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24 Fun Group Activities in Philadelphia, PA

Here is our list of the best group activities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Fun group activities in Philadelphia are games, challenges, and entertaining exercises you can do within the city. For example, your team can go hiking at Wissahickon Valley Park, throw axes at Bury The Hatchet, or tour the Philadelphia Zoo. The purpose of these activities is to encourage teamwork, collaboration, or just have fun in the City of Brotherly Love.

These ideas are a subset of group activities for adults and team building exercises. These activities are similar to Philly company outings and Philly team building ideas.

This list includes:

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  • large group activities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Let’s get to it!

List of fun group activities in Philadelphia

Depending on your goal, you can do many activities in Philadephia with your group. From shooting at Revamped Paintball to rollerskating at Philly SkatePlex, here are the best activities groups can enjoy in Philadelphia.

1. Bank Heist

Bank Heist is a crime-solving activity for groups in Philadelphia. By making a reservation, you and your colleagues accept the challenge of cracking a bank heist. You will work together to find out the criminals’ identities. Failure in your mission means the heist perpetrators get to escape.

During the 90-minute challenge, you will solve puzzles and find clues to carry you along in the game. Aside from the criminals, your team will also solve certain mysteries relating to the bank’s security. Deciphering the security team’s whereabouts and how the criminals breached the vault is up to your group.

Learn more about Bank Heist.

2. Museum Hack

Touring the best museums with Museum Hack is one of the fun things to do in Philadelphia as a group. You can visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art or other renowned institutions, with the experience lasting around two hours. The tour combines enlightenment and fun to give your group the best experience. In the gallery, the host will entertain your group with stories of artists, teamwork, and communication.

The fun also extends with doing like ice breakers and playing team building games. A tour with Museum Hack will give you a great new outlook on institutions and art.

Learn more about Museum Hack.

3. Minute Madness

minute madness

Minute Madness is a fast-paced challenge that will keep you on your toes. Over the course of an hour, you will play a series of one-minute challenges to earn points for your team. By engaging in a friendly competition, the game’s goal is to prove that you can stand time’s tests.

You and your colleagues will have a fun and energetic experience as you race against time. This event is ideal for outgoing groups and is great fun outdoors.

Learn more about Minute Madness.

4. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off runs a fun team building activity revolving around avocados. The experience will start with exercises like avocado-themed trivia, House Builder, or Happy Cup. Then your team will grab the avocados and transform the produce into the best guacamole possible. You have to present your guacamole well to qualify for the winning prize. You can also include custom trophies in your booking.

The Great Guac Off will run in your preferred location in Philadelphia, whether a conference venue or your office space.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

5. Bury The Hatchet Axe Throwing

Throwing axes at Bury The Hatchet is among the large group activities in Philadelphia. Each lane at the axe throwing center can accommodate up to 12 players. Before throwing, you will take a short training and go through the safety measures. If you need guidance during the experience, then you will find trained professionals to help you.

The experience pricing starts at around $40 per participant, charged at an hourly rate. Hatchet Axe Throwing welcomes guests bringing outside food and non-alcoholic beverages to the venue. Whether you throw in a tournament or freestyle, your group will have a lot of fun. If the lanes are not busy, then you can invite spectators to watch your group for free.

Learn more about Bury The Hatchet Axe Throwing.

6. Museum of Illusions Philadelphia

Located in the center of Old City Philadelphia, The Museum of Illusions features an immersive environment and mind-blowing exhibits that will question your perceptions. You can plan a group visit to explore the institution for up to one hour. From Infinity Tunnel to Optical Illusion and Clone Table, you will see different rooms with fascinating installations to puzzle your mind.

You can also learn about the illusion mechanics from trained staff members. Your team will have moments of laughter as you strike poses to emphasize the room’s illusive effects. The museum offers a discount for groups of 15 and more members.

Learn more about Museum of Illusions Philadelphia.

7. North Bowl

North Bowl provides several lanes where your group can enjoy an exhilarating bowling game. A lane can accommodate up to six bowlers. The center also hosts a league game for a fun and competitive adventure. To join, you can have up to six players in a team, and the league is great for bowlers at any skill level.

Aside from bowling, you can play air hockey, different arcade adventures, and pool. Also, you and your group members can chat while having a drink in the lounge area.

Learn more about North Bowl.

8. Barcade

The most fun group activities in Pennsylvania include playing arcade games at Barcade. The bar features over 50 games and pinball machines dating back to the 90s. You can also reserve a table for your group at the bar on specific days. For a large group, making a party reservation is a great idea.

You can also order classic pub meals, craft spirits, and cocktails from the bar during your visit. You and your group will have fun at Barcade playing your favorite classic arcade and dining.

Learn more about Barcade.

9. Escape The Room Philadelphia

Escape The Room Philadelphia is a fun center to visit with your group. Within one hour, you will uncover secrets and solve mysteries to escape the game’s scene. Several rooms with unique plots are available for reservation, like:

  • Meltdown: After the powerplant supervisor’s disappearance, your team must work together to prevent a meltdown. Failure means a massive disaster to the entire city.
  • Agency: You and your team members will play as a group of secret agents taking tests to retain your jobs.
  • The Dig: Your expenditure below the earth did not go as planned. You and other excavators must find your way to the earth’s surface before escaping the darkness becomes impossible.

Although younger escapers can share in the experience, Escape The Room designed the games with adult players in mind. Also, the rooms have varying difficulty levels. So you can book a theme that best matches your group’s escaping skill level.

Learn more about Escape The Room Philadelphia.

10. Helium Comedy Club

Located in Center City, Helium Comedy Club is an ideal area to laugh and dine with your group. A show at the venue can last close to two hours. You will find a list of upcoming events and featured comedians on the club’s site.

Also, you can research the comedian beforehand to ensure that your group finds the artist’s performance style intriguing. Helium Comedy Club requires a two-drink minimum for guests seated inside the venue.

Learn more about Helium Comedy Club.

11. Philly SkatePlex

The fun group activities in Philadelphia include roller skating at Philly SkatePlex. The facility has qualified instructors taking classes ideal for skaters at any level.

You can make a group reservation if your team has at least 15 participants. Pizzas, sodas, and chicken fingers are available as add-ons to your booking. The experience pricing starts at around $12, with the duration determined by your reserved package.

Learn more about Philly SkatePlex.

12. Rage Philly

Smashin objects at Rage Philly is one of the small group activities in Philadelphia. Your group can do the activity as a BYOB. Depending on your booked package, you will spend around 5 to 25 minutes in the rage room. You can also upgrade your smash experience to include colors by breaking rage bombs available for purchase at the venue.

Rage Philly will give your group the needed protective gear. Furthermore, the center provides a car smashing experience, where you and your group get to destroy an accident-damaged vehicle. You can also design the smashed vehicle with spray paints for an added fee.

Aside from breaking items, Rage Philly offers opportunities to paint on the wall or a canvas.

Learn more about Rage Philly.

13. Virtual Experience at The Holodec

The Holodec is an entertainment center in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, where your group can have an immersive virtual reality experience by putting on headsets. From racing to action and simulator, you will find various genres in over 100 titles.

The experience pricing will depend on your group size. If your group has over 15 players, then you should consider reserving a party package giving access to the entire facility with an option to decorate the venue.

Learn more about The Holodec.

14. Tufas Boulder Lounge

Tufas Boulder Lounge provides a safe space to climb rocks with your group in South Kensington, Philadelphia. The center also takes lessons for groups looking to become better climbers. If your group is new to the activity, then you can take an Intro to Bouldering Class, priced at around $30. During the lesson, instructors will coach your group at an individual level. Also, the introduction class booking will cover your group’s day pass tickets and rental equipment.

Tufas Boulder Lounge has several lounge areas where you and your group can relax after an exhilarating climbing session. You can also keep yourselves entertained with the ping pong tables inside the facility.

Learn more about Tufas Boulder Lounge.

15. Wissahickon Valley Park

Blessed with a scenic environment for outdoor activities, Wissahickon Park is a favorite spot for many locals, tourists, and groups. The park covers over 2,000-acre in Northwest Philadelphia.

Your group can do an array of fun activities at the site, from horseback riding to biking. Wissahickon Valley Park is home to the Forbidden Drive trail, measuring around five miles. Hiking, jogging, and riding horses on the trail are among the fun things to do in Philadelphia as a group.

You can also engage in a fishing game at Wissahickon Creek. The stream is home to species like rock bass, rainbow trout, and redbreast sunfish. With the park’s meadow and trees, you will have the opportunity to watch different species of birds. Also, your group will find many spots for a picnic around the Forbidden Drive and Wissahickon Creek area.

Learn more about Wissahickon Valley Park.

16. Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist provides a fun, colorful environment to sip wine, paint and socialize with your group members. The studio hosts special painting events on most weekdays.

You can reserve one of the experiences to explore your creativity. You can choose to work with any painting from the studio’s collection. The party package also gives your group access to the studio for up to 30 minutes outside your painting time.

OR, you and your colleagues can walk into the studio without a reservation for a ‘Pop In and Paint’ experience. The studio will provide the required supplies and instructions to paint at your own pace.

Learn more about Painting with a Twist.

17. Philadelphia Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo is home to diverse animal species, from sloth bears to African Lions and Caribbean Flamingos. The zoo has many attractions to keep visitors hooked.

You can check the Rare Animal Conservation Center, where you will find several endangered species. You can also get an up-close view of different birds at the McNeil Avian Center, including waterfowl, Guam kingfisher, and Guam rail. The admission fee is around $25 per adult.

Learn more about Philadelphia Zoo.

18. Philly Gun Range

Philly Gun Range is a shooting facility in Philadelphia with over ten lanes. Taking a private shooting class at the facility is one of the exciting group activities for adults in Philadelphia. The class will last two hours and is customizable to match your shooting skill level, whether advanced or beginner. You can bring your own gun or rent the firearm from the center. In addition, your booking will cover targets, ear and eye protection, and a box of ammunition.

The lane fee starts at around $25 per shooter, with all-day access to the facility. You can also upgrade your experience to include a firearm safety lesson lasting about 20 minutes.

Learn more about Philly Gun Range.

19. Trip to Chinatown

Chinatown is a lively neighborhood in Philadelphia with plenty of attractions to explore, aside from the 40-foot-tall Friendship Gate. You will find many fine-dining restaurants serving food reflecting diverse cultures, including Thai, Hong Kong, Korean, Vietnamese, and Cantonese dishes.

Chinatown Philadelphia is home to Franklin Square, which features an 18-hole miniature golf course. Furthermore, the neighborhood is famous for having impressive artistic and cultural displays. You can explore the dragon mural around the Philadelphia Fire Department area. You can also tour the African American Museum in Philadelphia.

Chinatown is a beautiful, colorful neighborhood to walk around or enjoy great food. Your group will have a fantastic time taking a trip to the community.

Learn more about Trip to Chinatown.

20. Revamped Paintball

The large group activities in Philadelphia include shooting and dodging at Revamped Paintball. The center operates on most weekdays. Since paintball games can come with lots of stains, dressing for the mess is a brilliant idea.

If your group is worried about getting hurt, then you can play the low-impact paintball variation instead. The game pricing starts at $35 per player and covers paintballs, paintball guns, vests, and protective masks. Your paintball quantity will determine the game’s length. If you run out of paintballs, then you can always re-purchase from the center.

Learn more about Revamped Paintball.

21. The Rosenbach Tour

The Rosenbach is a historical house and library in Philadelphia open for public visits. Your group can take a guided tour to explore the exhibits, artworks, and rare books displayed onsite. The museum allows a 90-minute slot reservation for up to ten visitors.

You can also go through the museum’s exhibition at your own pace. The Rosenbach features a garden in a scenic environment where you will see native plants and flowers reflecting the museum’s literary works.

Learn more about The Rosenbach Tour.

22. Callowhill Archery

Callowhill Archery provides shooting lanes available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. You can bring your own archery equipment or rent the tool from the facility. Callowhill Archery charges the experience hourly, starting at around $15.

You can also take a class at the center to improve your shooting skills. The session will last around 90 minutes and includes practice, safety lessons, and basic archery training.

Learn more about Callowhille Archery.

23. Hot Hands Spa

One of the small group activities in Philadelphia is visiting Hot Hands Spa for a relaxing self-care treatment. The wellness center provides quality services performed by skilled massage therapists.

You can experience an array of treatments, ranging from facials to massages. Massage therapy can last 30 to 90 minutes, determined by your reserved packages. The center will tailor your experience to suit your self-care needs.

Learn more about Hot Hands Spa.

24. MindEscape Escape Room

Solving puzzles at MindEscape Escape Room is one of the fun group activities in Philadelphia. The escape game provider designed the games to have unique storylines. For instance:

  • Alice in Wonderland: You misplaced the Queen’s tea party invitation from Alice. Your team will work together to escape the Queen who is now after your life.
  • Jack the Piper: This escape experience will take you back to the 19th century. Your mission is to save the town from the murderous acts of Jack The Piper.
  • Thai Prison Escape: You found yourself in jail following your vacation to Thailand. Escaping prison before time runs out will depend on your group’s decision.

Your experience in the room will last around 60 to 70 minutes. If you get stuck while playing, then you can receive up to five hints to keep you going. MindEscape Escape Room allows guests to reserve the games as a private experience on weekdays even without booking all slots.

Learn more about MindEscape Escape Room.


Whether you plan for a friendly contest or a fun tour, you can do many group activities in Philadelphia. The city provides opportunities all day to enjoy the time spent with your group outdoors or indoors. Whatever your group’s mission, values, and expectations, you will find the suitable activity to do within the city.

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FAQ: fun group activities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Here are answers to questions about fun group activities in Philadelphia.

What are some good group activities in Philadelphia, PA?

Some good group activities in Philadelphia include taking a trip to Chinatown, playing virtual reality games at The Holodec, creating beautiful artworks at painting with a twist, shooting at Callowhill Archery, and bowling at North Bowl.

How do you plan fun activities for groups in Philadelphia?

To plan fun activities in Philadelphia, you should consider your group size. Also, clarifying your goal and expectation is key to helping you choose the best group activity idea. Furthermore, you should determine the best location for the activity within the city, including any needed gear and the equipment accessibility to your group members.

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