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Here is our list of the best corporate event ideas in NYC, NY.

Corporate event ideas in NYC are ways to celebrate or run a work gathering and entertain the guests. For example, you can have lunch at Per Se, watch a performance at The Metropolitan Opera, or play Ultimate Trivia Showdown. The purpose of these ideas is to achieve the event’s objectives, which can be team-building, boosting employees’ morale, or commemorating a special occasion.

These activities are similar to company outings in NYC and team building activities in NYC. You can use these ideas as team building exercises or in the service of corporate retreat planning.

This list includes:

  • corporate event ideas in NYC for adults
  • outdoor corporate events in NYC, NY
  • corporate party ideas in NYC, New York
  • large group corporate event activities in NYC
  • corporate conference ideas in New York City

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List of corporate event ideas in NYC

Corporate events ideas include games, activities, and places where you can have a work-related gathering. Here are some of the best ideas you can use for your corporate event, ranging from touring the 9/11 Memorial and Museum to tasting wine at Red Hook Winery.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

Virtual team trivia banner

Ultimate Trivia Showdown is a highly energetic game that promotes communication and collaboration. The fully hosted rounds of trivia will run for 90 minutes. Your group will have a professional entertainer host the game, which delivers an exciting experience quite different from the regular pub-style trivia.

The facilitators will come to your location to host the trivia battle. If your location is in Manhattan, particularly between 14th to 72nd streets, then you will not pay an additional fee to cover travel costs.

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

2. High Line Scavenger Hunt

High Line Scavenger Hunt is a 90 minutes event great for building a team. The fully hosted event will take your group around High Line while learning about this location’s history. High Line Scavenger Hunt is one of the best large group corporate event activities in NYC. Your group can have between 10 to 300 or more participants.

Learn more about High Line Scavenger Hunt.

3. Hidden Stripey Guy

Hidden Stripey guy is a fun scavenger hunt running for 90 minutes where your team tries to locate the ‘hidden stripey guy.’ This fully hosted event will deliver the best scavenger hunt experience for your group as you explore neighborhoods. You will also get to discover new things about the hunt’s location.

Learn more about Hidden Stripey Guy.

4. ScavBoss

ScavBoss organizes a fun scavenger hunt for corporate groups in the US, including NYC. While the hunt is pretty challenging, the host designed the activity not to include clues that will require a very short time to decipher. In other words, the puzzles and clues are not too hard and are solvable in various ways. The hunt will challenge your group to work together and think strategically. Moreover, you can have the host customize the event to suit your desired theme.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

5. Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling Workshops are fully hosted training sessions to build your team’s valuable story creation skills. Running this training is one of the best corporate conference ideas in NYC. The session can also promote team-building since attendees will interact and work together. There will be a practice session where your team can test their storytelling abilities. The story masters will lead the training and teach attendees the framework and techniques for telling great stories. You will also get feedback regarding ways to improve the craft.

Learn more about Storytelling Workshops.

6. Museum Hack

Museum Hack runs a two-hour museum tour for groups having as few as two and upwards of three hundred. You can customize the event to fit your company’s mission. Your group will have a fantastic time during the entire experience and see how incredible museums are. The tour allows you to expand your knowledge through the exhibits and various stories on leadership and teamwork. Furthermore, the event may include sharing glasses of wine with your colleagues.

Learn more about Museum Hack.

7. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off hosts a fully hosted guacamole competition for 90 minutes. You can run this contest as a separate event or as part of your gathering’s activities. Your team will contest to make and present the best guacamole. You will also play games like trivia, House Builder, and Happy Cup that can promote engagement and build your team.

Your group will have an amazing experience during the contest, and the winning team will get a prize. After booking, you will receive the needed ingredients, but you can choose to run the event as a BYOB. The experience can also include sharing a meal after the contest.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

8. Central Park Zoo

Central Park Zoo is one of the fascinating areas to visit for outdoor corporate events in NYC. The zoo features a tropical zone with various birds, white-faced saki monkeys, and lemurs. You can also explore the temperate territory housing the red pandas and the snow monkeys.

The admission fee per adult costs $19.95 or less for groups with at least ten members. The admission ticket allows you to access the 4-D theater showing a visual drama with 3-D glasses. You can also watch the penguins and sea lions during their feeding time.

Learn more about Central Park Zoo.

9. Go Karts at RPM Raceway

RPM Raceway provides European-style go-kart tracks on Long Island. If your team has eight or more players, then you can make a group racing reservation. Your colleagues will compete in teams, and the winner can even receive a medal. You will race and compete with up to ten players on the track for a smaller group. The price for one race starts at $30.

Other options you can add to your experience are custom cakes, racing simulators, arcade games, food, and drinks.

Learn more about RPM Raceway.

10. VR World

VR World offers some of the best virtual reality games in NYC. The staff members will be available to teach your group how to operate the equipment. The experience has various themes centered around different activities. For example, ‘Unleash Your Inner Artist’ allows you to paint in virtual reality. Also, ‘Lose Track of What’s Real’ enables you to play while slowing down time and replicating your movements at superhuman speed. The average time for each VR experience is five to ten minutes.

The ticket price ranges from $49 to $69 for a two-hour or all-day pass. Your ticket is valid only for 90 days from the purchase day. VR World also offers a full-service bar where you can share drinks with your colleagues.

Learn more about VR World.

11. Museum of Illusions

Visiting the Museum of Illusions is one of the intriguing corporate event ideas in New York City. Whether your event is for a happy hour or your company retirees, the Museum of Illusions provides a great environment to make the entire experience fun. The museum also offers a 60-minute guided tour on Mondays through Fridays, priced at $10 per guest.

Some of the museum’s exhibits include Optical Illusions, Ames Room, Kaleidoscope, Rubin’s Vase, and Head on the Plate. Museum of Illusions is an excellent place for your group to get immersed in the mindblowing rooms and even take amazing pictures.

Learn more about the Museum of Illusions.

12. Movie at AMC Lincoln Square 13

AMC Lincoln Square 13 is a great theater to dine in and watch your favorite movie. The theater allows private rentals for your corporate event. The rental fee will vary based on your group size. You can also use the AMC Dine-In option, where your team can eat their food while enjoying the show. AMC offers a menu with many options other than regular popcorn and fountain drinks. You cannot bring in outside drinks and food. Once you make your order at the concession, you will have the food delivered right to your seat.

Learn more about AMC Lincoln Square 13.

13. Cocktail Class at Patent Pending

Taking a cocktail class hosted by Patent Pending is one of the best corporate event ideas in NYC for adults. The cocktail bar organizes 90-minute private classes for two to six guests on Mondays and Tuesdays that costs $1,250. You will learn about cocktails’ history, flavors, spirits, and techniques. Your group will also make three classic cocktails.

Learn more about the cocktail class at Patent Pending.

14. BrainXcape Escape Rooms

BrainXcape provides three fun escape rooms with unique themes, which are:

  • Game of Gold: Your task is to recover peace to the kingdom by locating the Tree of Life while solving mysteries.
  • The Haunted Hotel: The Room: This game has a scary plot, taking you to a haunted hotel room with a shadowy past.
  • Rikers, 1932: Your goal is to escape jail by following clues left by your friend outside.

The game’s duration varies from 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the selected room. Your group size and the reserved day will determine the game’s pricing, starting from $45 per player. The rooms can accommodate two to ten players at once.

Learn more about BrainXcape Escape Rooms.

15. Maru Karaoke Lounge

Singing at Maru Karaoke Lounge, located in Koreatown, is one of the best corporate party ideas in NYC. You can book a private karaoke room for two or more hours. The lounge also has a culinary team that can take care of your group’s dining. On the menu, you will find a variety of drinks ranging from sparkling wine and beer to soju and whisky. You will also find Korean foods, including kimchi fries, spicy rice cake, and bulgogi nacho. Maru Karaoke Lounge follows a strict dress code, exempting clothing items like baseball caps, cargo pants, tank tops, and sweatpants.

Learn more about Maru Karaoke Lounge.

16. Bowling at Bowlero Times Square

Bowling and dining at Bowlero Times Square is an excellent idea for your corporate parties. The average price per lane charged is $148 for two guests. Your group can have up to 12 members.

Only a maximum of six players can use one lane. During your experience, you can relax on the soft lounge seats while watching music videos and live sports. You can also sip your favorite wine, cocktail, or beer at the bar area. The menu features wings, fries, salads, and pizza. Bowlero also provides an arcade with old-school classics like Mario Kart, Jurassic Park, and the world’s largest Pac-Man.

Learn more about Bowling at Bowlero Times Square.

17. Lunch at Per Se

Per Se is a nice French restaurant to have lunch with your group. The restaurant is famous for providing excellent food quality without repeating ingredients in meals on the daily tasting menus. Per Se has dining rooms with an intimate setting that can accommodate at least eight guests. If you have a large group, then you can reserve the East Room with an occupancy capacity of 66 guests for a seated event. The restaurant offers a drink menu containing fine selections of wine, cocktails, tequilas, liquors, and spirits. Per Ser provides two tasting menus daily. The reservation price varies from $245 to $1,200, depending on the tasting menu.

Learn more about Per Se.

18. Astoria Park

Astoria Park is a large and agreeable place to enjoy outdoor corporate events in NYC. The park has various facilities you can use for a fitness-themed event. For instance, there are tennis courts open to the public for use. You can only use a maximum of six balls inside each court. Also, you must purchase a permit before using the courts, which costs $15 for one hour.

You will also find a bocce court available for free use, but on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, you can swim at the outdoor pool for free. However, you cannot bring glass items, food, and electronic devices to the pool area. Astoria Park also has a 0.29-mile running track and a 21,500 square-foot skate park.

Learn more about Astoria Park.

19. Museum of Ice Cream

Visiting the Museum of Ice Cream will give your colleagues a fun experience filled with tasty treats. The museum operates all days except Tuesdays. The Museum of Ice Cream is ideal if you need a place to relax and channel your inner child. You can swim in the sprinkle-filled pool or navigate down the high indoor slide. Also, your group members can explore the museum at their convenient pace. The entire experience will last for 60 to 90 minutes for an admission price starting at $36. During your experience, you can have many ice cream treats available in a vegan option.

After your visit, you can also stop at the Cafe, Bar, and Retail Shop to further enjoy different ice cream flavors, cocktails, and milkshakes.

Learn more about the Museum of Ice Cream.

20. Wine Tasting at Red Hook Winery

The most fun corporate event ideas in NYC for adults include tasting wine with your colleagues at Red Hook Winery. Red Hook Winery hosts small and large group wine tastings, with a maximum capacity of ten guests. The price varies from $25 to $35, depending on your group size and the event’s time. The venue also welcomes your furry friends. You will taste six wines during your experience. You will also learn about Red Hook Winery and ways to taste wine.

You may purchase light snacks at the venue to enjoy alongside delicious nice glasses of wine.

Learn more about Wine Tasting at Red Hook Winery.

21. Mini Golf at Staten Island FunPark

Staten Island FunPark provides a mini-golf course with 18 holes. You cannot bring your own golf balls or clubs to this location. A maximum of five players can use one hole. Cost per participant starts at around  $9, and the park also offers special booking packages for groups with at least 20 players.

You can find a free parking space at the park available on a first-come, first-served basis. You can also find a snack bar offering popcorn, ice creams, and soft pretzels. Aside from mini golf, Staten Island FunPark provides a go-kart trackway and nine batting cages. You do not need a driver’s license to race on the trackway.

Learn more about Mini Golf at Staten Island FunPark.

22. 9/11 Memorial and Museum

The 9/11 Memorial and Museum is a fascinating institution that houses collections recounting the devastating attack on September 11, 2001. Exploring this museum is a great way to learn more about the terrorist attack and the personal stories of victims and survivors. Your group can go on an expert-led tour for the best experience. If you plan to visit both the museum and the memorial, then the tour will last for 90 minutes. The visiting ticket costs $75.

The museum exhibitions include the K-9 Courage in honor of the dogs that contributed to the rescue and recovery efforts. Also, you will see displays on sports, artworks, and photographs relating to 9/11.

Learn more about the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

23. The Metropolitan Opera

Watching a show at The Metropolitan Opera is among the fun and relaxing corporate event ideas in NYC. Two hours before your performance, your group can dine at The Grand Tier. The restaurant can also prepare a special dining setting for groups having at least ten members.

You can extend your experience to include visiting the Lincoln Center or a backstage tour lasting 90 minutes. The tour’s ticket price varies from $25 to $35.

Learn more about The Metropolitan Opera.

24. Escape Room Madness

Escape Room Madness organizes immersive games in Midtown NYC that will challenge your team to solve mysteries and puzzles while racing against time. The escape rooms can accommodate up to 12 players and last for one hour each. Some of the themes you can choose from are:

  • Quarantine (Floor Five): You have to escape the lab of a scientist who intends to infect you with a virus and start an apocalypse.
  • Masquerade (Floor Six): You will attend a masquerade ball to find evidence that connects the event’s host to a recent crime. You must also escape the event unnoticed.
  • Prey (Floor Six): Your team will play as detectives charged with solving a mystery regarding a creature disturbing the town.

The escape rooms are only available for private bookings. The price ranges from $25 to $50 per participant, depending on the reserved day and time. You cannot get a refund if you intend to cancel your reservation. But you reschedule your game date without paying a service fee if you give at least 48 hours’ notice.

Learn more about Escape Room Madness.

25. Barcade

Playing arcade games and making wine cheers at Barcade is one of the most exciting corporate party ideas in NYC for adults. The bar does not have private rooms. But you can book an exclusive party on Sundays to Thursdays or reserve tables for your team. For a private booking, you must have at least ten guests. You must also specify the food and beverages you want before the event. You can check Barcade’s menu to view the food, cocktail, and wine options.

Learn more about Barcade.


There are many amazing places to visit in New York City. Whether you are hosting a work conference or throwing a party to help your team relax, having fun during your gathering is quite essential. It would be best to seek the potential guests’ opinions beforehand, except if you are planning a surprise event.

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FAQ: Corporate event ideas in NYC

Here are answers to questions about corporate event ideas in NYC.

What are some ideas for corporate events in NYC?

Some ideas groups can use for corporate events in NYC include touring the Museum of Ice Cream, having a private party at Barcade, playing tennis at Astoria Park, and attending a cocktail class by Patent Pending.

How do you entertain attendees at corporate events in NYC?

To entertain attendees at corporate events in NYC, you should find a fun activity to do during your corporate event to engage guests. You may include entertainments like a contest, a sporting activity, a live band performance, icebreakers, or even a class. Entertainment is one of the essential aspects of an event. However, you need to understand your guests to decipher activities they are likely to enjoy. Also, you should leave enough time to plan the entertainment and get attendees involved.

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