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Here is our list of the best corporate team building activities in Washington, D.C.

Corporate team building activities in Washington D.C. are ways to entice teams out of the office for sociability, morale boosting, and team development. Examples include retreats, happy hours, and sports events. The purpose of these activities is to bring team members together in the nation’s capital to have fun and to learn new skills like communication.

These activities are examples of team building exercises and group activities and are similar to corporate events in Washington D.C. and D.C. team outing ideas.

This list includes:

  • team building activities for small groups in Washington, D.C.
  • team building activities for large groups in Washington, D.C.
  • team building activities for adults in Washington, D.C.
  • corporate team building ideas in Washington, D.C.

Here we go!

List of best corporate team building activities in Washington, D.C.

From Espionage! to pedal pontoon boats, here is a list of fun activities you can use for your next corporate adventure in Washington D.C.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown

Ultimate Trivia Showdown kickstarts team members’ brains with 90 minutes of unconventional quiz competition. A professional entertainer acts as emcee and leads contestants through rounds of challenging, high-energy, and fast-paced trivia. The game strikes a balance between cutthroat and collaborative and aims to bring players out of their shells.

For more information on Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

2. Espionage!

Espionage! banner

Sunglasses and black trench coats are welcome at Espionage!, the ultimate social deduction team building activity. This 90-minute hybrid event contains agents, spies, and intrigue. Players accept a mission to save the world with the added pressure of either routing out double agents or, for the moles of the group, weaving a web of deception to carry out a dastardly plan. Team members work through complex and multi-faceted puzzles and are sure to get swept away in the ruse and rowdy.

For more information on Espionage.

3. Superhero Academy

Superhero Academy takes your team through a 90-minute adventure of comic and hero-themed puzzles and physical challenges. The activity aims to highlight individual strengths and strengthen group dynamics, as all team members must work together to share in the group victory. A host keeps spirits and competition high while keeping the game rolling.

For more information on Superhero Academy.

4. The Art of Storytelling

In the professional world, storytelling can be a powerful communication technique! The Art of Storytelling is an employee development workshop that teaches attendees the tricks of the trade in telling compelling tales. A facilitator breaks down TeamBuilding’s signature narrative framework into step-by-step instructions and gives participants the chance to practice and perfect each part. Workshop attendees walk away with new techniques, skills, and confidence.

For more information on Storytelling Workshop.

5. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is a great way to bond your team. The event includes mini-games as well as an ovens-not-needed cook-off competition. Teams battle to whip up the best guac while connecting with coworkers, and perhaps sneakily snacking.

Every The Great Guac Off experience includes a fun party host, food, prizes, photos, and custom trophies are optional. The event can occur at various locations in Washington D.C., including your office, conference space, or a third-party rental area.

For more information on The Great Guac Off.

6. Museum Hack

Museum Hack leads scavenger hunts in museums in Washington D.C., like the National Portrait Gallery. These experiences include unconventional stories about the art, artists, and objects, team building games, ice breakers, and fun team photos. The activity aims to be interactive rather than passive and revolves around scavenger hunts that inspire attendees to see and connect with exhibits in new and surprising ways.

We can tailor your event to your personality, mission, or industry. For example, Dannon did a History of Yogurt tour, and Google did Technology through Time.

7. Gingerbread Wars

Your team can get their holiday on with Gingerbread Wars, a holiday-themed team building activity! In Gingerbread Wars, we challenge your group with quick team-building games like trivia and Snowman Hustle, followed by an epic gingerbread-house-making competition. As a bonus, you get to eat the houses!

We can take our Gingerbread Wars to your office, conference space or one of our rental locations around Washington D.C. Add-ons available include “Cookie Monster”, “Deck the Halls” and BYOB.

For more information on Gingerbread Wars.

8. Potomac Paddle Club

One of the best team building activities for small groups in Washington, D.C. is a cycleboat adventure. Potomac Paddle Club is home to the only pontoon pedal boat, otherwise known as a Cycleboat, in Washington D.C.

Potomac Paddle Club’s boat has ten cycle stations and can fit up to 20 folks on board. Six people have to pedal in order for the boat to move. During the boat ride, teams take turns cycling and sipping cocktails. If teams decided they would rather relax than pedal, then the boat has a motor powered by solar panels.

For more information on Potomac Paddle Club.

9. Mixin’ Mimi Mixology

Teams love a good happy hour for socialization and relaxation. You can bring happy hour straight to your office with Mixin’ Mimi Mixology. Mimi is a full-service mixologist who provides all-inclusive bar options like:

  • a bartender/mixologist
  • a bar
  • specialty cocktail creations
  • premium spirits, cordials, and mixers

For extra fun, sing karaoke!

For more information on Mixin’ Mimi Mixology.

10. District Winery

A night at District Winery is one of the most fun team building activities for adults in Washington, D.C. District Winery offers multiple team building activities like:

  • Blending Session: teams get to interact while mixing different types of wine
  • Wine Games: challenges include trivia, blind wine tasting, and label making contest
  • Wine + Cheese Walkabout: teams get to mingle while exploring different wine and cheese pairing

Your team will love getting their wine on together!

For more information on District Winery.

11. Terrapin Activities

Terrapin Activities has a host of outdoor adventures that will bring your team together for a day of fun. The offerings include:

  • The Climbing Tower: a 43 foot playground with eight routes that feature logs, cargo nets, tires, ladders, and belay.
  • The High Ropes Challenge Course: three levels and 19 challenges, including a wobbly log and a cargo net traverse.
  • The Zip Line: 330-foot zip line that will take your team through the trees
  • The Giant Swing: a three-story high swing

Terrapin Activities range from easy to more demanding activities so there is a challenge befitting of every member of your team.

For more information on Terrapin Activities.

12. Muse Paintbar

One of the fun corporate team building ideas in Washington, D.C. is a paint and food night at Muse PaintBar. Your team can munch on delicious food and sip on wine while Muse Paintbar’s instructors demonstrate how to paint step-by-step. Depending on the date of your event, your team can paint seasonal paintings, classic landscapes, or whimsical art like llamas with sunglasses!

For more information on Muse Paintbar.

13. Escape The Room D.C.

Escape The Room D.C. has two Washington D.C. locations and a handful of escape rooms bound to tickle your team’s fancies. Their rooms include:

  • Outbreak: a mad scientist wants to infiltrate the U.S.’s water supply with tainted water, igniting a pandemic, a team of up to eight people has 60 minutes to get the vaccine and distribute it throughout the United States.
  • The Agency: your team has one hour to complete a top-secret mission or be relieved of duty.
  • Western Bank Heist: teams have sixty minutes to rob a bank and evade authorities and fellow outlaw teammates.

Escape The Room’s experiences are sixty minutes long and accommodate up to ten players.

For more information on Escape The Room D.C..

14. Game Truck

Game Truck is the ultimate mobile party truck for team building! This service offers mobile gaming theaters, LaserTag, and a host of other customized goodies including:

  • 85+ age-appropriate video game titles
  • Certified GameCoaches
  • Consoles including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch
  • H.D. Flat Panel T.V.’s

By booking this option, your team can opt for multiple teambuilding activities like LaserTag or Video Game tournaments.

For more information on Game Truck.

15. Casino Parties

You can bond your team with a fun night of gambling and cocktails. District of Columbia Casino Night Events brings multiple Vegas-style games to your office like:

  • roulette
  • long table craps
  • slot machines
  • high stakes poker
  • double down blackjack

The event staff will take care of all logistics, from music to food to clean-up.

For more information on District of Columbia Casino Night Events.

16. District Clay

Your team will love getting their hands dirty with a District Clay pottery excursion. The studio offers two options for team-building: Corporate Handbuilding Events and Corporate Wheel Events.

With the Corporate Handbuilding Event, each participant starts with leather hard clay slabs and uses basic pottery handbuilding techniques to create a bowl. This includes decorating and texturing each bowl. Finally, District Clay will bisque fire, clear glaze, and glaze fire your teams’ work. Teams can pick up their bowls four to six weeks after the event.

With the Corporate Wheel Event, teams begin with a lump of clay and use a pottery wheel to create a pottery piece.

For more information on District Clay.

17. Pedal Saloon Pub Crawl

One of Washington D.C.’s most unique team building experiences is a Pedal Saloon Pub Crawl. This attraction offers a 14-person pedal-powered bar on wheels. A certified Pedal Saloon conductor owns the captain seat, but the saloon needs a minimum of six pedalers to help power the pub. Your team can work together while sipping on their favorite cocktails!

For more information on Pedal Saloon Pub Crawl.

18. D.C. Metro Food Tours

The Foodies on your team will love bonding over food, wine, and markets on a D.C. Metro Food Tour. The provider offers a host of food tours, including:

  • Old Town Alexandria Food Tour: this tour takes your team around a 250-year-old port city once home to George Washington and Robert E Lee. Food samplings include family-owned restaurant originals and a dessert enjoyed for over 150 years.
  • Capitol Hill Food Tour: this tour takes foodies behind the U.S. Capitol for scenic strolls and food ranging from traditional Salvadorian dishes to Spanish tapas to Belgian cuisine.
  • Georgetown Food Tour: this tour takes your team through iconic Georgetown and ends with a pie treat from a family-owned bakery
  • Dupont Circle Food Tour: this tour offers foods ranging from bistro style American with Asian influences to authentic Turkish dishes to Malaysian street food

Other tours include Little Ethiopia Food Tour, U Street Food Tour, Adams Morgan Food Tour, Del Ray Food Tour, Arlington Food Tours, and Cherry Blossom Food Tours.

For more information on D.C. Metro Food Tours.

19. Crumbs And Whiskers Café

You can reduce your team’s stress levels by spending an afternoon at Crumbs and Whiskers Café. This cat café contains kitties looking for forever homes. Your team can bond over coffee, pastries, and kitty cuddles! One of your team members may even be inspired to adopt a cafe resident! However, even if your team members do not want to adopt, they can enjoy the company of the cats.

Pro Tip: We recommend this for smaller teams as Crumbs and Whiskers limits the amount of people for the purpose of not stressing out the kitties.

For more information on Crumbs And Whiskers Café.

20. O Street Museum Tours, Experiences, And Scavenger Hunts

O Street Museum is a hidden historical gem rich with secrets. The row of houses was once home to FBI Director J Edgar Hoover’s G-men, agents tasked with combatting organized crime, gangsters, and outlaws. Inside the museum are 100 rooms, 70 secret doors, and unique exhibits.

O Street Museum offers multiple team building activities like:

  • Espionage Hunt: this hunt includes a hunt clue sheet and takes teams on O Street Museum Tours’ themed rooms, secret doors, and unique exhibits
  • Secret Wine Cellar: teams will experience a delicious dinner and a tour of the museum’s themed rooms and secret doors
  • Speakeasy Hunt: teams will snack on treats while they search for scavenger items signature to the O Museum
  • Team Building Hunt: a scavenger hunt focused on inspiring creativity, communication, and teamwork

The museum also offers tours including Mustache Madness Hunt, Secret Gardens, and Shop ‘Till You Drop (Champagne Tour).

For more information on O Street Museum Tours.

21. Washington D.C. Boating

You can bond your team with a day on the water. From kayaks to canoes to paddleboards, there are multiple boathouses that offer fun aquatic adventures. Some of our favorites include Tidal Basin, Key Bridge, and The Wharf Boathouse.

Tidal Basin offers four-person pedal boats that your team can use to explore the Tidal Basin. Key Bridge Boathouse offers single kayaks, double kayaks, and stand up paddleboards. The Wharf Boathouse offers single kayaks, double kayaks, and rental canoes.

Other boathouses include Ballpark, National Harbor, Thompson Boathouse, and Washington Sailing Marina.

For more information on Tidal Basin, Key Bridge Boathouse, and The Wharf Boathouse.


Washington D.C. is a playground for team building activities. With so many activities to choose from, we recommend narrowing down activities based on your team’s interests. For example, if there are many foodies amongst your team then food tours are the perfect outlet. Or, if your team is into art then a Muse Paintbar event would be apropos. Another tip when planning a corporate team building activity is to consider the size of your group. For smaller groups, you can host events like a paddle boat for up to twenty team members. For larger groups, you can plan a casino night or a Mixin’ Mimi Mixology and Lip Sync karaoke.

Next, check out these lists of indoor team building ideas and outdoor team building activities.

FAQ: Corporate team building activities in Washington, D.C.

Here are some frequently asked questions about corporate team building activities in Washington D.C.

What are some good corporate team building ideas in Washington, D.C.?

Some good corporate team building ideas in Washington, D.C. include Pedal Saloon Pub Crawls and D.C. Metro Food Tours.

What are fun team building activities to do in Washington D.C.?

Some fun team building activities to do in Washington, D.C. include casino parties, game truck, and Potomac Paddle Club.

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