Updated: February 13, 2024

25 Zoom Team Building Games, Activities & Ideas For Work

Here is our list of the best Zoom team building games, ideas and activities.

Zoom team building games are activities and exercises that remote teams do online. Examples games include Virtual Pictionary, Scattergories, and Werewolf Online. The purpose of these activities is to encourage socialization, team building and camaraderie among coworkers. These games are also known as “Zoom team building activities” and “Zoom team bonding games.”

These exercises are a type of virtual team building activity, online team building game, and Zoom game. The games are similar to Zoom games for large groups, video call games, Zoom party ideas, and quick team building activities for conference calls.

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Here we go!

List of Zoom team building games

Many low-cost or free Zoom team building ideas are great for remote workplaces. Implementing these ideas will help team members develop relationships.

1. Icebreaker Questions

Icebreaker questions are a common team building activity to start Zoom calls with. For example, you can ask prompts like “your role and favorite sandwich growing up.”

For successful icebreakers, have all participants post a message to the chat, then use the order of chat submissions as the order of speaking.

Here is an icebreaker generator for prompts:


And here is a list of Zoom icebreaker questions, list of the best virtual team icebreakers, plus a list of the best team building questions.

2. Zoom Team Building Bingo

Bingo is a longtime favorite pastime. Playing Zoom Team Building Bingo on a conference call will give employees a nostalgic feeling.

To play Bingo over Zoom, send participants a bingo card to fill in. Unlike traditional bingo, you will not be calling letters and numbers. Instead, use a Bingo card generator to fill the card with unique ideas. For example, team building ideas or phrases you hear on a Zoom call.

Here is a randomized-card you can use for your game:

Here is an icebreaker Bingo generator and a template for online team building Bingo.

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3. Zoom Scavenger Hunt

To host an online scavenger hunt, participation is a must. However, this task can be difficult when participants live in different areas.

For a successful virtual scavenger hunt, we recommend lightning rounds. During this activity, give participants clues and riddles one by one. Participants need to find objects around their homes as quickly as possible. For example, ask players to grab their favorite snack. You could then ask the players to elaborate on why they chose that particular item and award points for the best story.

Here is a template for your game:

Here are some virtual scavenger hunt ideas.

4. Virtual Escape Room

We cannot have a list of Zoom team building activities without mentioning escape rooms. Escape rooms are activities that require problem-solving and teamwork.

During a virtual escape room, team members work together to solve puzzles and riddles within a time limit. The team must ban together to beat the clock. Escape rooms encourage team members to collaborate and communicate clearly.

Check out this list of virtual escape rooms.

5. Zoom Scattergories

In Scattergories, each participant attempts to find the most original answers within the game’s parameters. This game will encourage creative thinking.

To play Scattergories, all team members receive a list of items. Next, assign a letter for the round. The game’s goal is to come up with an object for each category that starts with the given letter. However, players only earn points for original answers. If more than one player lists the same item, then neither player gets a point.

Here is a Scattergories generate to use for your game:


Scattergories encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Plus, team members have fun and learn to think under pressure.

Check out this list of Scattergories examples.

6. This or That?

This or That is one of the quickest Zoom team building games, and so works well as an icebreaker in meetings.

To play this or that, pose a question with two options to the team. These questions need not be serious but rather fun and playful. Team members then debate which of the two options is better. Folks can draw from personal experience or use basic logic, but the goal is to win people to one side.

For example, the question might be hamburgers or hot dogs? The teams should discuss which is better and why. To keep the game brief, set a time limit. When time is up, move on to another question.

Here is a question generator to use for your games:


And here is a list of starter This or That questions.

7. Zoom Trivia Night

Hosting an online trivia night is similar to an in-person trivia night. However, you will need to do some planning for a successful Zoom team building activity.

We recommend dividing your group into small teams during a Zoom trivia night. Each of these teams should be in a separate breakout room. During each round, teams can discuss the answers freely in the room. All the teams should submit their answers via a web-form or messaging app. The host will then award points based on the number of correct responses.

Check out this guide to doing trivia virtually, a list of the best trivia questions for teams, and more fun trivia night ideas.

8. Online Charades

Online charades give team members a chance to show their dramatic sides. Participants take turns acting out ideas from a list. The goal of the game is to communicate an idea without speaking. This game can be competitive or recreational. For the competitive version, divide your team into two groups and have players compete against each other. If you prefer a social game, then allow all team members to guess.

Here is a Charades Prompt generator.

9. Zoom Murder Mystery

Murder mystery events are online games where participants pretend to be part of a murder. Together, players have to figure out who the killer is.

Hosting a murder mystery party is a fun and unique way to develop relationships and encourage fun. Players have to communicate, problem-solve, and work together to solve the mystery. You can also combine a murder mystery party with an online happy hour.

Check out this list of facilitated murder mystery events.

10. Werewolf on Zoom

If you are looking for Zoom meeting team building games that require problem-solving and communication skills, then werewolf is a fantastic option.

To play this game remotely, you will need a narrator. Next, assign all other participants another role:

  • Werewolf: the werewolf “eats” villagers and tries to survive until the end of the game
  • Medic: the medic can “save” one villager each round
  • Seer: the seer attempts to find the murderous werewolf
  • Villagers: everyone else is a villager

Before beginning the game, notify players by direct messaging who has what role. At the beginning of the game, the narrator declares that night has fallen. Everyone must close their eyes. The narrator wakes up players in order: the wolf, the medic, and the seer.

After you wake the wolf up, they tell the narrator via private message who they want to eat. After the wolf is asleep again, then wake the medic up. The narrator will ask the medic who they want to save. The medic should answer by private message. If the medic and the wolf choose the same person, then that villager survives. Finally, wake the seer up. The seer attempts to guess who the wolf is by private message to the narrator. The narrator simply answers yes or no.

After the long, eventful night, the narrator states that the sun has risen. Next, the narrator will inform all players whether the wolf ate someone or all the villagers survived the night. Now, the villagers must debate the identity of the wolf. Remember, the wolf, the medic, and the seer must not reveal their identities. All villagers must vote on who the wolf is to end the round. This player is then eliminated. If the villagers guess the wolf correctly, then they win. If they guess wrong, then night falls and the wolf hunts again.

As villagers vote off players or the wolf eats them, they may quietly watch the game as a ghost. However, ghosts may no longer speak.

Here is a full guide to playing Werewolf.

11. Would You Rather?

This road trip favorite is also playable as a Zoom bonding activity. During this game, give team members a tough choice and ask players to share their preferences.  The options can be serious, like would you rather live be rich and live alone or be poor and have a large family?. Or, the options could be silly, like would you rather have rotten food once or never eat ice cream again?

Here is a list of starter Would You Rather questions.

12. Fill in the Map

Some Zoom team building games require participants to think back to their schooldays. This fill-in-the-map game tests how well team members know their geography.

Just before playing, send each participant a blank map. Then, give players a set amount of time to fill in as many locations as possible. This game operates on the honor system and asks team members not to look up the answers by Googling or asking Alexa.

You can play this game with a blank map of the USA to fill in states and capitals. Or, you could choose a world map or another country or continent.

13. Zoom Team Building Pictionary

Pictionary is an entertaining game and one of those Zoom team activities that requires players to draw items while their partner or team guesses the subject.

Virtual Pictionary is possible thanks to apps like Scribbl.io, or the whiteboard and annotating features in Zoom. Using a drawing app and Zoom, team members can play Pictionary together. For ease, divide the group in two. You can use a Pictionary word generator to find words for the person drawing. Be sure to set a time limit for teams to guess. At the end of the game, whichever team answered more correctly wins.

Check out more virtual game night ideas.

14. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy is a popular facilitated virtual event. Hosted by a high-energy guide, participants will try to complete a series of challenges. These mini-games are competitive yet promote teamwork. Throughout the event, team members attempt to figure out who is a villain.

superhero academy

Superhero Academy is a 90-minute event suitable for ten or more players.

Learn about Superhero Academy.

15. Zoom Ambassador

Zoom Ambassador is a game where every player pretends to be an ambassador from a different country. The catch is that no other player knows which teammate represents which country. Throughout the game, players describe details about their country without revealing the nation’s name. For example, you might discuss the food, neighboring countries, or famous figures. As players guess other countries correctly, they earn points. The team member with the most points at the end of the game wins.

16. Five Clicks Away

The inspiration behind Five Clicks Away is that Wikipedia has so many internal links, and the site content is closely related. To play this Zoom team building game, choose two seemingly unrelated topics. For example, President Obama and the FIFA World Cup. Players start on the Wikipedia page for the first topic. Then, teammates attempt to get to the second topic in no more than five clicks using only internal links. This game is a little challenging at first but will get easier as players get used to how Wikipedia works. As a bonus, this game also develops research skills.

17. We Didn’t Start the Fire

Yes, these are the lyrics to a famous Billy Joel song. This game centers around the hit song that inevitably gets stuck in your head.

To play this game, break up your team into smaller groups of no more than five or six players each. Next, split teams into breakout rooms. Then, each team will have 15 minutes to write a new verse to the tune of We Didn’t Start the Fire. If time allows, then the teams can write more new lyrics for the song. After the allotted time, bring the group back together. Then, have teams present their new songs.

18. Zoom Team Bonding Game Show

Daytime television is the source for these Zoom team building activities. Game shows are fun ways to bring teams together and encourage problem-solving and communication. The best part of playing these games with remote teams is that most players grew up watching these shows. After giving teams a quick refresher on the rules, have fun reminiscing and playing favorites like Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune.

Here is a list of virtual game show ideas.

19. Zoom Team Building Questions

Questions is a fun activity that encourages critical thinking and communication skills. To play this game, players can only speak in question form. First, have two team members start a conversation. Next, the first player will ask a question to the second player. Then, the second player has to answer in question form. This format continues until a player is unable or forgets to answer in question. When the losing player steps out, another player steps in and continues questions with the first player. Team members will continue rotating through the game until only one player remains.

Here is a list of fun question games to try and more improv games to play on Zoom with groups.

20. Water Shots

Water shots may not be as fun as taking shots with friends in college, but your body will thank you more. To play Water Shots, declare a trigger at the beginning of a call. For example, a code word like, “Sorry, I was on mute,” or an action like a doorbell ringing. Every time a participant notices the trigger, the group takes a shot of water. This Zoom team building exercise helps team members to nurture their bodies and hone their observation skills.

21. Virtual Coffee Break

Facilitating team building ideas for Zoom can be as simple as matching your team members for casual discussion.

You can set up virtual break rooms and invite team members to meet in small groups. To create the feel of a breakroom, encourage participants to grab their favorite cup of coffee. During these breaks, ban work talk. Team members should focus on getting to know each other better.

During each virtual coffee break, randomize the breakout rooms to give different team members the chance to mingle. This alternating will ensure that all participants get a chance to interact with all coworkers.

Check out more virtual coffee break ideas.

22. Online Museum Tour

Museum visits are educational and entertaining. Thankfully, many museums have created virtual museum tours so patrons can visit online.

To organize a museum tour, choose a museum that offers a virtual tour. Next, schedule a time that team members can join a Zoom meeting. During the session, use screen sharing to allow all team members to participate in the tour.

To make the tour a bit more interactive, play a game throughout. For example, organize a scavenger hunt by sending out a list of things to look for during the tour.

Here is a list of virtual museum tours.

23. Online Talent Show

Team members often have unique talents unknown to their peers. A virtual talent show gives folks a chance to show off hidden skills.

To facilitate an online talent show, invite team members. To give performers time to plan and prepare, give notice at least a week or two before the show. During the event, ask viewers to stay muted during performances. However, the audience can virtually applaud using the reaction feature or cheering in the chat. Each participant should have up to 5 minutes to display their talent. The host should spotlight performers during the segments. This event is a unique way for coworkers to learn more about each other.

Check out more virtual talent show ideas.

24. Pitch It

Team games for Zoom can double as skill-building activities. In Pitch It, team members practice pitching ideas to coworkers.

To play Pitch It, compile a list of ordinary, everyday items. For example, a coffee cup, a bedside table, a lamp, or a throw pillow. To launch the game, give each team member one item and 5 minutes to prepare a pitch. The idea is to sell this item to the other players.

If the item was a throw pillow, for example, then the pitch might be, “This item, though seemingly unimportant, is vital to create the mood in the room. Beyond just looks, this small and colorful pillow adds the extra bit of comfort that makes watching your favorite show at the end of the day that much more pleasurable. Have you ever tried napping on the couch? Throw pillows take couch naps to the next level. This throw pillow is the cherry on top of an already comfortable couch.”

After pitches, allow team members to vote for their favorite pitch.

25. Virtual Cocktail Hour

Organizing Zoom team building activities for adults can be tricky. However, planning an event that adults will have fun at while bonding is important.

A virtual cocktail hour is a great way to encourage coworkers to kick back and have fun. To make this event more interactive, ask all participants to mix a drink. You can ask one team member to teach the group how to make a drink step by step. Or, watch a YouTube video on making a fancy cocktail together. To be considerate, try to keep the ingredients simple. Also, give participants time to buy any items they might need, and consider sending a stipend to cover the cost of supplies.

For more tips, here is a guide to virtual cocktail hours.

26. Who’s the Baby?

Remote team members likely spend a good bit of time looking at each other on Zoom calls. Yet, coworkers might not know much about each other’s past.

A baby picture challenge is a great way to encourage deeper relationships. To play this game, team members should send a baby picture to a team leader. The team leader should then post all the baby pictures in a Google Doc or Slack channel. You can give folks a couple of days to make guesses before revealing the identities of the adorable infants.


Zoom team building activities and games are essential for remote teams. These activities develop critical work skills, like communication and problem-solving. These exercises also encourage teamwork and relationships.  You can use many Zoom features, like breakout rooms, whiteboards, and chats to play games. These fun activities can battle Zoom fatigue many remote workers feel.

Next, check out this list of ways to make Zoom meetings fun, this collection of online drinking games and these online games for work teams.

We also have a list of the best virtual team event ideas and a list of virtual team building ideas for large groups at work.

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FAQ: Zoom team building

Here are answers to questions about Zoom team building games, activities and ideas.

What are Zoom team building activities?

Zoom team building activities are games or events that team members play online during Zoom calls. These activities integrate skills like communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Team members work together to complete tasks and get to know each other. These activities are also known as “Zoom team building ideas”, “Zoom team building exercises”, “Zoom team activities” and “Zoom team bonding.” The singular is “Zoom team building activity.”

Why is team building on Zoom important?

Team building on Zoom is important because remote offices are often lacking in casual social interactions. By planning fun games and events, you can bring your people together in a way that builds friendships, creates culture, and other positive impacts for the organization.

What are some good Zoom team building ideas for remote offices?

Some good Zoom team building ideas for remote offices are Werewolf, This or That, and the Question game. These games are also good Zoom bonding activities.

How do you do team building over Zoom?

To develop teams over Zoom, plan a game or activity that utilizes essential skills, like communication or collaborative problem-solving. These skills will increase teamwork among coworkers. You can utilize features like breakout rooms, polls, and chats to make games more fun and interactive for participants.

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