5 Virtual Games for Large Groups

August 07, 2020

You found our list of fun virtual games for large groups.

Virtual games for large groups are online games designed to be played with groups of 10 or more people. These games typically include elements of simultaneous participation, like trivia or quizzes.

These games are a subset of online team building games and are similar to large group icebreakers.

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So, let’s get into it!

List of virtual games for large groups

When you are bringing the team together, you may have trouble finding a game that accommodates everyone. Here are some virtual games to play with large groups.

1. Murder Mystery Party

Is your team a fan of solving mysteries? An easy way to involve a large group for virtual games is to host a murder mystery party. Prior to the game, every player receives a role and certain information that only their character knows. Then, during the game, a character is killed and the players must find out who the murderer is. The players who correctly guess the murderer by the end of the game are the winners.

Murder mystery parties are great for large groups because the games’ stories generally feature an expansive cast of characters that require varying degrees of commitment. So, if your group has members who are not willing to be the center of attention, then you can still include them without forcing them into an uncomfortable situation.

Some free murder mystery party games to try are:

2. Digital Scavenger Hunt

For a more active game, Digital Scavenger Hunt is a wonderful choice. To hold a digital scavenger hunt, compile a list of items and challenges for players to complete. Then, during the hunt, set a time limit and have players fulfill as many items and challenges as possible before time runs out. The player who completes the most items or challenges by submitting photographic or video evidence wins.

Because digital scavenger hunts hinge entirely on what participants have in their homes, the game can include an unlimited number of players. However, when choosing items or challenges, try to name items that are universal.

Here is a list of rules and items for your hunt.

3. Pub-style Trivia

Does your team have a competitive streak? Pub-style Trivia is a game, where teams of players answer trivia questions to win. Before the game begins, compose a list of questions spanning a variety of topics and ask players to sign up. Then, divide people up into teams, and ask each group to come up with a fun name. During the game, the teams rush to answer trivia questions, and the group that answers the most questions correctly wins.

Pub-style Trivia is a great option for large groups because it is a game that can be easily scaled up or down. If you have a massive group, you can alway increase the number of groups competing. However, when you have participants, be sure to draw questions from across a spectrum of knowledge, so everyone can contribute.

Here are rules and guidelines for virtual happy hour trivia, plus example trivia questions you can use.

4. Cribs Quiz

Inspired by MTV Cribs, Cribs Quiz is a virtual game, where players submit a photo of their living space and the others must guess whose “crib” it is. To make educated guesses, players must draw on their knowledge of the other participants. The player who matches the most number of living spaces to their owners wins.

Similar to Digital Scavenger Hunt, since this game entirely depends on players’ submissions, you can include as many people as you want. In fact, by increasing the number of participants, the game escalates in difficulty because of the increase in choices.

5. Spaceteam

Would your team rather work together than compete? Spaceteam is an award-winning game that is played using a mobile app. In this game, your group assumes the identity of a team piloting a spacecraft. You must follow the instructions and collaborate to keep the ship running as it outruns an exploding star.

While this game is generally limited to 2-8 players, you can modify its capacity by having multiple space teams playing at once. Then, you can crown every space team that accomplishes their mission as winners, making it a stellar virtual game to play with large groups.

Download the Spaceteam app.

In conclusion

When planning virtual games for your large team, choose games designed to accommodate all players, and keep them engaged during the whole time. We hope that the games above bring your team together for an unforgettable time.

FAQ: Virtual games for large groups

Still curious about how to team build with a large group? Here are some commonly held questions about large group virtual games.

What are virtual games for large groups?

Virtual games for large groups are competitive activities that you play over the internet with many people. Because these games are often played via video conference services, they are ideal for large remote teams or organizations.

What are the best online games for large groups?

The best online games for large groups are games that accommodate sizable numbers of players without anyone feeling left out or bored due to inactivity. Keep an eye out for virtual games that keep everyone engaged at all times or have designated roles for everyone to play.

What are some free virtual games to play with large groups?

Some free virtual games to play with large groups are:

  • Murder Mystery Party
  • Digital Scavenger Hunt
  • Pub-style Trivia
  • Cribs Quiz
  • Spaceteam

All of these online games are free to play and can be adapted to incorporate as many people as needed, making them suited for large parties that do not wish to devote resources to buy games.

What are some tips for facilitating virtual games for large groups?

Some tips for facilitating virtual games for large groups include:

  • Registering players beforehand, especially if your game requires you to split into groups
  • Sharing rules prior to the game starting
  • Selecting a video conferencing software or app that can support all participants
  • Assigning a person to monitor players while you host
  • Keeping players’ names visible during the game

When playing online games with a large group, the greater number of people also increases the probability of technical difficulties. Therefore, if you can get most of the game setup out of the way beforehand, then the virtual event will run more smoothly.

Author: Jessica Chen

Team building content expert. Jessica has a double major in English and Asian Studies, and experience working with teams across cultures; including 3+ years in Taiwan.

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