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🕒 1.5 hours 👪 2 - 300+ people 🎟️ $$

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We run a fun online team building game for remote teams called War of the Wizards. The activity combines elements of popular role playing games, world building, storytelling and more in a fun mashup of mini games and competitions.

The gist is this: a group of wizards have been at wars since ages past, and not one of them can quite remember why. Your teammates become the wizards' minions and work together toward a peaceful resolution of the conflict. You will gather sparkles, power up, cast spells and use fierce collaboration to win the game. It's fun 🙂

War of the Wizards is a 90 minute event, conducted over a secure video conference line that we provide. The game is smart, fun, and simple to play; you don't need to be an avid RPG player or even a video game buff to get it, you just need to come prepared for fun and teamwork.

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