16 Best Virtual Sushi-Making Classes for Team Building

By: | Updated: June 23, 2023

Here is our list of fun virtual sushi-making classes.

Virtual sushi-making classes are online courses and video tutorials that teach participants the basic skills required to make tasty sushi. These experiences can also help participants improve their knife skills. Examples include Vegan Cooking, Sushi Rolling Fundamentals, and Roll This Way Online Sushi Classes. These classes teach you all you need to know to make sushi recipes at home, from ingredients to the preparation method.

These classes are examples of online cooking classes and are similar to online art classes. You can use these classes for virtual team building and online offsites.

This list includes:

  • free online sushi classes
  • virtual sushi-making classes with kits
  • virtual sushi-making team building events
  • Zoom sushi-making classes

So, here we go!

List of virtual sushi-making classes

You can find online sushi-making classes in both free and paid options. From Sushi at Home by Yuki’s Kitchen to Health Sushi Course for Beginners, here are the best virtual cooking classes to improve your sushi-making skills:

1. Roll This Way Online Sushi Classes

Roll This Way offers pre-recorded classes for folks who want to master the art of making sushi. These lessons are among the best virtual sushi-making classes with kits. The host also offers pre-recorded classes without kits. If your group resides outside Canada or you prefer a BYO ingredient experience, then you can opt for this option.

The pre-recorded classes have a duration of 35 minutes. However, you should plan to spend 60 to 90 minutes completing the lesson. If you book a “no kits” class, then you will receive a list of the ingredients you need for the session. You can also access a vegan menu option. In addition, Roll This Way organizes public online classes led by a live chef.

Learn more about Roll This Way Online Sushi Classes.

2. Sushi At Home by Yuki’s Kitchen

Yuki’s Kitchen organizes “Sushi At Home,” an online class designed to help students improve their sushi-making skills. The class will take place via Zoom for 90 minutes. During the session, you will learn several rolling techniques and valuable tips for serving sushi.

The lead chef, Yuki, authored the book titled Sushi At Home. This book includes all the recipes you will learn during the virtual sushi-making class. The host will also send an ingredient list and recipe guide once you book the event. The recommended ingredients are usually items you can easily find in local stores. You will also learn how to select sushi ingredients and tips for cutting sushi. The class is interactive and practical. So you can cook along with the chef during the live demo.

Learn more about Sushi At Home by Yuki’s Kitchen.

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3. Breakthrough Sushi

Breakthrough Sushi hosts one of the best virtual sushi-making team building events. The company can arrange for kits delivered directly to attendees within the US. Each kit contains rice, a bamboo rolling mat, and fresh fish.

Breakthrough Sushi partners with local vendors in San Francisco and New Jersey to get good-quality ingredients for guests. These vendors can also help you add a note or a gift to the package. Aside from private team building classes, Breakthrough Sushi also hosts online public sushi-making sessions on Fridays and Saturdays. The pricing will depend on various factors, including your guest count. You can message the company to request a free price quote.

Learn more about Breakthrough Sushi.

4. Virtual Sushi Making Experience by Hersley’s Events

Herley’s Events host fun online sushi-making experiences for small and large groups. The event’s duration is between one to two hours on Zoom. Attendees will receive boxes containing sushi ingredients before the event. The company partners with trusted local suppliers to ensure guests get fresh ingredients.

During the class, a talented chef will guide you and your team members in creating fantastic meals. You will also learn how to garnish and present your sushi in the most fun way. You can also expect feedback at the end of the session. In addition, Hersley’s Events takes pride in encouraging guests to create minimal waste while cooking.

Learn more about Virtual Sushi Making Experience by Hersley’s Events.

5. Kits by Food Craft’s Sushi Rolling Class

Elevent event platform features a sushi rolling class hosted by Kits by Food Craft. During the lesson, you will learn how to properly season sushi rice. Also, the class helps participants build their knife skills while cutting vegetables for the dish.

This class by Kits by Food Craft is one of the best Zoom sushi-making classes. The host can accommodate groups with up to 100 attendees. Before the event, you will receive a kit containing all the needed ingredients and tools. However, be sure to inform your group members to prepare the rice before the event. The experience will last one hour, and the pricing starts at around $35 per participant. Furthermore, the host can support various dietary restrictions, from vegan and vegetarian to nut-free and gluten-free.

Learn more about Kits By Food Craft’s Sushi Rolling Class.

6. Sushi Rolling Fundamentals

Sushi Rolling Fundamentals is one of the fun online cooking classes featured on Classpop. During this interactive session, a chef will demonstrate the steps for making traditional sushi. You can cook along these steps and even receive assistance from the chef on challenging areas. Plus, the chef will monitor your progress during the session and is willing to entertain questions from participants.

After booking, you will receive a recipe guide. You can modify the recommended ingredients to suit your dietary requirements. The class is around $30 per attendee. Also, the session will take place on Zoom, with a maximum of 20 devices allowed. Your entire experience will last 90 minutes.

Learn more about Sushi Rolling Fundamentals.

7. Vegan Cooking

Vegan Cooking is one of the virtual sushi classes featured on Skillshare’s platform. You can access this class with a seven-day free trial offered by Skillshare. The class is in a pre-recorded format and includes six video lessons lasting 14 minutes altogether. Each video focuses on an essential aspect of making sushi, such as ingredients, preparation, and maki sushi recipe.

The class is excellent for students at all cooking levels. Maja Dück, the teacher, is also an expert filmmaker and passionate vegan. The teacher will guide you through replacing salmon and tuna with plant-based ingredients. Be sure to get a bamboo mat to roll the sushi beforehand. The best part of this course is that you get to use whatever vegetables you prefer.

Learn more about Vegan Cooking.

8. Sushi Making Course by Online Cooking Class

Sushi Making Course is one of the best virtual sushi-making classes to take. This course has ten video tutorials with easy-to-follow steps. The course aims to teach participants how to prepare and present the best maki rolls. Therefore, the tutorial starts with the basic knowledge you need, including the fundamentals of preparing sushi rice. You will also learn about the equipment and ingredients required to make this traditional Japanese dish.

Online Cooking Class has over 15 years of experience teaching the art of sushi-making. Therefore, you can be sure that the video will have what your group needs to perform well while making sushi.

Learn more about Sushi Making Course by Online Cooking Class.

9. Tokyo Sushi Academy Online Sushi Course

Tokyo Sushi Academy has a team of professional chefs specializing in Japanese cuisine. If you book a class with this cooking school, then you will have dedicated instructors who will teach you tips for making sushi.

Although the instructors are Japanese, the class is in English. Also, the academy allows students to choose what part of sushi-making to focus on during the class. Generally, you will learn the basic sushi preparation techniques, including washing rice and making California rolls. At the end of the lecture, you will also receive a certificate. Furthermore, the course features several questions to test your knowledge of sushi-making.

Learn more about Tokyo Sushi Academy Online Sushi Course.

10. ClassBento Sushi-Making Workshop

ClassBento offers one of the most fun virtual sushi-making team building events hosted by H&H Oriental Food Limited. The experience is perfect for small groups with up to 20 members. The host will entertain you and your group members with fun facts about sushi, including the history and trends of sushi consumption within the past few years. The session runs for two hours.

The best part of this class is that you get to develop your knife skills when slicing your ingredients. The instructor will also teach your group to use the needed equipment for preparing sushi. Aside from preparing a delicious dish, you will learn how to present your prepared meal beautifully. When the class ends, you can share small talks with teammates while enjoying your creation. This class includes instructions for basic sushi. But if you wish to learn advanced sushi, then you can select “fruit sushi” or “Dragon rolls” when making a reservation.

Learn more about ClassBento Sushi-Making Workshop.

11. Atsuko’s Kitchen

Atsuko’s Kitchen organizes one of the best virtual team building events. This cooking lesson is ideal for small groups. This provider allows you to tailor your event menu to your taste. You can check the details of the in-person sushi-making class to learn how the event works. These classes are fully hands-on, and you will learn to prepare classic premium white sushi rice.

Atsuko, the class host, is an expert chef and author of a cookbook titled Sushi Made Simple. You can consider purchasing and reading this book before the class to gain relevant information. You and your teammates will have a great time in this class, irrespective of your cooking skill levels.

Learn more about Atsuko’s Kitchen.

12. Live Online Private Sushi Workshop

Live Online Private Sushi Workshop is a fun event organized by The Avenue Cookery School. The event aims to improve participants’ skills in sushi preparation, flavor balance, and time management when cooking. This 90 minutes class also features a Q&A session. After making a reservation, the host will email the Google Meet details to the participants.

The class is among the best virtual sushi-making classes with kits. The kit contains all the ingredients and equipment for the activity. However, participants must personally source the fish or vegetables for the sushi filling. Before the event, you will receive a list of needed items not included in the kit. You are free to bring your own beverages during the event. Also, the class is ideal for participants of all ages and skill levels. Whether you book this class individually or as a group, you will have fun during the entire session.

Learn more about Live Online Private Sushi Workshop.

13. Keiko Yamamoto’s Sushi-Making Class

Keiko Yamamoto offers a fun virtual sushi-making class you would not want to miss. Keiko Yamamoto, the teacher, has reliable experience in the culinary world and once worked with top-notch restaurants in London. The class is in the form of a 90-minute pre-recorded video featured on Udemy. After purchasing, you can access the video anytime on TV and movie devices. Also, once you complete the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

The course is beginner-friendly and includes explanatory details about preparing sushi from scratch. After taking the lesson, you will find yourself making tasty sushi in no time. The course is ideal for all sushi lovers and even private chefs who would love to build their sushi-making skills. The pricing is around $35 and includes a seven-page instruction and a list of ingredients. At the end of the course, students will become experts in cooking grating wasabi and cooking miso soup. Additionally, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you believe the lesson was not ideal for you.

Learn more about Keiko Yamamoto’s Sushi Making Class.

14. Healthy Sushi Course For Beginners

Healthy Sushi Course For Beginners is one of the best virtual sushi-making classes featured on Udemy platform. The course includes a 90-minute video explaining the steps for making sushi and the necessary tools. After taking the course, you will be able to prepare different kinds of sushi, including hosomaki and temaki.

Angel Kostadinov, a passionate sushi chef, teaches this course to share his sushi-making secrets with the world. If you would love to follow the video while making your own sushi, then you can check out the ingredients to purchase listed on the platform. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee on this course. As a bonus, you will also get the recipe for preparing amazing sushi burgers.

Learn more about Healthy Sushi Course for Beginners.

15. Virtual Sushi Making by KDM Events

KDM Events hosts fun sushi-making classes for groups via a virtual platform. The best part is that the company can host the event in the form of a friendly competition. After booking, you will have a dedicated chef to lead the activity, teach participants how to garnish sushi, and demonstrate remarkable knife skills.

You and other guests will watch and follow the chef’s steps in making dragon roll, uramaki, and maki sushi. In addition, the host will arrange and deliver the necessary kits to attendees. All guests have to prepare is a space to cook, a device, and a stable internet connection. The event will run for about two hours.

Learn more about Virtual Sushi Making by KDM Events.

16. School of Sushi Classes

School of Sushi offers one of the best free online sushi classes. The course serves as a guide for beginners to make excellent sushi rolls and rice. Aside from cooking instructions, you will also get a list of all ingredients and equipment you need to make your own sushi at home.

After taking the course, you can try making different sushi, ranging from gunkan to nigiri. School of Sushi’s free course can also help you improve your knife skills. The tutorial explains the best knives and techniques for properly cutting sushi. This free sushi lesson is perfect if you plan to host a sushi dinner party for families and colleagues. The course explains the essentials you need to organize this kind of party.

Learn more about School of Sushi Classes.


Sushi provides a flavorful eating experience, whether you serve the dish with soy sauce or seaweed salad. If you are a sushi lover or wish to try the dish for the first time, then you can take one of these virtual sushi classes. The best part of these classes is that you can improve your cooking and knife skills from the comfort of your Kitchen. Depending on the class, you can also receive a kit from the host or arrange the needed ingredients and equipment yourself. Most of these classes teach fundamental sushi-making skills, ranging from rice washing and seasoning to sushi rolling. As a side benefit, you can also learn how to select the best ingredients for the dish. The experience usually happens via a video conferencing platform. But the classes can also come in the form of pre-recorded videos explaining the step-by-step process of making sushi. Whether you are an experienced chef or a beginner, you will certainly find a virtual sushi class that matches your skill level.

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FAQ: Virtual sushi-making classes

Here are answers to questions about virtual sushi-making classes.

What are virtual sushi-making classes?

Virtual sushi-making classes are cooking experiences where you can learn the techniques for making basic and advanced sushi. These classes usually come in pre-recorded videos or take place live via virtual meeting software. Also, many of the experiences feature kits containing sushi-making essentials. But if your reserved class does not include a kit, then rest assured that you will get a comprehensive list of the ingredients and equipment you need.

How do virtual sushi classes work?

After booking a sushi class that falls within your skill level, a dedicated host will guide you or your group through the experience. If the course is in a pre-recorded video format, then you will have access to a recording featuring practical steps demonstrated by the teacher. Most of the classes are hands-on. So you get to cook while following the recorded video or live demonstration. Usually, the host will provide you with a kit or list of ingredients you need. So if you have a dietary restriction, then you can find a virtual sushi class that accommodates different kinds of diets. After the session, you can enjoy your meal with your favorite pairing.

What are the best virtual sushi-making classes?

The best virtual sushi-making classes include Roll This Way Online Sushi Classes, Breakthrough Sushi, Sushi Rolling Fundamentals, Healthy Sushi Course For Beginners, ClassBento Sushi Making Workshop, School of Sushi Classes, Tokyo Sushi Academy Online Sushi Course, and Keiko Yamamoto’s Sushi-Making Class.

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