Online Team Building Bingo

By: | Updated: August 01, 2022

Online Team Building Bingo is a fun and easy game you can play with remote employees.

Other names for Online Team Building Bingo include Virtual Team Building Bingo and Remote Team Bingo.

The game is similar to icebreaker bingo, great for virtual team engagement, a little nostalgic, and a familiar format.

Here is a free game board you can use:

And here is one you can print:

Online Team Building Bingo

You can send your colleagues the URL for this page or “right click + save as” to download the above image to your computer. You may use this game board for your internal virtual team building or conference calls.

Here is a blank template that you can fill in with your own clues:

Online Team Building Bingo template

If this Online Team Building Bingo board is useful for you then we would LOVE if you post it on your company blog and link to or from your post. #share-the-love

How to play Online Team Building Bingo

Here are the rules for Virtual Team Building Bingo:

  • Distribute the Online Team Building Bingo board to your remote employees.
  • Decide on a timeline, which could range from a single video conference call through a month or longer.
  • A player gets a point when they learn information from a coworker that applies to the Bingo board.
  • Have players track performance, marking an “x” or similar for each box they complete. The center square is a free point for all players.
  • Award prizes for the first player to complete challenges like an entire row or an entire board.

Online Team Building Bingo Tips

Knowing the rules is just part of the game. You can also consider these fun tips and ideas to boost the experience.

  • Create your own Bingo board. Using ours is fun, and customizing a game board for your team is even better. You can add inside jokes, references to specific team members and similar.
  • Award prizes! Even a $5 gift card ups the stakes from bragging rights.
  • Provide enough time to play. For example, you may want to game to span an entire week so your people have more opportunities to connect.

More Online Bingo Templates

Check out these posts for more online Bingo templates:

Just scroll down or do a “ctrl + f” search for “bingo” on those pages.


Your team will likely enjoy Remote Work Bingo too.

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  • Sheila Suarez says:

    Scavenger hunt would be a great idea for team building.

  • Sarah Turner says:

    It would be fun to find a way for employees to win prizes or earn points for each bingo.

    • Shannon says:

      We are doing prizes that are gift cards to local businesses that are open and could use the business boost during the pandemic. Those who are comfortable can use theirs now or wait until they are ready to go out. Win-Win!

  • Elaine says:

    Such a fun game! I’m trying to use your template to fill in my own clues but how do you add text? Can you show me?

  • Sasha says:

    Could you please expand on this point: “A player gets a point when they learn information from a coworker that applies to the Bingo board.”? Thank you!

  • Diana says:


    Please explain what is meant by: “A player gets a point when they learn information from a coworker that applies to the Bingo board.”? How are they obtaining the information?

    Thank you!

    • Michael Alexis says:

      Hi Diana! Different ways of playing. The most popular is to get everyone on a virtual call and do breakout rooms or similar. The convos provide opportunities for questions :- ) You can do it over chat too.

  • Diana says:

    Hi Michael!! Thanks for the quick response. At our weekly Microsoft Teams Video meeting we spend about 15 minutes to discuss business then the remaining time is for fun; so our Manager alternates the team members to give a fun presentation for the remaining time of the meeting. The meeting is an hour, we are all teleworking and there are 11 of us on this team. I really am excited about the Bingo game.
    I’m going to give each person two squares about themselves which I will then place on the board anonymously. MY ISSUE: I am having the darndest time trying to figure out how everyone can obtain that information before it is time to play the game. Any suggestions?

    • Michael Alexis says:

      My pleasure :- )

      We usually play this as an icebreaker game, so participants learn the information during the game. With Microsoft Teams, you could divide into groups of 5 or so and do separate calls where the groups can talk it out, and then after 5 or 10 minutes mix up the groups.

      Could that work for what you have in mind?

      Best wishes!

  • Rebecca says:

    I like the idea, but I don’t understand how this is played during videoconferencing. If you mix up groups, do you then award points for entire group?

    If I use Zoom breakout rooms, how will players let me know that they have won?

    I would really appreciate your feedback on this.

  • Kaneez Sogra says:


  • Aaliyah says:

    In your opinion what is the best way for participants to mark their squares as complete? I’m worried some might not have access to a printer to print a paper copy of the board.

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