Updated: December 01, 2023

14 Change Management Podcasts to Help You Excel at Change

Here is our list of the best change management podcasts.

Change management involves helping employees navigate organizational shifts. Change management podcasts are audio shows that discuss implementing and managing company transitions. Examples include The Inner Game of Change and CHANGE@WORK. The purpose of these podcasts is to help leadership learn the best strategies to execute structural shifts successfully.

These podcasts are a subset of HR podcasts and are similar to leadership podcasts, business podcasts, and management podcasts.


This list includes:

  • podcasts about change
  • change management leadership podcasts
  • online change management podcasts

Let’s get started!

List of change management podcasts

Change management includes both technical and employee-focused considerations. It is important to understand the new processes and procedures well so you can explain them to staff members. Getting your team to embrace these adjustments is the ultimate goal of change management. Below is a list of podcasts that can help you learn how to accomplish this goal.

1. The Inner Game of Change with Ali Juma

With 20 years of operational leadership experience, Ali Juma is a specialist in change management and communication. In The Inner Game of Change, Juma discusses managing organizational growth effectively. Episodes cover this topic from various perspectives, such as making incremental changes or safeguarding mental health during shifts.

Here is why you should listen to The Inner Game of Change:

  • Each episode focuses on a specific element of change, like sustaining adjustments, change burnout, and communication.
  • Focused discussions allow experts to dive deep into each topic.
  • Guests come from a diverse range of backgrounds and share unique global insights.

This show might be the right choice if you want to encourage change adoption through communication, leadership, and process design.

Check out The Inner Game of Change.

2. The Change Management Review Podcast with Theresa Moulton

Theresa Moulton is the editor-in-chief of Change Management Review and has over 25 years of experience in consulting, executive coaching, and business building. She hosts The Change Management Review Podcast, which features topics like coaching employees through organizational change and reimagining change management.

Here is why you should listen to The Change Management Review Podcast:

  • The podcast has two series, “Meet the Expert” and “From the Field.” During “Meet the Expert,” Moulton interviews change management authors, trainers, educators, and speakers. In “From the Field,” she goes more in-depth with case studies, how-tos, and strategies.
  • Since the information comes from expert sources, it is in-depth and detailed.
  • “From the Field” analyzes change management from a data-driven standpoint, breaking down details in measurable ways.

Overall, this show aims to combine the power of academic research and real-world techniques to give listeners a holistic view of change management.

Check out The Change Management Review Podcast.

3. Perspectives of Change with Sarika Kharbanda

Sarika Kharbanda is a change consultant and hosts Perspectives of Change. This podcast covers multiple perspectives on change management. Listeners will also find information on Lean, Agile, and business agility. The show covers topics like changing the world through small actions and recognizing perspectives of reorganization.

Here is why you should listen to Perspectives of Change:

  • As the name suggests, Kharbanda aims to analyze change from many perspectives. This approach may teach listeners about a new methodology or framework.
  • Lean and Agile methodologies are commonplace in the business sphere. Learning how to use these tools to implement adjustments can help with organization.
  • Listeners will find summaries of relevant conferences, workshops, and summits.

Kharbanda models her show after her mantra, which is disrupt, unleash, and co-create. Listeners interested in making a radical difference should look into Perspectives of Change.

Check out Perspectives of Change.

4. CHANGE@WORK with Chris Thornton

Chris Thornton is the Principal at Daggerwing Group and hosts CHANGE@WORK. This series is one of the top online change management podcasts exploring the human side of organizational shifts. Thornton covers many topics, such as using design thinking to drive innovation and delivering on your future business strategy.

Here is why you should listen to CHANGE@WORK:

  • Guests come from notable firms like Nestlé and Yale. Thus, listeners gain access to high-level thought leaders in the corporate sphere.
  • Conversations cover impactful topics like sustainability and DEI initiatives.
  • Thornton approaches evolution thinking from perspectives that are not limited to business. For instance, one episode covers what organizations can learn from the sports world, and another addresses how to use storytelling to drive change.

CHANGE@WORK promotes the idea that lasting adaptation comes from individual drive and adjustments. Be sure to check out this show for innovative and adaptable approaches to business.

Check out CHANGE@WORK.

5. Change by Attraction with Esther Derby

Esther Derby has a background as a tech worker, business owner, internal consultant, and manager. She is also the author of the book 7 Rules for Positive, Productive Change: Micro Shifts, Macro Results. Derby’s wealth of experience gives her unique insight into how to make change happen in the modern working landscape. Her philosophy is that leaders do not need to push, prod, persuade, or punish individuals to make an impact.

Here is why you should listen to Change by Attraction:

  • Derby discusses the topic of change from an empathetic perspective. She encourages leaders and colleagues to consider their approach to instigating development and how others may feel.
  • Episodes only last around ten minutes, making this podcast an easily digestible source of information.
  • Topics are geared toward listeners at all levels of an organization, so folks can implement the lessons at an individual, team, or company-wide level.

Each episode breaks down one single lesson, which splits the idea of change into manageable chunks. Consider this show if you are looking for podcasts about change with advice on encouraging transitions and working with ebbs and flows.

Check out Change by Attraction.

6. Two Minutes of Talking Change with Jennifer Campbell

Jennifer Campbell is a professional certified coach and management consultant and author of the book Talking Change: Must-Have Conversations for Successful Leaders. Two Minutes of Talking Change is unique because of its micro-format. Listeners will find information on topics like leadership, resistance, and planning.

Here is why you should listen to Two Minutes of Talking Change:

  • As the name suggests, episodes only range from one to three minutes. With this super digestible format, you can learn about company transformations in the time it takes to brush your teeth.
  • Despite the short episode length, Campbell still makes time to have special guests join the conversation. Since guests must distill their thoughts, you can learn quick tips from the experts.
  • ​Most tips correlate to Campbell’s book, giving readers more insight into her thought process surrounding the book’s topics.

If you like what you hear in this short-form format, then you can also check out Campbell’s longer podcast, Talking Change with Jen and Rebecca. This discussion focuses explicitly on 20 pivotal conversations from Campbell’s book.

Check out Two Minutes of Talking Change.

7. Leading Transformational Change with Tobias Sturesson

Heart Management spearheads Leading Transformational Change. Heart Management’s goal is to help companies create a healthy corporate culture. Tobias Sturesson is the cofounder of Heart Management and coaches firms on developing values-driven leadership. Leading thinkers, researchers, and culture and change experts share their insights in each episode.

Here is why you should listen to Leading Transformational Change:

  • The foundations of transformational change are based on lasting and significant differences that create stronger companies.
  • Episodes are culture driven, so the suggestions help leaders turn their companies into healthier organizations.
  • Guests come from leading firms like Volvo, IKEA, and Fortune 50 companies. Thus, listeners can gain insights from some of the highest-level organizations.

Examples of previous topics include creating a speak-up culture and avoiding mixed signals. Leaders seeking actionable advice on creating lasting culture progressions will love this show.

Check out Leading Transformational Change.

8. Built for Change with Elise Hu and Josh Klein

Elise Hu and Josh Klein host Built for Change, a podcast about the ever-changing business landscape. Hu is a journalist, podcaster, and author, working with notable firms like TED and NPR. Klein is a technologist, author, and the CEO of IndigoMetrics. Built for Change is hosted by Accenture, an IT-based consulting firm. Discussions cover technological developments and how leaders can adapt and succeed in new environments.

Here is why you should listen to Built for Change:

  • Conversations cover growth from a technology-based perspective, helping leaders understand business evolutions in new ways.
  • Each episode features multiple guests, offering a wide range of expertise per topic.
  • The discussion style is reminiscent of NPR and other news sources, including detailed research and interviews with industry experts.

If you are interested in future-focused content and technological advancements, then this series might interest you.

Check out Built for Change.

9. The Will to Change with Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown is a DEI specialist, speaker, entrepreneur, and author. She has worked with leading institutions like Google, IBM, Indeed, and the Mayo Clinic. The Will to Change focuses on the difficult and humbling parts of growth. She aims to have an open dialogue about each step of evolving and how having the will to do so can be transformative.

Here is why you should listen to The Will to Change:

  • Discussions have a DEI-driven focus, offering a people-centric view into development that can benefit company culture.
  • She has recorded over 250 episodes, so listeners can enjoy a lengthy backlog of valuable insights.
  • Each episode includes a transcript to make it easy to take notes and find information.

Consider this series if you are a leader interested in adjusting your business’s inclusivity, allyship, anti-racism campaigns, or intersectionality considerations.

Check out The Will to Change.

10. Ways to Change the Workplace with Prina Shah

Prina Shah is a global leadership coach, consultant, and trainer whose goal is to develop and optimize leaders, teams, and organizational cultures. Shah’s perspective is work should be an enjoyable place to be, as we spend many of our waking hours there.

Here is why you should listen to Ways to Change the Workplace:

  • Listeners can expect to hear about change management from an internal perspective. Discussions regularly revolve around employee- and team-focused topics.
  • Episodes often cover thought-provoking internal questions. Examples include, “Have you conducted a self-care audit?” and “Have you thanked someone lately?”
  • Guests and topics come from diverse backgrounds, offering unique and global points of view.

From boundaries to toxicity to leadership, Shah addresses shifts and workplace culture from many angles. Managers looking to impact their firms will love this series.

Check out Ways to Change the Workplace.

11. Navigating Change with Howard Teibel

As the name suggests, Navigating Change aims to help leaders face organizational transitions and challenges. The host is Howard Teibel, president of Teibel Education Consulting. He has 30 years of experience in the education field.

Here is why you should listen to Navigating Change:

  • This series has been running for over ten years, offering a decade’s worth of knowledge from industry experts.
  • Episodes have a future-forward focus, covering topics such as disrupting the permanent present and learning to invent the future together.
  • Each episode follows one of several diverse categories, like academics, collaboration, culture, decision-making, and managing progression. This approach offers a holistic look at change management.

With a catalog of over 200 episodes, listeners will have no shortage of ideas and techniques to learn.

Check out Navigating Change.

12. The New Way with Dr. Kate Byrne

Dr. Kate Byrne is the managing director at EVER Change & Communication. She hosts The New Way, a bite-sized podcast for busy leaders. Dr. Byrne has almost 20 years of experience supporting entrepreneurs in driving change, and this show shares those insights.

Here is why you should listen to The New Way:

  • Each episode features detailed show notes, topics discussed with time stamps, and resource links.
  • Dr. Byrne removes the fluff and focuses on implementable, actionable insights.
  • Listeners can often access free downloadable materials and videos that accompany the episodes.

Overall, The New Way offers specific strategies and plans to help leaders make lasting adjustments while managing themselves and their teams.

Check out The New Way.

13. Leaders of Change with Imane Jamal Eddine

Imane Jamal Eddine is Microsoft Asia’s chief of staff. Leaders of Change features conversations with influential leaders who greatly impact their fields. Discussions cover translating vision into action, driving impact, and revolutionizing industries.

Here is why you should listen to Leaders of Change:

  • As the name implies, Eddine interviews industry powerhouses, such as Anindo Dutta, partner at EY Asia Pacific. These high-caliber guests offer valuable insights.
  • Episodes range between 15 and 20 minutes, making them easily digestible.
  • Leaders of Change also offers accompanying YouTube videos so listeners can enjoy a visual format.

Leaders interested in change management leadership podcasts that offer inspiration from other successful trailblazers will enjoy this show.

Check out Leaders of Change.

14. Catalyst for Change with Zach Prewitt

Zach Prewitt is an associate pastor and health care supervisor with over ten years of experience in these fields. Prewitt’s goal is to help leaders lead better. He also has a book with the same name as the show, Catalyst for Change.

Here is why you should listen to Catalyst for Change:

  • Prewitt views any individual with influence as a leader. With this perspective, he offers advice that listeners can apply in all facets of their life, not just their careers.
  • Leaders with a strong belief system may appreciate this faith-based point of view.
  • Younger generations may enjoy topics like raising up young leaders, financial literacy, and career growth.

Ultimately, Prewitt wants to help leaders feel comfortable planning for evolutions. The podcast aims to teach listeners that they can leave a lasting impact on another individual’s life.

Check out Catalyst for Change.


Change management is a complex job. Executives need to consider when to make alterations, how to implement changes, and the impact on the employees. Handling all of these elements can be a stressful experience. Change management podcasts can help break complex concepts into easy-to-understand steps. Additionally, these resources can assist you in becoming a better leader overall. From actionable insights to interesting anecdotes, these episodes offer interesting tidbits for every listener.

For more listening inspiration, check out these articles on entrepreneur podcasts and CEO podcasts.

FAQ: Change management podcasts

Here are answers to common questions about change management podcasts.

What are change management podcasts?

Change management podcasts are audio shows that dissect the complicated world of change management. Change management refers to employees who spearhead operational adjustments. These leaders oversee each step, whether planning the processes or implementing new policies. Podcasts like the ones in this article aim to help listeners understand this process from multiple perspectives. Many episodes feature high-ranking businesspeople, and others share bite-sized, actionable advice.

What are some good change management podcasts?

Many podcasts cover change management and all the considerations that go along with it.

Here are some great change management podcasts to listen to:

  • Two Minutes of Talking Change
  • The New Way
  • Change by Attraction
  • Ways to Change the Workplace

These resources are engaging ways to learn more about the field.

Why should you listen to change management podcasts?

Listening to change management podcasts can offer a range of benefits for both personal and professional development. Change management is a crucial aspect of navigating the ever-evolving business landscape. Web shows can provide valuable insights to help you effectively understand, lead, and adapt to transformations.

Here are some benefits of listening to change management podcasts:

  • Knowledge and Insights: Change management podcasts often feature experts, practitioners, and thought leaders. These professionals share their experiences, best practices, and insights into managing shifts. You can learn about different models, strategies, and tools to apply to various situations.
  • Real-World Examples: Podcasts often present case studies and real-life examples of successful and not-so-successful initiatives. These stories can offer practical insights into what does and does not work when managing alterations in different organizations and industries.
  • Continuous Learning: Progression is a constant in today’s world, especially in the business environment. Listening to audio shows allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, theories, and approaches in change management.
  • Networking and Community: Many podcasts have associated communities, forums, or social media groups. In these spaces, listeners can connect, share their experiences, ask questions, and learn from one another. This networking can provide a supportive environment for learning and exchanging ideas.
  • Leadership Development: If you are in a leadership role or aspire to be a leader, then understanding change management is crucial. Podcasts can offer leadership insights tailored to managing shifts and driving organizational transformation.

Finding the best podcast for your needs may take a little patience. However, this list is a great jumping-off point to get you started.

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