Answer: Lacrosse
  • What was the name of Muhammad Ali before converting to Islam?
    • ​Answer: Cassius Clay

A sports Kahoot is also a great way to keep up with the latest news and trends in the sports world. The sports topic is a great choice for all folks, whether die-hard sports fans or individuals who want to learn new facts.

6. Language Learning

Language learning requires players to grasp a large amount of new information within a short time. Thus, the process can be difficult and demotivating for learners. Language learning Kahoots simplifies this process by helping players learn new languages in a relaxed setting. Some good language learning quiz topics include language history, vocabulary challenges, phrase match-ups, and fun facts. You could also consider hosting translation quizzes, cultural physical expression meanings, word origins, and multilingual riddles.

Language learning quiz ideas:

  • Which language has the most native and non-native speakers?
    • Answer: English
  • ​How do you say “hello” in Spanish?
    • Answer: Hola
  • ​Which is the most spoken constructed international language?
    • Answer: Esperanto
  • Which country has 37 official languages?
    • Answer: Bolivia
  • ​Which was the first language spoken in outer space?
    • Answer: Russian

Besides exposing players to new cultures, language learning Kahoots can help improve individuals’ vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. The Kahoot can also expose players to new ways of thinking and diverse cultural viewpoints.

7. Pop Culture

Hosts searching for fun Kahoot topics could try pop culture. The topic will benefit students in many ways. For instance, students will better understand the world, improve cultural knowledge, and boost critical thinking.

Pop culture ideas:

  • Which American singer won the first season of American Idol?
    • ​Answer: Kelly Clarkson
  • Who was the first African-American man to win the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards?
    • ​Answer: John Legend
  • Which film was a parody of the Cold War?
    • ​Answer: Dr. Strangelove
  • Which singer holds the most Grammy nominations?
    • ​Answer: Beyoncé

A pop culture Kahoot will also reinforce learners’ focus on their peer groups and identities. Incorporating students’ favorite activities like video games and movies can motivate learners to pursue diverse careers.

8. Current Events

Current events Kahoots can help learners stay up to date with events happening around them. You could create quizzes highlighting the most recent local or international events and news.

Consider covering topics such as:

  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Finance
  • Social issues

You could also include fun topics like entertainment and social media trends. Be sure to add interactive elements such as images, multiple-choice questions, and videos. Current events can encourage critical thinking and intellectual curiosity and help learners navigate an increasingly complex and fast-paced world. Students will also develop a deeper understanding of the key facts, issues, and debates that shape contemporary society. We encourage hosts to choose Kahoots that will boost learners’ confidence to voice their opinions and promote compassion and respect for others.

9. Art and Culture

Art and culture Kahoots offer a dynamic platform to test and expand participants’ understanding of the topic. These Kahoots are a delightful fusion of education, entertainment, and creativity through interactive and fun quizzes. As such, participants can explore the world of art and culture and partake in a captivating journey of exploration and knowledge. Hosts can use vibrant visuals, thought-provoking questions, and friendly competition to delve into a diverse range of topics.

Art and culture Kahoot ideas:

  • Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Mona Lisa is on display at which museum?
    • Answer: The Louvre
  • Which British artist is known for an exhibit featuring a tiger shark preserved in formaldehyde?
    • Answer: Damien Hirst
  • The crowning of King Momo kicks off which festivities?
    • Answer: Latin American carnivals
  • Practiced by the Malays, susuk is the loose equivalent of which Chinese practice?
    • Answer: Acupuncture
  • Used by artists for mixing their paints, a palette gets its name from the Old French word meaning a small what?
    • Answer: Shovel

Art and culture Kahoots serve as bridges connecting players across time and space, fostering a deeper appreciation for the richness and diversity of human creativity. These Kahoots also provide an engaging learning experience and ignite a spark of curiosity, fostering exploration of the artistic and cultural sectors.

10. Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved mysteries Kahoots make some of the best Kahoot quizzes for children and adults alike. These Kahoots provide an intriguing and captivating experience for participants eager to delve into the enigmatic realms of unsolved phenomena. Hosts could create Kahoots that take players through a captivating journey of discovery, evidence analysis, theory examination, and embracing the sense of the unknown. Players can test and expand their knowledge and curiosity around the world’s most puzzling mysteries. Some good topic ideas are mythical creatures, unsolved crimes, and conspiracy theories. You could also quiz players on mysterious disappearances and unsolved scientific puzzles.

Unsolved mysteries Kahoot ideas:

  • In 1947, an alleged UFO crash occurred in New Mexico. What is the name commonly associated with this incident?
    • Answer: The Roswell Incident
  • W​hich mystery man hijacked a plane for a ransom of $200,000?
    • Answer: D.B. Cooper
  • W​hich ancient civilization built the Stonehenge monument?
    • Answer: Descendants of Neolithic migrants
  • I​n 1945, five U.S. Navy bombers vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. What is the name of this incident?
    • Answer: Flight 19
  • W​hat is the name of the famous cipher sent by an unidentified person known as the Zodiac Killer in the late 1960s?
    • Answer: The Z340 Cipher

​These Kahoots can foster a sense of intrigue and critical thinking and encourage players to consider diverse perspectives. Unsolved mysteries Kahoots also foster players’ curiosity to embark on a thrilling adventure and appreciate the mysteries that exist in our world. However, we encourage hosts to curate quizzes appropriate to players, especially when dealing with younger children.

11. Time Travel

If you are looking for light-hearted Kahoot topics, then you could consider time travel. Being a speculative topic, players will have a thought-provoking and educational experience. Hosts could consider using interactive quizzes and engaging visuals to enable players to dive into the theories and possibilities surrounding time travel. Some topic ideas include time travel technology, films, and history.

Time travel quiz ideas:

  • Who wrote the science fiction novel The Time Machine?
    • Answer: H.G. Wells
  • Which famous physicist is often associated with the concept of time travel?
    • Answer: Albert Einstein
  • ​Which ancient civilization had the most accurate calendar?
    • Answer: The Mayans
  • ​​What is the name of the famous experiment conducted in 1971 that aimed to test time dilation caused by high-speed motion?
    • Answer: The Hafele-Keating experiment
  • ​Which famous ancient monument in England is aligned with celestial bodies and has been associated with timekeeping and astronomical observations?
    • Answer: Stonehenge

Time travel Kahoots can present thought-provoking questions that will challenge players to understand the complexities of time and the paradoxes that arise in time travel narratives. The topic can also encourage critical thinking and imaginative exploration. Players could also cultivate a deeper understanding of the scientific principles and philosophical concepts surrounding time travel. While time travel remains ambiguous, the topic sparks curiosity, encourages open-mindedness, and ignites a passion for scientific inquiry and the mysteries of the universe.

12. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence Kahoots provide an immersive and interactive avenue for participants to learn more about the topic. Hosts can use quiz players on terminologies, capabilities, limitations, and key concepts.

Artificial intelligence Kahoot ideas:

  • Who is the father of artificial intelligence?
    • Answer: John McCarthy
  • What is the most common programming language used to create AI?
    • Answer: Python
  • What is it called when an AI can change its trajectory based on external functions?
    • Answer: Intelligent
  • What year was artificial intelligence founded as an academic discipline?
    • Answer: 1956
  • When did ChatGPT launch?
    • Answer: November 30, 2022

Artificial intelligence Kahoots can foster critical-thinking skills and help participants navigate the AI world better. The lessons could also spark vital discussions around the implications of artificial intelligence on major sectors. The topic is a great idea for all students and workers, including individuals in the non-tech fields.

13. Financial Literacy

If you want to help your team reach their financial goals, then financial literacy is a top choice of Kahoot ideas for work. These Kahoots can help individuals leverage diverse financial skills, such as budgeting, personal finance, and investing. The platform has diverse financial literacy Kahoots. However, hosts can create Kahoots that foster specific financial education in classrooms or at work.

Financial literacy Kahoot topic ideas:

  • Wants versus needs
  • Financial goal setting
  • Financial products like stocks
  • Economic concepts
  • Smart saving
  • Retirement planning
  • Debt management
  • Taxes

Making smart financial decisions is an essential topic, especially for young adults starting their financial journeys. The topic is also ideal for children and adults. However, be sure to adapt the quizzes to suit the players’ age group, level of financial knowledge, and your financial literacy curriculum.

14. Internet Culture

Internet culture tops the list of the best Kahoot quizzes for diverse demographics. The topic provides an avenue for participants to explore the vast and diverse world of online communities and digital communication. The game-like experience will capture learners’ attention, encouraging participation and making the learning process enjoyable. Some popular topics to consider include memes, internet slogans, viral online challenges, or online etiquette. You could also quiz players on social media platforms and hacks, privacy and security concerns, and famous internet personalities.

Internet culture quiz ideas:

  • ​Who was the first monarch ever to send an email?
    • Answer: Queen Elizabeth II
  • When was the first email spam sent?
    • Answer: 1978
  • ​Which was the first internet browser, and who developed it?
    • Answer: WorldWideWeb, Tim Berners-Lee
  • Which was the first Amazon product?
    • Answer: Books
  • ​What does the acronym “IMO” stand for in online conversations?
    • Answer: In my opinion

The internet culture topic is a great way to test players’ knowledge of different elements and concerns surrounding the internet. Internet culture Kahoots will also equip students with the knowledge to enable learners to navigate and participate meaningfully in the digital landscape.

15. Compliance and Regulation

Compliance and regulation is a great choice of Kahoot ideas for work. Rather than hosting mundane compliance and regulation training, consider a Kahoot session to make the session enjoyable. The topic ensures employees grasp organizational policies, procedures, and presiding laws.

Compliance and regulation ideas:

  • Code of ethics
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Data security and privacy
  • Consumer protection
  • Workplace diversity and inclusion
  • Intellectual property rights

The compliance and regulation Kahoot topic builds teamwork and can protect businesses from incurring legal penalties and fees. A compliance and regulation Kahoot also creates a dynamic and engaging learning environment that helps employees embrace values and behaviors that drive organizational success.


Kahoot is an excellent tool for creating engaging and interactive learning experiences. The platform offers a wide range of topic ideas catering to different subject areas and interests. In addition, Kahoot has an easy-to-use interface and real-time feedback capabilities. Thus, hosts can create and customize quizzes and surveys that meet their teaching objectives and engage learners. Be sure to check out our selection of some of the most popular Kahoot topics and tailor the suggestions to your students or team members.

Next, check out our list of Kahoot tips.

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FAQ: Kahoot topics

Here are answers to questions about Kahoot topics.

What are Kahoot topics?

Kahoot topics are different subject areas and themes that Kahoot quizzes and surveys can cover. One of the most notable features of Kahoot is the gamification of education. As a result, the platform encourages active participation, collaboration, and knowledge retention. Kahoot also makes learning fun and exciting, making the platform a great choice for learning in schools or at work.

What are the best Kahoot topic ideas?

The diverse variety of Kahoot topics play an essential role in making learning more engaging, interactive, and effective. However, there is no single approach to the selection of Kahoot topics. We encourage teachers to tailor the subjects to the needs of their learners and create an inclusive learning environment that caters to different learning preferences and styles. Some of the best Kahoot topic ideas include space exploration, financial literacy, and current events.

How can I make Kahoot more interesting?

Kahoot offers an innovative approach to teaching and learning by incorporating gamification techniques, making the learning process more engaging and fun. However, the educational tool can become repetitive or less engaging over time.

Here are some tips and strategies for making Kahoot more interesting and engaging.

  • Add multimedia: Use images, videos, and audio to make the quiz more visually appealing and interactive.
  • Use humor: Include funny or witty questions to make the quiz more enjoyable and memorable.
  • Incorporate challenges: Add challenges like timed questions and bonus points to create excitement and competition.
  • Make the lessons interactive: Encourage learners to discuss answers, provide explanations, or share personal experiences relating to the quiz questions.
  • Create personalized quizzes: Allow learners to create their own quizzes based on their interests or knowledge areas.
  • Use team play: Create teams and allow learners to collaborate and compete against each other to make the quiz more engaging.
  • Mix it up: Vary the types of questions and activities to keep the learners engaged and interested.
  • Use real-life scenarios: Create scenarios that are relevant and applicable to learners’ lives and experiences.

These ideas will promote active participation, encourage healthy competition, and make learning experiences intellectually stimulating.

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