21 Top Team Meeting Icebreakers

By: | Updated: April 17, 2024

You found our list of team meeting icebreakers.

Team meeting icebreakers are activities that help team members get to know each other. For example, these games could include Icebreaker Jenga, Word Chain, or Bookworm Two Truths and One Lie. The purpose of these activities is to encourage communication and build trust. These activities are also known as “business meeting icebreakers” and “creative team meeting starters.”

These team meeting icebreakers are similar to icebreaker games, large group icebreakers, and end-of-the-year icebreakers.

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Let’s get to it!

List of team meeting icebreakers

From Icebreaker Jenga to The Name Game, here is our list of icebreakers for team meetings.

1. Icebreaker Jenga

Icebreaker Jenga is a fun way to strengthen team relationships during meetings. This game uses a traditional Jenga set but with a unique twist. Instead of blank blocks, label each piece with a question or prompt. Examples include, “What location do you enjoy vacationing at the most?” or “Discuss a significant accomplishment in your professional life.”

As players remove blocks from the tower, they answer the question on their piece. With this activity, the team can learn about one another in a fun way. Icebreaker Jenga is a great way to create connections.

2. Word Chain

Word Chain is a simple yet engaging icebreaker. In this game, the first player says a word. Each following player says a related word. For instance, if player one says, “Cheese,” then the next player could say, “Cheddar.” If a player cannot think of a word, then they are out of the game. This cycle continues until one player remains.

To make this game harder, you can set a specific theme for the starting words. Examples include animals, plants, or industry-related terms. This activity stimulates players’ cognitive skills and fosters a sense of camaraderie.

Here are more word games for work.

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3. Meeting Bingo

Meeting Bingo is an enjoyable and interactive icebreaker activity for team meetings. Hosts can make Bingo cards with common phrases or actions that usually happen during meetings. Participants mark off the squares as they observe these moments throughout the meeting. The first player to complete a row or pattern on their Bingo card wins!

Here are examples of Bingo card squares:

  • Someone arrives late
  • Someone mentions the weather
  • Someone brings up a recent news event
  • Someone takes a phone call during the meeting
  • Someone makes a joke
  • Someone suggests ordering food for the group
  • Someone uses a buzzword or corporate jargon
  • Someone asks for clarification on the agenda
  • Someone volunteers to take on a task
  • Someone brings up a previous meeting or decision
  • Someone shares a personal anecdote
  • Someone doodles on a piece of paper
  • Someone suggests a coffee break
  • Someone mentions a sports event
  • Someone suggests a team building activity
  • Someone brings up a relevant statistic or data point
  • Someone shares a success story or case study
  • Someone mentions a hobby or interest outside of work
  • Someone makes a comment about the meeting venue or location
  • Someone brings up an upcoming holiday or vacation 
  • Someone mentions a recent movie or TV show
  • Someone suggests a new idea or initiative
  • Someone checks their watch or looks at the clock
  • Someone suggests a follow-up meeting
  • Someone makes a reference to a popular meme or internet trend

Meeting Bingo adds excitement to team meetings and encourages attentive listening and participation.

Check out this icebreaker Bingo generator.

4. Bookworm Two Truths and One Lie

Bookworm Two Truths and One Lie is one of the simplest icebreakers for company meetings. This exercise puts a literary twist on this classic game.

In this activity, each participant shares two true statements about themselves and one false statement. In Bookworm Two Truths and One Lie, the statements must all be about books. Folks could discuss which books they have read, plot points, or characters. The rest of the team then guesses which statement is the lie. This game encourages communication, builds trust among team members, and adds excitement to the meeting. Plus, teams can get new book recommendations!

5. Zoom Background Challenge

The Zoom Background Challenge promotes creativity and collaboration during team meetings. Participants must create unique virtual backgrounds for their Zoom meetings. Teams can use images and videos or design custom backgrounds.

To make this exercise more engaging, set a theme. For example, backgrounds could represent teams’ favorite vacations, cute pets, or favorite meals. At the beginning of the meeting, take a few minutes to discuss each background. This activity is a great way to learn about your team’s interests and personalities.

Here are more fun Zoom meeting ideas.

6. Audio Trivia Quiz

An Audio Trivia Quiz is an enjoyable and interactive icebreaker. During this game, participants will listen to audio clips rather than traditional quiz questions. Clips could be movie quotes, song snippets, or unique sounds. Players will compete to identify each sound. Whoever earns the most points wins!

This activity promotes teamwork, collaboration, and friendly competition among team members. Plus, using audio clues enhances engagement and excitement.

7. Sentence by Sentence Storytelling

When looking for creative team meeting starters, consider Sentence by Sentence Storytelling. In this activity, every team member takes turns contributing one sentence to tell a story. The tale begins with a basic prompt, like “Once upon a time,” and the first participant starts with their sentence. Each following team member adds their sentence, building on what their colleagues said. Be sure to give every member a chance to add a sentence to the story.

During this exercise, either record the story or have a team member write it down. In the end, read the tale back to members so they can hear it from start to finish. This exercise encourages creativity, teamwork, and active listening skills among the group.

Check out more communication games.

8. Story Behind the Name

Story Behind the Name is a great icebreaker for folks who do not know each other well. This activity is simple, as each team member takes a minute to share information about their name. Folks can talk about who their parents named them after or if their name has a deeper meaning.

This activity starts engaging conversations and fosters a sense of connection among team members. Story Behind the Name is a lighthearted way to break the ice and learn more about your colleagues.

Here are more get to know you activities.

9. Speed Meeting

Speed Meeting is one of the best icebreakers for large groups that help colleagues bond. For this exercise, split colleagues into pairs. Then, give the whole team an icebreaker question to discuss. Finally, set a timer for one to three minutes. Groups will quickly discuss the icebreaker. After time runs out, have folks switch partners and repeat the process. This activity encourages networking and fosters connections among team members.

Here is a list of networking icebreaker questions you can use.

10. What’s in Your Bag

What’s in Your Bag is a simple activity that can break the ice before any event. Folks will take turns sharing one item from their purse or briefcase. Objects could have an important personal significance or could just be handy tools. Then, participants can talk about why they carry this item with them. This exercise fosters bonding and open communication. Plus, participants will gain insight into each other’s lives.

11. Pass the Picture

Pass the Picture is among the best simple yet effective business meeting icebreakers. In this game, each team member gets 30 seconds to draw part of a picture. After the time is up, folks pass their drawings clockwise. Folks have another 30 seconds to add to the image. This process continues until the original artists get their pictures back. This game can create interesting, funny, and odd pictures. Players can have fun conversations about the art after the exercise.

Here is a list of online drawing games.

12. Five Things in Common

Five Things in Common is a great way for workers to create connections. In this game, folks split into pairs. You can set a timer for five minutes. Players will spend the time trying to find five interests or experiences they have in common with one another. For instance, colleagues could connect on their favorite meal or a past vacation spot. Once workers find their five connections, they can share them with the rest of the team. This exercise helps colleagues bond and have interesting conversations.

13. DIY Coffee Bar

Setting up a DIY Coffee Bar can be a wonderful icebreaker during team meetings. You can create a specific area where team members have access to various coffee, tea, and hot chocolate choices. Additionally, you can offer toppings such as whipped cream, flavored syrups, and sprinkles. Workers will be able to personalize their drinks according to their preferences. This setup promotes conversation as colleagues gather around the coffee bar. Moreover, a drink station creates a comfortable and inviting ambiance.

Here is a list of coffee station ideas for work.

14. Photo Sharing

Photo Sharing is a great way to break the ice in team meetings. Team members can share a glimpse into their personal lives and interests. Each participant can pick a picture that represents an important part of their life. Then, folks can briefly explain their choice. This activity helps teams connect and understand each other better outside of work. Members also get a chance to discover shared interests or experiences, which builds camaraderie.

15. Found Object Sculpture

Creating sculptures from common objects encourages creativity and collaboration. Each team member can bring an item from their desk, like paper clips, rubber bands, or coffee cups. Then, folks can take ten minutes to assemble the items into a unique sculpture. Optionally, give out prizes for the best sculptures. Fun meeting icebreakers like this promote problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking.

16. Foodie Team Debate

During a lively Foodie Team Debate, team members discuss their favorite foods. The team can debate different topics, like the best type of cuisine or the ultimate comfort food. You can use a more formal debate structure or just encourage folks to talk about their opinions. This game is a great way to bond and decide what to have for lunch after the meeting.

Browse this list of icebreaker questions about food.

17. Emoji Reaction Poll

An Emoji Reaction Poll is one of the best team icebreakers, making team meetings more engaging. Instead of speaking up, participants can use emojis to share their thoughts. You can use digital communication tools to create poll options. For instance, you could ask, “How are you feeling today?” Teams can then respond with emojis that represent their emotions.

This method is helpful for folks who are shy or hesitant to share ideas. You can also get a reading on the entire team at once. The poll encourages active participation and inclusivity within the team.

18. Motivational Quote Sharing

Sharing motivational quotes is an excellent way to break the ice. Team members can share quotes that inspire them personally. Each individual can take turns sharing their quote and explaining why it motivates them. For example, Colin R. Davis said, “The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.”

This activity creates a positive and uplifting atmosphere. Further, this exercise gives team members a glimpse into each other’s values and goals. By sharing motivational quotes, teams can foster unity, motivation, and inspiration.

Here is a list of motivational quotes about success.

19. Guess the Teammate

In Guess the Teammate, every player shares three unexpected facts about themselves with the host. Hosts will read off info one at a time. The team then tries to guess who shared those tidbits. Correct guesses are worth one point, and the players with the most points win!

This icebreaker helps teammates understand each other on a deeper level. This exercise often reveals interesting hobbies or unique experiences.

Check out more guessing games.

20. One-Word Check-In

The One-Word Check-In is a team meeting icebreaker that is both simple and effective. Each team member shares one word that describes their current emotions or thoughts. This activity ensures that the team has the opportunity to express themselves briefly. Further, this icebreaker fosters an atmosphere of openness and inclusivity. By limiting the response to just one word, the check-in process saves meeting time. Additionally, this icebreaker sets a positive tone for the meeting and promotes communication.

21. The Name Game

The Name Game is an enjoyable and interactive icebreaker exercise for team meetings. In this game, individuals take turns introducing themselves by stating their names. In addition, players share an adjective that starts with the same letter as their name. For instance, if your name is Sarah, you could say you are “Silly Sarah.” This activity fosters familiarity among team members. The Name Game is perfect for colleagues who do not know each other well.

Final Thoughts

These team meeting icebreakers offer many options for teams looking to improve their meetings. Groups can enjoy games that encourage creativity or activities that promote open communication. The goal is to have fun and foster a positive work environment. Icebreakers aim to make the whole team feel comfortable sharing their ideas. These icebreakers are a great way to start your next team meeting.

Next, check out our posts on unusual icebreaker questions, icebreaker games, and “What Is Your Favorite” icebreakers.

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FAQ: Team meeting icebreakers

Here are frequently asked questions about team meeting icebreakers.

Why are icebreakers important in a team meeting?

Icebreakers are important in a team meeting because they help break down barriers and create a relaxed atmosphere. These exercises can also encourage better communication.

What is the purpose of meeting icebreakers?

Meeting icebreakers warm up the conversation among meeting participants. Icebreakers are also an effective way to introduce new members, refresh existing relationships, and create an enjoyable atmosphere.

How do icebreakers improve teamwork?

Icebreakers improve teamwork by promoting open communication and understanding. Individuals can learn about each other’s strengths, weaknesses, interests, and experiences.

Can you use icebreakers in virtual meetings?

You can adapt many traditional icebreakers for a virtual setting. For example, Bookworm Two Truths and a Lie is easy to play online.

How do you choose the best icebreaker for your team?

When choosing an icebreaker for your team, it is important to consider what you want to accomplish. The size of the team and the meeting’s purpose can help you decide what icebreakers to try.

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