18 Good Virtual Team Introduction Ideas for Work

By: | Updated: December 14, 2022

You found our list of the best virtual team introduction ideas.

Virtual team introduction ideas are online activities or games that will promote interaction among remote teams. Examples include Q & A sessions, one-minute intros, and GIF reactions. The purpose of these activities is to make participants feel comfortable and connected to their peers.

These activities are similar to virtual icebreakers, quick team building activities for conference calls, online onboarding ideas, and virtual employee engagement games.

This list includes:

  • virtual meeting introduction ideas
  • virtual new hire introduction ideas
  • online team introduction activities

Let’s get to it!

List of virtual team introduction ideas

Team introduction strategies can set the tone for your meeting or how new employees blend into your workforce. However, virtual onboarding comes with challenges that can affect the level of interaction between participants. From photo-sharing contests to scavenger hunts and virtual gifts, here are ways companies can introduce virtual teams.

1. Q & A Sessions

One of the best online team introduction activities to engage participants is Q & A sessions. These sessions are also a great way to keep your audience connected and offer participants a chance to speak up and feel valued. You can facilitate stand-alone Q & A events or have brief interactive sessions. Depending on your virtual communication platform, you can choose the mechanisms for hosting your Q & A sessions. For instance, Zoom has a raise hands feature, while Google Meet has a Q & A option. Another great tip is collecting participants’ questions via Google Forms before the call. As a facilitator, ensure that each audience member can pose their question. Also, lead guests through the provision of thought-provoking and detailed answers. Q & A sessions offer participants a learning platform that also boosts interaction.

2. Hidden City Descriptions

Hidden City Description idea is a fun way to introduce virtual teams. For this idea, teams will briefly describe their city using non-direct cues. Participants should use a commonly known fact about the city that will enable other players to guess the location.


  • My city is famous for its terrible traffic and famous personalities – Los Angeles
  • My state has the longest coastline in the U.S – Alaska
  • We have the only active diamond mine in the U.S – Arkansas
  • We are the world’s largest island nation – Indonesia
  • We are the largest supplier of nurses in the world – The Philippines
  • We invented bread – Egypt
  • I am in the most visited country in the world – France

The Hidden City Descriptions idea is an excellent activity for globally distributed teams since workers will get to know their peer’s geographical locations better.

​Pro tip: Ensure that participants do not Google the answers!

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3. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a great idea if you are looking for ways to introduce new hires. However, rather than item scavenger hunts, new hires can get to know each other better through experience-based hunts. For this activity, you could start by grouping participants into teams of less than ten players. Then, give a list of up to 15 activities that groups will use to award points to participants.


  • Who is a set of twins?
  • Who has traveled to most continents?
  • How many musical instruments can you play?

Experience-based scavenger hunts provide a great avenue for participants to open up about their personal lives and interests outside the scope of work. You could also include quiz aspects into your scavenger hunts that will educate new hires about your organization in an interactive way.

For more ideas, check out this list  of  virtual  scavenger  hunt  ideas  and  sample  lists.

4. The Countdown Game

The Countdown Game is an interesting activity that you can use to introduce virtual teams. The seemingly simple activity will challenge players and foster connections. For this activity, start by requesting participants to countdown to a random number. However, only one player should mention a number at a time. If two or more participants call out a number, then players will begin the countdown from one. Also, players must not engage in verbal communication other than counting numbers. It is unlikely that the teams will get to 20 on the initial try. Hence, you can give teams up to five minutes to complete the challenge. The Countdown Game will boost focus among participants and also teach listening skills.

5. Shared Interests

Shared Interests is one of the simplest virtual new hire introduction ideas. For this activity, ask participants to mention five qualities that best describe their personalities or interests outside work. You are free to let participants mention either work or non-work-related ideas.


  • I am a morning person
  • My favorite beverage is coffee
  • The social application that I use most is Slack
  • My best sport is foosball
  • I have an awkward laugh when nervous

You can then let participants form groups as per their shared activities. For instance, players who love coffee can form one group. The shared interests activity is a simple way of fostering connections among new hires.

6. Guest Speaker

Inviting a guest speaker is a fantastic choice of virtual team introduction ideas. Depending on your budget and the day’s topic, you could select a renowned or an in-house guest speaker. For instance, if you are hosting a virtual new hire introduction event, then you could invite the company CEO to give a brief talk. Renowned industry speakers will also refresh attendees’ perspectives on the meeting topic of the day and foster event memorabilia. Inviting a guest speaker is a great way to reassure event attendees or new hires of your motive to promote their learning and development efforts.

Check out this list of keynote speakers for corporate events.

7. Small-Group Orientations

One of the best tips for organizations that are onboarding a large team is to host small-group introductions. These intimate settings will provide an onboarding process with a personal feel and also promote bonding among new hires. One of the best ways to host small-group orientations is through breakout rooms. You could even provide icebreakers that will ease participants’ interaction.

​Examples of icebreaker questions:

  • ​What sound, image, or smell triggers nostalgia for you?
  • ​What is your spirit animal, and why?
  • ​What is your favorite scent?
  • ​What color describes your personality?
  • ​What is your simple life hack that your teammates can embrace?

​Through small groups, you will increase participants’ attention. Small group orientations also provide a better avenue for facilitators to run fun activities and games.

​For more ideas, check out this list of icebreaker questions for work.

8. Photo Sharing Contest

A Photo-Sharing Contest tops the list of fun online team introduction activities. Participants will get an avenue to share personal details and get competitive. For the Photo-Sharing Contest, you could write down a photo request list of up to ten items. Then, let participants share images and give a brief story about when the picture was taken.


  • Favorite holiday destinations
  • Pets
  • Home desk
  • Old family pictures
  • Last food they ate
  • Favorite beverage
  • House plants

For a simplified version, you could let participants share one item from their desks. However, players have to give a brief description of the item. For instance, one participant could showcase an album of their kids and share brief memories with the team. Another player could share a picture of a bowl and state that they have not yet had time to wash the dish. Be sure to encourage participants to share photos that will promote interaction and also help participants learn about each other’s interests and personalities.

9. Virtual Gifts

One of the best ways that you can use to introduce new teams to your workforce is by sending virtual gifts. If you are unsure of the best gifts that will interest each participant, then opting for virtual gift cards is a fantastic idea. Workers can redeem these gift cards by purchasing a wide variety of items from authorized retailers. You could even research participants’ interests and offer goodies that complement their hobbies. For instance, wine lovers would enjoy a wine subscription, while foodies may love dining experiences and dessert samplers. For new workers, you could send a welcome message, virtual gifts, or even a welcome video from other team members. However, the best e-gifts to offer virtual teams are cards that participants can redeem globally.

For gift ideas, browse this list of virtual events gifts and boxes for work.

10. One-Minute Intro

A One-minute  Intro session is a fantastic way to introduce new hires to your workforce. New hires have only one minute to introduce themselves for this activity. You can make the session more challenging by requesting the employees to make introductions outside the scope of work. For instance, workers can introduce themselves with interests outside work, hobbies, pets, nicknames, or family dynamics. You could make the intro session more fun by letting workers record a one-minute introduction video. However, instead of a formal sit-down talk, workers could give an interesting story that describes their interests. This exercise is beneficial because it helps employees develop an elevator pitch and a quick-sell personal brand, which is handy for future networking.

11. Buddy System

A buddy system is a clever option for companies seeking non-mundane virtual new hire introduction ideas. Work buddies can help new employees settle easily and fight the anxiety and loneliness of working in a new company. You could start by seeking volunteers in your workforce. Then, match the existing workers with new hires based on their experience levels, interests outside work, or roles. You can have a buddy system where participants catch up weekly over virtual coffee. The buddies could also set up private virtual communication channels such as Slack. Setting up a buddy system is a sure way to strengthen a sense of community in your organization.

12. GIF Reactions

If you are looking for light-hearted virtual team introduction ideas, then GIF reactions are a good bet. For this activity, you will read out up to 20 prompts. Then, participants will react to the prompts using an emoji.


  • You just received a transfer to New York
  • The CEO has set up a mandatory meeting for 5 pm Friday
  • When your work BFF gets a significant promotion
  • When your coworker needs some encouragement
  • I am having a good day

Based on animation, GIFs can convey information faster than static images or texts. GIF reactions are also a great way to get additional insight into what interests participants in a relaxed manner.

13. This or That

This or That is a low-effort, light-hearted, and engaging virtual team introduction activity. The idea is suitable for large or small groups that are not familiar with each other. You could also host the This or That activity if you do not have much time for introductions.


  • Passenger or driver
  • Car or bike
  • Coffee or tea
  • Breakfast or dinner
  • Night or morning
  • Guacamole or salsa
  • City or countryside
  • Sweet or savory
  • Pancake or crepe
  • Headphones or speakers
  • Bush or beach
  • Calls or texts

You could also have a themed activity. Some fun editions include food, fashion, holidays, entertainment, lifestyle, or work. The This or That activity can be a silly or fun game to help new teams bond.

For inspiration, check out this list of this or that questions for adults.

14. Two-Word Check In

The two-word check-in activity is a fantastic option if you are looking for virtual meeting introduction ideas. You could start by requesting participants to state two words describing their feelings. For instance, some participants may say that they are feeling anxious and frustrated, while others may be hopeful and happy. Then, you could encourage participants to explore a broader range of feelings via an emotion wheel. An emotion wheel is a graph that showcases the variety of human emotions and how they relate.

This idea will promote vulnerability among team members before a meeting. Be sure to seek out ways to help participants with negative emotions. However, the two-word check-in may not work well for a first-time meeting since it requires participants to be vulnerable. The two-word check-in activity will also promote emotional intelligence among participants.

15. Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a virtual team introduction idea to promote team engagement. In this activity, players have two difficult choices. The answers will reveal insights into players’ beliefs and reasoning. You can have a mix of funny, conflicting, or philosophical questions.


  • The ability to read minds or move things with your mind
  • Be overdressed or underdressed
  • Lose memories or sight
  • Have unlimited power or universal respect
  • Give up heating and air conditioning or the internet for the rest of your life
  • Labor under extreme cold or scorching sun
  • Be nine inches tall or 11 feet tall
  • A night in a real haunted house or a week alone in the forest
  • Always have a full gas tank or full phone battery
  • Speak all foreign languages or be able to talk with all animals

Be sure to let each participant state the reasons behind their choice. For instance, it would be fun to hear why one team member would rather win the lottery than find true love. The activity will reveal participants’ logical thinking and interests.

Check out this list of the best would you rather questions for work.

16. Never Have I Ever

The Never Have I Ever activity is fun and enables virtual teams to learn more about each other. Players who have never participated in the activity could raise their hands via a remote collaboration tool.


  • Read a novel in one day
  • Ridden a donkey
  • Juggled three balls
  • Been trapped in an elevator
  • Gotten lost in a foreign city
  • Sang karaoke
  • Fallen asleep in public
  • Pranked a stranger
  • Eaten an entire pizza by myself
  • Ran a marathon

The Never Have I Ever game will foster connections among teams amid laughter. You can have a mix of prompts that provoke laughter, awe, shock, or entertainment. Be sure not to make the questions too difficult to answer, especially if you are in a professional setting.

Here is a list of Never Have I Ever questions for work.

17. Company Trivia

One of the best ways to introduce new hires to your organization is via virtual company trivia. The activity offers an excellent opportunity for new hires to learn more about your company in a relaxed atmosphere. Some focus areas include your products, leadership, or growth stats.


  • What is our company motto?
  • What is the meaning of our company name?
  • Which charity organizations do we support?
  • Which is the best-performing year since inception?
  • How many countries do we operate in?
  • Which are our best-selling services or products?
  • What was the main color in our original logo?
  • How many employees do we have?

To encourage participation, you could offer free goodies to the most active players.

Here is a list of team trivia questions and answers for work meetings.

18. Team Photo

A virtual introduction would be incomplete without a team photo. The photo idea will promote memorabilia among new hires or meeting attendees. You could even encourage participants to invite their pets or even their family members for a fun photo session. Be sure to let participants have fun with serious, goofy, or smiling photo prompts. You can share these pictures in your internal newsletter and encourage other workers to welcome the new hires.


Virtual introductions provide a convenience that would be difficult to achieve through face-to-face conversations. Through these strategies or activities, team leaders can easily make an excellent first impression and integrate new members into an organization. Virtual introductions also offer an avenue for facilitators to showcase their company culture. However, virtual introductions can feel impersonal, especially among a new workforce. Nevertheless, you can still successfully introduce teams through well-thought-out virtual strategies, tools, and activities. The right virtual introduction method will make new teammates feel welcome and connected to their peers.

We also have a guide on how to make virtual meetings fun, and tips for building successful virtual teams.

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FAQ: Virtual team introductions

Here are answers to common questions about virtual team introduction ideas.

What are virtual team introductions?

Virtual team introductions are ways of fostering connections among remote teams through web-based methods. These introductions focus on non-face-to-face strategies that will ease interactions between new members and boost engagement.

What are some good virtual meeting introduction ideas?

When holding virtual introductions, you want to ensure that you set the right tone for your work culture and future virtual activities. However, when hosting introduction activities for new teams, it can be difficult to know the ideas that will interest a specific group. Therefore, we advise that you have some backup plan. For instance, if you notice that one activity does not engage your team, then be quick to switch to a different idea. Some good ideas for virtual meeting introductions include two-word check-ins, guest speaker sessions, and This or That.

How do you introduce new team members virtually?

Virtual introductions need to be welcoming, informative, and light-hearted. Some ways that you can use to introduce new team members virtually include a virtual team photo, hidden city descriptions, and shared interests.

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