Updated: November 27, 2022

25 Best Company Outing Ideas in Denver CO in 2023

Here is our list of fun company outings in Denver, Colorado.

Company outings in Denver are offsite activities for teams to enjoy together. Outings allow workers to interact in a non-work environment and sometimes serve as a thank you for hard work or a way to break the ice for new team members. For example, visiting an art gallery, attending a performance, or enjoying dinner and drinks at a fun restaurant make engaging outings. These activities aim to boost morale and encourage employees to bond in new ways.

These ideas can serve as a fun alternative to standard team building exercises and contain inspiration for indoor team building activities and outdoor team ideas. These attractions also make great small group team building activities.

These ideas are also like company team building ideas in Denver and Denver corporate events.

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Let’s get started!

List of corporate outings in Denver

Whether employees love the arts, enjoy engaging in outdoor activities, or like spending time in nature, Denver has something to offer. Here are some exciting company outings in Denver for teams to explore.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

virtual team trivia is a great virtual social event

With Ultimate Trivia Showdown, you can treat the team to a 90-minute trivia competition unlike any other they have experienced. Each event is hosted by a professional entertainer who guides teams through several competitive rounds in true gameshow fashion. Players depend on collaboration and collective knowledge to play and win. It may only be a game, but the competition is as fierce as it is fun.

Learn more about coordinating an Ultimate Trivia Showdown for your team.

2. Storytelling Workshops

Knowing how to use storytelling techniques to communicate is both a work skill and a helpful life skill. With help from a team of talented facilitators that includes comedians, performers, and subject matter experts, your crew can learn how to turn the essentials of storytelling to improve their communication abilities. These interactive 90-minute sessions provide a fun, relaxed environment for associates to develop their storytelling talents while gathering knowledge from the pros.

You can set up a storytelling workshop for your group.

3. The Great Guac Off

A guacamole contest is a 90-minute hosted outing team where teams play games like Punacado and avocado trivia before competing in a mash-up to create the ultimate guac. The competition is bound to be spicy as players vie for the title of Top Guac and enjoy their creations after the competition. A host supplies the necessary ingredients and keeps festivities fun, engaging, and interactive.

Guac Off is scalable for an array of spaces around the Denver area if your workspace cannot accommodate the event.

Find out about booking the Great Guac Off for your team.

4. Gingerbread Wars

Holiday outings have rarely been as competitive as a full-blown gingerbread-building battle. This 90-minute gathering includes team building activities, holiday-themed trivia games, and a gingerbread blow-out where teams compete to create the best gingerbread house on the block. When the holiday architects have finished the building process, they can snack on their structures to celebrate.

You can learn more about enlisting your team for Gingerbread Wars of their own.

5. ScavBoss

ScavBoss is a customized scavenger hunt that maximizes strategy, divergent thinking, and teamwork. The hunts are available as indoor or outdoor events, and themes are tailorable to fit your company or your industry. The games often revolve around famous landmarks and sites within the host city and deepen participants’ understanding of these locales. These hunts are the product of creative scavenger hunt coordinators who make your associates work for their reward.

See how you can bring ScavBoss to your associates.

6. Denver Art Museum

A visit to this ultra-contemporary art space makes an inspirational outing for art-minded associates to enjoy. Classic works, indigenous art, and modern exhibitions all share space in the halls of this world-class facility. The permanent collection is a rich mix of various mediums and eras, while current exhibitions bring together displays from antiquity and contemporary showcases of artists from around the world. The museum also includes a working creative studio with a schedule of featured artists available to help visitors try their hand at the creative process.

You can find more information about group events on Denver Art Museum website.

7. History Colorado Center

This four-story museum and information hub presents the history of Colorado through rotating exhibits that explore the state’s historical figures, industrial and social development, and contributions of indigenous populations. Team members can learn from exhibitions and installations, memorabilia collections, and guest speakers. Groups interested in learning more about the legacy of their great state will enjoy perusing the displays and listening to expert lectures.

Visit History Colorado to plan a trip for your team.

8. Rockwall Climbing

For more athletic work team outings in Denver, a trip to an indoor rock wall is a group outing that can provide a new perspective on team dynamics. In these highly physical activities, associates work together in teams of two or more to guide one another as they ascend the wall. Group events are available for teams of up to 200, with workshops that emphasize leadership, collaboration, trust, and cooperative strategies.

You can explore the climbing options at Ubergrippen.

9. Hiking Trip

Teams who love tying up their boots and heading into the wilderness will love hitting the incredible trails waiting just 30 minutes outside Denver. You can bring your team into the great outdoors for a fresh-air outing to get employees moving. Some paths cross through various landscape features, and some lead into the spectacular Rocky Mountains. Intrepid hikers can enjoy seeing snow-topped peaks or an elevated view of downtown Denver.

Find a path that works for your team at Day Hikes Near Denver.

10. Butterfly Pavilion

Downtown Denver is home to Butterfly Pavilion, a wildlife experience that celebrates the prettiest pollinators on the planet. The blend of botanical specimens and fascinating insect life gives the impression of a life-sized terrarium filled with natural beauty at every turn. Guests can explore the habitats of various creepy crawlers and fluttering flyers as they wander the grounds. Tours are available, and you can rent out the facility for larger events such as holiday parties or award ceremonies.

You can discover the colorful possibilities at Butterfly Pavilion.

11. Dessert at D Bar

If you have sugar fiends among your ranks, then you can swing by D Bar with the crew for an afternoon or evening of tasty treats from the dessert menu. Their tempting list of cakes, cookies, shakes, and floats includes a three-course tasting and a selection of seasonal favorites that are sure to surprise and delight. The menu also offers several ports and dessert wines to add a posh touch to your sweet indulgence.

Check out the decadent delights that await your team at D Bar.

12. Denver Aquarium

Teams searching for water-themed offsite activities will find more than just aquatic wildlife waiting for them at Downtown Aquarium. In addition to exhibits highlighting various ocean habitats and their creatures, there is a 4-D theater that brings the seas to life, a full-service restaurant centered around a 50,000-gallon aquarium, and a bevy of mermaids available for private meet-and-greets.

You can look into Denver Aquarium to learn more about the event possibilities for your crew.

13. Botanic Gardens

The vibrant beauty of Colorado’s native flora comes to life in vivid technicolor at Denver Botanic Gardens. Beyond 24 acres of plant life that thrives at high altitudes, there are also international displays, ornamental gardens, aquatic exhibits, and shaded spaces for associates to explore and enjoy. In addition, a schedule of informative lectures and guided tours can provide a coordinated event that explains the diversity of the natural world for the nature lovers on the team.

The list of options at Botanic Gardens will help you choose.

14. Walking Tours

Team building outings in Denver with a focus on local flavor include walking tours around town. These treks can enlighten and engage teams as they learn the history of this capital city. Well-versed guides will show associates the sights in a selection of regions, including the mansions of Quality Hill, the historic Baker District, and Denver’s oldest city block, Larimer Square. There is even a scavenger hunt that leads participants through magnificent landmarks in search of significant details among the architecture to discover fascinating facts about the town’s storied past and promising present.

Choose a tour from the list found at Historic Denver.

15. Axe Throwing

The latest in lumberjack games gives groups a chance to test their strength and dexterity with a few rounds of axe throwing. Denver offers axe-throwing facilities for a bit of physical fun. Groups can book private lanes with expert coaching for a few lessons before trying a bit of woodsman’s target practice. Guests can bring their own food, and the company sells beer and wine on the premises for players to enjoy.

The menu at Bad Axe Throwing lists the possibilities.

16. Upstairs Circus

Teams can meet, drink, and be creative in this whimsical art-workshop-cocktail-bar combination in Denver’s LoDo neighborhood. The menu offers craft cocktails and DIY projects in leatherwork, jewelry making, and other crafts. There are assistants available to help crafters with their masterpieces and to keep the beverages fresh and flowing. Best of all, associates get to keep what they make, including the memories!

For projects and outing possibilities, take a look at Upstairs Circus.

17. Food Tours

If your crew has a taste for cuisine, then a food tour through Denver’s delicious downtown region is bound to satisfy. Led by qualified guides, these tours allow diners to try some of the best restaurants Denver has to offer, hand-chosen for maximum enjoyment. Teams can choose from afternoon or evening experiences, each with its own culinary personality. Progressive dinners, cocktail tastings, and wine walks are also on the menu.

You can find the right tour for your group at Delicious Denver Food Tours.

18. Drinks at Williams and Graham

For the cocktail lovers on the team, try a lunch or dinner outing at this landmark speakeasy-themed bar and restaurant that celebrates the prohibition history of Denver. This funky pub is also an old-fashioned bookstore and serves some of the best mixed drinks in town. The menu offers shareable plates and elevated appetizers for guests to indulge. Private events are available for groups of up to 50 to ensure larger teams have an evening of fun and frivolity.

Take a peek behind the secret door at Williams and Graham to learn more.

19. Zip Lining

The best way to take in Colorado’s stunning vistas is from the bird’s-eye view of a zip line tour. There are zip line adventures available a quick 30 minutes outside of Denver that take participants through the scenic Rocky Mountains. Groups of up to 200 guests are welcome to try the half- or full-day six-path zip line experiences, which come with a catered lunch and a hike through the spectacular Front Range.

There are more details at Denver Adventures.

20. Pottery Class

Associates can explore the creative side of life with a pottery class that will get them spinning in the right direction. At Ceramics in the City, each team member can create their own piece in a lesson taught by a professional potter. The studio offers courses in hand-built and wheel-thrown pottery and parties for painting ceramics that let clients decorate prefabricated pottery pieces like mugs and dishes.

You can find schedules and event options at Ceramics in the City.

21. Rope Course Maze

This high-stepping adventure is not for the faint of heart! Players hook into an overhead safety cable before navigating through a rope course with rocking walkways, swinging trapezes, and suspension bridges scattered throughout. Dexterity is the name of the game, and a fear of heights is a definite liability. If your team has a sense of adventure and loves a physical challenge, then this is the outing for them.

Take a look at Adventure Golf and Raceway to get more information for planning an outing.

22. Colorado Music Hall of Fame

Music fans on the team will enjoy a visit to the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, an eye-opening outing that celebrates Colorado’s contributions to the world of music. Located 25 minutes outside of Denver, this museum captures the excitement of the local music scene while shedding light on some of the better-known musicians to come from the Centennial State. World-renowned talents like Judy Collins, Dan Fogelberg, and John Denver mingle with less familiar inductees such as guitarist Bill Frisell, jazz great Dianne Reeves, and 70s yacht rock staple Poco.

Plan a visit to the Colorado Music Hall of Fame to discover more of the state’s musical heritage.

23. Gates Planetarium

Space nerds on the team will flip for the chance to visit this world-class planetarium, located on the grounds of the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. The facility offers seven immersive shows featuring the latest in cinematic technology and digital rendering for a mind-boggling cosmic experience. Groups can explore powerful black holes, travel across the cosmos, tour vast galaxies, and even take a deep dive into Earth’s climate and its powerful forces, all from the comfort of a state-of-the-art dome theater.

Take a look at the options at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature.

24. Meow Wolf Convergence Station

There are 70 sci-fi-themed installations populating this unique collaborative gallery from the innovative art collective known as Meow Wolf. Teams can wander psychedelic halls and engage with the works found in a four-story interactive art exhibit that encourages visitors to become part of the experience. Over 300 creatives, including many from Colorado, contributed to an immersive space designed to dazzle the imagination. This exhibit will inspire your team to new heights of creativity.

You can see what this wild exhibit is all about at Meow Wolf.

25. Pedal Hopper Pub Crawl

With a pedal pub crawl, teams provide the fancy footwork by pedaling a multi-seat party bike as they ride to various bars and pubs to enjoy delicious drinks and bar bites. Pedal Hopper can accommodate teams of up to 80 members on multiple bikes for a memorable two-hour outing to the hotspots and hidden gems of the Mile High City. The alcohol served on tour stops makes this an event for guests 21 years and up.

Locations and tour details are available at Pedal Hopper.


There is no shortage of group outing ideas for adults in Denver. This city is a cultural hub that offers a wide variety of outings for teams with diverse interests. No matter what activities you have in mind for your team, you can find options that give them a fun and relaxing excursion away from the office for some offsite downtime.

Next, check out these lists of work happy hour ideas and summer team building activities.

FAQ: Company outing ideas in Denver

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about company outing ideas in Denver

What are the best group outing ideas in Denver?

For outdoorsy teams, hikes, ziplining, pedal pub crawls, and hikes allow associates to enjoy fresh air and sunshine when the weather is right. For teams that love art and creativity, visits to Denver Museum and Meow Wolf, pottery classes, and crafting sessions at Upstairs Circus can provide a fun afternoon or evening event. For teams who love cocktail and dining experiences, a food tour, reservations at Williams and Graham, and a dessert adventure at D Bar make great outing options.

What are good places for groups to go in Denver?

Groups with an interest in science and history will enjoy a trip to Gates Planetarium at Denver Museum of Nature and Science or a visit to the Historic Center. There are also walking tours that explore downtown Denver in detail, Butterfly Pavilion, and the Botanic Garden for groups to learn about the natural world, and Denver Aquarium which provides an indoor ocean for teams to enjoy.

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