16 Team Building Consultants and Coaches for Hire

By: | Updated: February 13, 2024

Here is our list of the best team building consultants and coaches.

Team building consultants and coaches are professionals who facilitate workshops, events, and activities to help colleagues connect. Examples include Ed Krow, Nick Warner, and Susan Spritz Myers. The purpose of these professionals is to help lead your staff through bonding and skill-building exercises.

There are many types of consultants you can work with, including workplace culture consultants, HR consultants, DEI consultants, management consultants, and in-person team building companies.

This list includes:

  • team building coaches
  • team building business consultants
  • team building business consulting companies
  • freelance team building consultants

Let’s get to it!

List of team building consultants and coaches

Team building coaches improve teamwork and collaboration through customized strategies and activities. Here is a list of the top team building business consultants to help your team.

1. Susan Spritz Myers

Susan Spritz Meyers has 25 years of coaching experience and several certifications. Her perspective is that judgment-free curiosity about yourself and your colleagues is essential to growth. Myers’ approach is to work with your staff individually and as a group to align their strengths and weaknesses.

Myers’ coaching includes:

  • Understanding each teammate’s strengths and opinions of colleagues and leaders
  • Learning the cause behind inefficient behaviors that negatively impact the team
  • Creating a plan to boost every employee’s strengths and increase engagement and productivity

Overall, Myers aims to improve performance, motivation, and retention to make companies more money and give them a competitive advantage.

Check out Susan Spritz Myers.

2. Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman

Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman served in the Air Force as a fighter pilot with 65 combat missions and 2,650 flight hours. He also has an MBA focusing on organizational behavior and has experience as a sales manager. Lt. Col. Waldman approaches coaching from the perspective of a wingman. He believes that folks need team building coaches who will be honest with them and help them overcome their fears.

Waldman’s coaching includes:

  • Insights from his career as a fighter pilot that translate to the business world
  • Techniques to develop cooperation, communication, and commitment
  • Tips on the seven wingman principles, from “Winners Never Fly Solo” to “Core Values are Essential for Growth”

Firms looking for an even more in-depth experience can check out the A.C.E. academy. A.C.E. stands for accountability, commitment, and execution. This 52-week video series features tools and tactics Waldman has used in his own career. Each video, or mission, includes a mission debrief to discuss what worked and what did not. From identifying blind spots to achieving potential, Lt. Col. Waldman can help your team succeed.

Check out Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman.

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3. Starla Sireno

New York-based teams can check out Starla Sireno’s in-depth team coaching program. Sireno has been a coach for 15 years and has a Professional Coach Certification. Her coaching philosophy is identifying patterns that hurt productivity and creating lasting changes to boost efficiency.

Sireno’s coaching includes:

  • Harvard’s Team Diagnostic Survey, a peer-reviewed test that predicts up to 80 percent of a team’s effectiveness
  • A flexible coaching schedule with up to six months of assessments, sessions, coaching, and forward action
  • A focus on team cohesiveness, organizational culture, and leadership efficacy

The Team Diagnostic Survey helps leaders visualize their team’s strengths and weaknesses and create a step-by-step development plan. To refresh your team and create a shared sense of purpose, consider working with Sireno.

Check out Starla Sireno.

4. Marja Fox

Marja Fox has a background as associate principal at McKinsey & Company and VP of marketing, strategy, and business development at Ecolab. She also has an education in science, with a PhD in physical chemistry. With these accomplishments in mind, Fox approaches business from an analytical perspective.

Fox’s coaching includes:

  • Providing flexible support and employing boutique coaching approaches to create a customized experience
  • Emphasizing growth, portfolio development, team alignment, and change management
  • Breaking down decision-making into manageable components and expanding thinking to enhance innovation

Fox also wants to ensure the team development process is fun, as she believes it is essential to enjoy the workplace.

Check out Marja Fox.

5. Nick Warner

California-based teams may be interested in working with Nick Warner, a business owner and coach with over 20 years of experience. Warner believes business is a team sport and requires personal connections to succeed. His goal is to help colleagues connect through interests outside of day-to-day operations.

Warner’s coaching includes:

  • Interactive group discussions to help coworkers get to know each other personally
  • Facilitated Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analyses
  • Discussions to identify opportunities, accountability, communication, efficiency, and retention

Warner believes leaders can more efficiently utilize their workers’ strengths by learning as much as possible about their team. Be sure to check Warner out if you are interested in a conversational approach to building strong teams.

Learn more about Nick Warner.

6. Sam Silverstein

Sam Silverstein has nearly 30 years of experience as a keynote speaker and is a former executive and business owner. Silverstein’s perspective is that accountability is the highest form of leadership.

Silverstein’s coaching includes:

  • Tips on creating and maintaining a strong organizational culture, including beliefs, mission, and vision
  • Techniques to increase employee engagement, productivity, and accountability
  • Insights on organizational assessment, leadership coaching, and employee development

Silverstein will also help analyze your team’s core values to ensure your entire group is on the same page.

Check out Sam Silverstein.

7. Keith Ferrazzi

Keith Ferrazzi is an entrepreneur with a background in relational and collaborative sciences. His goal is to help teams learn new behaviors that encourage company growth. Ferrazzi spearheads Ferrazzi Greenlight, which is among the best team building business consulting companies. This firm offers a research-based solution that helps organizations transform teams.

Ferrazzi’s coaching includes:

  • Solutions based on in-depth research with over 2,000 executives
  • Tested behavioral practices that encourage workers to put the mission first
  • A methodology called Co-Elevating High-Impact Teams aimed at facilitating lasting change

Ferrazzi focuses on a change-based approach, asking who needs to change and which behaviors they should address. In doing so, companies will co-elevate and commit to a shared mission.

Check out Keith Ferrazzi.

8. Katie Goodman

If you are looking for innovative freelance team building consultants, then consider working with Katie Goodman. She is an award-winning comedian, author, speaker, and life coach. Goodman teaches teams to use improv comedy tools to handle life hurdles.

Goodman’s coaching includes:

  • Funny and fast-paced workshops that teach quick thinking, collaboration, and self-empowerment
  • A wide range of topics, from The 8 Tools of Improv Comedy to Gag Your Inner Critic
  • Actionable tools and insights in a fun and energizing atmosphere

No matter which role participants have in the company, they can benefit from learning to use improv tools.

Check out Katie Goodman.

9. Paul Vincenti

Paul Vincenti has been a business trainer, speaker, and executive coach since 1995. His goal with team building is to boost trust, communication, productivity, and creativity.

Vincenti’s coaching includes:

  • Motivation to encourage team members to build on each other’s talents
  • Small group discussions, games, debates, and role-play events
  • Auditory, visual, and kinesthetic tools to accommodate all learning styles

Vincenti also encourages an active and open dialogue between facilitators and learners. This approach creates an impactful learning experience that encourages lasting changes.

Check out Paul Vincenti.

10. Emily Rogers

Emily Rogers has a background as president and chief growth officer of IEG, and she started her consulting career in 2013. Rogers believes in leveraging team and individual talents to spur growth.

Rogers’ coaching includes:

  • Creating a shared vision, boosting trust, and improving engagement
  • Utilizing a team coaching approach that works to develop and maintain high performance
  • Improving relationships and systems intelligence to assist with problem-solving

Rogers focuses on systematic change that leads to stronger team interactions. She can host a workshop or offer ongoing coaching to improve your team.

Check out Emily Rogers.

11. Brent Mullins

Brent Mullins has over 25 years of experience in Fortune 200 companies and is a certified executive coach. Mullins aims to build connections and effectiveness among colleagues. He also works with diverse groups and multicultural teams to navigate cultural differences.

Mullins’ coaching includes:

  • Assess: Determine the existing dynamic using the 6 Conditions of Team Diagnostic
  • Advance: Review the data, set goals, and create team alignment
  • Coach: Utilize coaching and team-driven improvement strategies to produce positive results

From team alignment and development to organizational development systems, Mullins can help guide your team.

Check out Brent Mullins.

12. Mike Cardus

Mike Cardus is the senior organization development partner at Vital Farms and offers organizational development coaching. He has an empathetic approach to coaching, meeting teams where they are rather than seeing them as “broken.”

Cardus’ coaching includes:

  • 7 Steps to High-Performing Teams: An evidence-based model that improves productivity
  • Team Tune-Up: A holistic consulting process that strengthens collaboration and respect
  • Team Development Process: A method covering skills from roles to goals to decision-making

Cardus uses an in-depth process with features like progress clues, success metrics, and custom support to assist companies. Overall, Cardus can help teams take action, retain staff, and take accountability.

Check out Mike Cardus.

13. Amy Castro

Amy Castro has over 20 years of experience building exceptional teams and leaders. Castro works with teams throughout the entire lifecycle, from hiring to training to thriving.

Castro’s coaching includes:

  • Assess: Understanding internal issues through a needs assessment
  • Intervene: Bespoke training, including consulting coaching to achieve goals
  • Maintain: Regular training and resources like books, webinars, and courses for continued improvement

Castro’s goal is to have each employee be the right fit for your team and their role. In addition to consulting, you can check out some of her on-demand trainings, like coaching your employees and making meetings work.

Check out Amy Castro.

14. Ed Krow

Ed Krow is a talent transformation expert, speaker, trainer, and coach. His perspective is that employees do their best work when they do not need to change their identities for their jobs. Krow’s approach identifies and remedies gaps in training, development, engagement, teamwork, and brand.

Krow’s coaching includes:

  • Refining company strategy, mission, and vision
  • Pursuing operational excellence, product and service leadership, and customer intimacy
  • Progressing through organizational development stages, including diagnosis, action planning, intervention, and evaluation

By assessing company culture and redefining your firm’s climate, Krow can help your team succeed.

Check out Ed Krow.

15. Sarah Scala

Sarah Scala is a certified coach with over 20 years of experience working with C-suite executives and teams. Her guiding principles include sustainable impact, support with empathy, and resilience and grit.

Scala’s coaching includes:

  • Team development: Custom programs and team building activities that strengthen interpersonal skills
  • Team coaching: Sessions based on your needs that aim to build a safe and trusting environment
  • Simulations: Scenarios that help your team act out how certain decisions would impact the business

In addition, if you are interested in LGBTQIA+-specific coaching, then Scala can help with that too. She offers LGBTQIA+ leadership coaching and speaking as well as DEIB consulting.

Check out Sarah Scala.

16. Daniela Russo

Daniela Russo began her career as a lawyer before switching to a coaching role. Russo transitioned into coaching after finding her own pathway and wanted to provide that same feeling to others. She aims to help teams understand themselves in order to become more fulfilled in the workplace.

Russo’s coaching includes:

  • Clarity: Focusing on directional goals as individuals and as a team
  • Values: Understanding the core of individual and group values and how to honor them
  • Saboteurs: Identifying the habits and behaviors holding back the team and working on fixing them

Some of Russo’s coaching style includes guided meditation, which may be a great fit for more mindful entrepreneurs.

Check out Daniela Russo.


Team building consultants and coaches can help you approach your team from a whole new point of view. Many providers have their own unique techniques, like assessments or improv activities. Working with these professionals should help your team connect and learn to collaborate on shared goals. You can conduct many team building exercises on your own, but it might be helpful to have an outside perspective.

For more information on team building, check out these articles on team building tips, team building skills, and team building exercises.

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FAQ: Team building consultants and coaches

Here are answers to common questions about team building consultants and coaches.

What are team building consultants?

Team building consultants are professionals who specialize in helping organizations improve their teams’ overall performance. These consultants have expertise in designing and implementing various strategies, workshops, and activities. These exercises foster a positive team culture, enhance team dynamics, and address any issues or challenges preventing the team’s success.

What do team building consultants do?

From interactive workshops to trust-building exercises, team building consultants have a variety of roles and techniques.

Here is what team building consultants typically do:

  • Assessment: Consultants often start by assessing the current state of the team. These assessments may include surveys, interviews, and observations. Then, the consultant can learn more about the team’s strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors that need improvement.
  • Customization: Based on the assessment, consultants design customized team building solutions tailored to the organization’s needs and goals. These solutions may include workshops, training programs, and activities.
  • Workshops: Consultants may lead workshops focused on various aspects of team development. Topics include communication skills, conflict resolution, trust-building, leadership, and problem-solving. These workshops are often interactive and may involve role-playing, group discussions, and team exercises.
  • Activities: Team building consultants often incorporate activities or challenges that require teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. These activities aim to help team members better understand each other’s strengths and work together effectively.
  • Conflict Resolution: Consultants help teams address conflicts and disagreements constructively. These professionals may teach conflict resolution techniques and lead conversations to promote open communication and understanding.
  • Leadership Development: Team building consultants often work with team leaders and managers to enhance their leadership skills. This approach may include coaching, training, and guidance on leading teams effectively.
  • Follow-Up: Effective team building is an ongoing process. Consultants may provide follow-up sessions, check-ins, and ongoing support. This method ensures teams maintain the techniques they learned from the consultant.

Depending on who you work with, team building approaches may vary. Thus, it is essential to choose a provider who you believe is a good fit for your team and goals.

Who are some good team building consultants?

Depending on what type of team improvement you are looking for, different consultants may be a better fit than others.

Here is a list of some of the top team building consultants to get you started:

  • Brent Mullins
  • Emily Rogers
  • Katie Goodman
  • Keith Ferrazzi
  • Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman

Team building is an important part of any company’s strategy, and having a consultant to help facilitate it can make a big difference.

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