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11 Best Virtual Team Building Activities

Fun online team building that maximizes participation. 60-90 minutes each. Fully faciliated.

1. Online Office Games

❤️ loved by remote teams all over the world

An online version of Office Olympics, these virtual team building games are designed to be equal parts friendship creating and skill building. Your remote coworkers will form teams, compete in world class trivia, and play games like "Can Your Hear Me Now." At the end, we tally the points and celebrate the winners, and the non-winners too because everyone on your team is awesome. This event is 90 minutes with additional time and games/activities optional.

  • 🕒 1.5 hours
  • 👪 2 - 300+ people

2. tiny campfire 🔥

❤️ loved by virtual teams new to working remotely

We run fun virtual campfires for remote teams. The activities start with camp-style icebreaker games, followed by historic ghost stories and a real s'more making experience. A week or so before your campfire, we mail each of your remote employees a care package that includes a tealight candle, matches, and s'more ingredients. Then, on camp day we bring your coworkers together on a 90 minute video call to play games and enjoy time together around the virtual campfire. No mosquito repellent required.

  • 🕒 1.5 hours
  • 👪 2 - 300+ people

3. Tea vs Coffee 🍵 ✕ ☕

❤️ loved by coworkers with good taste, yogis, coffee fanatics, introverts

This experience is focused on zen, mindfulness and the art of enjoying tea and coffee. Before your event date, we send each of your coworkers a care package that includes four exotic beverages from eco-friendly farms and Fair Trade chocolate. A senior facilitator then takes you and your colleagues through friendly virtual icebreakers, guided meditation and a tasting ceremony. While your team enjoys drinks like mushroom coffee and turmeric tea, we share stories about the ingredients' origins and what exactly is happening with the health benefits and flavor compounds.

  • 🕒 1.5 hours
  • 👪 2 - 300+ people

4. Murder in Ancient Egypt

❤️ loved by cutthroats, detectives, puzzle solvers, collaborators

Murder in Ancient Egypt is a virtual murder mystery game. The experience combines the best elements of a traditional murder mystery with the unique game mechanics of virtual conference rooms. Our senior facilitator will lead your team through a series of clues and challenges related to one of Ancient Egypt's most infamous murders. Your colleagues will work in small groups to solve wickedly smart puzzles in a race against time. The experience ends with the big reveal told as an engaging story. This activity is a fun twist on the traditional murder mystery.

  • 🕒 1.5 hours
  • 👪 2 - 300+ people

5. War of the Wizards

❤️ loved by RPG nerds, online game fans, virtual teams

War of the Wizards is an online team building game that combines elements of popular role playing games, world building, storytelling, friendly competition and fierce collaboration. Essentially, a few wizards have been at battle for as long as anyone can remember and need your help to resolve the conflict. Your coworkers become the wizards' minions: gathering sparkles, casting spells and competing to be the first and most successful team to bring the war to a peaceful resolution. It's fun 🙂

  • 🕒 1.5 hours
  • 👪 2 - 300+ people

6. Cocktail Shake-Up

❤️ loved by cosmopolitans, fun-lovers

Ready for the ultimate virtual office happy hour? Join us at our Cocktail Shake-Up, as we help you whip up two delicious, Prohibition era-inspired cocktails! In addition to the tasty beverages, we will help your team bond through our spirited Escape the Raid at-home scavenger hunt, a masterful, historically-accurate “toast-off” and our famous, workplace-appropriate World’s Classiest Drinking Game. You provide the booze and bubbles, and we’ll provide everything else you need for the best virtual happy hour you’ve ever experienced! Note: this event is BYOB.

  • 🕒 1.5 hours
  • 👪 2 - 300+ people

7. Virtual Team Trivia

❤️ loved by trivia nerds, quiz buffs, remote teams

Virtual Team Trivia is perfect as a stand-alone event, as well as for virtual happy hours and conference entertainment. The game is all the fun of a slightly chaotic pub-trivia night, without the sticky tables, loud music and overpriced beer. Virtual Team Trivia combines smart questions with unique game mechanics in a way that builds meaningful connections. You can choose from one of our themes like Interstellar or Rock & Roll, or we can customize the trivia to match any theme. Virtual Team Trivia is a 60 minute, fully facilitated activity that we can conduct over Zoom, Webex and other platforms.

  • 🕒 1 hour
  • 👪 2 - 300+ people

8. Storytelling Workshops

❤️ loved by remote workers, beginner and advanced storytellers, skill builders

This virtual workshop is part virtual team building exercise and part professional development. Our master storytellers will share techniques like 5 Minute Story Shortening, and the 5 Elements of an Engaging Story. At the end, each of your virtual team members tells a story, and we award abundant praise for the best one. Storytelling workshops are an excellent way to invest in both creating meaningful connections for your staff, and education at the same time.

  • 🕒 2 hours
  • 👪 2 - 300+ people

9. Nerd Talks™

❤️ loved by nerdy coworkers, distributed teams, anyone that likes Ted-style talks

Nerd Talks™ are like irreverent Lunch & Learns. We will provide an expert host to teach your staff. For example, your expert can lead a session on Beer & Sharks, Witchcraft & Wine, Cereal & Killers, Plato & Pluto, Zombies & Philosophy and other topics. During your event, attendees can choose to actively participate or listen while quietly snacking, which makes it a good choice for remote teams with a range of personalities. The experience includes games like trivia, virtual Bingo, and icebreakers.

  • 🕒 1 hour
  • 👪 2 - 300+ people

10. Beer & Sharks

❤️ loved by aquarium nerds, beer aficionados, remote teams

Beer & Sharks is a "Nerd Talk" about two of nature's most misunderstood subjects: calculus and progressive tax systems. Just kidding: it's about beer and sharks. Our host will take your team through a wild explanation of aquatic ecosystems, beer making, shark facts and the tenuous links between them. The experience includes virtual team building activities like trivia and icebreakers. Beer & Sharks is smart, thought provoking, wildly entertaining, and one of the best damn ways to make a virtual meeting fun.

  • 🕒 1 hour
  • 👪 2 - 300+ people

11. How to Manage Remotely

❤️ loved by new remote work managers, leaders that work from home

If you have managers and leaders that are new to team building online, managing remote teams that work from home and similar, then we can help. We will share techniques, tips and ideas for running successful virtual meetings, powerful ways to engage remote workers and ensure productivity, methods to promote virtual team bonding, and how to trouble-shoot the most common pitfalls. This 90-minute session is itself an example of fun and engaging training and includes online group games and team activities your managers will learn from.

  • 🕒 1.5 hours
  • 👪 2 - 300+ people

How it Works

We offer a variety of virtual team building activities for remote teams. Each activity is a fun and unique experience with a goal of maximizing employee happiness, engagement and retention. Virtual team building is a way to develop relationships between remote coworkers, and as Harvard says "make virtual teams work."

Most of our virtual events are 90 minute video calls conducted over a high capacity and secure platform. We usually provide two hosts: an energetic faciliator that keeps everyone engaged, and a co-host to manage the technical aspects.

teambuilding™ is a leader in online team building. We've developed unique techniques and mastered the best practices for engaging remote workers. We love planning fun, meaningful group activities for virtual teams 🙂

Your event planner's goal is to help you choose the best activities for your objectives, personalities and budget. Many clients love our remote activities so much that they book multiple events. We have 5640+ five star reviews and case studies from happy clients.

virtual team building
virtual team building activities

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Here are some common questions about team building online.

What are the benefits of virtual team building?

The benefits of virtual team building include increased employee engagement and happiness, plus improved team dynamics. The benefits of doing virtual events with us include trained and energetic hosts, co-hosts that support the technology, and online games and activities that are proven to actually bond remote teams.

Which virtual team building activities are best?

The most popular virtual team building activities are Online Office Games, tiny campfire and Murder in Ancient Egypt. We believe the best virtual group activities are unique, facilitated and encourage participation by all attendees. See our reviews on Google.

What are the technology requirements?

All participants require a device such as a laptop or smart phone, with video capability highly recommended. For stable internet, you will need a wired broadband or minimum 3G wireless connection, with speed tests of at least 1.5Mbs. Our standard platform is Zoom, which you can download or use in most modern web browsers. View Zoom's system requirements for more details. We can facilitate some event types over Webex, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet/Hangout.

What does virtual team building cost?

Factors that influence the price include group size, event date, and packages. Events like tiny campfire and Tea vs Coffee are priced a little higher because of the cost of materials and logistics. For an up to date price list fill out a quote request, and we will send you the pricing in the first email.

How do you make virtual meetings fun?

To make virtual meetings fun, we use small group mechanics, trained facilitators and unique game formats. Many of our hosts are professional comedians and actors, which helps them "read the crowd" to make sure everyone has a great time.

Are there any international restrictions?

We work with remote and distributed teams all over the world, and often run events with participants in multiple regions and time zones. We have facilitators based in American, European and Asian time zones which can help with scheduling. Our primary language for facilitation is English. For events with physical products, the shipping may take a little longer to reach far off places like Australia and Singapore. But we do it all the time 🙂

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