Best Damn Sales Rep for (Virtual) Team Building – 100% Remote

👋 Hi, teambuilding™ is hiring a Best Damn Sales Rep to join our team.

But this isn't like other job searches...

We want to get to know you, and then figure out if we may be a great fit for working together - savvy?

First thing, what's your name?

Museum Hack tour guides looking awesome.

Hi, ! 😊

Here's what's up…

We are a US based company with 50+ team members - everyone works remotely.

And we want your help to keep transforming team building experiences around the world...

We know that the best candidates care about:

  1. Doing enjoyable work
  2. That actually matters
  3. With cool people
  4. In a stable role
  5. Where you are paid well
Having fun at a company trainage.

Does that sound right?

If you don't really care about work culture or are just in this to make money, then we probably aren't a good fit. Try Wall Street.

However, if = "cool to collaborate with and likes to get paid to work on meaningful stuff", then here's why working with us could be a perfect fit for you.

What we can offer you...

Unlimited high-fives! And also:

Doing Enjoyable Work 🎉

You make your own schedule and in many cases can choose your own projects. We trust you to do great work, and we love making it fun. This job post is fun… kind of, I mean it's still a job post.

That Actually Matters ✊

Your work will directly support mission to help make people happier at work around the world. We are already working with many of the most innovative to spread the good word: work can be awesome! You will be part of that!

With Cool People 😎

Your colleagues are cool, even the CEO. We meetup for frisbee chats at the park, and have a Mr. Rogers channel for getting to know your remote-work neighbours. We try to give individual recognition for all the “small wins” that happen throughout the day; the kind of stuff that gets overlooked at giant companies and my entire childhood.

In a Stable Role 💼

You have the opportunity to grow with us. Many of our folks started as contractors or part time and now work in full-time roles or other promotions. This isn't easy - we give ultra direct feedback on your performance, good or bad, and you will always have a fair chance to keep progressing.

Where You Are Paid Well 💰

Okay, real talk on money - we aren't Google and we can't pay you $150,000 per year or do all your laundry. We can promise: fair compensation for your skill and experience, including a competitive salary and a range of benefits. For full-time employees, we have health insurance, plus fancy perks like massage and house cleaning credits. teambuilding™️ is a meritocracy and you will have the opportunity to create value and grow in your career, including pay raises, because $$$$ pays the bills.

The early team.

"That was a lot of text" - 📖

Here are some quick videos from your potential new colleagues family.

Here is the Job Description!

Important: Please do not call, email, send social media messages, or submit a quote request on our site about this role. We will review your application and follow up asap.

Now for the good stuff 🙂


We are hiring a sales rep to join our 100% remote team.

You will be selling team building activities to inbound leads.

Expected total compensation (base + commission) is $75K – $90K USD per year, plus benefits.

40 – 45 hours per week.

This job is open to anyone eligible to work in the US.


  • You are a quick and accurate communicator, including email, phone, text, etc.
  • You have a quiet, stable place to work with reliable internet
  • You are available to work 8+ hours per day, five days per week
  • You have a record of reliable communication, meeting deadlines and hitting goals
  • You like doing sales!


  • Experience with B2B sales
  • Experience selling with average value of $1000+
  • Experience working from home
  • Available to work one weekend per month
  • Multi-lingual

Job Duties

  • Quick and accurate follow up with leads
  • Schedule calls to close the sale
  • Make accurate proposals
  • Manage your pipeline
  • Make sales 💰

So, , could you be our Best Damn Sales Rep?

Apply ✊