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You found our list of top corporate team building activities in NYC, New York.

Corporate team building activities in NYC are events that help employees to improve their communication and problem-solving abilities while fostering a spirit of collaboration. There are many team building activities in New York City, including bowling, escape rooms, painting lessons, and pizza-making workshops. These activities are excellent for large and small groups looking to have memorable experiences while bonding in The Big Apple.

These activities are examples of team building exercises and are similar to NYC company outing ideas and NYC corporate events. These ideas are ways to improve cooperation in the workplace.

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List of team building activities in New York City

If you are looking for ways to encourage teamwork and help your employees bond, consider the following company team building ideas in NYC.

1. Museum Hack

NYC is home to many museums, including the Met, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Rubin Museum of Art. Museum Hack’s interactive tours of different NYC museums can transform your coworkers into a cohesive team. The tours are customizable to meet your industry. Some activities include team-building games, ice breakers, exciting unconventional stories, and a blend of Pictionary and charades, which will test your team’s wits and bring you closer together.

Learn more about Museum Hack.

2. Bowlmor Lanes

The 48 black-light lanes bowling at Bowlmor make it one of the best places for team building activities for large groups in NYC. You can rent the private bowling alleys, but the vintage leather couches and large video walls that line the lanes make the Bowlmor a hippy hotspot. Bowlmore’s Laneside menu also offers specialty cocktails and mouth-watering appetizers like crab and artichoke dip and avocado hummus.

Check out Bowlmor Lanes.

3. The Great Guac Off

With the Great Guac Off, get together with your teammates and compete to see who can whip up the greatest guacamole. This team-building activity contains more activities like pundacado, where teams get points for making avocado-themed puns, and avocado-themed Trivia. A typical guac-off lasts two hours, with the option to add on more competition or a “cocktail party” to cool off.

Learn more about the Great Guac Off.

4. Gagopa

Singing your heart out in a karaoke room with your teammates is a great way to create lasting memories and bonds. Whether you are searching for a low-key team-building activity or an opportunity to uncover hidden talents, a private karaoke room is a great option.

Gagopa Karaoke offers a capacity for up to 30 individuals in the meeting room. Gagopa Karaoke has a long list of songs available, with a collection of over 20,000 English songs and 10,000 Spanish songs and melodies in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

Learn more about Gagopa Karaoke.

5. The BEAST Speedboat

The BEAST Speedboat Ride is a great way to get your teams’ hearts racing. Circle Line Sightseeing offers a customized 70-foot speedboat that travels the Hudson River at 45mph. The journey promises plenty of twists, turns, and splashes as you travel close to the Statue of Liberty. You will also get memorable bird’s-eye views of midtown and lower Manhattan. With fun music and an engaging captain and crew, this activity will be a memorable outing for the team.

Learn more about Circle Line.

6. Paint Nite

You can have a good time at a Paint Nite even if you are not a professional artist. Every employee who attends this event will go home with a gorgeously painted canvas. Also, you may sip on a beverage of your choice while an expert shows you how to paint with acrylics. The cost of the event includes the use of canvases, brushes, and paints.

Find out about Paint Nite.

7. Chocolate Noise

Chocolate-tasting is a lot like wine- or cheese-tasting, but with chocolate. Chocolate Noise offers a one-of-a-kind experience that is both educational and pleasant. Your team will taste roasted cacao beans, fresh cacao fruit juice together, and bean-to-bar chocolates. In addition, there are activities like chocolate trivia and a blind taste, and participants will get chocolate as their reward.

Learn more about Chocolate Noise.

8. Pizza School NYC

Pizza is a favorite of many employees. Pizza School NYC is a fantastic place for your group to spend time together and connect over their shared love of this renowned Italian food. For starters, you will have to prepare the pizza. Then, you can stretch the dough and make a tasty and authentic pie with your coworkers. A great way to get your employees excited about pizza is to teach them how to cook a restaurant-quality pie of their own. As a team, you will learn all you need to know about the pizza-making process, from kneading dough to picking toppings, in this interactive experience. As a hands-on alternative, this activity is a terrific choice for employees who like to get their hands dirty and experiment with different toppings.

Learn more about Pizza School.

9. StageCoach Improv

Improv is one of the top team building activities for adults in NYC to get your team members reeling in laughter. Improv abilities are invaluable when it comes to the dynamics of teamwork in the workplace. This event from StageCoach Improv may help your group achieve new levels of attention, proactive listening, and trust. A good dose of laughter and a unique activity can help lift the spirits of employees who are feeling down. Improv team building, storytelling, applied improv, and sketch comedy are all hallmarks of StageCoach Improv’s corporate improv training.

Learn more about StageCoach Improv.

10. Chelsea Piers

If you want team building activities that incorporate trust, communication, and strong collaboration skills, you should consider climbing. Your team will have fun in a facility that combines rock climbing with typical team building activities. In most cases, these outings begin with a quick climbing class taught by a certified instructor. After the lessons, you and your colleagues will test your newly acquired abilities on the climbing wall.

In addition to being conveniently accessible by public transportation, the facility can accommodate large groups. This place is ideal for larger groups seeking to plan an outing together. While the cost may be prohibitive for teams on a strict budget, the package deal usually includes all your equipment and expert coaching.

Learn more about Chelsea Piers.

11. Kick Axe Throwing

If you are planning a company retreat, a great way to foster camaraderie is an exciting axe throwing activity at Kick Axe Throwing. When you arrive at the facility, trained specialists will take you and your team through all of the safety procedures in place and show different throwing tactics that will help you maximize your experience. Then, you can compete individually or organize an internal tournament across departments to determine who has the finest throwing talents.

You will find a bar area next to your axe-throwing station, where team members may relax while others compete. When you finish, do not forget to take a group shot.

Learn more about Kick Axe Throwing.

12. Walking Tour of Manhattan

This remarkable tour is one of the team building activities for small groups in NYC. You will indulge in the city’s best historical and culinary highlights. NYC is a haven for foodies and history buffs alike, with a rich and varied past. To offer the best possible experience, group sizes are limited to eight people. The tour lasts about 90 minutes and covers approximately one or two miles. You can also get a private tour for a group of about 40 participants. The tour guides have extensive experience and are well-versed in this historic neighborhood.

Learn more about Manhattan Walking Tour.

13. Kayaking Excursion Along the Hudson River

This picturesque kayak trip on the Hudson River suits first-time boaters and seasoned paddlers. Kayaking allows you to take in the stunning views of the New York City cityscape. Coaching is available for participants. The whole journey of the Hudson River takes around an hour and a half. The tour includes single or double kayaks, paddles, life jackets, and guides. The facility also offers outdoor showers, changing rooms, lockers, and restrooms.

Learn more about Kayak Hudson.

14. ScavBoss

Going on a scavenger hunt with Team Building allows you to explore New York City’s museums and historic districts. You will get to follow the clues and solve the puzzles as you learn more about the city and bond with your colleagues. While the hunt is a challenge, it is a terrific way to engage the whole team as you work together to complete the tasks.

These scavenger hunts typically run between three and four hours, so prepare for a lot of walking. A good pair of walking shoes are necessary. This activity is a terrific choice for big groups that want to go out and experience the city since the fees are fair and each scavenger hunt is customizable.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

15. Gotham Archery

When it comes to team-building activities, archery is a fun and challenging way to get your teammates working together. The facility offers individual lanes, allowing teams to work together without having to take turns at the activity. If you have never tried archery, then you will likely begin by taking a safety course and learning some fundamental techniques.

For added fun, you can set targets and keep track of how many points each member of your team or department earns. Archery is a terrific choice for groups on a limited budget since the fees are usually pretty inexpensive, and you can generally hire lanes by the hour.

Learn more about Gotham Archery.

16. My Cooking Party

A group cooking class is a terrific way to socialize, gain new skills, and enjoy a delicious home-cooked dinner with a small or large group. Making a meal with My Cooking Party is a ton of fun, even if you are a total newbie. The cooking class will allow you to enjoy a drink during sessions, which enhances the social aspect of the experience.

Classes typically last three hours and include time for the chefs to demonstrate their skills and for you to eat your excellent meal. Each group member can cook a dish independently or have everyone pitch in and help prepare the dinner as a group.

Learn more about My Cooking Party.

17. Bubble Soccer

You can play a rousing game of bubble soccer to let off some steam and indulge in some friendly competition. While traditional soccer matches are the most prevalent, the bubble equipment may also work for various other team-building activities.

Bubble soccer is an excellent choice if you want an activity that can accept last-minute modifications, like the number of participants. You should consider booking this activity after a long work day so the team can wind down and get some exercise.

Learn more about Bubble Soccer Challenge.

18. Unarthodox

At Unarthodox, participants will receive an introduction to fundamental clay handling techniques before trying to sculpt blindfolded. The instructors will guide you and your team through an immersive sculpting experience using only your sense of touch and memory. The use of music and aromatherapy further enhances the sense of total immersion.

Even if your team has no previous experience with sculpting, the desire to express will is enough. The hosts will also tailor the experience to fit your team’s needs.

Learn more about Unarthodox.

19. Indoor Paintball Tournament

The paintball activity is an exciting way to take on your coworkers in various high-intensity gaming modes. Each team member will get masks, markers, and paintballs. You can also rent additional equipment, such as safety vests, extra paint, and coveralls, pending their availability. Each group may have up to a maximum of 30 participants.

A team of knowledgeable and experienced instructors will explain the rules and enforce safety standards during the activity. Sessions are normally three hours long. With several structures and a well-designed layout, the arena lends itself nicely to competitive play.

Learn more about Indoor Extreme Sports.

20. The Rage Cage NYC

The Rage Cage offers your team a chance to release tension by destroying everyday items. The rage cage is a great way to enjoy a pleasant evening of supervised destruction. Participants may keep their stuff in lockers after signing the waiver. Before unleashing mayhem, put on the offered protective gear and make your selection of weapons. You can also jam to your favorite songs on the provided speakers and phone mounts.

Learn more about The Rage Cage NYC.


With so much to see and do in New York City, arranging a corporate team-building trip may be daunting. This list of team-building activities in New York City will help make the process easier. Choosing the right team-building activities captures the group’s attention, curiosity, and enthusiasm. Employees are happier and more productive when participating in activities encouraging trust and collaboration.

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FAQ: Corporate team building activities in NYC

Here are frequently asked questions about corporate team building activities in NYC.

What are some good corporate team building ideas in NYC?

Good corporate team building ideas in NYC include visiting an escape room, enjoying the Great Guac Off, and going on a scavenger hunt.

What are fun team building activities to do in NYC?

Some fun team building activities in NYC include kayaking, food tours, rock climbing, and archery.

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