Updated: February 13, 2024

21 Fun Company Outing Ideas in Las Vegas, NV

Here is our list of the best company outing ideas in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Company outing ideas in Las Vegas are locations and activities that groups can do for a team building or work-related event. For example, touring the Lost Spirit Distillery, having ice cream at Paradise City Creamery, and relaxing at Amina Spa. The purpose of these ideas is to build a team, boost attendees’ morale, or commemorate a work celebration in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

These ideas are similar to best corporate team building activities in Las Vegas and the best corporate event ideas in Las Vegas.

This list includes:

  • group outing ideas for adults in Las Vegas, NV
  • team building outings in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • work team outings in Las Vegas
  • corporate outings in Las Vegas

Let’s get to it!

List of company outing ideas in Las Vegas

Company outings are a great way to promote employees’ engagement and create a strong bond between attendees. From swimming at Mandalay Bay Beach to playing laser tag at Battle Blast, here are locations, games, and activities in Las Vegas ideal for work outings.

1. Vegas Strip Photo Scavenger Hunt (Top Choice)

A photo of the Las Vegas Strip

Vegas Strip Photo Scavenger Hunt is an exhilarating adventure through the city that will be the highlight of your trip! The Vegas Strip offers many great photo opportunities, and this experience will take you on an unforgettable exploration.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Join a delightful host for a 90-minute experience
  • Begin at the iconic Flamingo Hotel and end at the Bellagio Fountains
  • Follow puzzling photo clues and solve trivia questions
  • Learn intriguing stories and facts from your host

Additionally, you have the option to personalize the entire experience to align with your team’s preferences. By tailoring the adventure, you can create stronger bonds while gaining an in-depth understanding of The Strip. To create lasting memories and deepen connections, include this experience in your itinerary!

Learn more about Vegas Strip Photo Scavenger Hunt.

2. Espionage! (Team Favorite)

espionage banner

You can uncover hidden spies and complete mission objectives during Espionage! This engaging 90-minute experience will put your team’s critical-thinking skills to the test.

Here is what you can expect during this experience:

  • a talented host to lead you through each activity
  • secretive teams of spies and agents
  • complex puzzles, challenges, and strategic maneuvers
  • team discussions to discover secret identities

We can host this mission at any location you choose, and we will provide all the necessary game materials. Teams can sharpen critical-thinking and communication skills with this engaging experience.

Learn more about Espionage!

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3. Field Day (Popular)

If you are looking to put your team to the test, then check out Field Day! This energetic 90-minute experience challenges participants to several outdoor games and activities.

Here is what you can expect:

  • a 90-minute session with a talented facilitator
  • childhood activities that bring back fond memories
  • a variety of engaging outdoor games and activities that test participants’ skills
  • opportunities for team photos to capture great memories

To make the experience seamless, we will bring all the necessary game equipment to your chosen location. Be sure to add Field Day to your upcoming agenda to enhance strategic thinking during this unforgettable experience.

Learn more about Field Day.

4. Twilight Zone Mini Golf

Twilight Zone Mini Golf is an indoor glow-in-the-dark 18-hole miniature golf course. The attraction spans 10,000 square feet, immersing visitors in amazing props and artwork. A live on-course DJ adds to the fun, playing music from the past and keeping guests entertained with trivia, contests, and prizes. Beyond golf, Twilight Zone Mini Golf features arcade games, bowling lanes, and a gift shop from an alternate dimension. If you are planning a corporate or special event, then Twilight Zone Mini Golf offers group packages, including dinner parties and ventriloquist shows. Catering, karaoke, and custom packages are also available. Mini golf is a great way to bond with colleagues!

Learn more about Twilight Zone Mini Golf.

5. Santa Fe Lanes

At Santa Fe Lanes, guests can enjoy a great bowling experience. The space has 60 state-of-the-art lanes, drop-down screens for events, and a pro shop for enthusiasts. The Santa Fe Station Bowling Center also hosts a league play scene, accepting bowlers of all skill levels.

When players get hungry, Keglers Bar & Grill offers drink specials and a menu featuring pizza, hot wings, burgers, and fries. For those interested in meetings and events, Santa Fe Station has a range of venues for small gatherings or large corporate events. Whether visitors would like to bowl, dine, or plan an event, Santa Fe Lanes promises a memorable experience.

Learn more about Santa Fe Lanes.

6. IceBAR

IceBAR offers a refreshing escape from the Las Vegas heat, making it one of the best group outing ideas for adults in Las Vegas, NV. This space is made from 100 tons of custom-carved ice, featuring ice drinking glasses, walls, seats, and sculptures. Upon arrival, guests receive parkas and gloves to stay comfortable in the chilly setting. There is also an option to upgrade to a fashionable faux fur coat. The cocktail menu features several creative and refreshing drinks, all served in glasses made of ice. From icy mudslides to tasty Northern Lights beverages, there is a drink for every palate to enjoy. This bar is a must-visit attraction to beat the desert heat while sipping in style.

Learn more about IceBAR.

7. The Dale Etheridge Planetarium

The College of Southern Nevada Planetarium offers visitors a unique and immersive experience. The 66-seat theater has state-of-the-art technology that allows them to create stunning images on a 30-foot dome. The school often hosts public shows, such as Extreme Universe and Black Holes. If your team is interested in booking a private show, then they can enjoy the main program, seasonal stargazing, and an astronomy Q&A. Best of all, folks can attend special events, like solar eclipse experiences. So stop by to journey through the universe!

Learn more about The Dale Etheridge Planetarium.

8. The Lion Habitat Ranch

The Lion Habitat Ranch lets guests visit majestic large cats and giraffes! Teams can book a behind-the-scenes tour that features the history of the ranch, its operations, and information on all their animals. Visitors can also check out giraffe and lion feedings. For a more unique outing, folks can even book a dinner experience next to the lions! If guests are interested in souvenirs, then they can snag a painting made by Ozzie the Giraffe. When searching for team building outings in Las Vegas, Nevada, consider stopping by.

Learn more about The Lion Habitat Ranch.

9. Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix

Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix is a family fun center that offers several exciting activities. The center features several go-kart tracks, including Euro High-Speed Karts for high-speed races, Go Kart Road Course for competitive racing, and Sprint Kart Speedway for side-by-side action.

In addition to go-karts, the space offers exciting rides and slides. Visitors can enjoy the Tornado Twister, Super Fun Slide, Piff the Magic Dragon Coaster, and Dive Bomber. The center also has an arcade with retro favorites and the latest games.

Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix is a great venue for corporate events, team building activities, and product launches. The center even offers catering options for groups of 20 to 1,000 individuals.

Learn more about Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix.

10. The Range 702

The Range 702 is the largest indoor shooting range in Nevada. The venue has 16 dedicated shooting lanes, including four exclusive VIP lanes. Further, the space offers the ultimate machine gun shooting adventure in Las Vegas. The fully automatic machine gun packages offer an adrenaline-pumping experience. Visitors can shoot famous firearms from movies or history. From birthday celebrations to corporate events, The Range 702 offers a thrilling experience for all participants.

Learn more about The Range 702.

11. Battle Blast Laser Tag

Battle Blast provides a laser tag experience where your team can enjoy a life-like adventure. At the experience’s start, a qualified staff member will explain the game rules, objectives, and equipment. Then, your team will proceed to wear the vests designed with adjustable straps for easy fitting.

Your group size will determine if you will play the game in solo or team mode. The pricing per player ranges depending on the number of games. If you want to book a private game for your team, then the pricing rate will be for at least 30 players. Also, only 37 players or fewer can play in each game.

Learn more about Battle Blast Laser Tag.

12. Arcadia Earth

Arcadia Earth is an art museum inside Showcase Mall that uses technology to provide guests with an augmented reality experience. The exhibitions in this museum shed light on environmental issues and how little lifestyle changes can affect the earth. You will pay an admission fee to view the exhibit, which is also wheelchair accessible. The host also organizes a guided tour for groups with at least 15 members lasting 45 to 60 minutes.

Learn more about Arcadia Earth.

13. Mandalay Bay Beach

Mandalay Bay Beach is one of the most fun locations for outdoor corporate outings in Las Vegas. The beach is 11 acres with amazing cabanas, a lazy river, 2,700 tons of sand, and several pools. Unless your team members are guests at Mandalay Bay Hotel, you must pay an admission fee to access the pool areas. The lazy river is also a fun place to swim and is the only pool that allows inner tubes. Most of the relaxing areas and cabanas have a refrigerator stocked up with drinks, furniture, and an occupancy capacity ranging from 6 to 12 guests.

You can not bring outside drinks and food to the beach. Nevertheless, you can dine in Beach Bar and Grill, located in the beach area. You can also have your food delivered to you in your Cabana.

Learn more about Mandalay Bay Beach.

14. Las Vegas Premier Paintball

Las Vegas Premier Paintball offers four large areas where you can shoot with your teams. You will get a free entry on Wednesdays and Thursdays if you purchase one or more paint bags. Also, if your team has many beginners in the game, then you can book the low-impact paintball experience. For this experience, you may wear shorts and t-shirts even though you cannot put on the same for the regular paintball game. Also, you will use guns with lighter weights. For a group booking, you must have at least ten team members.

Learn more about Las Vegas Premier Paintball.

15. SeaQuest Tour

SeaQuest features an aquarium and also houses other birds and small animals. This location is a great place where your team can interact with each other, including with the animals.

There are many activities you can explore with your group. For example, you can dive into tropical waters and get an up-close view of stingrays and sharks. Also, the Asian Otter Interaction allows you to watch and feed the little otters.

You can reserve the Kissy Fishy Experience, where your team will place their legs into a tank. Then toothless fish will help remove the dead skin cells from your legs.

Learn more about SeaQuest Tour.

16. Museum of Selfies

Museum of Selfies is a fantastic place where groups can take fun pictures during work team outings in Las Vegas. You can also walk around three rooms to admire the creative designs. The rooms have unique installations in themes like an emoji pool, optical illusion bathroom, upside-down room, and gold bath. The visit will last for about one hour. You can only purchase a ticket online and scan the IQ code from your phone at the museum.

You can also book the VIP tour experience for an added fee, featuring a private photographer capturing your fun moments in the museum.

Learn more about Museum of Selfies.

17. Dueling Axes

Throwing axes at Dueling Axes is one of the most company outing ideas in Las Vegas. You can find this axe-throwing site inside AREA15. Dueling Axes provides a private facility for participants, so you can only throw with your group members.

During your group experience, you will have an axe-throwing coach who will help serve drinks from the bar. You cannot bring outside food except if purchased within AREA15. Also, the company has a VIP room where up to 25 guests can throw axes. You can have up to six players using one lane for a small group booking.

Learn more about Axe Throwing at Dueling Axes.

18. Game Nest Arcade

Game Nest is a fun location to visit in the Chinatown of Las Vegas if your teammates are fond of arcade games. The games are a combination of American classics and Japanese arcades. This location also features a spot where you can play PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One games while relaxing on a comfy couch.

Learn more about Game Nest Arcade.

19. Amina Spa

Visiting Amina Spa is one of the most relaxing company outing ideas in Las Vegas. You can locate this wellness center on the second floor of the Alexandria Tower. Amina Spa does not operate on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The spa offers various services ranging from facials to massage and body treatments. You can also access facilities like private dressing and massage rooms, locker rooms, and oversized experience showers.

Learn more about Amina Spa.

20. ESCAPEability

ESCAPEability provides five unique escape rooms with a one-hour duration. The rooms include:

  • Casino Takeover: This adventure will give your team a Las Vegas experience in the 1940s. You have to complete some tests to prove that you run Bugsy Seigel’s casino.
  • Pompeii: You and your team will play as gladiators imprisoned during the vocation eruption in Pompeii. Your team must work together to escape.
  • Escape from Mars: Your mission lies on Mars, where you must figure out the mystery behind the previous astronauts’ disappearance. Also, you must leave the planet on time before the Martians locate you.

You and your team will share this immersive experience in one hour. The maximum number of players allowed in each room ranges from 8 to 20.

Learn more about ESCAPEability.

21. Hollywood Cars Museum

Hollywood Cars Museum is one of the best museums in Las Vegas, showcasing legendary vehicles. Some of the exhibitions include:

  • The Batmobile from the famous movie ‘Batman’
  • 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse
  • 12-foot tall roller skate hot rod
  • Hudson Hornet
  • 40-foot pink hot tub convertible limo

The museum displays many cars used in popular movies collected from different parts of the world. You will find James Bond’s cars and the vehicle driven by the late Paul Walker in the movie Fast and Furious. The admission ticket costs $20.

Learn more about Hollywood Cars Museum.


Las Vegas is home to many fun places where you can enjoy your group outing. For instance, you can visit several museums, escape rooms, and game centers. You will also find a variety of exciting activities to do, like swimming, tasting wine, and throwing axes. The ideas in this list include activities and places your team can visit for an outing. These ideas can help you achieve your outing’s objective, which may be for team-building, releasing stress, or motivating the group.

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FAQ: Company outing ideas in Las Vegas, Nevada

Here are answers to questions about company outing ideas in Las Vegas.

What are the best group outing ideas in Las Vegas?

Some of the best group outing ideas in Las Vegas include relaxing at Amina Spa, touring SeaQuest, throwing axes at Dueling Axes, and Escaping the rooms designed by ESCAPEability.

What are good places for groups to go in Las Vegas?

There are tons of good places groups can go in Las Vegas. For instance, Mandalay Bay Beach and Paradise City Creamery.

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