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22 Best Team Building Activities in Dallas, TX

You found our list of fun team building activities in Dallas, Texas.

Team building activities in Dallas are fun and challenging activities designed to boost productivity and morale in the workplace. Examples include food tours, paintball games, and escape rooms. The importance of these activities is to create a cohesive group of employees that like working together and are committed to the business’s success.

These activities are examples of team building exercises and employee engagement activities. These ideas are similar to corporate events in Dallas and Dallas company outings.

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List of team building activities in Dallas

Dallas, one of the largest cities in Texas, is conveniently located close to the state capital and the breathtaking Texas Hill Country. The following is a list of excellent team building activities in Dallas, Texas, to choose from, whether you are looking for an urban or rural getaway, imaginative indoor activities, or outdoor experiences.

1. Field Day (Team Favorite)

You can bring your team outdoors for an afternoon of fun in the sun with Field Day! Participants will play exciting games and go head-to-head in friendly competitions in this team building experience.

Here is what you can expect during Field Day:

  • Experienced hosts will meet you at the location of your choice
  • Hosts will bring any needed game equipment
  • Teams will play nostalgic games and battle it out in exciting competitions for 90 minutes
  • Hosts will take photos that you can hang in the office or share online

Field Day encourages teamwork, nurtures friendly competition, and cultivates a strong bond among colleagues. For a high-energy experience, be sure to check out Field Day!

Learn more about Field Day.

2. The Great Guac Off™️ (Highly Rated)

The Great Guac Off is a lively experience that pits teams against each other in a friendly guacamole-making competition! We will bring all the tasty ingredients, including chips, to the venue of your choice.

Here is what you can expect:

  • 90 minutes with expert hosts
  • enjoyable warm-up games and icebreakers
  • avocado-themed trivia and exciting mini-games
  • guacamole-making battle featuring an optional secret ingredient
  • judging round and a winning team

The Great Guac Off promotes strong bonds, enhances communication skills, and fosters teamwork. Be sure to check out this experience to make lasting memories!

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

3. Superhero Academy (Popular)

superhero academy

Superhero Academy is an action-packed team building experience. In this hosted 90-minute event, you and your team become the heroes of your very own comic book adventure!

Here is what to expect during Superhero Academy:

  • Form superhero teams
  • Create custom costumes, names, powers, and backstories
  • Complete thrilling games, puzzles, and challenges to test your skills
  • Listen to captivating background information and comic-book stories

Superhero Academy lets your team embrace their inner heroes, boosting collaboration, creativity, and a sense of adventure. So consider Superhero Academy for your next team building experience!

Learn more about Superhero Academy.

4. Nightly Spirits

Teams who enjoy spooky stories and cocktails will love going on a tour with Nightly Spirits. Guests can choose from three tours, which are the Dallas Ghost Tour Pub Crawl, Nightly Spirits Haunted History Field Trips, and private tours. During the ghost tour pub crawl, guests get to walk for a mile and explore Dallas’ most haunted bars and buildings. Hosts will tell tales of murder, mystery, and mortals during this downtown exploration. Teams more interested in history can choose the history field trip, where they will learn about haunted buildings, political scandals, and Dallas’ background. The private tours include customizable options so you can create the perfect experience for your team. For a hauntingly good time, check out Nightly Spirits.

Learn more about Nightly Spirits.

5. CocoAndré

Indulging in a sweet treat is a great way to create strong bonds, and CocoAndré has delicious desserts. This family-owned Mexican-American confectionary focuses on tasty chocolates. Teams can taste truffle flavors like raspberry lavender, dulce de leche, and tequila. Visitors interested in a different type of candy can check out the shop’s barks and bars. For true Texas flair, guests can also enjoy the Western collection, which has fun chocolate shapes like cowboy boots and cacti. Additionally, CocoAndré has incredible cafe drinks, like horchata, Mexican hot chocolate, and hibiscus tea. So sweeten up your next team building adventure at CocoAndré!

Learn more about CocoAndré.

6. Trinity Forest Adventure Park

The Trinity Forest Adventure Park provides every resource you need for a thrilling day of team building on the ropes courses and zip lines. Depending on the program, you may spend up to three hours on the ropes course and have a BBQ lunch or dinner. Your group will have the chance to build trust and take on more leadership roles as they traverse up to seven acres of forest on more than 60 high platforms. Trained instructors are on-hand to guide you and your team and ensure safety.

Learn more about Trinity Forest Adventure Park.

7. Dallas Party Bikes

For a more laid-back team building experience, consider having your team on a ride with Dallas Party Bikes. Your team will enjoy a two-hour pub crawl in Dallas’ Deep Ellum district on a bike that can take up to 15 participants. The bike has an inbuilt sound system with fun led lights. Therefore, you may bring your own drinks on board the bike and jam to tunes as you cruise the streets in style. This option is a great choice for a team building exercise since it will require every team member to work together and pedal to conquer the hills. Team pedaling is one of the most interesting team building activities for small groups in Dallas, TX, but you can also rent several bicycles for a group of up to 75 individuals.

Learn more about Dallas Party Bikes.

8. Idea Fountain

Joining a community service event organized by Idea Fountain for your team building activity does some good in the world. For example, the children’s hospital in your area will receive care gifts you collect. Idea Fountain provides various alternatives for combining this with other team development exercises. Scavenger hunts, roboracing, and charity golf competitions are a few favorites to consider. In addition, the company can deliver event supplies to your office or the preferred location.

Learn more about Idea Fountain.

9. Texas Wine & Wood

An arts and crafts activity is a great way to bond and boost morale. Your team can have a blast in Texas Wine & Wood’s innovative studio, or the company can bring the party to you with their mobile party service. You and your team will decorate wooden signs or paint designs on a pallet. Wine makes for a great companion while painting, and the whole experience is perfect for a calm night out with colleagues. Crafting at a brunch party with unlimited mimosas seems like a great idea.

Learn more about Texas Wine & Wood.

10. Gat Splat

Gat Splat has three paintball locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth region for team building activities for adults in Dallas. The facility is perfect for both big and small groups, and you can decide to reserve the entire place for your thrilling outing. Each participant will get their protective gear and 300 paintballs. Following the game, you can stay back for the catered food and drinks. This location is indoor and, therefore, has air conditioning and is perfect for a hot summer day.

Learn more about Gat Splat.

11. A Room With a Clue

While team building exercises like visiting an escape room never get old, teams in Dallas searching for a unique activity for their company can opt for one that offers tailored sessions for employees. It is no secret that the Deep Ellum location of A Room With A Clue is one of the best options in the city with customizable events. The Doll House, The Ship, The Treehouse, and The Theater are some of the available rooms. If you are part of a larger group, then you will need to divide into smaller teams to answer the clues, and then every player may re-visit the area together to debrief. You can take your gaming experience and apply what you have learned in the real world.

Learn more about A Room With a Clue.

12. Murder Mystery Adventure

For this activity, you and your group will immerse yourselves in a thrilling live-action murder mystery experience under the guidance of professional actors. A skilled comic plays the main investigator, keeping the audience engaged and laughing. To solve the murder, your team must examine all the evidence and clues provided during the story. The professional performers never break character, keeping you immersed in the drama. You can also enjoy delicious snacks and drinks during your stay.

Learn more about Murder Mystery Texas

13. Painting With a Twist

Painting With a Twist is a fun painting party where you can learn how to create beautiful works of art while enjoying some delicious wine. The facilitators provide various customizable workshops to meet the specific needs of a company’s retreat or team building event. You can pick a collaborative event where every team member works together to paint a huge canvas you can display in the office’s break room. Other great options for you and the team include Paint Your Pet and Trivia Night.

Learn more about Painting with a Twist.

14. Improv to Improve

Many teams can benefit from Improv to Improve’s team building workshops, which concentrate on soft skills like public speaking, collaboration, and quick thinking. You may book an independent class or include the activity in a more extended event like a business retreat. Although the event may seem intimidating at first, improv is a great way to bond as a team and improve morale in the workplace.

Learn more about Improv to Improve.

15. Elm Fork Shooting Sports

Elm Fork is an indoor shooting range offering clays, handguns, rifles, and a shop. If you are looking for team building activities for large groups in Dallas, Texas, the 467-acre park is home to a wide variety of facilities, including target ranges, skeet fields, trap fields, and pistol bays. All skill levels, from novice to pro, may benefit from the knowledgeable guidance offered by the instructors. You will also learn great safety tips and shooting lessons from the range marshals. The in-house corporate event space is perfect for team-building exercises. Plenty of parking is available, so your team members can arrive with little fuss.

Learn more about Elm Fork Shooting Sports.

16. Canyons and Crags

You can take advantage of being in central Texas by hosting a session on survival techniques, rescue lessons, and outdoor skills. Rich Carlson is a seasoned canyoneer and adventure guide available to lead your team on a thrilling outdoor expedition or facilitate a team building session at your preferred location. The Ultralight Rigging and Rescue course emphasizes thinking critically and solving problems quickly under pressure. Groups with prior outdoor experience seeking to boost their skills will benefit from this activity.

Learn more about Canyons and Crags.

17. Camping

Camping is a great opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city for the weekend. Even more so, venues are abundant on Hip Camp. There are some very spectacular sunrises at the Lake Lavon campground. Up in the north, at Trickle Creek Ranch, you can get a taste of the real South. Visit the Azzurro Moon Llama Ranch and gawk at the adorable newborn llamas and other animals. In addition, you will learn more about your team members as individuals outside the workplace.

Learn more about Dallas camping sites on Hip Camp.

18. DFW Adventure Park Obstacle Course

The DFW Adventure Park has a paintball field and an obstacle course that is better suitable for participants trying extreme sports for the first time. Participants of various experience levels may join the instructor-led team building exercises and leave their comfort zones. You may play multiple games, including paintball, Airsoft, laser tag, and zip-lining. From Capture the Flag and zombie hunts to mud runs, this Dallas location can accommodate any of your fantastic team building ideas.

Learn more about DFW Adventure Park.

19. The Truck Yard

The Truck Yard is a food truck and beer garden experience. The space has quirky spaces to eat, such as a tree house, a windmill, and even an airstream bus. Diners can enjoy food from several different trucks, such as My Pies Pizza, Dallas Grilled Cheese Co., and Smoke City. On Sundays, teams could also swing by to check out a brunch truck.

Visitors will also enjoy free live music daily, with previously featured artists such as Matt Brooks, Jared Pool, and Clay Thrash. The location also hosts a new themed party once per month, so be sure to see if your trip lines up with these events! If you have a large team, then you can also book some or all of the space for a private party. Most importantly, The Truck Yard donates a portion of proceeds to the Truck Yard Nursing Scholarship. Your team can support the community while chowing down!

Learn more about The Truck Yard.

20. Urban Air Adventure Park

This trampoline park is a great place to enjoy memorable team building. You can bounce your way through designated areas for trampolines. Furthermore, this location offers a wealth of other fun options. To begin, enroll in aerial lessons on the ropes course. Likewise, have your group scale barriers and work their way up an obstacle course. During the activity, you will have to think ahead and use brute force to overcome a series of challenges. In a nutshell, this park is the place to indulge your inner kid.

Learn more about Urban Air Adventure Park.

21. Dallas Zoo

For team building, you can take a trip to the Dallas Zoo to see some amazing animals with your coworkers. You could break up into smaller groups and have little competitions, like checking who can identify the most number of animals in the allotted time. The changing seasonal exhibitions here are a complete delight, from the tropical jungle to the vast grasslands. You can see cheetahs race at the zoo, feed giraffes, and even check out the penguins! This activity is a fantastic opportunity to connect with the families of your teammates.

Learn more about the Dallas Zoo.

22. Dallas World Aquarium

Spending an evening with your team at the aquarium will set the stage for a memorable experience. You could use one of the many available spaces to host business dinners and other social gatherings. For instance, you will see tropical fish swimming at the Rainforest exhibit. Although the corals in the Reef Room are the main attraction, some very happy clownfish come by too. The finest marine artifacts from around the world, from South Africa to Borneo, are present in one convenient location. Meanwhile, you could attempt to identify ocelots and flamingos.

Learn more about the Dallas World Aquarium.


With so many options, team building exercises are a breeze in Dallas. The city has something fun for everyone, whether it is an imaginative museum tour or a thrilling treasure hunt. In addition, Dallas offers a wealth of opportunities for virtual team building activities too. Regarding increasing productivity and satisfaction, management experts unanimously recommend team building activities. Most importantly, business events and team building exercises help employees better communicate and collaborate.

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FAQ: Team building activities in Dallas, Texas

Here are some frequently asked questions about corporate team building activities in Dallas

What are some good corporate team building ideas in Dallas?

Some good corporate team building ideas include paintballing, murder mystery adventure, and escape room.

What are fun team building activities to do in Dallas?

Some fun team building activities in Dallas include painting with a twist, improv, and ax throwing.

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