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Here is our list of the best company retreat ideas in Atlanta, Georgia.

Corporate retreat ideas in Atlanta, GA, are fun ways teams can come together in the city to relax, bond, and have a good time. For example, you can visit the World of Coca-Cola, host a party at Revery VR Bar, or taste wines at City Winery Atlanta. The purpose of these ideas is to motivate corporate groups and release work stress during special events.

These experiences work well as retreat activities, retreat locations, and executive retreat ideas. These ideas are similar to corporate events in Atlanta and Atlanta company outings.

This list includes:

  • corporate retreat ideas for big groups in Atlanta, Georgia
  • corporate retreat ideas for small groups in Atlanta, GA
  • company retreat entertainment ideas in Atlanta
  • company retreat locations in Atlanta
  • team retreat ideas in Atlanta

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List of company retreat ideas in Atlanta

Corporate retreats bring attendees together to spend time away from the office and achieve the event’s objective. From shooting at Paintball Atlanta to playing Breakout escape rooms games, here are fun ideas corporate teams can use for retreats in Atlanta.

1. Mix n’ Mingle

Mix n’ Mingle is a fun networking event where you can build and strengthen your relationship with your colleagues. Within 90 minutes, you will learn more about your co-workers and the commonalities you share. The event includes collaborative activities designed to deepen attendees’ bonds.

Mix n’ Mingle does not incorporate conversation cards likely to bring about awkward discussions. Instead, participants will enjoy engaging activities that break the ice and make interacting a breeze. You and your colleagues will have fun collaborating and connecting in this social event.

Learn more about Mix n’ Mingle.

2. The Great Guac Off

Running The Great Guac Off is one of the fun team retreat ideas in Atlanta. The Great Guac Off is a team-building event that promotes collaboration and healthy competition. Within 90 minutes, you will work in teams with your colleagues to prepare guacamole. The host will provide the needed ingredients, although you can also run the event as a BYOB. Your booking will cover prizes for the winning team.

The contest will run in your preferred location in Atlanta. You can also add catering, and custom trophies to your booking.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

3. Hidden Stripey Guy

Hidden Stripey Guy is a fun scavenger hunt adventure in Atlanta. You and your colleagues will share a common goal to find the hidden stripey guy in 90 minutes. The activity encourages friendly competition as you solve the mystery behind the stripey guy’s whereabouts.

In addition, the activity will give you a different perspective of Atlanta’s neighborhoods. Your group will have a fun retreat experience searching for the hidden stripey guy.

Learn more about Hidden Stripey Guy.

4. Painting with a Twist

Fun corporate retreat ideas in Atlanta include having a paint and sip party at Painting with a Twist. The studio can accommodate up to 40 guests. A private party will last around two or three hours. After booking, you can decide on the painting to recreate from the studio’s online gallery.

The venue also allows guests to walk in and paint without reservation. Painting with a Twist hosts special events like Sunday Funday, Wine Down Wednesday, and Thursday Vibes.

Learn more about Painting with a Twist.

5. REKT Inc. Rage Room

Breaking objects in REKT Inc. is one of the best staff retreat activities in Georgia. REKT Inc. is a recreation center and rage room located in Carrollton. The center provides a safe space to smash items and release frustration, anger, or stress. During the 45-minute session, you can break objects with tools like crossbows, hammers, baseball bats, rifles, and maces.

You can also add powder bombs to your package and get a colorful explosion when you smash the items. After your experience, your group can hang around the facility to play board games or explore the escape rooms inside the building.

Learn more about REKT Inc. Rage Room.

6. World of Coca-Cola

The world of Coca-Cola is one of the top tourist attractions in Georgia. Located in downtown Atlanta, the museum displays collections that recount the history of the brand. You can also have a tasting experience in the Taste It! Exhibit.

In the Coca-Cola Theater, your group can watch a six-minute film showing different people’s happy moments worldwide. Also, you and your colleagues can explore the Vault of the Secret Formula, which holds Coca-Cola’s secret recipe. Furthermore, exploring the Scent Discovery exhibit will add great fun to your group’s day. You will perceive different scents, guess the aromas’ origin, and determine your favorite.

Learn more about the World of Coca-Cola.

7. PanIQ Escape Room

Playing PanIQ escape room games is one of the exciting corporate retreat ideas in Atlanta. Located in Hope Park, PanIQ provides fun games with varying difficulty levels to match different players’ capacities. The games include:

  • Red Wire: You have just 60 minutes to repent from your sins and save your soul from eternal punishment.
  • Wizard Trials: Playing as a wizard’s apprentice, the game revolves around completing your master’s challenge. If you succeed, then you will gain unlimited magical power.
  • Medieval Madness: Your group will play as M15 agents. Your mission is to stop a terrorist attack in London before saving the city becomes too late.

The escape games are ideal for a company retreat aiming to boost morale within the organization. In each room, you can have up to seven players playing together. Also, you can reserve the rooms as a private or shared adventure. Your team should plan to spend up to 90 minutes at the escape theater.

Learn more about PanIQ Escape Room.

8. Bad Axe Throwing

One of the corporate retreat ideas for big groups in Atlanta is to host a competitive ax-throwing tournament at Bad Axe Throwing. The center offers large group packages for a minimum of 31 guests. An expert coach will guide your group during the session. Also, you will only share the reserved lanes with your group members.

The ax-throwing session will last up to 90 minutes. Your group can also throw knives instead of axes. If you plan to extend the retreat to include a group meal, then you can bring your own food to the venue. In addition, the center hosts ax-throwing and knife-throwing leagues, with a champion crowned at the end of every tournament.

Learn more about Bad Axe Throwing.

9. Queens Tea Party

Queens Tea Party is a fabulous café located in Atlantic Station, Atlanta. At the location, you can play dress-up and have a royal experience with your coworkers. The experience is ideal for guests of all ages and genders. With the Café’s elegant details, your group pictures will be amazing. During the event, a host will attend to you, serving beverages and tea bites.

Queens Tea Party offers 90-minute adult party packages, which include reserved group seating and an option to bring cakes. You can also tour the cafe’s garden for 30 minutes without having a tea party. During the experience, you can smell roses and take nice pictures in the scenic environment.

Learn more about Queens Tea Party.

10. Grant Park Farmers Market

Grant Park Farmers Market provides a commercial space for corporate groups to learn, have fun, and support local businesses. On Sundays, many vendors visit the market to display local products, ranging from baked goods and beverages to meat and soups. The vendors include Walnut Life, Taste of Seasons, Stop Think Chew, Pulp, and Bamboo Juices.

You can watch chef demonstrations featured weekly at the market. You will also find arts and crafts from businesses like Star Thread Pottery, Rara Avis Objects, and Wood is Wonderful Gallery. The market operates on rainy and sunny days. So you can dress according to the weather.

Learn more about Grant Park Farmers Market.

11. City Winery Atlanta

City Winery Atlanta is one of the lively company retreat locations in Atlanta. The winery is also a famous destination for live music and comedy performances. You can watch a stand-up performance featuring comedians like Eddie Griffin, Matteo Lane, Bruce Bruce, and Steve Hofstetter.

City Winery Atlanta also hosts regular concerts featuring artists like Anthony David, Syleena Johnson, and Jordan Rudess. The center features a full-service event venue with state-of-the-art amenities, ranging from a stage to an excellent sound system. The entire facility can accommodate up to 900 guests.

Learn more about City Winery Atlanta.

12. Main Event

Main Event is an amusement center in Atlanta with fun entertainment, including a state-of-the-art bowling alley and excellent lane-side food service. Also, you and your colleague can play virtual reality games at the center’s VR arena. The games have themes like Vader Immortal, Beat Saber, and Hologate.

In addition, you can host a laser tag party at Main Event. The center offers a buy-out option to rent the entire facility, particularly if you have a large group. Your group can order food and beverages from the bar during your experience. Moreover, Main Event provides special food packages for group and corporate events.

Learn more about Main Event.

13. Day at Atlantic Station

Atlantic Station is a residential and commercial neighborhood located on Atlanta’s Westside. The neighborhood is home to top attractions in the city. You will find the Millennium Gate Museum, a highly-rated institution with artistic, historical, and cultural collections relating to Georgia.

You can also explore one of the artistic doors built by Tiny Doors ATL to create a sense of wonder in explorers. The doors are mostly in pedestrian-friendly locations like The Krog Street Tunnel, Grant Park, and the BeltLine. Furthermore, you can bowl at Bowlero, have fun at the Queens Tea Party, or watch a movie at regal cinemas.

Learn more about Atlantic Station.

14. Chastain Horse Park

Chastain is an equestrian facility and event venue in Atlanta. The center has horses and ponies for different visitors’ personalities, ages, and abilities. The fun corporate retreat ideas for small groups in Atlanta include reserving a professional horse riding lesson at the park. You and your colleagues can participate in the class regardless of your skill level.

Professional trainers will teach your group jumpers, hunters, and equitation principles. One of the training’s aims is to improve attendees’ skills in leadership, teamwork, friendships, focus, and confidence. In addition, the park offers therapeutic rides for visitors with different disabilities.

Learn more about Chastain Horse Park.

15. Revery VR Bar

Revery VR Bar is a lively destination for partying and playing virtual reality games. The bar has over eight virtual reality rooms where guests can get an immersive 3D experience. You can rent a space within the bar to bring your group together for a fun retreat.

A food truck, custom drinks, and an in-house DJ are options you can add to your reservation. Besides the VR arenas, the bar also features a private outdoor patio and an arcade room.

Learn more about Revery VR Bar.

16. Lips

Lips is a restaurant that entertains guests with lively shows performed by drag queens. You can host a corporate cocktail party or a drag dinner in the restaurant. Lips hosts evening shows on most weekdays, like Glitz & Glam, Dragalicious Brunch, Showstoppers, and The Divas. Also, the restaurant has a special menu for each show day.

You can have an on-stage celebration for an added fee. The celebrant will go on stage for a moment of fame, receive a special dessert, and take pictures with a drag queen. Lips can accommodate small and large groups for events.

Learn more about Lips.

17. Paintball Atlanta

Shooting at Paintball Atlanta is one of the outdoor staff retreat activities in Georgia. The center is located in Alpharetta and serves players from Atlanta and nearby areas. The fields at the paintball park include Hyperbole, Mounds and Trenches, Woodsball, and Brush Ball. The Mounds and Trenches field is the largest arena suitable for games starting with an aggressive attack. On the other hand, the Brush Ball Field is the second largest arena and is ideal for beginners.

Paintball Atlanta offers several corporate outing packages. You can also invite spectators to watch your paintball match. You will find picnic tables around the facility where your team can relax and share a meal. You can bring your own food or purchase snacks and beverages from the venue.

Learn more about Paintball Atlanta.

18. Lehua Spa

Visiting Lehua Spa is one of the corporate retreat ideas for small groups in Georgia. The spa provides a relaxing space for treatments like foot reflexology, body massages, and skin services. You can try the Swedish Massage or Hot Stone Massage for a relaxing experience.

The treatment duration ranges from 30 to 60 minutes. Also, Lehua Spa offers special packages that include free access to the sauna. The spa opens daily and welcomes walk-ins.

Learn more about Lehua Spa.

19. Wall Crawler Rock Club

Wall Crawler Rock Club is an indoor climbing facility in Atlanta. The center’s climbing surface measures over 8,800 feet and is accessible to guests at all levels. You can take an Intro to Indoor Climbing course if you are a beginner looking to master the basics. You can also take classes to learn lead-belaying techniques and increase flexibility, strength, and endurance.

The climbing organizes Ladies Night events on Wednesdays, with discounts on day pass tickets and intro to climbing classes.

Learn more about Wall Crawler Rock Club.

20. Georgia Aquarium

Touring the Georgia Aquarium is one of the company retreat entertainment ideas in Atlanta. The aquarium takes care of different aquatic species like Tiger sharks, African Penguins, California Sea Lion, Manta Ray, and Beluga Whales.

You will also find different galleries with captivating exhibits. For instance, at the Dolphin Coast, you can watch a training demonstration of common bottlenose dolphins. The Aquanaut Adventure gives visitors a deeper insight into aquatic life. You can also get an up-close look at cold ocean animals like Japanese spider crabs, sea otters, and garibaldi damsel fish in the Cold Water Quest. Furthermore, you can reserve a sleepover package if your group has at least 25 members.

Learn more about Georgia Aquarium.

21. Breakout Escape Room

Visiting Breakout Escape Room gives your team a chance to solve problems together and have fun. Breakout designates different themes and fun storylines for each room, from kidnap cases to a museum heist. The rooms include:

  • Clue: You can become a hero by solving mysteries relating to a murderous plan. The game depicts characters from the classic board game.
  • Island Escape: In 60 minutes, a volcano will erupt on your island. To survive the disaster, you and other escapers must make your way to a rescue boat.
  • Museum Heist: Your team will play as a group of retired art thieves. You must find a stolen artwork in the thief’s house and escape in time.

Breakout designed the games so players can decide the difficulty level. In other words, the fewer hints you request, the more challenging the experience and vice versa. You will have just one hour to escape the room you reserve. The game pricing ranges from $25 to $50 for two to eight players. Depending on the theme you book, the escape room can accommodate an average of five players.

Learn more about Breakout Escape Room.

22. Brunch Xperience Selfie Museum

Brunch Xperience Selfie Museum is one of the entertaining company retreat locations in Atlanta. The selfie museum stands out because guests can dine inside the venue, unlike many similar locations. You will find different rooms with varying themes like a gold bath, phone booth, and drip room. Guests can reserve the venue for a private party.

During the event, you and your colleagues can explore the museum’s installations and themed rooms at your own pace. Your experience will last about 60 minutes. You can also attend the Mimosa Madness event hosted on Saturdays.

Learn more about Brunch Xperience Selfie Museum.

23. The Cooking School at Irwin Street

The Cooking School at Irwin Street is a kitchen and culinary academy with a comfortable and home-like setting. Your group will have fun preparing a family-style meal during the class session. You can choose from menus like Korean Tacos, A Southern Sunday, An Indian Feast, and High Times & Low Country Boils.

The cooking school designs the class to last about two hours, with the price starting at around $100 per participant. Most of the sessions are BYOB. In the end, you and your colleagues will share your creations and get to bond.

Learn more about The Cooking School at Irwin Street.

24. 12 Cocktail Bar

12 Cocktail Bar serves rare spirits and handcrafted cocktails mixed to match your taste. The bar has an intimate setting and employs award-winning bartenders to provide exceptional service. Also, you can sign up for a cocktail class lasting two hours. You will watch a bartender’s demonstration during the session and create four cocktails.

The class pricing is around $100 per guest. You can visit the bar on any weekday, either with a group reservation or by walking into the venue.

Learn more about 12 Cocktail Bar.

25. Bowlero Atlantic Station

Bowling at Bowlero Atlantic Station is among the engaging corporate retreat ideas for big groups in Atlanta. You can host your tournament at the center or start a social league.

The bowling alley features automatic scoring systems. During your event, a lane server will be available to assist your group with food orders. Bowlero also hosts special events weekly. You can play arcade games for half the regular price on Wednesdays and bowl all night on Mondays. At Bowlero, you will find a sports bar with TVs and soft couches where you can relax. You can also play your favorite classic arcade games during your reservation.

Learn more about Bowlero Atlantic Station.


The location and activities you plan for a corporate retreat will determine the experience’s success. Atlanta is one of the best places to host a retreat in Georgia. The city is home to attractions and locations highly rated in the country. From a museum dedicated to one of the world’s most popular drinks to funky neighborhoods and dining areas, you will find many options for your company retreat in Atlanta. Atlanta also offers vibrant patios, tasty food options, and over 200 days of sunshine to enjoy the city’s outdoor attractions. These ideas for corporate retreats in Atlanta are a great incentive to motivate your group, release stress, and make the work days ahead productive.

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FAQ: Corporate retreat ideas in Atlanta, Georgia

Here are answers to questions about corporate retreat ideas in Atlanta.

What are some good corporate retreat ideas in Atlanta?

Some good corporate retreat ideas in Atlanta include watching a show at Lips, touring the World of Coca-Cola, having a sleep-over at Georgia Aquarium, mixing cocktails at 12 Cocktail Bar, and relaxing at Lehua Spa.

How do you plan a fun team retreat in Atlanta, Georgia?

Planning ahead of your retreat is always a great idea. You should leave enough time to decide your expectations, including the locations and activities your team would like. You should also plan the agenda of the entire experience. In addition, you can define a viable budget for the retreat.

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