20 Fun Company Outing Ideas in Boston MA

By: | Updated: May 02, 2024

Here is our list of the best company outing ideas in Boston, Massachusetts.

Company outing ideas in Boston are activities, locations, and events where teams can relax or work together while having fun. For instance, having ice cream at Emack and Bolio’s, competing in The Great Guac Off, and visiting Franklin Park Zoo. The purpose of these activities is to have fun while relieving stress and encouraging teammates to bond.

These activities are examples of team building ideas, company offsites, relationship-building ideas, and group activities. They are similar to group activities in Boston and Boston corporate team building activities.

This list includes:

  • group outing ideas for adults in Boston
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  • work team outings in Boston
  • corporate outings in Boston

Here we go!

List of company outing ideas in Boston

Group outings are an effective way to facilitate team building and boost attendees’ morale. From Dinner at No. 9 Park to Franklin Park Zoo, here are activities, events, and places where you can have your next company outing in the city.

1. Franklin Park Zoo

The Franklin Park Zoo is a nice location to visit for work team outings in Boston. The zoo houses tons of animal species worldwide, like the ring-tailed lemur, African lion, Indian blue peafowl, West African dwarf crocodile, and red kangaroo.

You can also make a group reservation and receive a 20% discount if you book at least two weeks before your visit and have a minimum of ten members.

Learn more about Franklin Park Zoo.

2. Field Day (Team Favorite)

Field Day offers employees the chance to partake in interactive outdoor games and create lasting bonds. This exciting activity promotes teamwork, encourages friendly competition, and nurtures camaraderie.

Your Field Day experience includes:

  • hosted at a location of your choice
  • materials and equipment for each game provided
  • led by a highly skilled host from teambuilding.com
  • nostalgic outdoor games and innovative competitions
  • team photos for your office or social media pages

Field Day is an entertaining event that fosters trust, strengthens relationships, and develops essential workplace skills. For an unforgettable team building experience, be sure to explore the world of Field Day.

Learn more about Field Day.

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3. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

With Ultimate Trivia Showdown, experience an exciting night of fun and games! This engaging 90-minute activity offers captivating questions and friendly competition for a well-rounded team building experience.

Here is what you can look forward to during Ultimate Trivia Showdown:

  • an enthusiastic host from teambuilding.com will lead the event at a venue of your choice
  • play a series of exciting activities, including Majority Rules, General Knowledge Trivia, The Champion Challenge, and Smarty Pants Ultimate Trivia
  • challenge your skills with rapid-fire questions, interactive games, and mind-teasing puzzles
  • the trivia questions cover a wide range of engaging topics, like pop culture, science, and history

This incredible team building experience is a night of fun, laughter, and camaraderie that will leave your team with great memories.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

4. The Urban Grape

The Urban Grape offers an exciting wine shopping experience based on their unique progressive scale. The winery categorizes each wine on a scale of one to ten, making it easy to find wines that suit your palate. The firm has a diverse selection of drinks from around the world. Besides their regular offerings, The Urban Grape also promotes BIPOC winemakers and rare collector’s wines.

You can attend fun wine tastings, either in-store or virtually, and explore the winery’s selections. The Urban Grape has a strong commitment to community building and a mission to encourage progressive drinking. The winery has a wine club, unique events, and a dedicated wine studies award for students of color.

The Urban Grape is a place where you can explore and enjoy the world of wine in a fun and inclusive way.

Learn more about The Urban Grape.

5. Mike’s Pastry

Founded in 1946, Mike’s Pastry is a famous Boston bakery. The founder, Michael Mercogliano, moved to the North End from Italy when he was 12 and learned to bake in his cousin’s bakery. Over time, Mike’s Pastry has become a Boston tradition, loved by locals, tourists, and even presidents.

The bakery is famous for their cannoli and lobster tails. Visitors can also check out their delicious cannoli, pastries, cookies, pies, and cakes. Additionally, the firm has teamed up with Harpoon Brewery to make a special beer. Whether you are in town for family visits, sports events, or just exploring, do not miss a chance to try their treats.

Learn more about Mike’s Pastry.

6. The Gibson House Museum

Gibson House Museum is a historical landmark that groups can visit for team building outings in Boston. The museum organizes a guided tour for groups in two houses. During the tour, your team will view objects and stories of the people who once occupied the house. The stories center around culture and class, on which your team can share their views.

In 45 minutes, a tour guide will direct your group and take you through four floors of the house, only accessible by stairs.

Learn more about The Gibson House Museum Tour.

7. FoMu

FoMu is a good spot to share delicious ice cream with teammates during a group outing. The hand-made ice creams are free from preservatives and contain coconut milk, natural sweeteners, and plant-based ingredients. Popular flavors include fresh strawberry, vanilla bean, and grasshopper pie. The ice cream’s consistency is similar to gelato’s because of less air in the churning process.

The parlor also offers a variety of ice cream cakes like death by chocolate, confetti, and peanut butter mud pie. Furthermore, your team can get baked goodies like chocolate chip brownies, salted chocolate chip cookies, and magic bars which are all gluten-free.

Learn more about FoMu Ice Cream.

8. Blue Hills Reservation Trail

One of the popular places to hike in Boston is the Blue Hills Reservation. You can walk several trails depending on the level of challenge your team members are willing to take. For instance, the Wolcott Path Loop is a pretty easy route and takes about 90 minutes to cover.

For a more challenging hike, you can go through the Skyline Loop, which is about three miles and takes an average of two hours to walk. You will find the summit with the highest peak on this route.

When planning to hike at Blue Hills, you should consider the weather condition of the particular day you choose. Knowing the weather condition will allow you to wear the appropriate clothes or even select the best day for your outing.

Learn more about Hiking the Blue Hills Reservation Trail.

9. Carson Beach

Carson Beach is one of the best locations to enjoy outdoor team building outings in Boston. This beach, also called the L Street Beach, is sandy and popular as a perfect place for a sport like volleyball.

The beach has decent showering facilities. Aside from having a picnic, you can also walk along the beach or swim. If you intend to swim, then you may have to go further south where the water is cleaner.

Get directions to Carson Beach.

10. Swan Boats Ride

Swan Boats runs pleasure boat rides in a pond in Public Garden, Boston. The company schedules the cruise based on weather conditions, so you may want to keep up with the booking update on Swan Boats’ official website.

The boat is wheelchair accessible, and the bench can carry up to 25 passengers at once. You can only book on weekdays for a group with at least 20 members. The ride around the Public Garden Lagoon will last for 12 to 15 minutes.

Learn more about Swan Boats Ride.

11. Rock Spot Climbing

Rock Spot Climbing is a fantastic place to visit for both expert and beginner climbers in your group. Rock climbing in this location is a fun exercise and is one of the exciting company outing ideas in Boston. Beginner climbers in the team will get 15 minutes of guided orientation.

Rock Spot Climbing has various bouldering wall sections like the eyeball, the slab, and cobra kai. You can also access a gym facility with multiple options, including hand weights, squat racks, and bench presses.

Learn more about Rock Spot Climbing.

12. Emack and Bolio’s

Emack and Bolio’s is a great ice cream spot for small work team outings in Boston. The store makes ice creams from all-natural ingredients in different flavors inspired by sources like ethnic grocery stores, customers, and dessert chefs. You can pick from various flavors like almond coconut bar, bananas foster, space cake, and vanilla bean speck. Emack and Bolio’s make the ice creams with customers’ dietary requirements in mind and offer sugar-free and vegan alternatives.

Learn more about Ice Cream at Emack and Bolio’s.

13. Museum of Fine Art Boston

Museum of Fine Art Boston is one the largest museums with over 100 art galleries. The museum schedules the exhibition display for a specific period. Among the collection, you will find the art of the Islamic world, treasures dating back to the Chinese Song Dynasty, and even Egyptian sculpture. You can get tickets online or in person for general admission, which is valid for the entire experience. You can get a special exhibition ticket lasting for 30 minutes.

The Museum of Fine Art is wheelchair accessible and offers various paid dining experiences for guests.

Learn more about the Museum of Fine Art Boston.

14. Rainbows Pottery Painting

Rainbow Pottery offers a paint-your-own-pottery experience which is one of the most fun company outing ideas in Boston.

During the experience, your team will have unlimited time to explore their creativity. After painting, you have to wait for two weeks before receiving your finished creations.

Learn more about Rainbows Pottery Painting.

15. Mind Reading Confidential Show

This show is a 90 minutes performance hosted by Jon Stetson. You will experience how the host reveals people’s confidential thoughts through the power of the human mind.

The event is a great idea for a team outing. Attendees can wind up from stress and laugh at hilarious stories by the host. For the dress code, you cannot wear clothing items like tank tops, jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops, and t-shirts.

Learn more about Mind Reading Confidential Show.

16. No. 9 Park

No. 9 Park has a European scale setting that teams can enjoy for their corporate outings in Boston. The restaurant provides two dining rooms with unique features and different seating styles and menus. You can customize the menu to a particular theme, and the restaurant’s wine team also can help with wine selection.

Aside from dinner in an intimate setting, No. 9 Park hosts a cocktail class. You will learn the secrets of mixing and tasting cocktails at home in the two-hour class.

Learn more about Dinner at No. 9 Park.

17. Room Escapers Boston

Room Escapers provide some of the most exhilarating rooms in Boston. The rooms have their locations in two areas in Boston that are just ten minutes apart. There are four rooms available, which include:

  1. Organized Chaos: You will play the role of a detective using subtle clues to find evidence connecting some crimes to a gang.
  2. Panacea: Humanity is suffering from a plague infestation, and the only hope is to find an Alchemist’s cure called Panacea. You will learn the seven Principles of Alchemy, find the Panacea, and save the world.
  3. The Lost Ship: Your mission is to find a pirate’s lost treasure located inside a wrecked ship.

Room Escapers also offer bookings for corporate events. If you have any changes regarding your reservation, then you must contact the provider at least 48 hours before your booked game time.

Learn more about Room Escapers Boston.

18. Four-Handed Illusions Show

Attending this event by Joel Acevedo and Steve Kradolfer is one of the best group outing ideas for adults in Boston. Four-Handed Illusions involves a combination of magic and illusion with comedy. The attendees must wear cocktail attire as the dress code. The 150 minutes show can accommodate up to 50 guests.

In addition, the event includes a cocktail reception you and your team can attend just 30 minutes before the magic show begins.

Learn more about Four-Handed Illusions Show.

19. Boston Bowl

Boston Bowl provides lanes for adults called ‘xperience’ where you can also access a lounge with a private bar. The experience is ideal for guests aged 21 and above. You can book the lanes as a private package with other options like an event host, a flexible start time, and food.

Boston Bowl provides other attractions like arcades, billiards, and batting cages.

Learn more about Bowling at Boston Bowl.

20. Bully Boy Distillers

Bully Boy runs a 45-minute tour. During the experience, you will learn how the company produces spirits, including a history of Bully Boy Distillers. You can have a drink before and during the tour, and tasting experience at the end makes the afternoon or evening even more fun.

Billy Boy hosts a separate cocktail tasting room available for walk-ins alone, and you can also bring your food for the experience.

Learn more about Bully Boy Distillers Tour.


Just like any event, planning your company outing is quite important. You should leave sufficient time to decide the best outing idea your team will love. You can note the event’s objective and budget to select an idea. These factors will go a long way in helping you decide which outing idea will be ideal for your team. Boston is a great place to have a company outing. The city has beautiful parks, a lot of trails to hike, and many fun locations to visit.

Next, check out company outing ideas in New York City and corporate workshop ideas.

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FAQ: Company outing ideas in Boston

Here are answers to questions about company outing ideas in Boston.

What are the best group outing ideas in Boston?

The best group outing ideas in Boston include The Gibson House Museum Tour, Volleyball at Carson Beach, and the Four-Handed Illusions Show.

What are good places for groups to go in Boston?

Some good places for groups to go in Boston are Bully Boys Distillers, Carson Park, Blue Hills Reservations, FoMu Ice Cream, and No. 9 Park.

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