Updated: August 25, 2023

23 Best HR Podcasts to Listen to in 2024

You have found our list of best HR podcasts.

HR podcasts are audio resources focused on diverse HR-related topics, such as recruitment and talent management, employee engagement, workplace culture, and performance management. Examples include We’re Only Human and Digital HR Leaders. These human resources podcasts help professionals stay up to date on industry trends, news, and best practices.

HR podcasts are similar to HR training programs, HR newsletters, HR books, and HR communities. These resources help professionals learn HR tips, HR skills, and employee engagement strategies.

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List of HR podcasts

Human resources is a crucial aspect of any company. HR professionals play a vital role in keeping an organization running smoothly, from hiring and training employees to ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. One way HR professionals can stay updated on the latest trends and best practices is by listening to podcasts. Here are some of the best HR leaders podcasts available today.

1. Talent Angle

The Talent Angle podcast, hosted by Gartner experts, is a deep dive into the world of talent management and workforce strategies. Through insightful interviews and discussions, this podcast explores topics like leadership development, employee engagement, and innovative HR practices. This show focuses on practical insights and data-driven approaches. Talent Angle equips HR professionals and leaders with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of talent management in today’s evolving business landscape.

Learn more about Talent Angle.

2. CIPD Podcast

Presented by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the CIPD Podcast is a valuable resource for HR and L&D professionals. Folks seeking to stay informed about the latest trends, research, and best practices in the world of work will love this show. Covering a wide range of topics from employee well-being to organizational development, the podcast features insightful discussions with experts and thought leaders. The hosts explore the intersection of HR, people management, and business strategy. The CIPD Podcast provides a comprehensive perspective on building effective workplaces.

Learn more about the CIPD Podcast.

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3. The HR Mentor Podcast

The HR Mentor Podcast, hosted by Dr. Grace Lee, is a supportive and informative resource for HR professionals at all stages of their careers. Dr. Lee offers practical career advice, shares personal stories, and addresses common challenges HR practitioners face. Episodes focus on personal growth, professional development, and work-life balance. This podcast provides actionable insights and inspiration to help HR professionals thrive while nurturing their own well-being.

Learn more about The HR Mentor Podcast.

4. HR Bartender

Hosted by Sharlyn Lauby, The HR Bartender Show is a refreshing blend of practical HR advice, workplace insights, and engaging discussions. Lauby, known as the “HR Bartender,” brings her expertise and experience to topics ranging from employee engagement to company culture. With a conversational and approachable style, this podcast delivers actionable tips and strategies. HR practitioners, managers, and business leaders looking to create positive and impactful workplaces will enjoy this show.

Learn more about HR Bartender.

5. Transform Your Workplace

Transform Your Workplace is a go-to source for the latest workplace topics, news, and time-tested strategies for building a successful organization. Host Brandon Laws interviews industry experts, HR professionals, respected thought leaders, and entrepreneurs about the concepts and ideas that can transform organizations.

The podcast covers new topics weekly, including HR culture, business growth, and leadership. With Transform Your Workplace, HR professionals can learn what they need to know about building a great workplace. Listeners can also participate in constructive conversations about concepts and strategies for transforming their work environment.

Listen to Transform Your Workplace.

6. The HR Sound Off Podcast Show

The HR Sound Off Podcast Show is a weekly program that aims to spotlight some of the many misconceptions folks have about the HR profession.

In each episode, Julie Turney interviews HR professionals and industry leaders and discusses the latest HR trends, current events, and best practices in the industry. Some of the topics the podcast addresses include intentional leadership, creating an HR community as an introvert, and career development support for HR professionals.

The HR Sound Off Podcast Show helps listeners see HR professionals’ human side, with guests sharing their real-life stories, struggles, and fears.

Subscribe to HR Sound Off Podcast Show.

7. We’re Only Human

With the broad range of tools, technology, and resources available in the ever-evolving human resources industry, it is very easy to forget that we are only humans. We’re Only Human focuses on integrating individuals and technology in the workplace, helping organizations tailor their approach to support the diverse needs of their employees while still moving forward in a highly competitive industry.

The host, Ben Eubanks, holds conversations with practitioners, vendors, and consultants, providing listeners with a broad spectrum of voices to help them learn and improve their practices. The show features topics like talent acquisition trends, improving performance management practices, and research on employee engagement.

The podcast also offers case studies of thriving organizations with leading practices in HR, training, and talent management.

Listen to We’re Only Human.

8. Redefining Work

Redefining Work is a highly engaging podcast that explores the new world of work. Every week, Lars Schmidt interviews industry-shaping leaders and prominent thinkers. The program gives listeners an inside look at how these leaders build their teams, what drives them, and how to achieve better results.

Redefining Work highlights innovators, creators, builders, and convention-crushers. The podcast’s conversational style brings real-life experiences, insights, and stories from numerous business and talent leaders from all around the globe.

Listen to Redefining Work.

9. HR Party of One

HR Party of One is a go-to human resources archive for professionals, addressing the issues that matter and turning HR professionals into leaders. The popular YouTube series and top HR podcast explore the most pressing topics for business leaders and HR teams. The podcast also facilitates engaging conversations on the latest HR issues that fast-growing startups and businesses face. Each week, Sarah Hecht focuses on key HR topics like recruitment and retention, HR technology, onboarding and offboarding, compliance deadlines, and company culture.

Listen to HR Party of One.

10. Recruiting Future

Recruiting Future addresses talent acquisition, spotlighting HR professionals who effectively tackle the challenges of the fast-evolving world of talent management. Hosted by Matt Alder, the podcast explores insights from industry leaders, addressing trending topics and analyzing organizational case studies. The episodes benefit leaders in all industries, offering a range of ideas and inspiration for building a successful workplace. Some of the topics covered include diversity and Inclusion, employer branding, the future of work, HR technology, and recruiting automation.

Recruiting Future releases new episodes twice weekly, most lasting less than 30 minutes. This factor makes the show a one-stop, quick access to essential HR news and trends. The podcast also offers a monthly round-up that gives listeners a 10-minute highlight from that month’s episodes.

Listen to Recruiting Future.

11. Digital HR Leaders

In this podcast and video series, host David Green interviews numerous top HR leaders leading the charge toward a more data-driven and digital HR agenda. Most episodes of this podcast last for about 45 minutes, allowing Green and his guests to delve into an in-depth analysis of the subject at hand. Some topics addressed include employee experience, strategic workplace planning, and collaboration on hybrid teams.

Digital HR Leaders also features case studies on top organizations like MetLife, Spotify, and H&R Block. This podcast is an excellent option for those who prefer visual representation for learning.

Listen to Digital HR Leaders.

12. The Candidate Experience Podcast

The Candidate Experience Podcast is an HR podcast focused on improving and easing the candidate’s journey. This podcast provides valuable resources and insights, from candidate application to onboarding. The host, Chuck Solomon, interviews industry experts and thought leaders. These discussions provide hiring managers and recruiters with in-depth information on improving the candidate experience.

The podcast provides job seekers with career advancement advice and job search tips. Also, the show offers HR professionals and talent managers valuable tips and tricks for enhancing their brands. Each episode of the podcast is about 20 to 30 minutes long.

Listen to the Candidate Experience Podcast.

13. DriveThruHR

DriveThruHR is an engaging, highly captivating, and easy-to-digest lunchtime show that explores trending topics relevant to HR professionals. Mike VanDervort, Robin Schooling, Dwane Lay, and Crystal Miller Lay host the podcast, and the show has been running continuously since February 2010.

During the 30-minute episodes, the hosts and featured guests converse on the hottest issues in the HR industry, from recruitment challenges to the best and worst of HR tech. Some topics addressed include organizational culture, recruitment, talent management, and HR strategies.

Listen to DriveThruHR.

14. Leading the Future of Work

Leading the Future of Work is a weekly show featuring in-depth conversations on work’s future. In the podcast, TED speaker and author Jacob Morgan hosts interactions with the world’s top business leaders, founders, best-selling authors, and thinkers. The podcast is excellent for future-focused HR practitioners, as it explores issues about the future of work, how organizations can prepare and adapt, and how to apply these leadership lessons to life.

Characterized as a disruptive HR podcast, Leading the Future of Work is an excellent choice for professionals interested in AI’s impact on careers, learning how technology will influence the future of work, and the importance of having a growth mindset.

Listen to Leading the Future of Work.

15. Not the HR Lady

Not the HR Lady is a weekly web series and podcast focusing on getting all the jargon out of the workplace. The hosts, Tara Furiani and Justin Boggs, are energetic, fun to listen to, and refreshingly honest. The show approaches topics from a people-experience concept, addressing issues like engagement, inclusivity, communication, transparency, and opportunity to network and grow.

Each hour-long episode of the show is engaging, conversational, and comedic in style. Not the HR Lady features a special guest segment, expert insights, and surprises, all done without the usual corporate jargon. The show’s good vibes make it one of the best funny HR podcasts.

Listen to Not the HR Lady.

16. Punk Rock HR

Laurie Ruettimann hosts interviews with leaders in the human resources industry on this weekly podcast. The show seeks to reveal the mindsets and best practices that address creating organizational cultures that meaningfully empower, support, and engage employees. Ruettiman’s long history of workplace storytelling comes to the fore as she uncovers the strategies, trends, and practices that effectively transform work culture.

Punk Rock HR is more inspirational than tactical, offering an inside look into HR across industries. Most episodes are less than 30 minutes, each offering expert storytelling and interviews with HR leaders on creating workplace cultures that meaningfully support, empower, and engage workers.

Listen to Punk Rock HR.

17. Lead From the Heart

Lead From the Heart is from the best-selling author and award-winning pioneer of heart-led leadership, Mark C. Crowley. Crowley believes heart-based leadership portrays the future of workplace management. Through this show, the host explores the best practices and scientifically proven methods to propel extraordinary worker engagement.

The podcast showcases innovators, CEOs, world-class authors, and top thinkers whose works align with Crowley’s heart-based leadership philosophy. Lead from the Heart offers a people-first approach to boost profitability and productivity in the workplace.

Listen to Lead From the Heart.

18. HR Coffee Time

Career coach Fay Wallis hosts Coffee Time, one of the best free HR podcasts around. Wallis used to work in the HR industry and has coached numerous HR professionals, so she understands the diverse challenges that HR practitioners face in their career journeys.

HR Coffee Time offers valuable tips and advice on establishing a thriving career in human resources. The weekly podcast combines solo and guest episodes, which feature experts and coaches sharing their ideas on building a successful HR career without burning out. Wallis also has other free resources that focus on helping HR professionals, one of which is a free HR planner.

Listen to HR Coffee Time.

19. HRchat Podcast

The HRchat Podcast from HR Gazette offers valuable insights, strategies, and stories to help HR professionals gain more knowledge on the world of work. Host Bill Banham interviews influencers, top analysts, industry leaders, and other human resources enthusiasts. Banham and his guests explore hot industry topics like HR tech, leadership, recruitment, talent management, employee wellness, and company culture. The show offers new episodes two to four times every week, and each episode usually lasts between 15 to 30 minutes.

Listen to HRchat Podcast.

20. People Managing People

Numerous challenges constantly plague the world of work, like turnover, disengagement, and burnout. These problems can put a strain on workplace culture and the overall well-being of the business. People Managing People aims to help talent managers and culture creators who desire to become better leaders and efficient people managers. The podcast gives listeners access to top industry information, tools, and tips to effectively recruit, retain, and manage their talents and company.

Every episode features real-life stories and case studies from diverse guests ranging from best-selling authors, CEOs, and organizational culture experts. Listeners will learn how to create happy, healthy, and effective workplaces.

Listen to People Managing People.

21. Culture First

Culture First by Culture Amp features stories from a journey of building a better world of work. Hosted by Damon Klotz, Culture First is a valuable resource for seasoned industry leaders passionate about building individuals and new managers looking to better their team’s culture. From heart-to-heart discussions and uncomfortable truths, the show offers all the elements, information, and strategies needed for building a better world of work. If you are interested in disruptive HR podcasts, then you should consider checking out Culture First.

Listen to Culture First.

22. Talking HR Trends with Natal and Tom

In Talking HR Trends with Natal and Tom, hosts Natal Dank and Tom Haak analyze trending topics regarding human resources, including technology, automation, and interventions. The podcast style is practical, informative, entertaining, and sometimes controversial. The episodes are relatively short and easy to digest, lasting between 10 to 15 minutes. The hosts address each topic with a practical, clear, and engaging approach. In addition, the show gives insightful tips, top trends, and essential information for building individuals and organizations.

Listen to Talking HR Trends.

23. The HR Uprising

In this weekly podcast, business psychologist and HR change agent Lucinda Carney explores trending HR issues. The podcast comes in two formats. The first is the “In Focus” episodes, where Carney delves into in-depth topics from a specialist’s point of view. The other format is “Conversations with,” where she interviews industry experts and HR professionals. The episodes cover topics such as succession planning, mental health, engagement, and culture change.

Listen to HR Uprising.


There are numerous HR podcasts available that can help professionals stay updated on the latest trends and best practices in their field. These podcasts cover various topics relevant to HR professionals, from recruitment and talent management to employee engagement and employment laws. Whether you are just kickstarting your HR career or are a seasoned veteran, these podcasts are a valuable resource for listeners who wants to improve their skills and stay ahead of the curve.

Next, learn about the top HR consultants and HR certification programs. For more podcast inspiration, check out these business podcasts and entrepreneur podcasts.

FAQ: HR podcasts

Here are frequently asked questions about HR podcasts.

What are HR podcasts?

HR podcasts are audio programs that focus on topics related to human resources. These podcasts typically feature interviews with HR professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders who share their insights and best practices on the latest trends in the field. HR podcasts can also provide a platform for networking and community building within the HR industry.

What are the best HR podcasts?

Some of the best HR podcasts include Leading the Future of Work, Culture First, and The Candidate Experience podcast. HR podcasts are a valuable resource for HR professionals who want to stay current on industry news and expand their HR skills.

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