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You found our list of fun corporate team building activities in Atlanta, Georgia.

Team building activities in Atlanta are fun ways to help your team bond, learn, and have a good time in the South. Fortunately, Atlanta is also home to fantastic team-building opportunities like indoor amusement parks, guided food tours, and escape rooms. These exciting activities will help motivate and inspire your workforce in Atlanta’s bustling corporate environment.

These ideas include indoor team activities and outdoor team building activities and are great ways to foster workplace cooperation. This is similar to corporate event ideas in Atlanta.

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Team building activities in Atlanta

If you are searching for corporate team building ideas in Atlanta, the following list will show you options to consider.

1. Ultimate Escape Room

Visiting an escape room is one of the best team building activities for adults in Atlanta. At the Ultimate Escape Game in Atlanta, you and your team will collect clues, answer puzzles, and use your combined brainpower to escape a themed room before the countdown is complete. Synergy, optimum productivity, and a memorable good time are just a few of the benefits of this event.

The escape room also offers commemorative t-shirts as part of their all-inclusive team-building programs so that you can wear your win around town in style. You may even make a night of the event with meal and drink packages. An escape room is an excellent way to foster teamwork, collaboration, and bonding.

Find out about Ultimate Escape Room.

2. Bank Heist

The bank heist is a favorite among “detective” fans worldwide. This activity starts with the story that intruders have infiltrated the vault! Your crew must solve a daring bank robbery as they swap their computers for detective gear. The bank’s security crew is unavailable, and you have to figure out how the crooks could sneak past the high-tech system protecting the vault. The hosts will guide you and your team through a series of riddles and tasks to get clues and unearth important information about this spectacular theft before the criminals get away with it for good.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

3. Skyline Park

Skyline Park is a fantasy-themed amusement park perched on the Ponce City Market’s rooftop. On the boardwalk modeled after Coney Island, your team can enjoy several carnival activities, including mini golf, break-a-plate, and skee ball. You and your group can also zoom down a three-story slide and eat and drink the latest in trendy cuisine. You will strengthen relationships within your team while having a good time with this activity.

The best part of this activity is that the rooftop of Ponce City Market offers breathtaking views of Buckhead, Midtown, and Downtown. You can take a group picture and maybe even see your workplace in the background. You may purchase group tickets or arrange for a private event.

Learn more about Skyline Park

4. The Great Guac Off­­­

The Great Guac Off is one of the best team building exercises in the world. The activity finds its root in the guacamole-making competition. A series of mini-games, like avocado trivia and Punacado, precedes a fast-paced battle to create the finest guacamole in the room.

The activity includes party hosts, food, awards, and pictures, and guests may even bring their own alcohol. You can also get custom trophies if you want. You can have Guac Off at your workplace or conference room and one of TeamBuilding’s rental venues.

Learn about the Great Guac Off.

5. Red Wagon Goats in Stone Mountain

Thanks to the year-round pleasant weather, there are many options for outdoor team building activities for large groups in Atlanta. For example, goat yoga incorporates mindfulness and a feeling of adventure. Your team will perform yoga routines outside, often in the dirt, while goats wander and play around you.

Many teams like this kind of attention-getting event, considering it integrates lovely animals with a pleasant and remarkable experience. Goat yoga is about stepping out of your comfort zone, whether you are a yoga master or not. There is a private goat yoga practice for teams and groups at Red Wagon Goats in Stone Mountain. You may go to their farm area or have a session in your location.

Learn more about Red Wagon Goats in Stone Mountain.

6. The Center for Puppetry Arts

The Center for Puppetry Arts is one of Atlanta’s cultural treasures and a great way to teach teamwork. This museum and theater house the most extensive collection of Jim Henson’s puppets, props, and costumes. In addition, their theatrical productions are a treat for the young and old alike.

In addition, the Center for Puppetry Arts provides team-building courses for corporations. There are many similar skills between a puppeteer and a business leader, such as listening, communication, trust, and creative thinking. Therefore, creative puppetry activities for team building may help you empower your group to work together.

The Center’s team-building activities are customizable to reflect the goals and values of your company. The majority of sessions are between two and three hours long. Aside from visiting the Center for Puppetry Arts, you may choose to have your session at your preferred venue.

Read more on the Center for Puppetry Arts.

7. The Stone Summit

Team building activities for small groups in Atlanta are a sure way to team every team member on the importance of collaboration. Stone Summit offers an indoor rock gym to bring your team together for a climbing activity. You will learn about the value of teamwork and assistance from the experts while receiving climbing training. This activity will have you trying to outdo your colleagues to get to the top. This exhausting yet thrilling adventure is an excellent opportunity to connect with your teammates despite the sweat. The essential part is to take pleasure in the rush of safe ascent.

Learn more about The Stone Summit.

8. Murder Mystery Co.

Team-building exercises are at the heart of what The Murder Mystery Co. does best. You and your team members will work together to solve a murder mystery using several clues. Your group will be in stitches with laughter throughout this tremendously engaging event. As a bonus, you will improve your team’s communication and problem-solving abilities.

The story will get immersive as soon as your squad enters the room. The activity fosters healthy competition as your colleagues turn into suspects and detectives. You will need to mingle with the other players and strike up conversations with them to solve the crime. This activity is a great way to build bridges across departments. Finally, you will find the murderer and savor the moment by collecting the clues.

Check out Murder Mystery Co.

9. Whirlyball Atlanta

Whirlyball Atlanta has been a favorite Atlanta team-building exercise for over two decades. The activity requires ten to 20 players to enter bumper cars and use a stick with a net to pass a whiffle ball and score points. Whirlyball is a great way to build trust, communication, and morale. Your team will also have fun riding in a bumper vehicle.

Team building packages are available at Whirlyball’s Roswell location. In addition to the bar, you can also get a stage for your business event. The Whirlyball crew can assist in making your event a competition. When you have a group of more than ten to twenty members, Whirlyball can assist you in rotating staff into and out of bumper vehicles, so each participant gets a chance.

Learn more about Whirlyball Atlanta.

10. ScavBoss

You can give your team a well-deserved break from work to explore the city with scavenger hunts. ScavBoss offers a personalized experience, including proven game mechanics, fun story elements, and wicked smart puzzles. This activity is a great way to have a meaningful wander out and about in Atlanta. Scavenger hunts are also a great pastime for employees who have just relocated to the Atlanta region.

Read more on ScavBoss.

11. Team Building with Taste

Atlanta-based Team Building with Taste provides food-based team building activities. The Team Building with Taste is a three-hour activity in which your team tries to make a full course dinner in a friendly competition. Your team will get surprises throughout this workshop to encourage innovative thinking and problem-solving skills. After the activity, you can sit at the table in the private dining area and have a great time with the rest of the team.

Participants in Taste of Innovation get a “mystery basket” of items and must cook a meal with them. Then, under the guidance of a chef, each team utilizes the resources at their disposal to make a delectable dish. The company also instructs teammates in making an array of different foreign tapas like empanadas, Korean lettuce wraps, and Argentinian choripan sliders.

Learn more about Team Building with Taste.

12. The Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is a great place to learn about nature while having a great time together. Corporate groups may get special rates for the aquarium. The ticket gives you access to all galleries, a 4D movie, and a dolphin show.

If you are itching for more action, then you can book an add-on experience as an optional extra. This add-on might include close interaction with sea life during an animal encounter. You may also take a “Behind the Seas” tour to see how the aquarium runs. There is a lounge area for corporate teams with 25 to 50 members with entry tickets. You and your group may take a break from the aquarium activity to dine, socialize, and unwind.

Read more on The Georgia Aquarium.

13. The College Football Hall of Fame

When you visit the College Football Hall of Fame, your team will be in the company of legends. The Hall of Fame honors some of college football’s best players and teams.

In addition to a tour, you and your team will participate in innovative seminars on a 45-foot playing field to cultivate your own passions. Group activities are a great way to improve your teamwork and problem-solving abilities while also having fun. The game will pump up your squad and prepare them to take on the next challenge.

Learn more about The College Football Hall of Fame.

14. Martin Luther King Jr. Sites

This activity gives your employees an incredible experience as you focus on achieving your company’s DEI objectives. On the tour of the King Historic District, your team will immerse themselves in the life of Martin Luther King Jr. Beyond the story, you will also get a closer view and insight into the people and places that influenced this Civil Rights pioneer.

You should consider this activity if you want to inspire and teach your team members. Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church and relics from The King Center are two of the trip’s highlights. While on Jackson Street Bridge, you can see the city from a new and incredible perspective. Prince Hall Grand Lodge, a key venue in the Civil Rights movement, is also on the itinerary.

Learn more about the Civil Rights Tour and check out more DEI activities.

15. Foxhall Resort

One fascinating team building idea in Atlanta is to explore 1,100 acres of guided ATV riding tracks with your group. You and your crew will spend a whole day exploring some of Georgia’s most beautiful terrain. Then, your group will be ready to explore a Douglasville estate with all the necessary equipment and safety gear.

If you are looking for a thrill, then the Foxhall Resort offers over 40 activities and amenities, with guides on hand to help groups of any size. The facility is only a short drive from Atlanta, making it an ideal destination for a weekend trip.

Learn more about the Foxhall Resort.

16. The Painted Duck

Atlanta’s most prestigious gaming parlor, The Painted Duck, is a great place to bring your team. As you play many lanes of Duckpin Bowling, you will strengthen the bonds between teammates and boost morale. The facility offers games like Snookball and Belgian Feather Bowling. You and your staff will have fun while learning new games. A dash of friendly rivalry on your team may help your group draw closer together and bring them out of their comfort zones.

Options for semi-private to full venue rental are available at The Painted Duck. If you are searching for a fun team-building activity with speakeasy undertones, then this activity is an excellent idea.

Learn more about The Painted Duck.

17. The Splatter Studio

The Splatter Studio in Atlanta is great for learning about action painting art. Participating in an action painting session is a great way to let your creative side shine. You can draw inspiration from painters like Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, who pioneered the action art movement of the 1950s and 60s. This chaotic and enjoyable event will help you and your team develop new ideas and views.

You will get up to an hour painting your 16×20 canvas with various paints, brushes, and other supplies. Splatter’s artists will work with each team member to help them create their own unique works of art.

Learn more about The Splatter Studio.

18. Bike tour of Atlanta

One unique way to see Atlanta is on two wheels. Bicycle Tours of Atlanta offers teams tours of Atlanta’s rich history and varied culture. You may learn about Atlanta’s history, the Civil Rights Movement, environmental issues, and street artists, among other tour selections.

Handled by professionals, the bike tour offers a fresh look at the city where you work and live. This activity is great for parties of all sizes, from five to 50 motorcyclists. The facility tailors all bike trips to the needs and interests of the participants, delivering a unique and memorable experience.

Whether you choose a comfort or electric bike, you will get all the resources you need for a successful journey. Tour guides are happy to offer their expertise to ensure that this activity is suitable for both long-time and new residents of Atlanta.

Read more on the Bike Tour.

19. Midtown Bowl

Midtown Bowl offers a traditional business retreat if you are up for a quick bowl against your teammates. You can book a few lanes and see who can knock out most pins in friendly games. For added fun, challenge your team to get bragging rights while enjoying delicious pizza. The place offers a VIP area with artisan brews and personal service for your privacy and delight. Bowling is a good way to enjoy an exciting event while chatting with teammates. With this American pastime, your coworkers will be able to unwind.

Check out Midtown Bowl

20. Grant Park

A food and drink tour is an excellent activity to get your teammates off work and explore the city. The Grant Park Past and Future Food Walk is a great avenue to enjoy great meals and amazing scenery. As part of this trip, you will sample eight traditional southern cuisine from three different restaurants. Six Feet Under, Firepit Pizza Tavern, and Little Tart Bakeshop are a few places you will visit.

On the tour, which takes about three hours, you and your team will cover 1.2 easy miles of walking, including a meander through Historic Oakland Cemetery. There is also no need to worry about the team’s dietary requirements since the tour allows for most dietary restrictions with early notification.

Learn more about the Grant Park Tour.


The city of Atlanta might seem like a lot to take in, but once you experience its wonders and friendliness, you will want to call it home. Atlanta offers a wide range of activities, from adrenaline-pumping treasure hunts and rock climbing to action painting at the Splatter Studio. These events make the city a hot new location for the next great idea because of the incredible start-up environment. To sum it up, this frantic metropolis has a long history of keeping its residents occupied.

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FAQ: Corporate team building activities in Atlanta, Georgia

Here are some frequently asked questions about Corporate team building activities in Atlanta

What are some good corporate team building ideas in Atlanta?

Some excellent team building ideas in Atlanta include a trip to the MLK sites, Bank Heist, and action painting.

What are fun team building activities to do in Atlanta?

Fun team-building activities include food and drink tours, scavenger hunts, and rock climbing.

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