25 Virtual Comedy Shows & Comedians for Work Events

By: | Updated: August 27, 2022

Here is our list of the best virtual comedy shows.

Virtual comedy shows are events where a comedian performs on an online platform to entertain you and make you laugh. For example, virtual musical comedy, virtual sketch comedy, and virtual clean comedy. The purpose of these events is to entertain the viewers while relieving stress and encouraging team building.

Booking these performers is similar to finding virtual keynote speakers. Online comedians are good options for remote socials, virtual retreats, and online team offsites.

This list includes:

  • corporate virtual comedy shows
  • private virtual comedy shows
  • online stand-up comedy shows

Here we go!

List of virtual comedy shows

A virtual comedy show is great for remote teams, distanced family gatherings, and virtual happy hours. From Summit Comedy to the StandUp4 Experience, here is a list of the best virtual comedy shows and virtual comedians.

1. The Laughter Lounge Virtual Comedy Show

This online comedy show by Laughter Lounge is great for large teams of up to 2000 members. You can select your preferred time for the experience. You can also have the comedy show branded with your company’s logo.

In each comedy show, about 12 comedians will perform. You can have the show on almost all video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Skype, and Teams.

Learn more about The Laughter Lounge Virtual Comedy Show.

2. Summit Comedy Show

Summit Comedy Show is a fun and engaging event that results in plenty of laughter. There are family-friendly options, so you do not have to worry if any kid is at ear’s shot during the show. You get to watch the nation’s funniest comedians perform on a virtual platform. Beyond comedians, the platform also offers ventriloquists, hypnotists, and magicians.

Summit Comedy promises to deliver the perfect entertainment that will get your guests laughing hysterically, and to work with companies to find a show that fits the organization’s style and budget.

Learn more about Summit Comedy.

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3. Musical Comedy Hosted By Laugh Events

The musical-comedy hosted by Laugh Events is a 30-minute show suitable for groups with as many as 200 members. The event is also great for small-sized groups, irrespective of the number of members.

The experience will entertain your team with a performance blending comedy with musical whimsy. The show costs $850 plus $20 per person. After making a purchase, you will receive a link to the selected virtual platform. Some of the virtual platforms you can use include Blue Jeans, Zoom, and Google Meet.

Book Musical Comedy Hosted By Laugh Events.

4. Adam Growe

Adam Growe has 30 years of experience as an MC and a stand-up comedian. Adam is an expert in the corporate comedy market and does great in private virtual comedy shows.

The stand-up comedian appeared in a series of shows and venues. For instance, COMICS on CBC, Just for Laughs Gala, and Comedy NOW.

Adam delivers his performance having your group’s objectives in mind. For example, if your group wants a team-building activity, product launches, or even a training program, then Adam tailors his performance towards that event.

Book Adam Growe.

5. Greg Morton

Greg Morton began his career as a stand-up comedian when he got the winning prize in the “So You Think You Are Funny” contest. Greg Morton appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2019.

Greg also uses lends his comedic voice to Saturday morning cartoons, and has funny viral videos in excess of four million views on YouTube. You and your team can book Greg Morton for your private events, charity shows, or virtual happy hour.

To book this comedian, specify relevant information on a form provided on the MCP website. For instance, the event location, date, audience size, and budget range. You can also specify your event’s start and end time, including the purpose and theme of the event. MCP will be in touch with your company via email.

Book Greg Morton.

6. Kelly Taylor

Taylor specializes in corporate events, comedy clubs, and charity events.

Kelly Taylor performed at Just For Laughs, competing against comics with more than ten years of experience. The comedian surprised the comedy industry when he took second place in the contest despite the experience differences.

Kelly attributes his sense of humor to his brothers and his father. This stand-up comedian can perform various types of comedy, ranging from family-friendly comedy to adult humor.

Kelly Taylor gives the credit for his stage confidence to Saskatoon comedy clubs. He does comedy shows in US and Canadian colleges.

Book Kelly Taylor.

7. Michael Harrison

Michael Harrison is a talented comedian and puppeteer who can perform for different audiences.

Michael plays to various audiences, from kid and family-friendly events to corporate functions. He has also performed for companies like Sandals Resort and Verizon Wireless. Michael’s claims to fame include starring in the Nickelodeon award-winning show “Kids in the Firehall” and making it to the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent.

He specializes in events like corporate events, private events, casino shows, and award shows.

Book Michael Harrison.

8. The Standup4 Experience

StandUp4 offers a series of comedy packages to bring laughter to your screen. The comedy shows double as charity events. The packages include:

  • Two-comic show: You can get the two-comic show for your happy hour. This package includes two comics that run for ten minutes each. There is also a charitable donation. You will pay a fee of $299 for the 20 minutes show.
  • DELUXE night at the club: This experience runs for one hour at $749. There are three comics set to run for ten minutes each. The package also has charitable donations, including house bands, musicians, and MCs.
  • Small show: Small show only has one comic set and charitable donation. The price for the show goes for $199.
  • Monthly happy hour: The monthly happy hour is a special package with charitable donations. You can get four shows, all at your leisure, for $2,999.

To experience these comedy shows, choose the package that your teams want. Then book your comedy show and enjoy the hilarity.

Learn more about The StandUp4 Experience.

9. Bespoke Comedy Entertainment

Bespoke Comedy runs a virtual comedy show on Zoom, but you can also use other virtual platforms like Google Meets, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams.

You can also have the comedy show personalized for your company. A variety of comedy shows are available for guests. The various shows have various specifications to fit different events and venues.

Bespoke Company can help you hire a comedian of your choice taking your budget into account. However, if you do not have a comedian in mind, then you can also get recommendations from the company.

Learn more about Bespoke Comedy Entertainment.

10. Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show

Chocolate Sundaes organizes First Impressions, one of the best virtual comedy shows. The show allows upcoming comedians to showcase their talents at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

Several hilarious comedians like Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, and Ali Wong performed First Impression. However, the comedy show is rated 18 years. So you will want to worry if you have kids lurking around.

Before joining this online comedy show, you must first select a date and get your ticket.

Learn more about Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show.

11. Andy Hendrickson

Andy Hendrickson hosts one of the best online stand-up comedy shows. Andy is a clean comedian and a professional in his field. The stand-up comedian can modify his acts to fit into the experience you want.

Hendrickson appeared in past TV shows like Dry Bar Comedy series, The Late Late Show, and The Clean Guys of Comedy.

Furthermore, Andy can also play as a “Fake Expert” or create a customized imposter for corporate events.

Book Andy Hendrickson.

12. Greg Warren

Greg Warren first worked at Proctor and Gamble before leaving in 2001 to start his career in the comedy world as a stand-up comedian. His past appearances include Late Night with Seth Meyers, Last Comic Standing, and Comedy Central Presents. With Greg Warren, you can have the acts customized to suit the experience you want.

Also, Greg is a clean comedian, and his presentations are suitable for any audience.

Book Greg Warren.

13. Megan Hanley

Meghan Hanley stands out for her quick wit and the regular smile on her face. She performs as a high-energy comedian in person and at virtual events. Megan is a clean comedian and an excellent choice for your online event.

She also organizes a weekly show on Instagram called Sports Tabata. In the show, Megan blends comedy with her love for sports.

The Brooklyn-based comedian has featured in various festivals like The Women in Comedy Festival, Boston, and Atlanta’s Laughing Skull.

Book Meghan Hanley.

14. Elliot Goblet

Elliot Goblet is an Australian comedian. Elliot works as a corporate comedian, an MC, and a corporate event entertainer. His performance has graced over 1600 events in Australia, the United States, and several other countries.

The popular Australian comedian gets the audience to respond well to his sense of humor. He started building his career as far back as the 80s. He made several appearances on national television and at comedy festivals.

Elliot Goblet is an experienced clean comedian who can draft entertaining materials specially made for your events. Also, he regularly collaborates with fellow stand-up comedians.

Book Elliot Goblet.

15. Jeff Civillico

Jeff is a clean corporate comedian that performs family-friendly shows that are also great for team building and virtual happy hours. The comedy performance by Jeff is largely professional, streamed from Show Creator Studio in Las Vegas.

Even before Jeff Civillico began to host virtual comedy shows, he did countless performances on the Las Vegas Strip. You will get a view from 7 different cameras.

Book Jeff Civillico.

16. Alan Hudson

Alan Hudson makes his comedy performance unique by blending comedy with magic. You can enjoy Alan’s performance on any desired virtual platform like WebEx, Zoom, or Google Meets. He performed for numerous top companies, including Disney, Amazon, Twitter, and Netflix.

One of the fun parts of Alan’s show is that the show is intensive audience engagement. You get to watch Alan’s entertaining show on Zoom while partaking in the event.

Book Alan Hudson.

17. Larry Weaver

Larry Weaver delivers a hilarious and culturally sensitive virtual comedy performance. He centered his comedy around topics like eating right, home remedies, and working from home.

The virtual show will take place on a virtual platform like GoToMeeting, RingCentral, Zoom, or WebEx. Booking Larry Weaver is a great idea for corporate virtual comedy shows, church events, and online conferencing.

Book Larry Weaver.

18. Nick Arnette

Nick Arnette is a clean comedian who can deliver customized and relevant comedy performances. Many groups like Adobe, Microsoft, and Unilever have experienced his humorous and entertaining shows.

This performer has experience in mortgage banking, education, and the hospitality industry. Nick worked with other gurus in comedy like Jerry Seinfield and Jay Leno and in comedy clubs like Catching a Rising Star, Improv, and Comedy Store. With these experiences, you can trust that Nick can perform shows relevant to guests’ work. You can check out a YouTube video of Nick performing.

Book Nick Arnette.

19. Dana Daniels

Dana Daniels holds one of the best virtual comedy shows with his psychic parrot named Luigi. His performance style has to do with a combination of comedy and magic. This skill drove him to receive multiple awards from the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood, like ‘Stage Comedian of the Year’ and ‘Comedy Magician of the Year.’

He also worked with many companies like Frito-Lay, McDonald’s, and Lincoln Financial. Dana appeared in a series of television shows, including Thou Shalt Laugh 4, Evening at the Improv, Masters of Illusions, and Stand up Live.

Dana and his parrot teammate entertain their audience with a combination of clean comedy, impressive magical performance, and Dana’s excellent improvisational skills.

Book Dana Daniels.

20. Adam Christing

Adam Christing is a great comedian, MC, and speaker. When he was just 17 years old, he joined the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Over 3000 guests in North America have gotten a taste of Adam’s performance.

The clean comedian also authors a work called Comedy Comes Clean: A Hilarious Collection of Jokes, Quotes, and One-Liners. Adam Christing has a degree in Public Speaking. Also, Adam performed for numerous great companies, including Stanford University, Microsoft, and Toyota.

One of his areas of expertise is working as an after-dinner speaker. In America, Adam reached the rank of the top 5 after-dinner speakers. Adam’s experience in the industry also shows in his appearance on television and radio shows like ABC World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News, and Entertainment Tonight.

Book Adam Christing.

21. Greg Bennick

Greg Bennick uses his voice to enhance positive energy for his guests. He also makes his performance stand out by including other skills like magic, mind reading, and juggling in his comedy shows.

Greg can customize his magic show to your company’s goal and mission. Also, he has gathered experience over many years by performing in different countries regardless of the language difference.

Book Greg Bennick.

22. Bill Carr

Bill Carr is a humorist comedian with more than 25 years of experience making viewers laugh aloud. He is also a writer, speaker, actor, coach, and co-founder of the Atlantic Restorative Company.

Bill brings his audience into deep thought and introduces them to new perspectives with his performance. In addition, he can also customize his performance to fit into what the guests seek.

Book Bill Carr.

23. Allyson Smith

Allyson Smith was once a teacher who later went after her talent in making people laugh. She specializes in various events like casino, campus, and corporate shows. The stand-up comedian has many fans who cannot but enjoy her witty nature from her hilarious and impressive performance.

She performed in a series of shows, including Montreal’s Just For Laugh Festival, Winnipeg, and Halifax. Allyson Smith can create a connection with her audience. She got nominated three times for the Best Female Stand Up at the Canadian Awards. Her unique talent blessed her with the opportunity to perform in different countries, including Indonesia, Wales, and Singapore.

Book Allyson Smith.

24. Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes first performed as a comedian about 20 years ago. He is now one of the well-recognized Melbourne comedians. He is open about his embarrassing life experience and mostly makes his audience laugh through his life story about not being able to get a girl or a job.

He makes his comedy performance different by mixing insecurity with intellect. Dave Hughes brings the truth right to the stage and generates uncontrollable laughter from that truth.

Book Dave Hughes.

25. Joe Zimmerman

Joe Zimmerman is a stand-up comedian who started his career in the comedy industry in North Carolina. He uses himself first as the object of his comedy to make the audience laugh and relax. The clean corporate comedian also brings out contractions in everyday life to entertain fans.

Joe Zimmerman has appeared in shows and comedy festivals like The Late Late Show, Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival, and John Oliver’s New York Stand-up Show.

Joe’s comedy shows are funny, entertaining, and educational. Joe introduces other topics into his comedy, including history, bird watching, and pop-science.

Book Joe Zimmerman.


Virtual comedy shows are great for fun family time, team-building, and a virtual happy hour. This show varies in content as well as in genre. The kind of show you should choose will largely depend on the experience you seek. You can select a sketch comedy, a clean comedy, or even corporate comedy.

Feel free to check out these lists of virtual spirit week and online mixology event ideas next.

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FAQ: Virtual comedy shows

Here are answers to questions about virtual comedy shows

What are the best virtual comedy shows for corporate events?

The best virtual comedy shows include Summit Comedy Show, Musical Comedy Hosted By Laugh Events, and Laughter Lounge Virtual Comedy Show.

How do you host a virtual comedy show?

To host a virtual comedy show, you will need to decide on the comedians that you want to invite to the show. After, decide on the specific virtual platform for the event. You can either have guests choose their desired platform or restrict the platform only to the one you choose. Also, decide if it is a one-time show or if access to the show will last a period. You can use social media to publicize the event very well. Start your show on the assigned date and time and enjoy the hilarity.

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