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46 Fun Which Is Worse Game Questions For Work in 2024

You found our list of the best Which is Worse game questions for teams.

Which is worse game questions are framed as two not so great scenarios and asks players, which is worse. Example questions include “which is worse, matching with Dracula on Tinder or realizing you married a witch?” or, “which is worse, asking for an apology or asking for forgiveness?” The purpose of this game is to get to know each other through dialogue and shared connections.

These activities are examples of get to know you questions, icebreaker questions, and question games. These prompts are similar to this or that questions, would you rather questions, and balance game questions.

This list includes:

  • which is worse game questions for adults
  • which is worse game questions for kids
  • funny which is worse game questions
  • serious which is worse game questions
  • which is worse game questions for work
  • which is worse game questions for teams
  • weird which is worse game questions
  • holiday which is worse game questions
  • icebreaker which is worse game questions

Here we go!

Which is worse game questions for adults

  1. Which is worse: sitting in gridlock or sitting on the tarmac in a delayed airplane?
  2. Which is worse: Your lunch leaking on everything in your bag or spilling a cup of coffee on your computer?
  3. Which is worse: New York style or Chicago style pizza?
  4. As an adult, which is worse: Wearing your favorite childhood outfit everyday or eating your favorite childhood food at every meal?
  5. Which is worse: Stepping on a wet rug with socks or stepping on something sticky in bare feet?

Which is worse game questions for kids

  1. Which is worse: repeating gym class to graduate high school or tripping on your way to get your diploma?
  2. Which is worse: Going to summer school or going to school every Saturday for an entire school year?
  3. Which is worse: Being handcuffed to a hungry monkey or stuck in a box with a smelly dog?
  4. Which is worse: Sour milk on your cereal everyday for a week or forgetting a banana in your school bag for a month?
  5. Which is worse: Having a pet squid or a pet whale?

Funny which is worse game questions

  1. Which is worse: Being trapped in a haunted house or trapped on an island full of dinosaurs?
  2. Which is worse: Getting a pie in your face or bombarded by water balloons?
  3. Which is worse: Putting salt in your coffee instead of sugar or finding potato salad in the Cool Whip container?
  4. Which is worse: Falling in love with a robot or falling in love with a ghost?
  5. Which is worse: Being abducted by aliens or kidnapped by pirates?
  6. Which is worse: “Picking up” after your dog or cleaning out the litter box?

Serious which is worse game questions

  1. Which is worse: Discovering a friendship is not as close as you thought or deciding that it is time to end a friendship?
  2. Which is worse: Giving up everything to follow your dream or having everything but the dream?
  3. Which is worse: Never saving a dime or never trying anything new?
  4. Which is worse: Living alone or living with roommates?
  5. Which is worse: Asking for help or receiving unsolicited advice?

Which is worse game questions for work

  1. Which is worse: Building a Powerpoint or sitting through a Powerpoint on Zoom?
  2. Which is worse: Getting tipsy at the holiday party or sleeping through an important meeting?
  3. Which is worse: Being micromanaged or receiving zero direction?
  4. Which is worse: Editing a detailed document on your phone or receiving a meeting request five minutes before EOD.
  5. Which is worse: Working in an open plan office or working in a busy coffee shop?

Which is worse game questions for teams

  1. Which is worse: Working on a Saturday or pulling an all-nighter?
  2. Which is worse: Talking on the phone or a meeting that could have been an email?
  3. Which is worse: Presenting an alternative idea at the last hour or biting your tongue when you see something going wrong?
  4. Which is worse: Team retreat spent skydiving or team retreat spent in silent meditation?
  5. Which is worse: Coming into the office an hour early or leaving an hour late?

Weird which is worse game questions

  1. Which is worse: Riding a roller coaster on a full stomach or sitting in the only bumper car that doesn’t move?
  2. Which is worse: Discovering the cat licked the piece of lasagna you just ate or accidentally drinking water from the fish tank?
  3. Which is worse: A crying baby or a barking dog?
  4. Which is worse: Kissing a camel or hugging a skunk?
  5. Which is worse: A campy dinner theater performance or a full-length amateur kids performance of The Sound of Music?

Holiday which is worse game questions

  1. Which is worse: Overcooking the holiday dinner or dropping the dessert?
  2. Which is worse: Driving 10+ hours to your in-laws to celebrate the holidays or hosting your in-laws for the holidays?
  3. Which is worse: Your weird uncle cornering you for an hour or your aunties asking when you are having children all night?
  4. Which is worse: Breaking your grandmother’s favorite keepsake or telling your mom how you really feel about her “holiday bakes”?
  5. Which is worse: Spending a holiday alone or a holiday sleepover with your extended family with matching pajamas?

Icebreaker which is worse game questions

  1. Which is worse: Vacations at the beach or vacations in the mountains?
  2. Which is worse: A night out with friends or a night in with a book?
  3. Which is worse: Getting lost in the desert or lost in space?
  4. Which is worse: Destroying a world-famous artwork or destroying your kid’s most recent masterpiece?
  5. Which is worse: Dropping your phone in a sewer or losing an important piece of jewelry down a drain?

Final Thoughts

The Which is Worse game encourages conversation and discussion around which option is the worst. The resulting discussion creates opportunities to share opinions in a fun low stakes way. Building lasting team rapport is essential to team success, and games like Which is Worse provide an opportunity for individuals to get to know each other and build bonds around shared interests and experiences. Playing a game achieves the same goal as an ice breaker but lowers the stakes allowing for an easier engagement.

FAQ: Which is worse game

Here are answers to common questions about the Which is Worse game.

What is the Which is Worse game? 

The Which is Worse game is a fun and quirky alternative to icebreakers. You can get to know co-workers with this dialogue-driven game. As you play participants choose between two options and decide which is worse. You can play in teams to make it collaborative and competitive or as individuals. The group can share opinions and discover unique things in common.

How do you play the Which is Worse game? 

Here are three ways you can play Which is Worse.

Virtual Option: In the virtual platform of your choice create polls. Individuals can vote on which option is worse instantly. As host, share poll results and check-in with individuals to share out on different prompts.

In-person: Create cards with the Which is Worse options you have selected. Each player selects a card from the deck. Then go around the room taking turns to read out from the cards. You can take a vote by show of hands or jump right in on which is worse!

Team Version: You can play in teams on virtual platforms or in person. Simply et a timer and send teams to break-out rooms or different areas of the office to hash out which is worse. Next, ask teams to come to a final selection as a group for each prompt. When time is up, wrangle everyone and see how things shake out among the teams. Try a combination of all three options to create a more varied meeting or event experience.

Teams Advanced: Award points in the final phase of the game and kick things up a notch with some competition. One way to score the game is by majority rules. Award points to the teams that align their answers on each prompt. If three out of five teams say answer one is the worst, they get the points. Next time if four out of five teams say answer two is the worst they win the points. If all the teams agree on one of the prompts, double the points for everyone!

For a lighthearted team bonding event keep your prompts fun and goofy the whole time. You can use the game for deeper guided conversations as well but still start light. It is always good to get everyone acquainted with how the game works and comfortable before working in a more serious prompt.

What are some good Which is Worse game questions to ask teammates? 

Here are a few game questions to ask your teammates.

  • Which is worse: Doing an escape room alone or going to Disney World with your entire family?
  • Which is worse: Camping in a leaky tent or staying in a smelly roadside motel?
  • Which is worse: No caffeine for a year or zero access to your favorite snack?
  • Which is worse: Can’t shower for a week or no clean clothes for a week?
  • Which is worse: Giving a presentation in a dinosaur costume or managing the summer intern program?

These prompts are quick and fun ways to energize the group and spark fun discussion.

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