Updated: October 16, 2023

17 Virtual Mixology Classes With Kits: #1 List in 2024

Here is our list of the best virtual mixology classes with kits.

Virtual mixology classes are virtual events and experiences that teach participants the art of mixing delicious and well-balanced cocktails. During these experiences, you and your team will learn how to make cocktails in classes like The Cocktail Architect and Mixology Mixer. These events aim to create fun experiences that facilitate socializing and team-building while mixing drinks that suit the guests’ palates.

These experiences are examples of online team building activities and virtual team building kits, and are similar to remote happy hours.

This list includes:

  • virtual mixology classes for team building
  • virtual mixology classes for companies
  • private virtual mixology classes
  • virtual holiday mixology classes

Here we go!

List of virtual mixology classes with kits

Here is a list of mixology classes online with kits.

1. Mixology Mixer

Ideal for: corporate events, family happy hour, lovers of trivia games, remote teams

Mixology Mixer hosts virtual mixology classes for companies, groups, and families. These classes are available in ‘mixer kits’ and typically last for one hour on a virtual platform of choice.

Available mixer kits include:

  • Tequila Times: With this mixer kit, you will learn how to mix three tequila cocktails: Paloma, Apple and Spice, and Tommy’s Margarita
  • Bienvenidos a Miami: You will learn how to mix some Miami cocktails like Sunny Piña Colada, Hot Mess, and Daybreaker
  • Whiskey 2 Go: You will learn how to make three Maker’s Mark Bourbon Cocktails: Sun and Spice Old Fashioned, Porch Cooler, and Kickstarter
  • Squeeze the Day: The Squeeze the Day mixer kit offers you the opportunity to learn how to mix Afternoon Drizzle, Tea Time, and Sky Juice
  • Spritz Around the World: You will learn how to make three Spritz cocktails: Italian Spritz, French Spritz, and Nordic Spritz

For an added fee, you can add additional activities to the class. For example, virtual comedy, virtual trivia, or even a virtual broadway experience.

To participate in this class, first, choose a mixology kit listed on the company’s website. Next, select a date and the time for the class. Then, share participants’ addresses and delivery information so that the company can ship the kits.

You and your guests will receive a link to sign in to the selected virtual platform on the scheduled date and time. Your host mixologist will lead the class and guide you on how to create the cocktails.

Learn more about Mixology Mixer.

2. The Blind Pig Virtual Cocktail Classes

Ideal for: BYOB, special events, corporate events

The Blind Pig organizes public and private virtual cocktail classes. The private class can accommodate about 100 guests. On the other hand, the public class can accommodate about 50 guests.

The class happens on Zoom for 90 minutes, with an option to request other platforms. During the event, an instructor will guide you through the process of making three cocktails. There will also be a Q & A session when guests can ask questions.

Learn more about The Blind Pig Virtual Cocktail Classes.

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3. Virtual Speakeasy by Muddling Memories

Ideal for: Social events, corporate events

Muddling Memories offer virtual mixology classes with kits that teach the art of mixing tasty cocktails. Various cocktail kits are available.

For example, the Late Winter Speakeasy Kit contains:

  • Ten ounces of shaker
  • Bitters bottle
  • Jigger
  • Bar spoon
  • A recipe card
  • Four handcrafted mixers
  • Garnishes bag
  • Metal straw

The kits come with all cocktail ingredients except the booze. A bartender will host the virtual class and guide you through the cocktail-making process. Participants learn ingredients and steps for formulating a balanced cocktail. You also get to exhibit your skills in bartending.

Learn more about Virtual Speakeasy by Muddling Memories.

4. Margarita Making Class 

Ideal for: small and large groups, corporate events, BYOB, remote teams

Margarita Making Class is an event that takes place on Zoom. Attendees receive a premium margarita kit in the mail prior to the event. Then, an expert virtual bartender will host your group’s event and guide your team members in mixing two cocktails within 90 minutes.

Your team will not only learn how to make delicious cocktails but will also get to engage in other exciting activities such as:

  • Drinking games
  • Icebreakers
  • Thematic facts and trivia

Margarita Making Class is one of the fun virtual mixology classes for team building that will allow your team to experience a fun and bonding moment together.

Learn more about Margarita Making Class.

5. The Cocktail Architect

Ideal for: All kinds of social events, Mauritius fans, team building events, DIY lovers, trivia fans

The Cocktail Architect is a mixology company that hosts one-hour virtual cocktail classes. You can customize the class for a personalized experience. If you and your team want a DIY class option, then the company will send you a list of the necessary ingredients and tools.

The Cocktail Architect also delivers handmade kits of supplies. Delivery within the US is free and will take about four to seven days. The kits include a link to a custom video tutorial on mixing cocktails. You will also find:

  • A 250ml stainless steel Boston shaker
  • A bar spoon
  • A jigger
  • Three custom garnishes
  • Three artisan syrups
  • A prep list and recipe card

During the virtual class, the host will give you tips on making drinks and guide you during the process. You also get to engage in fun activities like food and drink trivia and interact with the host.

Learn more about The Cocktail Architect.

6. Virtual Cocktail Class

Ideal for: Groups of all sizes, remote happy hour

Virtual Cocktail Class hosts a series of customized Zoom virtual experiences. Each class lasts around 45 minutes. After booking, you will receive a Zoom link that you can share with friends. During the class, the host will guide you to make two cocktails.

Based on your customized preferred cocktail, you will receive a list of necessary ingredients before the class starts. However, if you want a cocktail kit, then Virtual Cocktail Class can deliver the cocktail kits to you and every other person participating in the class.

Learn more about Virtual Cocktail Class.

7. Cocktail History and Mixology Class

Ideal for: remote groups, virtual retreats, BYOB

Cocktail History and Mixology Class is an Airbnb online experience that allows guests to participate in a mixology class via Zoom. The class lasts for 90 minutes, and you can request a particular date and time for your experience.

This mixology class involves using a few ingredients, including household ingredients like lemon, to make a great cocktail. Also, the guests will prepare their kits for the class. Your kit should include:

  • Mixing glass
  • Jigger
  • Small knife
  • Chopping board
  • Ice
  • Spirit
  • Bar spoon
  • Strainer
  • Aromatic bitters
  • Syrup
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Citrus
  • Glassware

There are many other things to learn in the class, like the history of cocktails and bartending and bar tools etiquette.

Learn more about Cocktail History and Mixology Class.

8. Mixology Events Virtual Cocktail Classes

Ideal for: Groups of any size, teams with members that do not drink alcohol

Mixology Events is a company that offers virtual mixology classes for companies and groups of any size. The company hosts private virtual mixology classes for a group of at least six guests.

An experienced host will guide you and your team through the cocktail-making process via Zoom. Depending on the class option, you can make up to five cocktails behind your bar. However, before you begin to make the cocktails, the host will first list the core techniques. A class session can run for thirty minutes to two hours based on your preferred option.

Towards the end of the class, there will be a cocktail-making competition with common household garnishes and mystery ingredients in your pack. In the competition, bars consisting of not more than five guests each will have eight minutes to remake their cocktail with the elements and garnishes.

Mixology Events provides the professional kits and ingredients you will need for the class via home delivery.

Learn more about Mixology Events Virtual Cocktail Classes.

9. Cocktail Masterclass With UK Champion.

Ideal for: virtual happy hour, team building, Cosmopolitan lovers, Moscow Mule lovers, BYOB

The Cocktail Masterclass with UK Champion is an Airbnb online experience to learn how to make cocktails on Zoom. The class lasts for 75 minutes. The host will guide participants in mixing cocktails and outline best practices in mixology. The cocktails you will make are Cosmopolitan, Moscow Mule, and one of the signature cocktails of the host.

The class is a BYO ingredients class with a list of the things participants will use, such as:

  • Honey
  • Two whole limes
  • One whole orange
  • Teaspoon
  • Three glasses
  • Cranberry juice and ginger beer
  • One fresh egg
  • Shaker
  • Four ounces of crystal head vodka
  • Two ounces of triple sec/Cointreau
  • A measuring cup

The class also discusses how classic cocktails evolved into the Neoclassical era.

Learn more about Cocktail Masterclass With UK Champion.

10. Hodde Bros Virtual Mixology Class

Ideal for: Corporate celebrations, virtual friends hangouts, remote corporate events

The Hodde Bros Beverage Company offers a 90-minute virtual mixology class where you can learn the basics of bartending. You will learn how to mix balanced cocktails and practice mixology techniques during the class. A certified mixologist will lead the class and guide you to make three cocktails.

You can also add extra experiences like cocktail prep kits or custom trivia to the class. Although the cocktail prep kit does not include the booze, it contains all other supplies needed for the class.

Learn more about Hodde Bros Mixology Class.

11. Virtual Cocktail Making Class by South Side Bars

Ideal for: Team building events, birthday parties, non-drinkers, virtual parties

South Side Bars host a cocktail-making class to give you a fun bar experience without leaving your house. The experience will last for one hour, during which you will get to make three cocktails of your choice.

You can buy your ingredients based on the recommendation of the organizers. Also, participants who do not drink alcohol will get a separate shopping list or a special mocktail box containing:

  • Juice alternatives
  • Non-alcoholic spirit
  • House crafted alcohol-free liqueur

Instead of buying your ingredients, you can choose just a cocktail box or a cocktail box with a shaker set on their website.

Learn more about Virtual Cocktail Making Class by South Side Bars.

12. Elixir To Go Online Mixology Class

Ideal for: Team building events, small groups, private events, low budget events, teams with members that do not drink alcohol

Elixir To Go has customizable, budget-friendly virtual mixology classes for team building. The classes take place on Zoom and can last between one and two hours.

Classes come in two cocktail and four cocktail formats. The two cocktail class options include Manhattan and Margarita. On the other hand, the four cocktail classes include Manhattan Margarita, Moscow Mule, and Mojito. The classes feature discussions like the history of cocktails, core ways to prepare a drink, and terminologies used in making the drinks.

You can purchase the ingredients kits for delivery within the United States or bring your own supplies.

Learn more about Elixir To Go Online Mixology Class.

13. Jameson Cocktail Making Class

Ideal for: Groups based in the Republic of Ireland, Whiskey lovers

Jameson Distillery Bow St. organizes a Jameson cocktail-making class in Dublin. You will receive a list of ingredients for making the cocktail and whisky to prepare your own Jameson Whiskey Sour and Old Fashioned. In addition, there are cocktail kits that contain everything you will need except perishables. However, only residents of legal age residing in the Republic of Ireland can book the cocktail kits.

After booking a ticket, you will be able to attend the meeting class on Zoom. The class session will last for one hour. Learn more about Jameson Cocktail Making Class.

14. Cocktail Class By Detroit City Distillery

Ideal for: Whiskey lovers, happy hour

Detroit City Distillery offers virtual cocktail classes where you can learn about making the Old Fashioned and Manhattan cocktails. There are four classes you can take, each of which represents the Detroit City Distillery signature spirits:

  • Butcher’s Cut Bourbon
  • Homegrown Rye
  • Railroad Gin
  • Gilded Age Vodka

The classes last for just one hour, and you are free to choose any virtual platform for conducting the experience.

Learn more about Cocktail Class By Detroit City Distillery.

15. Virtual Cocktail Making Masterclass.

Ideal for: team building events, hen parties, special events

Boozy Events hosts a virtual cocktail masterclass led by a professional mixologist. The mixologist will guide you on how to prepare the chosen cocktails. Also, you can customize the cocktails masterclass to suit your preference by adding custom drinks, extra time, and custom printing.

The length of the class depends on the particular cocktail class you choose. Three of the most popular events are:

  • Two cocktail class which lasts for 30 to 40 minutes
  • Three cocktail class which lasts for 45 to 60 minutes
  • Four cocktail class which lasts for 60 to 75 minutes

These classes are great virtual holiday mixology classes to add to your team building agenda. Boozy Events also offer worldwide delivery of cocktail kits to guests in different parts of the world.

Learn more about Virtual Cocktail Making Masterclass.

16. Spin and Shake Virtual Cocktail Class

Ideal for: corporate events, birthdays, team building events

Spin and Shake hosts an online Zoom cocktail class that can be budget-friendly. You will receive a URL seven days before the event starts. An expert mixologist will lead the class and guide you on how you will mix a balanced cocktail.

Spin and Shake virtual Cocktail Classes last one hour and include a fun cocktail competition feel. All the classes are private virtual mixology classes for you and your family, friends, or team.

Learn more about Spin and Shake Virtual Cocktail Class.

17. Zoom The Porter Masterclass

Ideal for: Mixology beginners, large groups

Zoom The Porter Masterclass is one of the best virtual mixology classes with kits. A resident cocktail expert will host the class on Zoom for one hour. The cocktail expert will guide you on making delicious cocktails with the ingredients in the cocktail kits. If you want to get a cocktail kit, then there is a minimum purchase of ten cocktail kits.

Classes like the Gin Spritz and Sour Master class appeal to amateur mixologists. Meanwhile, courses like the Whisky Highball and Sour Masterclass cater to experienced mixologists who wish to improve their bartending knowledge and skills.

Zoom The Porter Masterclass comes in three packages: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Although all packages contain a one-hour class session, you only get a cocktail kit with all ingredients to make four cocktails in the Diamond package.

Learn more about Zoom The Porter MasterClass.


Virtual mixology classes are opportunities to get the bar experience without stepping out of your house. These classes will allow you and your team to learn to make balanced cocktails while having a lot of fun experiences in the process.

Next, check out these lists of virtual wine tasting experiences and remote beer tasting events.

We also have a list of the best virtual happy hour kits.

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FAQ: Virtual mixology classes

Here are answers to questions about virtual mixology classes.

What are virtual mixology classes?

Virtual mixology classes are online events conducted on a virtual platform that teach guests how to mix cocktails. These classes often feature extra activities like trivia games or cocktail mixing competitions to make the experience more fun.

What are the best virtual mixology classes for remote teams?

Some of the best virtual mixology classes for remote teams are Mixology Mixer, Hodde Bros Virtual Mixology class, and Cocktail Shake-Up. These classes also include activities and games that can help build remote teams.

How do you hold a virtual mixology class?

To hold a virtual mixology class, pick a date and time for the event. Next, decide on the cocktail you want to make. Also, decide if it will be a BYOB experience or if you will deliver the cocktails kits and ingredients to the guests. Then you would want to choose the virtual platform to use. You can use any virtual platform of your choice as long as it is suitable for the number of guests you want to invite. Finally, create a link to the event and send it to the guests to join. During the class, try to follow up with everyone to ensure they engage well. You can also employ the services of online mixology websites to organize the class.

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