Updated: January 19, 2024

22 Best Team Building Activities in St. Louis, MO

You found our list of fun team building activities in St. Louis, Missouri.

Team building activities in St. Louis are events that provide excellent opportunities to bring your coworkers together, improve communication, and boost collaboration. Examples of corporate team building ideas in St. Louis include The Great Guac Off, escape rooms, and food tours. These team building activities are vital because they improve morale and foster a sense of loyalty and happiness among workers. Therefore, the team is more likely to be innovative and productive.

These activities are similar to corporate event ideas in St. Louis, St. Louis company outings, small group team building ideas, team bonding exercises, trust-building activities, and relationship-building activities.

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Here we go!

List of team building activities in St. Louis

Big and small businesses can engage in the following team building activities for adults in St. Louis.

1. Field Day (Popular)

Field Day is an energetic contest featuring innovative and classic outdoor activities! This friendly competition will strengthen colleagues’ skills and help them bond.

Here is what you can expect from Field Day:

  • a 90-minute session led by a talented facilitator
  • childhood favorite games and contests
  • a wide range of fun outdoor activities
  • chances to take exciting team photos

Best of all, we will bring all the game equipment to the location of your choice. If you are looking for a way to boost your team’s soft skills, then be sure to add Field Day to your agenda!

Learn more about Field Day.

2. The Great Guac Off™️ (Staff Favorite)

With The Great Guac Off, you can go on a unique avocado-themed adventure! This extraordinary guacamole-making competition brings participants together.

This experience includes the following:

  • a 90-minute journey led by an experienced host
  • premium guacamole ingredients and chips
  • an optional secret ingredient to ignite excitement and creativity
  • exhilarating avocado-themed trivia, mini-games, and facts
  • a high-energy guacamole mash-off and the judging session

Further, we will bring all the necessary supplies to your chosen venue for a seamless experience. If you are looking to foster camaraderie and communication among your staff, then check out The Great Guac Off!

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

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3. Superhero Academy (Highly Rated)

superhero academy

During Superhero Academy, participants can tackle challenges and tap into their inner heroes! Through this real-life comic-book adventure, teams will learn to utilize their collaboration and communication skills.

Superhero Academy includes the following:

  • 90 minutes facilitated by a skilled host
  • compelling storytelling that will turn participants into superheroes
  • dynamic games and activities designed to test players’ abilities
  • interactive tasks that showcase each team member’s unique strengths

Further, we will bring all the necessary supplies to your preferred venue. If you are looking to experience the power of teamwork and create lasting memories, then check out Superhero Academy!

Learn more about Superhero Academy.

4. Grant’s Farm

Grant’s Farm offers teams an amazing experience! You can start with a tram ride through Deer Park that showcases the space’s wildlife. Then, you can enjoy the Teir Garten, which features a petting zoo, carousel rides, food, and beer tasting. The farm also hosts rotating seasonal events. Best of all, entry is free!

For a more exclusive experience, you can book private tours. These tours include special property access, animal encounters, and photo ops. If you are looking to host a private team building event, then consider booking the space. Private parties include accommodations for up to 400 participants, which is great for team building activities for large groups in St. Louis. Whether you are interested in animal encounters or delicious beer, Grant’s Farm is a great team building spot!

Learn more about Grant’s Farm.

5. 4 Hands Brewing Co.

Beer fans will enjoy spending time together at 4 Hands Brewing Co.! This firm makes a variety of delicious brews, such as IPAs, lagers, and pilsners. If you are more interested in unique flavors, then you can keep an eye out for seasonal and limited-edition releases. 4 Hands also makes a low-sugar seltzer.

The brewery and tasting room showcases the drafts, and you can enjoy food from the Peacemaker kitchen. While visiting, you can play some classic arcade games like skee ball. 4 Hands also books reservations for large groups and meetings.

Learn more about 4 Hands Brewing Co.

6. City Foundry

City Foundry is home to restaurants, retail, and entertainment, perfect for an all-in-one team building experience. The food hall offers global cuisines that can accommodate different food allergies. Examples of available restaurants include 4 Hens Creole Kitchen, Hello Poke, and Chicken Scratch Rotisserie. After a great meal, you can shop for amazing goods from Candle Fusion or Golden Gems. For entertainment options, the Foundry offers venues like City Winery and 18 Rails. Finally, you can enjoy regular events like trivia and live music.

Learn more about City Foundry.

7. World Chess Hall of Fame

If your team loves board games, then consider taking them to the World Chess Hall of Fame! This venue is home to many chess-themed exhibits. Examples of previous exhibitions include featured chess sets and chess dining and decor. The hall also hosts live events, such as concerts, artist talks, and tours. Your team can also see the world’s largest chess piece. After your visit, you can stop by the Q Boutique to explore chess sets, books, apparel, and accessories.

Learn more about the World Chess Hall of Fame.

8. Campbell House Museum

The Campbell House Museum is a unique landmark. Prominent banker Robert Campbell purchased the house in 1854, and he and his family lived there until they all passed. The Campbell House Museum opened in 1943.

Interestingly, lawyers found a photo album showing the whole house’s interior as well as the surrounding neighborhood. The pictures date to around 1885 and were used as references during the museum’s restoration.

Today, visitors can explore the space during a one-hour guided tour. The museum houses rotating exhibits that cover topics like wedding fashions. Further, guests can enjoy events such as lectures, receptions, and seasonal activities.

Learn more about the Campbell House Museum.

9. Laumeier Sculpture Park

Art fans will love spending time in the Laumeier Sculpture Park! This 105-acre space is home to over 70 larger-than-life sculptures. Entry is free, so this park is a great spot for budget-conscious teams.

Sculptures range from abstract shapes to detailed still lifes. Some works even use unique materials, like tires or plants. The park also hosts artists in residence and rotates some displays, so you can always find new pieces to enjoy.

In addition to viewing interesting art, you can stop by to enjoy one of Laumeier’s unique events. Examples of previous events include art-making workshops and lecture series. Whether you want to learn more about sculpture or simply go on a nice walk, Laumeier is a great stop!

Learn more about Laumeier Sculpture Park.

10. The St. Louis Wheel

One great way to enjoy the city skyline is by visiting the St. Louis Wheel! This Ferris wheel is designed for observation and reaches an impressive 200 feet tall. Enclosed gondolas fit up to eight passengers at a time. Additionally, you can book a private gondola for a VIP four-person outing. Groups of ten or more can reach out directly to book an experience. The Wheel also hosts private events, which are great for branding, awareness, and celebrations. Nearby, Union Station and the St. Louis Aquarium can add to your team building outing.

Learn more about the St. Louis Wheel.

11. Magic Mini Golf

If you are looking for a classic team building experience, then check out Magic Mini Golf! This venue has an 18-hole mini course themed after magic and magicians. The space also has two full-sized shuffleboard courts and an arcade. Further, the course has a small five-chair indoor Ferris wheel!

Your team can play a round and then head to the café for snacks, pizzas, desserts, and drinks. If you are interested in hosting a private event, then you can take advantage of Magic’s stage for speeches or performances. With multiple food and beverage packages available, Magic Mini Golf is a great spot for a team outing.

Learn more about Magic Mini Golf.

12. Top Notch Axe Throwing

Ax throwing has gained widespread acceptance as a team building exercise. The activity is simple and allows team members to engage in friendly rivalry as they aim axes at targets. Instructors are available to provide safety training and guidance throughout the activity. Top Notch has locations in St. Charles, Ballwin, and the Gateway Arch. You may hire a private lane for smaller or medium-sized teams or the full ADA-accessible facility that can take up to 65 participants. Although teammates can bring their drinks, the site offers on-site catering.

Learn more about Top Notch Axe Throwing.

13. Pieces Game Bar

Pieces Game Bar is an excellent choice for your next corporate event if you are looking for a fun team building exercise. This stunning location allows you to chill and enjoy a competitive gaming session with your coworkers. Hundreds of board games are available, so every team member will find a game they like. The pub also offers excellent food and beverages for the fun activities. You can also have a special company occasion with custom cakes and pastries from their bakery. One of the games you can play with your colleagues is the business-oriented game of Monopoly. At this game bar, team building will be a ‘fun and games’ experience.

Learn more about Pieces Game Bar.

14. Kabloom

With the proper settings and conditions, you can motivate your employees to get out of their shells and participate in the company’s activities. Using hip-hop, DJing, and street art, Kabloom aims to let participants express themselves creatively. Your teammates can show off their new skills after attending a workshop on sound and graffiti.

Additionally, Kabloom provides remote teams with virtual graffiti workshops. Your teammates will get all the necessary resources, including art supplies and spray paint. Each participant will get guidance and practice time before unveiling their results.

Learn more about Kabloom.

15. Upper Limits

This team building event will challenge you and your workers to new heights. Climbers must use a mix of mental and physical stamina to overcome the climbing routes. Trained instructors will guide you through the fundamentals of climbing during this two-hour event. Bold climbers can scale the walls on their own thanks to the auto-belay devices. The primary claiming area has a maximum height of 40 feet above ground level. The facility will provide all the required climbing equipment.

Learn more about the Upper Limits.

16. The Lemp Mansion

The Lemp Mansion is a perfect stop for your team building outing! This venue offers a restaurant, mystery dinners, and ghost tours. The menu features delicious classics like chicken parmesan, Steak Diane, and chicken piccata.

During the mystery dinner, guests can enjoy a set menu while interacting with actors to solve the mystery. Shows cover topics like The Wild West, Andy Griffith, haunted mansions, and holidays. You can also book a private mystery dinner.

Teams can choose from three ghost tour options. Tours include The Lemp Experience, The Lemp Mansion Spirits Tour, and Haunted History Tours with Betsy Belanger. During these hunts, paranormal investigators will take your team through three floors of the mansion. Using special equipment like infrared cameras, you will look for ghosts in the halls. On Betsy’s tour, you will learn more about the history of the mansion. Plus, she concludes her sessions by attempting a psychic communication!

No matter which experience you opt for, The Lemp Mansion is a spooky good time.

Learn more about The Lemp Mansion.

17. Team Saint Louis

Playing human foosball on the life-size foosball court in St. Louis is one of the unique team building activities. The activity will have your players tethered to horizontal poles, limiting their movement to groups of three or two. Roller derby, rugby, and volleyball are just a few fun team building activities at this facility, operated by Team St. Louis, an LGBTQ+ humanitarian organization. Beach volleyball, kickball, and softball are also available via Team St. Louis.

Learn more about Team Saint Louis.

18. BarCycle St. Louis

St. Louis BarCycle is a pedal bar that can hold up to 14 people, including 12 pedalers and two passengers, for a tour around the city. This BYOB tour will take you through the historic Soulard district, allowing participants to stop for local beer deals. To make the tour around St. Louis even more personal, you could bring your own music collection. Pedal party is one of the city’s more unusual team building activities for small groups in St. Louis.

Learn more about Barcycle.

19. RYZE Adventure Park

The adventure park is a great place to foster collaboration and communication. A four-story nest of difficult obstacles awaits you and your squad, where you would swing, climb, or crawl. A sky-bound stroll and full-fledged daring feats are among the 110 distinctive features of the adult jungle gym. The whole course is around two and a half hours long.

The instructors will verify that all climbing equipment is safe to use. Climbers may take their own path through the course because of its freeform layout.

Learn more about RYZE Adventure Park.

20. Glazed and Confused

Yoga and meditation may help you relax, but they do not offer plenty of excitement. As a fun alternative, you can host a finger painting session for your employees on-site. For a remarkable team building event, provide your coworkers with paints and sketching paper. This activity is excellent for relieving stress and tension. You can work with your team to create a massive work of art with your coworkers and display it in your break room to serve as a wonderful talking point. Additionally, you and your employees may benefit from this stress-relieving exercise together in a fun setting.

Learn more about Glazed and Confused.

21. Arch City Adventures

Arch City Adventures provides interesting team development activities at eight venues across St. Louis. Indoor and outdoor courses are available, making this activity perfect for weather and safety reasons. Archery tag, similar to dodgeball with bows and soft-tipped arrows, is their most popular pastime. Bubble soccer, foot darts, and a St. Louis Zoo treasure hunt are all available. Arch City is a great place to have a good time. This location is one of the most exhilarating options for St. Louis team building.

Learn more about Arch City Adventures.

22. Central Studio

A dancing competition is one of the fun team building ideas in St. Louis. Dancing allows you and your team to have a good time and build camaraderie at the same time. At Central Studio, you may form small groups to choreograph your own routine. You can also challenge your employees to a dance-off once each group has crafted its routine to see who comes out on top. After a busy day of team building in St. Louis, you deserve some time to rest and unwind.

Learn more about Central Studio.


You can enjoy more than just Budweiser and BBQ in St. Louis. While both options have their place, you will want something more deliberate to bring your team together. The people of St. Louis are kind and welcoming, and there is a wide range of activities and sights to see. In St. Louis, you will find all you need for team building, whether you want to relax on a riverfront cruise or pump your heart out in a high-rise climbing gym.

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FAQ: Team building activities in St. Louis, MO

Here are frequently asked questions about corporate team building activities in St. Louis.

What are some good corporate team building ideas in St. Louis?

Some good corporate team building ideas include escape rooms, laser tag, and food tours.

What are fun team building activities to do in St. Louis?

Some fun team building activities include dance-off, ax throwing, pedal party, and bubble soccer.

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