22 Fun Company Outing Ideas in Portland, OR

By: | Updated: February 13, 2024

You found our list of the best company outing ideas in Portland, Oregon.

Company outing ideas in Portland are activities and events that bring teammates together in locations outside of the workplace. For example, guacamole competitions, museum trips, and food tours get workers away from their cubicles and into a more informal setting. The purpose of these activities is to inspire interactions and exchanges among teammates while exposing them to exciting aspects of the city.

These activities are examples of company offsites, team retreat activities, and team building days. These ideas are similar to corporate events in Portland and Portland team building activities.

This list includes:

  • group outing ideas for adults in Portland
  • team building outings in Portland
  • work team outings in Portland
  • corporate outings in Portland

Here we go!

List of company outing ideas in Portland

From adventures in nature to downtown treks, here is the list of company outing ideas in Portland.

1. Ultimate Trivia Showdown (Top Choice)

Ultimate Trivia Showdown is a thrilling trivia event designed to push the limits of your staff! Throughout this captivating experience, our talented hosts will guide your team through engaging and enjoyable games.

Ultimate Trivia Showdown includes the following:

  • 90 minutes with a skilled host
  • unconventional trivia questions across a wide range of categories
  • competitive challenges like Smarty Pants Ultimate Trivia and The Champion Challenge
  • thrilling games, puzzles, and rounds of questions
  • optional trivia personalization for a personalized experience

Furthermore, we will bring all the necessary materials to your chosen venue. To help your staff bond and showcase their skills, add Ultimate Trivia Showdown to your roster!

Learn more about Ultimate Trivia Showdown.

2. Field Day (Popular)

With Field Day, you can immerse your team in the world of interactive outdoor games! This thrilling experience offers employees the chance to create lasting bonds while promoting teamwork.

Your Field Day experience includes:

  • 90 minutes with a talented host
  • classic outdoor games and new competitions
  • childhood activities to spark nostalgia
  • photo ops to capture memorable moments

We can host this experience at any venue you choose, and we will meet you there with all the game equipment. For a team building experience that fosters trust and workplace skills, add Field Day to your agenda!

Learn more about Field Day.

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3. Espionage! (Staff Favorite)

espionage banner

You can embark on an immersive journey of spies, puzzles, and secret identities with Espionage! Teams will need their reasoning skills to unravel this experience’s thrilling mysteries.

Espionage! offers the following:

  • 90 minutes guided by a world-class host
  • complex scavenger hunts, code scrambles, and word searches
  • undercover teams of spies and agents
  • deception and covert identities
  • strategic thinking and group discussions to unveil secret identities

Best of all, we will meet you at your preferred location with all the necessary supplies for this game. If you are looking for an experience that ignites your creative thinking, then look no further than Espionage!

Learn more about Espionage!

4. Dirty Lettuce

Vegan and meat-eating team members alike will love stopping by Dirty Lettuce! This restaurant serves down-home Southern cooking that is 100 percent plant based. Some of the menu items include BBQ ribs, fried catfish, and fried chicken. The breading on the fried chicken is so flavorful and crunchy that non-vegans will have a hard time telling they are not eating meat!

Diners can also enjoy delicious sides, of course, such as macaroni and cheese and Southern greens. After a hearty meal, teams can share a classic sweet potato pie. Dirty Lettuce has a large patio that is great for warm-weather dining, or teams can order party trays for catered events.

Learn more about Dirty Lettuce.

5. Timberline Lodge

Mt. Hood is a stunning part of the Portland area, and you can see a beautiful view of it from Timberline Lodge. Fans of The Shining may recognize the outside of the hotel, as the film uses Timberline for the establishing shots of The Overlook. Skiing enthusiasts will love that Timberline sits next to Mt. Hood’s glacier, and folks can ski on it ten months out of the year!

The lodge has several venues to visit, including the main lodge and Silcox Hut. Timberline also offers multiple dining options, like the Cascade dining room and the Ram’s Head bar and restaurant. In addition, visitors can often go to events at Timberline, including holiday events and brewery celebrations. After exploring, teams can stop by the shop to get Timberline and The Shining merch.

Learn more about Timberline Lodge.

6. Distillery Row

Teams who love spirits should check out Distillery Row! This unique block is home to the highest concentration of craft distilleries in one location. Twelve distinct distillers make delicious drinks on this street. For instance, visitors can visit Wild Roots, Westward Whiskey, and Freeland Spirits.

Distillery Row offers a special package called a distillery passport. With the passport, visitors can go on two self-guided tours that cover each of the 12 distilleries. At each venue, passport holders get unique promotions. Plus, folks who complete both tours earn extra prizes. The distilleries offer tasting menus, and folks can purchase full-sized bottles of their favorite spirits. It is important to note that a passport is not required to visit. This feature just makes the visit more fun!

Learn more about Distillery Row.

7. Topaz Farm

Topaz Farm is family owned and operated and sits on over 130 acres.

The farm hosts many activities year-round, including the following:

  • Produce markets, farm-to-table dinners, and outdoor bars
  • Animals to visit, including animal walks
  • Holiday events
  • Flower festivals, U-cut flowers, and flower mazes
  • Live music and sip-and-paint nights
  • U-pick berry picking and jam making

Visiting Topaz is a great way to unwind, reconnect with nature, and get some fresh air.

Learn more about Topaz Farm.

8. Blue Star Donuts

Many Portland visitors explore the donut scene by stopping by Voodoo, but locals will tell you that Blue Star is the real donut king. Advertised as donuts for grownups, Blue Star offers sophisticated flavors like Tiramisu Crème Brûlée, Blueberry Bourbon Basil, and Strawberry Champagne Pie. Several donuts are made from an 18-hour raised brioche dough, making the treats light and fluffy. Vegan visitors can also enjoy several different flavors. Coffee is the perfect pairing for a donut, and Blue Star partners with Coava to offer delicious brews. Be sure to stop by for an authentic taste of Rose City!

Learn more about Blue Star Donuts.

9. World Forestry Center

One of Portland’s iconic traits is its huge forests, and teams can stop by the World Forestry Center to learn more about local trees. This museum is a budget-friendly addition to your list of work team outings in Portland. Located in Washington Park, the 20,000-square-foot building has been teaching Portlanders about trees since 1971.

Exhibits range from Animals in the Forest to Life Inside the Smoke to The Future of Forests. Additionally, visitors can learn about the Old Forestry Building from the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition. Other campus highlights include the 42-ton Peggy the Train and a five-million-year-old petrified stump. At the World Forestry Center, teams will learn all about forests and society’s connection to them.

Learn more about the World Forestry Center.

10. Cannon Beach

Teams looking for a beautiful company outing should look into going to Cannon Beach. This beautiful spot along the Oregon coast is home to one of three haystack rocks. These rocks gained their iconic shape from ancient lava flows. The haystack is 235 feet tall, and at low tide, visitors can see the incredible wildlife in the tide pools. In addition, folks can see a huge population of tufted puffins on the rock.

Right next door, visitors can check out Ecola State Park. Folks might recognize this backdrop, as the famous Goonies beach scene was filmed here. From Ecola, viewers can also see the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse in the distance.

Cannon Beach also has a bustling town around it, featuring all kinds of shops and restaurants. For instance, teams can start off their day with some tasty coffee from Sleepy Monk Coffee. Then, groups can have some delicious soup at Mo’s Seafood & Chowder. At the end of a long day, staff can unwind with a cold pint at Public Coast Brewing Company.

There is no shortage of activities to do at Cannon Beach, so be sure to add this to your agenda!

Learn more about Cannon Beach.

11. Portland Audubon

Portland is home to some amazing bird species. Portland Audubon exists to preserve feathered friends’ habitats through conservation and education. Teams can discover the rare and wonderful winged creatures that populate Oregon skies. Scheduled ecotours of the sanctuary are eye-opening outings for developing a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

You can learn about talks and tours at Portland Audubon.

12. Art Party

Creativity leads the way in an art party custom chosen by the team. Employees can choose from several mediums, including glass blowing, pour painting, and scented candle pouring sessions. Courses last between one-and-a-half and two hours, depending on the project. A team of 10 budding artists can explore their creative sides while working on memorable keepsakes to take home after the outing.

The schedule of classes and available mediums is up at Live Laugh Love Art.

13. Petanque

Like bocce, petanque is a lawn bowling game where players compete by rolling balls, sometimes called boules, toward a target ball. The Portland Petanque Club welcomes players of all experience levels for free lessons and games. In addition, special events for work teams are part of the club’s schedule. Employees can enjoy an afternoon of relaxation and friendly competition with hosted instruction and lawn space for picnics and cookouts.

You can find details and schedules at Portland Petanque Club.

14. Glowing Greens

Mini-golf gets a literal glow-up on the luminescent fairway at Glowing Greens. Putters can test their skills through 13 wacky holes in this indoor blacklight amusement course. With up to four players per team, you can sign up for multiple bookings to get larger groups in on the fun. Plus, you can plan team attire to maximize the fun of the psychedelic blacklight atmosphere!

For more information about scheduling a session, check into Glowing Greens.

15. Submarine Tours

If your team is unbothered by tight spaces, a tour of a working submarine at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry will be one of the most fascinating company outing ideas on your list. Daily tours allow visitors to board the Blueback submarine, touch a torpedo and look through the periscope. You can schedule a tech tour on the second and fourth Sunday of each month for a more in-depth exploration of these submersible giants.

You can learn more about the program by visiting OMSI.

16. Freakybuttrue Peculiarium

When your city has a museum of oddities like Peculiarium, your options for corporate outings in Portland get a strange new vibe. The site is home to rooms filled with quirky interactive art and imaginative constructions that challenge the senses. Teams can explore the creepy corners and snap photos with full-sized sculptures of Bigfoot, aliens, and an intriguing assortment of oddball characters. For anyone interested in taking home a bit of the weirdness, the collectibles store is filled to the brim with kooky memorabilia.

Your crew can walk on the weird side at Freakybuttrue Peculiarium.

17. Surprise Concert

Performance fans with a sense of adventure will enjoy a fun mystery concert from Sofar. These memorable events feature three up-and-coming acts in music, dance, spoken word poetry, and comedy. The surprise is that the list of performers for any concert remains a secret until the action begins. Even the location is kept a secret until just before the performance!

The schedule at Sofar Sounds will tell you about upcoming events.

18. U-Pick Blueberries

Teams can take advantage of the incredible produce in Portland with a berry-picking adventure on a working farm. Cheldelin Farms in nearby Gresham is open for seasonal blueberry picking events that allow visitors to collect their own fruit. It is a great chance to grab some farm-fresh produce and gives your employees an insider’s view of modern agribusiness.

You can check into opportunities for berry picking at U-Pick Blueberries.

19. River Drifters

If your team is up for a roaring adventure, then a rafting trip on the Clackamas River is one of the most thrilling nature-oriented team building outings in Portland. Teams of five rafters can share a single raft, with room for an expert guide on board. Half-day trips cover six miles, while full-day trips cover 16 miles, both with similar rapids ratings and varying flow rates depending on the season. These outings are best reserved for more active teams, as excursions require constant paddling.

For optimal conditions and times to book, look at River Drifters.

20. Lost Plate Food Tour

The mission of Lost Plate is to introduce Portlanders to the weirdest places to eat in the city. This company upholds the city’s unofficial motto “Keep Portland Weird” by taking a self-proclaimed hipster approach to the city’s food scene. Foodies on the team will discover hidden gems among the usual spots on guided tours that show them a deeper view of Portland dining.

You can visit Lost Plate to plan a food tour.

21. Oregon Symphony

If your crew’s tastes lean toward upscale group outing ideas for adults in Portland, then a night at the Oregon Symphony is a spectacular choice. The range of artists and music available is rich and varied. Teams can enjoy symphonic reproductions of Star Wars and Looney Tunes soundtracks, modern opera masters, and instrumental virtuosos backed by this world-class orchestra. Snacks and drinks await at the concession stand for employees to enjoy between movements.

The calendar at Oregon Symphony will help you plan your outing.

22. Envi Adventures

If you are looking to take your team on an unforgettable tour, then check out Envi Adventures! This company offers airplane tours throughout Oregon.

Examples of available tours include:

  • Wonderful Waterfalls: A 40-minute flight showcasing the Columbia River Gorge’s top waterfall sights
  • Mountain Loop: A 60-minute trip around the city’s iconic mountain, Mt. Hood
  • Experience Multnomah: A 30-minute tour of Multnomah Falls, Oregon’s largest waterfall
  • The Portlandia: A 40-minute trip featuring Portland’s city skyline, bridges, and rivers

Envi can also take visitors on longer trips, like out to the Oregon coast. Consider booking a flight for a memorable team outing!

Learn more about Envi Adventures.


Portland’s mix of outdoor beauty and urban excitement make an excellent blend for a wide variety of ideas for company outings. Your team can spend an afternoon surrounded by nature while learning more about the history of their city. Whether workers are eager for a day of relaxation or are up for more energizing activities, the city has enticing options for everyone.

Next, check out these lists of group activities for adults and outdoor team building ideas.

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FAQ: Company outing ideas in Portland

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about company outing ideas in Portland.

What are some fun company outing ideas in Portland?

Fun company outings for adventure-seeking teams include a sky-high tram ride for unbeatable city views or a whitewater rafting trip down the Clackamas River. Employees with a love of culture can enjoy an evening with the Oregon Symphony, a glass-blowing art session, or a surprise pop-up concert will. If tasting the best food in Portland is your employees’ idea of fun, then a trip to Salt & Straw ice cream for sweet treats is sure to satisfy.

Where are good places for groups to go in Portland?

Groups with a taste for nature can do a little berry picking on a local farm or settle in for a picnic. For groups with a taste for the weird and wonderful, a walk through Freakybuttrue Peculiarium makes an ideal outing.

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