19 Innovative New Employee Welcome Ideas for the Office

By: | Updated: January 10, 2023

Here is our list of the best ​​new employee welcome ideas.

New employee welcome ideas are activities used to integrate new employees into a company or organization. Examples of such activities include welcome gifts, a shadowing program, and a welcome party. These exercises aim to ease new employees into their new roles and reduce the tension associated with acquiring a new job.

These ideas are similar to employee onboarding activities and virtual employee onboarding activities.

This list includes:

  • welcome pack ideas for new employees
  • fun ways to welcome new employees
  • new hire welcome party ideas
  • new team member welcome activities

Let’s get to it!

List of employee welcome ideas for the office

From a shadowing program to group lunches to a scavenger hunt, here is a list of fun and engaging ideas to welcome new employees to the office.

1. Give Your Employees a Tour of the Office

A tour is a perfect way for new employees to familiarize themselves with the workplace. This advice also applies to remote jobs. You can give new employees a virtual tour, highlighting important places in the online office. This step ensures that new employees know where to find items and get a good overview of the company’s system and processes. This activity also helps them understand the hierarchy of the office, making it easy for them to know who to go to when they have questions.

To do a tour:

  1. Schedule a time for the tour.
  2. Give the employee a tour of the office, showing them which offices they will be working in and letting them know where they can find everything they will need.
  3. If possible, you can also show the new employees relevant locations outside the office, such as restaurants or local cafés where they may go for lunch.
  4. You can conclude the tour with any questions the employees may have about who to meet concerning resources for work, complaints, or payroll.

A tour gives new employees an idea of what to expect at their new job. Ensure that you cover all necessary offices and departments in the office during the tour so that the new hires see how the company runs from an insider’s point of view.

2. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are exciting new team member welcome activities that you can use to encourage teamwork between new employees. This activity is fun and helps new hires familiarize themselves with their workplace. The scavenger hunt relays information in a fun and engaging way and reduces the anxiety and tension associated with a new work environment.

For the scavenger hunt:

  1. You can customize the scavenger hunt in several ways, depending on the office setting, but the easiest way is to set up a traditional treasure hunt with clues.
  2. Before the new hires arrive, it is best to give current employees a heads-up so that they are not caught off guard.
  3. Set up a simple office map and send it to all new employees before the hunt.
  4. Set up distinctive “treasures” like a red mug, a yellow cap, or a backpack with the company logo in strategic locations in the office.
  5. Each new employee gets a treasure to find and clues to follow.
  6. You can also encourage new employees to work in teams to help them make new friends and builds good work relationships.
  7. If possible, let the new employees keep the items they find as souvenirs of the hunt.

To make the scavenger hunt more exciting, you can set up a timer for 30 minutes and encourage the new employees to find the hidden “treasures” within the given time.

Here are more scavenger hunt ideas for adults.

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3. Shadowing Program

A shadowing program is a form of training that allows new employees to follow and observe existing employees. You can use this activity to integrate new employees into the office system and provide hands-on experience. This exercise also helps them get a deeper understanding of what their new roles entail.

The shadowing program can last from a few days to a few weeks. To carry out the initiative effectively, assign existing team members to new employees for a few days or weeks, depending on how much experience the new hires have.

The current employees will need to show the new hires around the office, ensuring they feel comfortable and welcome in their new work environment. This strategy gives new employees the experience to carry out tasks independently and without supervision.

4. Provide a Group Lunch

Existing employees may prefer to catch up and interact during lunchtime, which may make new employees feel excluded. To help new hires build new work relations and interact, you can provide a group lunch for all new employees.

The head of the HR team can organize a group lunch at a restaurant not far from the office, giving the new employees enough time to eat, engage and head back to the office. This activity helps new employees relax and encourages them to interact with other employees.

5. Create a Company Guide

The company guide is a handbook containing directions and information related to the company’s values, policies, mission, and benefits. The guide is an excellent onboarding tool as it provides all the necessary details new employees need to know about the organization.

The company guide does not have to be an entirely formal document. You can make it visually appealing with images and animated graphics to explain the company’s cultures, expectations, and policies. This approach is to make it appealing and worth reading.

6. New Employee Welcome Kits

Welcome kits are welcome pack ideas for new employees that show them that you are happy to add them to your team. The welcome kit can contain gifts like pocket-sized hand lotions, mugs, markers, pens, and notepads. You can also include desk calendars, mugs, and stress balls.

Welcome kits are a simple modern employee onboarding process that shows new employees that you value them. Welcome kits commonly include branding and company logos. Therefore, it is important that the kits are beautifully packaged and well designed, as it will contribute greatly to how new employees view the company.

7. Decorate New Employees’ Workspace

To welcome new hires officially into the company, you can get current employees to help decorate the new employees’ workspace with balloons, flowers, welcome signs, and greeting cards. Sweets, cakes, or boxes of chocolates are also good alternatives.

To decorate a new employee’s workspace:

  1. Write a short welcome message on cardboard and place it on the new employee’s desk.
  2. Blow up some balloons and tie them to the side of the desk.
  3. Wrap a coffee mug with a large ribbon and place it on the new employee’s desk.
  4. Get a stationery cup and put some pens, pencils, erasers and a ruler in it.
  5. You can also get a gift basket containing items such as chocolates, cookies, and candies and palace it on the new employee’s desk.

Decorating new employees’ workspaces makes them feel welcomed and productive. This decoration will make new employees feel more comfortable and make it easy for them to interact and associate with their colleagues.

8. Set Up a Buddy for New Employees

A buddy system is an onboarding method that pairs new employees with existing company members. This system works best if they pair with employees who have worked with the company for longer than three months. You can pair the new hires with employees from other departments of the office so that they can meet and interact with different team members and learn about the functions of various departments in the company.

A buddy can hasten the onboarding process and increase a new employee’s productivity. This exercise may also help new employees feel more confident in the office. For example, new employees may find it difficult to ask questions out of a fear of seeming inexperienced. In such a case, they can direct the question to their buddies instead. A buddy should be friendly, understanding, and have good communication skills. It also helps if new employees get assigned buddies with the same values and hobbies.

9. Hold Casual Q & A Sessions

Casual Q & A sessions help you get to know your employees outside of the work setting. This activity gives new employees to ask casual and fun questions that they may have been unable to ask within a formal environment. This activity shouldn’t be one-sided and can even involve existing employees.

Examples of questions include:

  • What do you like to do for fun?
  • What is your favorite TV show?
  • What books do you love?
  • Do you like traveling?
  • What kind of music do you like?

This activity may help new and current employees discuss what they have in common, interact and get to know each other better.

For inspiration, here are more get to know you questions.

10. Send Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are a good way to make new employees feel recognized from day one. In your welcome emails, let your new employees know that you are excited to see their skills and looking forward to working with them.

The welcome email should be friendly and cheery and reflect your company’s values. Your welcome email may include a reminder of the work resumption date, a complete schedule, and contact information in case the new employees have questions. The welcome email is usually one of the first communication points with new hires before they join the company. Therefore, the message should be properly drafted.

11. Organize a First Day Party

First-day parties are fantastic new hire welcome party ideas. The parties are a simple way to make new employees feel comfortable and bring the entire crew together. The first-day party can be a lunch-get together, after-work dinner, or a picnic.

Organizing this kind of activity will give new employees the chance to meet and interact with their employees outside the work setting. This activity also encourages new friendships and helps develop good work relationships. Examples of activities that new employees can enjoy at the first-day party include a hula-hoop contest, karaoke, playing pool, and throwing darts.

Check out more office party ideas.

12. Organize Company Outings

Company outings are fun ways to welcome new employees. If your company organizes weekly lunch, dinner, or happy hour events, ensure that your new hires get an invitation. Company gatherings help new employees meet and bond with coworkers, making it easier for them to connect with their teammates.

This activity also makes it easier for new hires to develop significant workplace relationships, unwind and have fun. Company outings may also include visiting a local tourist site, a fun fair day, or a karaoke night. To organize outings for new hires, you will need to set a budget, agree on a specific date, and send out invitations to employees.

Here are company offsite ideas.

13. Create a Schedule or Itinerary

Creating a schedule or itinerary will help new employees know what to expect on their first day at work. This step gives new team members clear expectations and helps them remain focused. The gesture also helps new hires make the most of their time.

Setting up a well-detailed schedule will also ensure that new employees work without pressure and offer their best efforts. The schedules should have a clear-cut list of activities and expectations that you expect new employees to meet before the end of the day. The schedule should also have reasonable break times to ensure that new employees are not overwhelmed.

14. Creating Business Cards for New Employees

Creating business cards for new employees is a great way of welcoming them into the company. This idea helps them start to network from the very first day. Business cards are also an affordable way of promoting your business and giving it visibility. The business card shows new employees that your company is professional and that you trust them with your business.

The business card should show the new employee’s name and what role they play in your company. The card should also have the company’s logo, official email, and other contact details.

Pro tip: To streamline this process, you could order digital business cards in bulk and help new employees set up their profiles on day one. This approach eliminates printing waste and delays.

15. A Welcome Board Signed By the Entire Team

Getting a welcome board signed is a new team member welcome activity that all existing employees can embrace. To carry out this exercise, you will need a large blank board or a welcome sign. Then get every employee to sign the message.

This task becomes even better when the crew holds up the welcome board when the new employees walk into the office. Signing the welcome board involves current employees in the onboarding process so that new employees do not feel isolated or ignored. The signed welcome board also builds camaraderie in the workplace and helps employees develop significant work relationships.

16. Take a Picture of New Employees With the Team

Pictures are memorable and an easy way for new employees to grow familiar with office faces. To take a picture of new employees with the team, set a specific day for the picture and have a photographer on standby. You can also have all the employees dressed in a particular color or following a specific dress code.

To make it even more memorable for new employees, have them stand in front of older employees for the photo. Once the picture is ready, have it framed and have one placed on every new employee’s desk. Taking a picture will make their first day at work memorable and may help develop friendships among employees.

17. Send New Employees Coffee Every Morning

Most folks work better after a hot cup of coffee in the morning. You can use this kind gesture to welcome new employees to your company. It is best to ask the new hires how they like their coffee made and have a cup sent every morning for the next week or two. This kind gesture helps the new employees settle better into their new roles and makes them feel comfortable in their new work environment.

18. Introduce New Employees on Official Social Media Pages

Knowing the team behind a business helps build credibility and boosts a business’s brand reputation. You can welcome new employees by posting them on your company’s official pages and showing them off as new additions to your team.

It is important also to highlight new hires’ job titles and their roles in your company. This step shows transparency to old and new customers and makes new employees feel like they add value to your company.

19. Celebrate Your Employee’s 100th Day at the Office

Working in a new company is a journey for each employee. Celebrating a milestone such as their 100th day at the office shows you appreciate their efforts. The celebration can be small and may only involve sharing a couple of pastries for old and new employees at the office.

If the 100th day applies to several new employees, you can also turn this into an after-work event, allowing new employees to celebrate this milestone with their colleagues outside the office. This activity will help them engage, interact and build stronger work relationships. You can also get 100 pieces of candy, chocolates, and biscuits and gift them to the new employees on their 1ooth day at work. The new hires will likely share these treats with their colleagues, creating stronger bonds and building camaraderie in the office.


Employee welcome ideas are activities that can help you make new employees feel comfortable in your company. They are activities or ideas that you can use to motivate new hires and help them settle quickly into their new roles.

These ideas also aim to help you set a good first impression for your company. It is important to note that you should only choose activities that fit your company and team.

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FAQ: New employee welcome ideas

Here are some questions that are often asked about new employee welcome ideas.

What are new employee welcome ideas?

New employee welcome ideas are activities or ideas used to integrate employees into a new work setting or environmeThese activities aims is to ensure that employees do not feel overwhelmed, excluded, or anxious in their new roles. These touches also ensure that new employees have positive first impressions of their employer.

What are some good new hire welcome ideas?

Some new hire welcome ideas include creating a company guide, welcome emails, first-day parties, and welcome kits.

How do you welcome new employees to the office?

You can welcome new employees by introducing them to the rest of the team, providing a welcome kit containing necessary work tools such as highlighters, pens, and pencils, and having a welcome party for them.

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