14 Online Drinking Games to Play on Zoom

By: | Updated: August 01, 2022

You found our list of the best online drinking games to play on Zoom!

Online drinking games are virtual activities that involve sipping a drink when prompted by the rules. Examples of games include Never Have I Ever, Zoom Flip Cup, and Drunk Pirate. While these games typically include alcoholic beverages, you could play with nonalcoholic drinks or use physical challenges instead. The goal of virtual drinking games is relaxation and socialization. These games are usually played on Zoom or FaceTime.

These games are a subset of games to play on Zoom, and are perfect for virtual happy hours, virtual game nights and Zoom games for large groups.

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Let’s get to it!

List of online drinking games

From word games to card games to flip cup, here are the most entertaining drinking games to play online over Zoom or FaceTime.

1. Boozy Zoom Bingo

Bingo is fun to play online with coworkers. You can easily turn the activity into a drinking game by taking a sip every time you mark off a square.

We made a template for you.

Zoom Happy Hour Bingo Template

The first player to mark five squares in a row and shout out Bingo wins!

For a similar game, check out Online Team Building Bingo.

2. Online Scavenger Hunt

Zoom Happy Hour Scavenger Hunt Clues

Scavenger Hunts make for the best interactive online drinking games. To play, ask players to fetch items one by one. Participants who do not own the items must drink. The first player back to the computer can pick another player to drink. The last player to return drinks automatically.

We made a template to use for your game.

For more tips, check out virtual scavenger hunt ideas.

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3. Blackout Truth Or Dare

Blackout Truth or Dare is a classic game with a modern spin. Players follow regular Truth or Dare rules, except that players turn web cameras off if not willing to answer the question or complete the dare. The host then picks a player to complete the challenge. All players who opt for black screens must drink. Hosts can choose drinking-related questions or dares too.

Here is a tool to generate random truth or dare prompts for your game:


4. Drunk Pirate

Drunk Pirate is one of the most popular virtual drinking games. Simply visit the website, agree to the terms, and start playing. The site shows flash cards with instructions such as “the best dressed player must drink,” or “you and the player on your right name your favorite movies. The group picks the worst film. Loser drinks.”

You can play as many rounds as you like, and feel free to skip work-inappropriate prompts. Best of all, the game is free!

Play Drunk Pirate.

5. Zoom Flip Cup

Flip cup is a drinking relay race. One by one, players down a drink and overturn the cup.

To play:

  1. Place your phone or laptop on a stable surface.
  2. Grab a second table for the cup.
  3. Divide into two teams.
  4. Determine a drinking order.
  5. The next player in line cannot start drinking until the previous player finishes drinking and successfully flips the cup upside down.
  6. The first full team to finish wins.

The cup must be in full view of the screen at all times.

To make the game easier to follow, ask teams to use different color cups or to mark cups with a symbol.

6. Online Safari

One of the best parts of Zoom meetings is catching a glimpse of participants’ pets. Safari has one simple rule– when you see an animal on screen, take a drink.

As the game goes on, you can add extra rules. For instance, when you spot a shy pet, take two sips, and when a cat knocks over a cup down your drink.

7. Ride the Bus

Ride the Bus is a card-based drinking game where each round follows a different rule. The dealer flips over cards one at a time, asking players to predict the kind of card. If wrong, the player must drink, and if right, the player picks someone to drink. Each round, the player keeps their card, as the next question usually involves previous cards.

Round 1: Red or black?
Round 2: Higher or lower?
Round 3: Inside or outside? As in, will the value of this card fall between the two numbers of the first two cards, or no?
Round 4: Guess the suit

In the last round, if the player guesses the suit correctly, they can give out five drinks. If not, the player must take one drink.

To play Ride the Bus on Zoom, use an online deck of cards and share the screen.

8. Synonyms

Synonyms is a fast-paced virtual drinking game. One player says a word, and the next players list synonyms. The game moves in clockwise order, and each round ends when a player hesitates or repeats a word. After taking a sip, that player then shares a totally new word.

9. Rhymes

Like Synonyms, Rhymes requires players to take turns adding words. Instead of listing synonyms, participants name words that rhyme with the starter word.

To make the game harder, ask players to create whole rhyming lines of poetry instead of simply adding one word.

10. Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves is a Zoom drinking game for large groups. To play, assign each participant a pet peeve. Then, send attendees to breakout rooms. Players announce to the room, “my pet peeve is…” The other players confess whether or not the phrase applies, and if so, player one must drink.

For example, if “my pet peeve is people who play the banjo,” and another player raises a hand, then player one takes a sip. The game breaks the ice and helps guests get to know each other. Players understand the “pet peeves” are not real.

Here is a starter list of pet peeves:

  • People who have been in bands
  • Only children
  • Bird owners
  • Pescatarians
  • Cyclists
  • Spelling bee winners
  • Former beauty pageant contestants
  • Swing dancers
  • Folks who wake up before 6AM
  • Stand up comics
  • Metal music fans
  • Beer brewers

Depending on the size of the group, give players five minutes or so in each breakout room. Then call participants back to the main room and send them to new breakout rooms.

11. Virtual Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is one of the easiest long distance drinking games. First, participants hold up ten fingers. Players take turns sharing “Never Have I Ever” statements. Any player who has performed the act must lower one finger and take a sip.

Here is a list of starter statements:

  • boarded an airplane
  • been to the boss’s house
  • owned an iguana
  • stolen a coworker’s lunch
  • run a website
  • written a play
  • touched a painting in a museum
  • pranked a coworker
  • received a present from a client
  • traveled for work
  • worked in another country
  • worked in a different industry
  • done dishes during a Zoom meeting
  • wore sandals with socks

Here are similar question games.

12. Would You Rather

Would You Rather asks players to choose between two actions. Often, the options are gross, silly, or hard to choose between.

To play as a drinking game, the team with the least answers drinks. Another fun rule is that the player with the best justification can choose someone to drink.

Here is a list of starter questions:

  • Work early in the morning or late at night?
  • Marry a stranger or forget your best friend?
  • Win the lottery or land your dream job?
  • Have bad breath or get caught with your fly down?
  • Never have to clean again or never have to cook again?
  • Gain super strength or super smarts?
  • Walk ten dogs at once or clean ten litter boxes?
  • Master the power of flight or invisibility?
  • Be a poor genius or a rich idiot?

Check out our full list of Would You Rather questions.

13. This or That

This or That is one of the simplest online drinking games. Players ask each other to choose between two opposites, sharing answers aloud, in the chat, or changing display names to the response. The team with fewer votes each round must drink.

Here is a list of starter questions:

  • cats or dogs?
  • Coke or Pepsi?
  • beer or wine?
  • go out or stay in?
  • vacation or staycation?
  • Zoom or Skype?
  • meetings or emails?
  • snack break or social media break?
  • beach or woods?
  • summer or winter?
  • comedy or drama?
  • tacos or burritos?
  • pizza or chinese?

This or That communicates player preferences and quickly establishes common ground.

Explore more This or That questions.

14. Online Trivia

Online trivia challenges are great Zoom drinking games. When teams or individuals guess answers incorrectly, they drink.

Here are some starter trivia questions:
1. Q: Which US state quarter features a diamond?
A: Arkansas
2. Q: Peter Gene Hernandez is the real name of which popular singer?
A: Bruno Mars
3. Q: What is the official national dish of England?
A: Chicken Tikka Masala
4. Q: What was the original name of the drink Bloody Mary?
A: Bucket of Blood or Red Snapper
5. Q: Which is the only planet to spin clockwise?
A: Venus

For more tips, check out our guide to virtual happy hour trivia.


Playing drinking games online is a great way to unwind and spend quality time with friends, family, or coworkers. The rules of these games and activities are simple, so players catch on quickly. Plus, online drinking games are social games and foster human connection, even if you are on a Zoom screen.

For more fun tips, check out our lists of Zoom meeting ideas, virtual games for large groups, online minute to win it games and socially distant team building activities.

We also have a list of Zoom game apps, Zoom games for holiday parties and kits for virtual happy hours.

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FAQ: Online drinking games

Here are answers to common questions about playing drinking games online.

What are online drinking games?

Online drinking games are virtual icebreakers that involve the consumption of alcohol. Players must sip a drink when prompted by the rules or other players. Participants play these games during video calls over Zoom or FaceTime. Most players use wine, beer, or spirits, and you can play with nonalcoholic beverages as well.

What are some good Zoom drinking games to play online?

Some good Zoom drinking games are This or That, Safari, Ride the Bus, and virtual scavenger hunts.

How do you play Zoom drinking games?

The mechanics of Zoom drinking games are similar to real life drinking games. Instead of gathering in a real room, participants meet in Zoom rooms. To play drinking games on Zoom, explain the rules, ensure everyone turns on their cameras and microphones, and have fun! Posting the rules in the chat or sharing a graphic is a good idea, and so is using Zoom features like breakout rooms to make the game interactive.

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