22 Best Trivia Topics for Adults

By: | Updated: August 27, 2022

Here is our list of fun trivia topics for adults.

Trivia topics are subjects you can use in trivia games. For example art, music, and sports. The purpose of these topics is to engage players and make the game interesting. Trivia topics are also known as trivia themes and trivia categories.

You can use these topics to play virtual trivia or trivia games for adults, and to write trivia questions for teams.

This list includes:

  • fun trivia categories
  • interesting trivia topics
  • trivia themes for game nights

Here we go!

List of trivia topics

Here is our list of fun trivia categories, trivia topics, and trivia themes for adult game nights.

1. Name That Children’s Book

Name That Children’s Book is one of the most fun trivia categories for groups. For this game, first choose common children’s books.

Children’s books ideas:

  • Dr. Seuss stories like Cat and The Hat, The Lorax, and Green Eggs and Ham
  • Little Golden books like The Pooky Little Puppy, The Fuzzy Duckling, and The Little Red Hen
  • Classic children’s stories like Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, and The Three Little Pigs

Then, choose some questions that are not too difficult but still challenging, like:

Q: In Dr. Suess’s The Cat in the Hat, how many cats were in the hat?
A. 5 cats
B. 2 cats
C. 24 cats
D. 8 cats
Answer: C. 24 cats.

2. Unusual Food

Foodies will enjoy guessing peculiar food from around the world in this trivia category. You can find inspiration for questions by Googling “unusual food around the world.”

Some fun questions include:

Q: In which country are tuna eyeballs considered a delicacy?
A. Japan
B. Brazil
C. Australia
D. Singapore
Answer: A. Japan.

Q: Where can you dine on a 100-year-old egg?
A. Russia
B. Finland
C. China
D. Estonia
Answer: C. China.

Q: In which country are fried spiders a popular street food?
A. Ecuador
B. Peru
C. Costa Rica
D. Cambodia
Answer: D. Cambodia.

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3. Famous Royals Odd Facts

The Royalists in your group will appreciate guessing odd facts about famous royals with this trivia category.

Q. Which Queen started the tradition of brides wearing white wedding dresses?
A. Queen Victoria
B. Queen Cleopatra
C. Mary, Queen of Scots
D. Catherine the Great
Answer: A. Queen Victoria.

Q: How many birthdays does the Queen of England celebrate?

A. 3
B. 2
C. 1
D. 0
Answer: B. 2.

Fun bonus fact: Per the Queen of England’s two birthdays, one birthday is her actual birthday, and the other celebration happens on the second Monday of June!

4. Celebrity Baby Photo

One of the best trivia topics for adults is celebrity baby photo trivia. To play this category, gather your favorite celebrities’ baby photos from the internet. Then, print the photos, cutting them into the size of an index card. Next, glue each photo on an index card. Finally, write four possible answers on the back of the card.

For example:

Q: Who is this famous actress?

[Insert baby photo of actress here]
A. Kate Hudson
B. Jennifer Garner
C. Jodie Foster
D. Jennifer Lawrence
Answer: B. Jennifer Garner.

You could also play this category virtually by making a photo slideshow and screen-sharing.

5. Famous World Pubs

Adult beverage enthusiasts will love answering questions about unique pubs from around the world.

Some fun questions:

Q: Which country hosts a hospital-themed pub called The Clinic Bar?
A. Hospital Pub, Ireland
B. Clinic Bar, Singapore
C. The Bandaid Club, England
D. Icky Wicky Pub, Wales
Answer: B. Singapore.

Q: Where can you have a beer inside a 6,000 year-old tree?
A. Modjadjiskloof, South Africa
B. Omsk, Russia
C. Pokahara, Nepal
D. Dalat, Vietnam
Answer: A. Modjadjiskloof, South Africa.

6. Childhood Toys and Games

You can bring back childhood memories with a fun Childhood Toys and Games trivia theme. In this game, players answer questions about classic toys like Mr. Potato Head, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Transformers.

Some questions to use:

Q: What childhood board game was invented in a hospital’s polio wing?
A. Operation
B. Candy Land
C. Monopoly
D. Sorry!
Answer: B. Candy Land.

Q: What are the names of the hungry hippos in Hungry Hungry Hippos?
A. Harry, Hippy, Hank, and Homer
B. Harry, Holly, Henry, and Homer
C. They have no names
D. Harry, Happy, Henry, and Homer
Answer: D. Harry, Happy, Henry, and Homer.

Q: What classic toy is the official toy of Mississippi?
A. Mrs. Beasley Doll
B. The Teddy Bear
C. Tonka Dump Truck
D. The Etch A Sketch
Answer: B. The Teddy Bear.

7. Outback Animals

Crocodile Hunter fans will love exciting trivia questions about Australian Outback Animals. You can add spice to your trivia game by serving trivia players Crocodile Cooler cocktails.

Some trivia questions:

Q: What Australian Outback Animal both has a lovely singing voice and peacock-like feathers?
A. Lyrebird
B. Cassowary
C. Sugar Glider
D. Australian Peacock
Answer: A. Lyrebird

Q: What is the name of an Outback wild dog?
A. Joey
B. Dingo
C. Sandy
D. Vegemite
Answer: B. Dingo.

8. Austin Powers Trivia

Over 25 years after its debut, I still love Austin Powers. Fellow Austin enthusiasts, I am sure, will love answering questions on our favorite Man of Mystery.

Some question ideas:

Q: Which Austin Powers character loved gold?
A. Oddjob
B. Patty O’Brien
C. Frau Farbissina
D. Goldmember
Answer: D. Goldmember.

Q: What movie character or person is Dr. Evil modeled after?
A. Lorne Michaels (Mike Myer’s SNL boss)
B. Dana Carvey
C. Jim Carrey
D. Blofeld from James Bond
Answer: D. Blofeld from James Bond.

Q: Which two Austin Powers characters did Mike Myers name after his favorite Toronto Maple Leafs players?
A. General Borschevsky
B. Number Two
C. Commander Gilmour
D. Nigel Powers
Answer: A and C. General Borschevsky and Commander Gilmour.

9. Name The Famous Painting

Art is one of the most popular trivia topics for adults. In our twist of Name The Famous Painting Trivia, players guess the piece of art based on a small piece of the painting.

Here are some example questions:

Q: What famous painting is this nose from?

A. Girl With a Pearl Earring
B. The Mona Lisa
C. Whistler’s Mother
D. Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer
Answer: B. The Mona Lisa.

Q: What artist painted these flowers?

A. Van Gogh

10. Unique Wine Destinations

Wine enthusiasts love to drink wine and learn facts about the beverage! You can tickle wine aficionados’ fancies with a unique wine destination theme. In this game, players must guess the venue that offers the unique wine experience.

Here are some example questions:

Q: Where can you drink wine and run a marathon at the same time?
A. Florence, Italy
B. Paris, France
C. Budapest, Hungary
D. Pauillac, France
Answer: D. Pauillac, France.

Q: Which country hosts a winery 3,000 miles away from any mainland?
A. Guam
B. Hawaii
C. Rangiroa Atoll
D. Tahiti
Answer: C. Rangiroa Atoll.

11. Weird Fashion Designs

There have been many outrageous clothing designs over the years. Weird fashion designs are one of the most fun trivia themes for game nights. In this game, players guess the designers that created the world’s strangest designs. To add to your theme, invite all trivia guests to dress in their weirdest outfits. You can even add a Lady Gaga cocktail menu, the queen of outrageous outfits!

Some example questions are:

Q: Which fashion designer fused clothing with furniture in his designs?
A. Hussein Chalayan
B. Alexander McQueen
C. Dolce and Gabbana
D. Gucci
Answer: B. Hussein Chalayan.

Q: Which celebrity wore a meat dress?
A. Brittney Spears
B. Katy Perry
C. Cardi B.
D. Lady Gaga
Answer: D. Lady Gaga.

12. 1960s Band Theme

The 1960s brought legendary bands that are popular today. You can have your guests test their groovy knowledge with a 1960s band theme. First, invite your guests to dress up as their favorite 1960s band like The Beatles or The Beach Boys. Then, set a snack menu for your players like Fish and Chips, a Beatles favorite. Next, come up with psychedelic trivia questions like:

Q: What product did The Monkee’s Michael Nesmith’s mom invent?
A. Thumbtacks
B. Correction fluid
C. The paper clip
D. The stapler
Answer: B. Correction fluid

Q: Which member of The Beach Boys is deaf in one ear?
A. Al Jaardine
B. Mike Love
C. Brian Wilson
D. Dennis Wilson
Carl Wilson
Answer: C. Brian Wilson

13. 1970s TV Trivia

As a child of the 70s, I loved watching shows like Little House on the Prairie and The Love Boat. Other ’70s children will love putting their knowledge to the test with a 1970s TV theme.

Some questions:

Q: What unique item did Bewitched’s Aunt Clara collect in real life?
A. Cat figurines
B. Decorative doorknobs
C. Clown figurines
D. Snow globes
Answer: D. Decorative doorknobs.

Q: Where is Mork and Mindy’s house located?
A. Denver, Colorado
B. Los Angeles, California
C. San Francisco, California
D. Boulder, Colorado
Answer: D. Boulder, Colorado.

14. 1980s Hair Band

1980s hair bands are so popular that they have their own Sirius channel. You can unleash players’ inner Bruce Springsteen with a 1980s Hair Band theme. First, encourage everyone to come to trivia night dressed in 80’s fashion. I would recommend hair bands, fake mullets, and jean jackets. Second, compile a list of 80s trivia questions like:

Q: Which Poison band member was a trained hairdresser?
A. Matt Smith
B. Bobby Dall
C. Richie Kotzen
D. Ricki Rocketts

Answer: D. Ricki Rocketts

15. Cooking Show Trivia

Cooking shows are popular amongst all age groups. In our version of Cooking Show Trivia, we ask everything from cooking techniques to random questions about famous cooking show hosts.

Some example questions:

Q: What is the Barefoot Contessa’s real name?
A. Ina Garten
B. Giada de Laurentiis
C. Anne Burrell
D. Rachael Ray
Answer: A. Ina Garten.

Q: What is chaunk?
A. Boiling meat and vegetables in a plastic bag
B. The process of stuffing a goose or duck
C. The process used to thicken a sauce
D. A spice garnish made by frying spices in ghee or oil
Answer: D. A spice garnish made by frying spices in ghee or oil

Q: Who cuts themselves more: chefs or sous chefs?
A: Chefs because sous chefs tend to have better knife skills

16. Ice Creams From Around The World

Ice creams from around the world is one sweet trivia theme. To go along with the theme, you can offer an upscale ice cream sundae bar.

Some ideas for an ice cream bar:

  • Distinctive ice cream flavors like Pina Colada, white peach and bourbon vanilla, and coffee cardamom
  • Toppings like bacon, coffee grounds, and chili powder
  • Syrups like lavender, caramel, chocolate, raspberry, and strawberry

A few ice cream trivia questions:

Q: Which of following countries counts kulfi, a frozen ice cream-like treat, as part of its national cuisine?
A. Pakistan
B. Peru
C. Canada
D. Mexico
Answer. A. Pakistan.

Q: Which country created spaghettieis, ice cream that looks like spaghetti?
A. Malta
B. Italy
C. Germany
D. France
Answer. C. Germany

17. Where In The World

Where in the World is one of the most fascinating trivia topics. This category gets contestants guessing about unique destinations across the globe.

Some sample questions:

Q: What country has the Cotton Castle?
B. Algeria
C. Syria
D. Iraq
Answer. A. Turkey.

Q: On which island do cats outnumber humans?
A. Heigun Island
B. Ao Island
C. Iwai Island
D. Ya Island
Answer. B. Ao Island.

Q: Which country contains the world’s largest rock?
A. Bora Bora
B. Saipan
C. Australia
D. Tarawa
Answer. C. Australia.

18. Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is home to more than 3,000 species. In this trivia theme, players guess the species based on one clue.

Some example questions:

Q: Which Great Barrier Reef fish can change its appearance to ward off enemies?
A. Parrotfish
B. White Spotted guitarfish
C. Reef stonefish
D. Cuttlefish
Answer. D. Cuttlefish.

Q: What is a bivalve mollusk?
A. A type of fish
B. A large clam
C. A type of sea turtle
D. A type of octopus
Answer. B. A large clam.

Q: What animal is closely related to the manatee?
A. Dugong
B. Giant Triton
C. Manta Ray
D. Nautilus
Answer. A. Dugong.

19. Spyware

James Bond has all kinds of cool gadgets, but so do real spies. In this trivia category, players guess which spy gadgets are real and which gadgets exist only in movies.

Some sample questions:
Q: Spy sunglasses: real or only found in movies?
A: Real

Q: Dentonite toothpaste: real or only found in movies?
A: Only found in movies

Q: Ballpoint pen grenade: real or only found in movies?
A: Only found in movies

20. Bizarre Airbnbs and Hotels

Many Airbnbs and hotels go beyond offering free coffee and WiFi. With a Bizarre Airbnb and Hotels topic, you can bewilder players with unusual places to stay.

Some example questions:

Q: Which city hosts a UFO Flying Saucer Airbnb?
A. Hardrock, Arizona
B. Pie Town, New Mexico
C. Redberth, United Kingdom
D. Roswell, New Mexico
Answer. C. Redberth, United Kingdom.

Q: Which state offers a potato-shaped Airbnb?
A. Kansas
B. Iowa
C. Idaho
D. Oregon
Answer. C. Idaho.

Q: Where can you sleep in a glass igloo and admire the Northern Lights?
A. Alaska
B. Norway
C. Finland
D. Russia
Answer. C. Finland.

Q: Where can you sleep in a house built off a 727 aircraft?
A. Costa Rica
B. Mexico
C. Peru
D. Columbia
Answer. A. Costa Rica.

21. Extreme Sports

One of the best trivia topics is extreme sports. For this topic, quiz contestants on exotic adventure sports.

Q: Which sport has swimmers swimming 1 mile in 41 degrees Fahrenheit water?
A. Ice diving
B. Arctic swimming
C. Ice swimming
D. Penguin swimming
Answer: C. Ice Swimming.

Q: What country hosts 20,000+ volcanic ash sandboarders a year?
A. Costa Rica
B. Nicaragua
C. El Salvador
D. Guatemala
Answer: B. Nicaragua.

Q: Where can you bungee jump over crocodile-infested waters?
A. Mexico
B. Jamaica
C. Cuba
D. South Africa
Answer. D. South Africa.

22. The World’s Most Extreme Animals

There are many interesting animals in the world, including some that you should admire from a distance. With this trivia topic, you can stump animal lovers on questions about the World’s Most Extreme Animals.

A few examples include:

Q: What animal sting can kill you in less than five minutes?
A. Stingray
B. Golden Poison Dart Frog
C. Box Jellyfish
D. Indian Red Scorpion
Answer. C. Box Jellyfish.

Q: Which fish can climb a tree?
A. Ocean sunfish
B. Chitala Chitala
C. Goatfish
D. Mudskippers
Answer. D. Mudskippers.


Trivia brings folks together in a competitive yet casual way.  There are many ways you can customize trivia depending on your players’ interests and hobbies. For example, if you are hosting a trivia night with ladies from your book club, then create a Women’s Literature trivia category. Or, if you are in a cooking club, then make a trivia centered around the food you enjoy cooking. You can also take different spins on common trivia themes. For example, take the basic category of art and turn it into a Rare Art Pieces from Around the World.

For more trivia ideas, check out this list of Christmas trivia questions and these trivia night ideas.

We also have a list of fun facts of the day for employees.

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FAQ: Trivia topics

Here are answers to questions about trivia topics.

What are topics for trivia?

Topics for trivia are ideas that you can center your trivia questions around. For example, some category ideas include Where in the World, Celebrity Baby Photo Trivia, and Bizarre Airbnbs and Hotels.

What are some good trivia categories for game nights?

Some good trivia categories for game nights are Name That Children’s Book, Famous World Pubs, and Famous Royals Odd Facts.

What are the best trivia topics for work?

Some of the best trivia topics for work include:

  • Novels
  • Art
  • History
  • Science
  • Literature
  • Geography
  • Sports

These topics are common yet versatile. You can either keep them basic or put twists on them like Extreme Sports and Name That Famous Painting.

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