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25 Best Team Building Activities in Seattle, WA

Here is our list of the top team building activities in Seattle, Washington.

Team building activities in Seattle are outings that allow teams to explore the city while building relationships with coworkers. Examples include trivia nights, murder mystery nights, and scavenger hunts. The purpose of these activities is to bring teams together for fun and team-building skills like critical thinking.

These ideas are examples of team building exercises and relationship-building activities. These activities are similar to Seattle corporate events and company outings in Seattle.

This list includes:

  • team building activities for small groups in Seattle, WA
  • team building activities for large groups in Seattle, Washington
  • team building activities for adults in Seattle
  • corporate team building ideas in Seattle

Here we go!

List of team building activities in Seattle

From Gingerbread Wars to glassblowing, here is our list of the best corporate team building activities in Seattle.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

trivia night in nyc

Your team’s brainiacs will adore this 90-minute Ultimate Trivia Showdown. The event is a trivia battle full of intense, high-energy, rapid trivia hosted by a professional entertainer. The host will divide your team into groups and conduct engaging trivia games like Majority Rules and the Champion Challenge. The games encourage friendly rivalry and teamwork and bring employees’ knowledge and strengths to the forefront.

For more information on Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

2. Espionage!

Espionage! banner

James Bond will have nothing on your team after 90 minutes of  Espionage! This event is a social deduction team building activity with agents, spies, and intrigue. Spymaster hosts will assign each team member a role and lead your group through a series of high-energy puzzles and challenges as everyone works to uncover the spies hidden among the group.

For more information on Espionage!.

3. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy banner

Superhero Academy takes your team on an unforgettable 90-minute journey involving puzzles and challenges of heroic proportions. The competition includes physical and mental challenges and is the ultimate showdown of brains and brawn. The games intend to highlight individual team members’ strengths while also bolstering teamwork. Your team will love sporting superhero capes while relying on one another to save the world from supervillains!

For more information on Superhero Academy.

4. The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is a great way to get your team animated and communicating. In this two-hour professional workshop, professional guides and performers will break down a step-by-step framework for grabbing and holding an audience’s attention. Following samples of the narrative tools, attendees will break into small groups to practice composing stories. The groups will then reconvene for a sharing session and, if time allows, will continue to fine-tune the piece based on feedback.

For more information on The Art of Storytelling.

5. The Great Guac Off

Team Building Attire: What to Wear to Show Team Spirit

The Great Guac Off is 90-minutes of avocado-themed trivia, Punacado, and an oven-less cookoff. The event includes a fun party host, food, prizes, and photos, with BYOB and custom trophies optional. This food-based bonding contest can happen nearly anywhere in Seattle, including your office, conference space, or at one of our rental locations.

For more information on The Great Guac Off.

6. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is 90-minutes of holiday fun, complete with trivia, a Snowman Hustle challenge, and an epic gingerbread-house-making contest. The competition can come to your office, conference space, or a third-party rental location. Add-on activities are also available to extend the merriment and keep the holiday party going. Plus, you get to eat the houses, after taking plenty of pictures for posterity, of course!

For more information on Gingerbread Wars.

7. ScavBoss

There are scavenger hunts, and then there is ScavBoss. This 90-minute team treasure hunt includes interactive game mechanics, engaging storylines, and whip-smart puzzles. The game theme is customizable to match your company, mission, or theme. Indoor and outdoor options are available in Seattle.

For more information on ScavBoss.

8. Pride Trivia

This one-hour Pride Trivia is led by members of the LGBTQ+ community and is both educational and celebratory! A host will come to your group to celebrate Pride Month by sharing knowledge, inspiring pride, and bringing your team members together to learn and have a great time together. Pride apparel is optional but encouraged!

For more information on Pride Trivia.

9. Bank Heist

Bank Heist has your team exchanging laptops for detective gear as they solve puzzles and challenges. The game format is like a murder mystery, minus the murder. An entertaining host plays the role of the lead investigator and helps groups through the clues.

Bank Heist is an activity that disguises key team building principles as a fun, high-energy social team building event. Your group will enjoy friendly competition, collaborate, and work together to solve the theft.

For more information on Bank Heist.

10. Minute Madness

Minute Madness is 60-minutes of active, high-stakes team building where your team competes in physical competitions designed to see who in your group can win one-minute challenges. This event is ideal for outdoors and outgoing groups and serves as a fantastic large group icebreaker activity. A host will be onsite to act as master of ceremonies and make the competition as amusing as possible.

For more information on Minute Madness.

11. Mix ‘n Mingle

You can get to know your colleagues better during our 90-minute networking event designed to find personal connections and deepen bonds. Mix’ n Mingle is full of interesting interactive activities designed to banish jitters and spark friendly working relationships. A host will act as a facilitator and keep socialization fun and steady. This happy-hour atmosphere encourages you and your colleagues to collaborate and connect in a low-pressure, high-fun format.

For more information on’ Mix ‘n Mingle.

12. Hidden Stripey Guy

In Hidden Stripey Guy, your team’s job is to find an elusive figure. In the process, your group will explore Seattle and engage with each other. This interactive activity blends the familiar with the unfamiliar and will likely uncover unexpected fun facts about the city and your coworkers.

For more information on Hidden Stripey Guy.

13. The Electric Boat Company

An electric boat adventure is one of the most fun team building activities for small groups in Seattle. The Electric Boat Company offers three styles of electric boats that accommodate between six to twelve passengers.

The Electric Boat Company’s team-building favorite is Clueless in Seattle. This option is an on-the-water scavenger hunt where teams use tablets to guide the group to geotagged locations. Then, each team uses the tablet to answer scavenger hunt questions, take pictures for points, and solve riddles. Teams can even use separate boats and compete against one another!

For more information on The Electric Boat Company.

14. Seattle Glassblowing Studio & Gallery

Your team can bond over creating unique glass art pieces they can bring home as keepsakes. Seattle Glassblowing Studio & Gallery offers three team experiences, including the Cast or Press Party, Blown Party, and Larger Groups.

In a Cast or Press Party, up to seven team members create a molded piece of glass art like sand dollars, hearts, snowflakes, or medallion coins. In a Blown Party, up to seven team members create a molded piece of glass art like ornaments or bowls. Options for up to thirty participants are also available.

For more information on Seattle Glassblowing Studio & Gallery.

15. Whirlyball

One of the most fun team building activities for large groups in Seattle is Whirlyball. Whirlyball is a team sport that is a cross between basketball, lacrosse, and hockey and is played while driving bumper car-like machines called “Whirlybugs.” The objective of Whirlyball is to use a lacrosse-inspired stick to scoop and hit a whiffle ball against the goal for points.

Whirlyball Seattle offers an experience that will have your group racing at about four miles per hour to get the most goals!

For more information on Whirlyball Seattle.

16. Eat Seattle Tours

Food is the ultimate team bonder. Eat Seattle Tours offers multiple team options to get your team out of the office and sample Seattle’s finest cuisine. The company offers a few tours, including:

  • Chef-Led Food Tours: On this tour, chefs take teams through the Pike Place Historical District, uncovering favorite vendors and sampling delicious food.
  • Street Foods of South Lake Union: This tour takes teams through the heart of Seattle’s Tech Center and Seattle’s most vibrant street food. Teams will sample everything from sourdough bagels at Rubinstein to Korean-Hawaiian fusion to Rachel’s Ginger Beer to Middle Eastern mezze at Mamnoon Street.

For more information on Eat Seattle Tours.

17. Regatta Racing

Sailing is a great way to get your team engaged and working together. Seattle Sailing Club has a regatta option where your team divides into groups of four to six people. Then, under expert supervision and instruction, each group takes turns steering and sailing while competing for the best time and soaking in the beautiful Puget Sound!

For more information on Regatta Racing.

18. Seattle Makers

Seattle Makers is a community of crafters who love sharing their knowledge with others. Their team-building classes include Laser Notes, Laser and Coffee, and Collaborative Artwork.

Laser Notes will have your team creating unique designs and then learning how to prepare their designs for laser cutting. Seattle Makers will cut their designs right in front of them! Each team member gets a laser-cut notepad box, paper, and everything needed to assemble the notepad box.

Lasers and Coffee is a three-hour event where each team member creates a unique design and then watches it get laser cut on a 16 oz coffee tumbler. Designs can range from quotes to images to hand-drawn art.

Collaborative Artwork is a unique event where teams paint a laser-etched skyline of Seattle. Each art panel is painted separately and then put together to form one art piece. Seattle Makers will frame and deliver the piece. 

For more information on Seattle Makers.

19. Seattle Party Bike Tours

One of the best corporate team building ideas in Seattle is a Seattle Party Bike Tour. Seattle Party Bike Tours offers a 16-passenger pedal-powered vehicle that your team can pedal to Seattle’s hottest spots!

The company offers brewery tours and pub crawls, including a Ballard Tour that takes teams through some of Seattle’s best tours. Or, if a brewery tour doesn’t suit your team’s fancy, you can opt to build-your-own tour and customize your stops.

For more information on Seattle Party Bike Tours.

20. Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour

Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour will give your team a fascinating tour of Seattle’s underground city.

In June of 1889, the Great Seattle Fire devastated about 25 city blocks. Seattle residents, anxious to rebuild, built on top of the burnt remains. In the 1960s, Seattle Journalist Bill Speidel began guiding curious people through the tunnels of the ruins, thus sparking his now famous tour.

This 75-minute tour includes Pioneer Square, the former epicenter of Seattle, and an underground gift shop.

For more information on Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour.

21. Ballard Kayak and Paddleboard

Trust falls are child’s play compared to Ballard Kayak and Paddleboard’s team-building activities. These experiences include:

  • Ballard Locks Tour: In this experience, teams kayak amongst seals, sea lions, osprey, and great herons on their way to the historic Hiram M. Chittenden (Ballard) Locks. After the “water elevator closes”, your team will gently rise to Lake Union’s water level, travel through the ship canal, and head back to Shilshole Bay for a bit of beach time.
  • 2-Hour Sound Tour: On this tour, your team will have an opportunity to mingle with wildlife as they kayak on ancient glacier water.
  • Sunset On The Sound: In this experience, teams casually paddle through the Puget Sound at sunset.

All Ballard Kayak and Paddleboard experiences can be customized to fit your team-building needs and objectives.

For more information on Ballard Kayak and Paddleboard.

22. Hot Stove Society

One of the best team building activities for adults in Seattle is the Hot Stove Society. Hot Stove Society’s kitchen centers around special food-focused team-building activities and has seasoned chefs that will guide your team through each step of the meal preparation process.

Some of Hot Stove Society’s experiences include Asian Noodle Lover Class, Lunch Club: Style Your Picnic Basket, and Taste The Tradition of Filipino Kamayan.

For more information on Hot Stove Society.

23. Lawless Forge

Your team will love playing blacksmith for a day with Lawless Forge’s myriad experiences. The venue’s experiences include BBQ Forke, Horseshoe Knife, Rebar Knife, and Bottle Opener.

With the BBQ Fork experience, teams transform steel rods into BBQ forks. Each team member will learn how to bend, taper, twist, scroll, and split hot metal. In the Horseshoe Knife experience, teams begin with a horseshoe half and walk away with a knife. With the Rebar Knife experience, teams start with a rebar rod and end with a cutting utensil. In the bottle opener experience, teams make a bottle opener out of a steel rod!

For more information on Lawless Forge.

24. High Trek Adventures

You can get your team bonding and moving with a High Trek Adventures activity. The company offers a few team building packages, including a basic and facilitated team building package.

Each package offers at least one hour on the high ropes course & ziplines and 75+ minutes with low ropes and ground team building activities.

For more information on High Trek Adventures.

25. Lake Union Crew

You can deviate from everyday office mundane and take your team out for a day of team rowing. Lake Union Crew will take your team for a two-and-a-half to three-hour row lesson. Each boat fits up to eight rowers, and you can take up to 40 people on the water at once. Your team will love being on the water as they collaborate to glide across the lake!

For more information on Lake Union Crew.


Seattle has appealing group activities, whether your team is big or small. The key to finding the perfect corporate team building activity is to make the outing unique to your corporate culture. It is also vital to choose an activity that people of all levels can do. For example, if you have team members with health issues or conditions that prevent them from being more physically active, then activities like obstacle courses or paddleboarding may not be the best options.

For more inspiration, check out these lists of indoor team building activities and outdoor team activities.

FAQ: Team building activities in Seattle, Washington

Here are some frequently asked questions about corporate team building activities in Seattle.

What are some good corporate team building ideas in Seattle?

Some good corporate team building activities in Seattle include Regatta Racing, Whirlyball, and Seattle Makers.

What are fun team building activities to do in Seattle

Some fun team building activities to do in Seattle include Seattle Party Bike Tours, Bill Spiedel’s Underground Tour, and Eat Seattle Tours.

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