How it Works

We provide facilitated team building events, which means a trained host will run engaging activities for you and your team. For larger groups, we also provide a co-host to support on any technical issues.

Most of our events are 90 minutes, and for the online ones our default platform is Zoom. For some event types we can use Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex.

The actual experience depends on your event type, and typically involves two or three of our proprietary games and activities.

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How to Book an Event

1. Get our price list » 30 seconds

When you fill out a form on this site, we send you a price list and other info. You can also call us at 1-800-683-8494 or email and we’ll be happy to help.

2. Plan by email or phone » 5 to 15 minutes

Quick calls are 5 minutes if you have a good idea of which event you want, or up to 15 minutes if you’d like to explore more options. We can also provide full support by email. After you choose an event, we’ll send a proposal with the details.

3. Review and sign event proposal » 2 minutes

Our event proposals are straight forward and there is zero fine print. It’s just “here is the event, here is what it costs and here are a few basic terms of the agreement.” You can sign the proposal when you are ready, and then there is a secure portal for credit card payments. You can also pay by check or bank transfer.

4. Schedule your date » 1 minute

We can usually schedule on short notice or at any future date. We have 24 hour availability, including weekends, so let us know what works best for you.

5. Invite your guests » 2 minutes

Once we schedule your event, we will send a calendar invite with all the details to join the event. You can add your coworkers to the invite, or copy it to your own calendar system. It’s easy.

Learn more on our FAQ.

Example Event

Here is a standard itinerary for Online Office Games:

Intro & Icebreakers10 minutesOur host will greet your guests as they arrive and lead an icebreaker round. Our icebreakers are designed to increase participation throughout the event, and to connect your people.
Team Formations10 minutesMost events have a team formation round, where the group chooses a team name and lead reporter. Some activities have additional roles and elements. This is the structure-phase that helps facilitate small and large group dynamics.
Fun Trivia20 minutesWe use a team-trivia format, where groups discuss and commit to answers together. Our trivia is refined over thousands of events to balance difficulty, timing, international audiences, question types and scoring. We blend in elements of “go get-its” and active challenges to boost the energy level.
“Can you hear me now?”25 minutesThis proprietary game focusses on remote team communication. It is FUN first, and teaches elements of giving clear directions, listening and more. To date, 150,000+ team members at organizations like Google, Apple, Amazon and NASA have enjoyed this game.
Wrap-up10 minutesYour host tally-ups the points, announces the winners, includes any debriefs and takes a team photo. We also do a team cheer to end on a high note.
Buffer15 minutesEvent times can vary based on guest arrivals, group sizes and other factors. Our hosts use pacing elements that keep your team engaged throughout, for example by extending games and activities with additional content.
Total90 minutesWe have 60 minute events and 90 minute events. Some 90 minute events can be shortened or extended. For example, Online Office Games is flexible, while a Murder Mystery typically takes the full-time to solve the puzzles.

Start: Get Pricing & Details

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