19 Virtual Escape Rooms in Australia in 2024

By: | Updated: August 31, 2022

Here is our list of the best virtual escape rooms in Australia.

Virtual escape rooms are games that involve solving clues and puzzles to escape the scenario. Families, friends, and groups in Australia can play these fun games in local time by partnering with a local company. The purpose of these games is to develop critical thinking and collaboration among team members.

These activities are examples of online escape rooms and virtual team building activities in Australia. These games can serve as virtual team bonding activities as well as online team celebration ideas. Escape rooms are examples of group problem-solving exercises.

This list includes:

  • online escape rooms for large groups in Australia
  • online escape rooms for small groups in Australia
  • virtual escape rooms in Melbourne
  • virtual escape rooms in Sydney

Let’s get to it!

Virtual escape rooms in Melbourne

1. Only Melbourne Virtual Escape

Only Melbourne Virtual Escape is a fun escape room ideal for small groups of two to six players. Your team has the task of defusing a bomb planted by a terrorist. You have to work with your team to save the city in under one hour.

The escape room session is suitable for players aged 16 and above. A detective will host and guide you and your team members on a WhatsApp group.

Learn more about Only Melbourne Virtual Escape.

2. Virtual Escape Room Melbourne

Fun Empire offers a Virtual Escape Room Melbourne experience with varying themes. Popular themes and storylines include:

  • Squid escape game: The squid escape game theme follows the storyline of the show ‘Squid Game.’ In this exercise, you will play as a participant and try to escape the game to make a police report in under 90 minutes.
  • Curse of the Werewolf: In Curse of the Werewolf, you and your teams play as descendants of a Village Chief. There was a curse on the village, causing werewolves to attack villagers. You have to restore the village’s peace by breaking the curse within 90 minutes.
  • Time Travel: With this theme, you get a 90-minute time travel experience. Doctor Huber, your uncle, told you he has a time travel machine. He wants you to have the patent for the machine, but you must prove yourself worthy.

This Melbourne virtual escape room experience is great for small and large groups. You can play the themes on a video conferencing platform like Google Meet or Zoom.

Learn more about Virtual Escape Room Melbourne.

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Virtual Escape Rooms In Sydney

3. Entermission Online Escape Rooms

Entermission hosts an escape room that gives you a 360° real-life view of the room. As a result, interaction with items in the room will seem like real-life interaction.

You and your team can play in several rooms. Each room can contain two to six players costing $35 per person. Here are some of the themes Entermission offers:

  • Timeline: To escape a world of chaos, your father built a time machine to take him back to the past. But now your father is missing. Your team’s mission is to start the time machine, travel back to the ’80s, find your father, and save the world.
  • Order of Illusionists: You belong to a Master Magician’s secret society known as the Order of Illusionists. This organization invites you to take up a series of challenges to prove your worth and become a master illusionist.
  • Vampire Hunters: A vampire has been destroying the city. You and your team must take out the vampire by unsealing his casket through a series of challenges. Puzzles revolve around harnessing the powers of five elements: water, earth, fire, air, and spirit.

The duration of one escape room session is 60 minutes, but the whole experience can last for up to 75 minutes. The game is suitable for players aged eight and above. A fun part of this escape room is that you can book a 15 minutes demo for free.

Learn more about Entermission Online Escape Rooms.

4. Escape Hunt Remote Escape Rooms

Escape Hunt organizes unique escape rooms available in different room levels:

  • Level one room, Secret Service mission: You and your team have to play the role of secret agents to find the missing Prime Minister. You have to get intel from an informant. Be time conscious and avoid enemy agents taking you down.
  • Level two room, The Young Wizard’s Quest: In a secret world, the Wuffles cannot see the Trodorth school of Wizardry and Witchcraft. The school is invisible, all thanks to magic. However, the magic stopped working, and the secret world will soon become visible. The team’s task is to restore the magic before the Wuffles see the school.
  • Level three room, The Bank of Australia Heist: Set in 1828, you and your team will play as investigating police. Thieves robbed the Bank of Australia, and your team’s goal is to find the crooks before they flee the city.
  • Level four room, Assassin in the Pub: Escape Hunt designed this level for expert escapers. The challenge is to solve a mystery surrounding the murder of one Bruh, a Sydney Razor Gang Leader.

The entire experience will last for 90 minutes. The game costs $180 + GST for each team of four to six players, and you can book at least two rooms.

Learn more about Escape Hunt Remote Escape Rooms.

5. Next Level Escape: A Temporal Triangle

A Temporal Triangle is great for sci-fi lovers. A secret agent sent to preserve the 21st-century timeline disappeared suddenly. You must find him and preserve the future.

You and your team will work together to solve puzzles and save the future. A team can have about six players. Before you can play a session, you must buy a code priced at $30. With one code, you can play on several devices. Also, you can take a sneak peek into the experience by trying a demo of the game.

Learn more about Next Level Escape: A Temporal Triangle.

Online escape rooms for large groups in Australia

6. Murder in the Speakeasy

Murder in the Speakeasy combines the fun of murder mystery games with escape room mechanics. Teams will split up into breakout rooms to solve puzzles and riddles to crack the case of who killed a speakeasy patron. The event includes real historical tidbits. The game lasts for 90 minutes and accommodates groups of up to 300.

For folks who are not fans of the prohibition era, there are versions of the game set in Ancient Egypt and Elizabethan England.

Learn more about Murder in the Speakeasy.

7. Experios Time’s Ticking (Large)

Time’s Ticking escape room is available in two different versions. They are:

  • Time’s Ticking Jr: Experios designed this easy version of the game with teenagers and families in mind. The organizer recommends that one or more adults join in playing the game. This version is suitable for players aged 14 years or more.Two to Six players can form a team and get an access code for $45. The game lasts for one hour. You should use only a computer to play since mobile phones do not support it.The game’s storyline follows how a terrorist threatens to blow up a building in Melbourne. The Melbourne police department hears about this threat. You have to save the city by hacking the terrorist’s website.Time’s Ticking Jr is ideal for players new to playing escape room games
  • Time’s Ticking: This version has the same storyline as the first version, yet is self-guided and more challenging. The players must be 18 years and above.A professional host will guide you during the session. Time’s Ticking is suitable for groups with about 15 to 2000 members and teams of two to six players.. If you have more than one team, then each team will play in different breakout rooms.

Learn more about Experios Time’s Ticking.

8. Experios Mayday

Mayday is also one of the self-guided escape rooms hosted by Experios. The game is ideal for players over 18 years.

In the game, your goal is to land a plane safely. Roger, the plane’s captain, needs your help as a cyclone will soon hit an island. Many teams can play with two to six players on each team.

Learn more about Experios Mayday.

9. Ben’s Big Heist

Ben’s Big Heist is a challenging game requiring creativity. For 60 minutes, you and your team will work together to rob a bank. According to the storyline, your team will help Ben, an underpaid worker, to rob the vault. The Heist’s purpose is to let Ben have the money he deserves.

This game requires strong teamwork. You have to bypass the security and open vaults. The vaults become more challenging to open as you progress through the game’s plot.

You can play this game by purchasing a $45 access code for your team. Only players over 18 can play this game hosted by Experios.

Learn more about Ben’s Big Heist.

10. Jack’s Hangover

Jack’s Hangover is a challenging escape room offered by Experios. In the game, “Jack” could not remember what had happened the night before. You will help him remember by checking the casino and the hotel room. Also, you must make sure that Jack does not miss his flight.

This escape room game is not suitable for players under 18 years because there are references to alcohol and gambling.

For 60 minutes, your team of two to six players can play the game by getting a $45 access code.

Learn more about Jack’s Hangover.

11. Omega Protocol

Omega Protocol is one of the most fun virtual escape rooms in Australia. This escape room gives you a 3D experience from a first-person perspective.

Scientists performed an experiment that went wrong, leading to a zombie invasion. You will have to fight the zombies and save the world in 90 minutes.

One interesting feature is that you can customize the time of the game to fit the experience you want. However, you can only play the challenge on Zoom.

Learn more about Omega Protocol.

12. Art Heist: The Vanishing Van Gogh

The Vanishing Van Gogh is a 90-minute escape room game. The goal is to find a missing painting before time runs out. Otherwise, the artwork will go missing forever.

You and your team members will play in small groups to connect clues and solve puzzles.

Learn more about Art Heist: The Vanishing Van Gogh.

Online escape rooms for small groups in Australia

13. Ghost Hunt in the Haunted Mansion

Ghost Hunt in the Haunted Mansion is a spooky adventure that leads teams through the famously haunted Winchester Mansion. Teams work together in breakout rooms to crack codes and clues and put together puzzles to escape the spooky house in less than 90 minutes. This Zoom escape room can accommodate groups of 9 to 300 people and is an ideal event for Halloween and year-round!

Learn more about Ghost Hunt in the Haunted Mansion.

14. Every Escape Room

Every Escape Room brings the real-life escape room experience to your home. This company offers many online escape rooms, which include:

  • Seven dwarfs mining escape room: The plot of this escape room experience follows the famous movie ‘Snow White.’ The queen’s followers, who tried to poison Snow White with an apple, decide to continue her evil work. Your goal is to destroy the apple by casting it at the earth’s center.
  • M school of Magic escape room: In this game, Darkness trapped a student in a Magic school. You and your team must learn magic words to save her from the Darkness.
  • Witch Hunt: Your role is to search the accused’s home as a constable to a local Sheriff. This escape room session involves outsmarting and a little touch of magic.
  • Night terrors escape room: This game aims to help “one Alex” figure out why he has nightmares of the “sleepyman.” Alex started dreaming of the sleepyman ever since he found one of his childhood drawings
  • The Kidnapping: This game requires you to try to escape from a kidnapping scene. The kidnappers handcuffed you and blindfolded your eyes. You have to find clues together with other victims on how to escape.The game master will show you the real-life escape room. You and your team can control the game master’s steps to take your desired movement.

Learn more about Every Escape Room.

15. The Disappearing Act

The Disappearing Act is a free online escape game designed by the Sydney Opera House. Before you start playing, you have to rearrange some green-colored words to obtain the password.

At the Opera House, four popular magicians have come to perform. You and your friend, Maria, have long waited to attend this show. But your friend is missing and suspects one of the performing magicians has kidnapped her.

You have to help your friend escape by solving a series of challenges.

Learn more about The Disappearing Act.

16. Trials Of Wisdom

Trials Of Wisdom is another of the fun escape room games by the Sydney Opera House. The game’s goal is to decipher four passwords from the story’s plot.

After you have figured out the password, you must enter the codes to escape.

Learn more about Trials of Wisdom.

17. Banana Life Virtual Escape Room

Banana Life Virtual Escape Room will bring you and your team out of this world on a mission to Mars. On the journey, a mysterious Artificial intelligence takes over your spaceship. You can regain your ship’s control by solving puzzles and challenges within 60 minutes.

An assigned “Space Commander” will host you and your team on the provided server. Before the game starts, you will receive short training to guide you in playing well.

You cannot play this escape room with Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You can only use Banana Life’s dedicated secured platform provided on the Google Cloud Network.

Learn more about Banana Life Virtual Escape Room

18. Lost At Sea

Lost At Sea is one of the top virtual escape rooms in Australia for small teams. The game requires team members to work together to survive on a stranded ship in the middle of the ocean. By solving several puzzles, you will find out how to deal with various challenges.

The game lasts for 45 to 60 minutes. You have to find your way out of the ocean within the given time. Zoom is the only virtual platform you can use to play Lost At Sea.

Learn more about Lost At Sea.

19. Abandon Ship

Team Days-designed Abandon Ship to give you and your team a 3D pirate escape experience.

According to the storyline, pirates locked you up in a pirate cell and then left the ship for one hour. During this time, you have to figure out how to escape. You must solve clues and puzzles to escape the pirate ship before the pirate returns.

Learn more about Abandon Ship.


There are several virtual escape rooms in Australia where teams can unwind and work together. Escape rooms are great for team members to collaborate and work towards achieving a common goal. Online escape games are excellent for small and large groups alike and can accommodate remote, hybrid, and in-person teams.

Next, check out these lists of escape room tips, virtual team meeting ideas and fun Australia Day activities.

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FAQ: Virtual escape rooms in Australia

Here are answers to questions about virtual escape rooms in Australia.

What are some good virtual escape rooms for Australian teams?

Some good virtual escape rooms are Experios Time’s Ticking, Experios Mayday, a Temporal Triangle, and Entermission Online Escape Rooms. These escapes room sessions are great for building a team and encouraging collaboration.

What are the best online escape room companies in Australia?

Some of the best online escape room companies in Australia include Banana Life, Experios, Escape Hunt, and Team Days.

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