8 Best Virtual Team Building Companies

By: | Updated: October 17, 2023

You found our list of the best virtual team building companies!

Virtual team building companies are organizations that provide online team building events as a service. A range of clients hire these companies, such as enterprises, professional firms, non-profits, educational institutions and start-ups. These service providers are also known as “virtual team bonding companies.”

These companies are an example of virtual event companies, and are experts in virtual team building activities, online team building games and virtual team games.

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So, let’s get to it!

List of virtual team building companies

The following is a list of the best virtual team building companies. Please note that the list includes our own company and sub-brands.

1. teambuilding.com

We are the world’s #1 virtual team building company with hundreds of thousands of participants and 30,000+ clients, including Apple, Amazon, Google, and NASA.

Our offerings include more than 30 virtual event types, ranging from Online Office Games to Espionage! to Trivia to War of the Wizards. Each of our events is built from the ground up for intentional team building and to build happier teams.

For example, Online Office Games includes team formations, icebreaker games, trivia, and communication games. The event is a fun way to bring remote teams together.

Check our our virtual team building events.

2. tiny campfire

tiny campfire runs fun and engaging virtual campfires for remote teams. Before the event, we send your participants s’mores kits in the mail, including gourmet marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers and a crackling wood-wick candle. Then, on camp day everyone joins a video call with our expert host for camp games and ghost stories. tiny campfire is a unique and nostalgic way to bring people together online.

Learn more about tiny campfire.

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3. War of the Wizards

war of the wizards banner

War of the Wizards is an online team building RPG game. The story goes that a group of wizards have been at battle for years, and nobody quite remembers why. You and your team become the wizards’ minions and must overcome a series of challenges through story telling, problem solving and a little luck.

Learn more about War of the Wizards.

4. Gingerbread Games

Gingerbread Games is one of the best virtual team building companies for the holiday season. For this event, we send participants a gingerbread-person kit in the mail, and then bring everyone together for festive games that use the kit. Your team will do unique challenges, decorate cookies, and of course eat their creations.

Learn more about Gingerbread Games.

6. VirtualHolidayParty.com

VirtualHolidayParty.com is another virtual event company that focussed on the holiday season. We created this sub-brand because of the need for virtual team building services at the end of the year. Many remote teams want to celebrate together online, and are looking for a company to host this event. Through this brand we run both a mix-and-mingle event for small groups, as well as the market leading Epic Holiday Party.

7. Museum Hack

Museum Hack started as a renegade museum tour company with operations in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington DC. Later, the company offered virtual team building events as a service, with the primary activity being a fun and engaging storytelling workshop.

Learn more about Museum Hack storytelling workshops.

8. Remotely

Remotely is a unique virtual team building company because it focusses on self-facilitated activities through a robust technology platform. The company has built an immersive 3D world where you choose an avatar, and then navigate a series of games and mini challenges.

Learn more about Remotely.

9. TeamBridge App

TeamBridge is software solution for facilitating virtual team building online. The company’s offerings include games like Cosel, Scribble, Two Truths and One Lie, and Trivia.

Learn more about TeamBridge.

Final thoughts

Working with virtual team building companies is a great way to accelerate your remote culture efforts. These companies are experts at brining people together online to create connection and happier teams.

Next, check out this list of free virtual team building activities and these corporate event management companies. We also have a list of the best virtual meeting platforms and a list of the best virtual event software.

We also have a list of the best virtual escape rooms for team building and a list of large group virtual team building ideas.

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FAQ: Virtual team building companies

Here are common questions and answers about virtual team building companies.

What are virtual team building companies?

Virtual team building companies are organizations that provide online team events as a service. For example, tiny campfire, War of the Wizards and teambuilding.com. Clients hire these companies to help support healthy remote work culture and happier teams.

Why should you work with a virtual team building company?

Virtual team building companies are experts at engaging employees online. When you do a DIY virtual team building event, such as a virtual happy hour or holiday party, you may be less familiar with the ways to make sure the event is successful. Working with a third party company or vendor is a great way to ensure the success of your event, and also allows you to relax and enjoy the event yourself.

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