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20 Best Company Retreat Ideas in Washington DC

You found our list of unique company retreat ideas in Washington, DC.

Corporate retreat ideas in Washington DC are fun bonding activities you can do during focused group events. Examples include Smokey Gen farm, Library of Congress, and Primland. These ideas foster a more cohesive team environment, create incentives for your staff, and strengthen internal communications and collaboration.

These experiences work as corporate retreat locations, company retreat activities, and executive reteat ideas. These activities are similar to DC company outings and corporate events in DC.

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List of company retreat ideas in Washington DC

With staff retreat activities in Washington DC, you can experience some of the fascinating aspects of the district with your coworkers and foster team spirit at your firm. Here are spots to consider when planning retreats in the US capital.

1. The Art of Storytelling

For this activity, a group of professional performers will show your team an easy-to-follow formula for telling stories to keep audiences interested.

One of the most essential skills your employees can have is the ability to tell a good story, which is applicable in many different contexts. Every team member may benefit from honing their storytelling skills, from frontline workers and salespeople to those in marketing, support, management, and HR. This professional workshop is a lot of fun and accessible to participants with different levels of knowledge. The 90-minute event accommodates groups large and small and breaks the art of telling tales into simple formulas and steps.

Learn more about The Art of Storytelling.

2. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is a cook-off without the ovens. This event includes mini-contests and an epic food battle. The winners of this high-stake showdown get bragging rights for making the best guacamole in the house. Mini-games include avocado trivia and wordplay.

You may bring your own drinks and have your awards. The hosts provide every other resource you need for a successful event, including a funny party host, tasty food, prizes, and professional photography. The site might be your office, a nearby conference room, or one of ours. The event lasts one and a half hours.

Learn more about The Great Guac Off.

3. Gingerbread Wars

A near-competitive sport, Gingerbread Wars is a holiday-themed team-building activity. The main event is a contest to determine who can produce the most amazing gingerbread house. Groups get warmed up with quick team-building exercises like trivia and the snowman hustle before diving into cookie construction.

You can have Gingerbread Wars in your office or a third-party rental space. Fun and festive activity add-ons like “Deck the Halls” are available. Best of all, teams can demolish and devour the houses at the end of the event. This tasty tournament is available seasonally and lasts approximately one-and-a-half hours.

Learn more about Gingerbread Wars.

4. ScavBoss

ScavBoss is not like any other treasure hunt that you have played before. The activity’s brutally creative puzzles, engaging storylines, and innovative gameplay will test the mettle of even the brightest gamers. In addition, the hosts can tailor the search to reflect your company’s goals, principles, or ethos. The competition may run anywhere from two to four hours and include teams of six to 300 participants.

Learn more about ScavBoss.

5. The Mansion on O Street

The Mansion on O Street near Dupont Circle is a famous old building with mysterious hallways and secret passages. Many conference rooms, social clubs, and overnight accommodations make this an ideal venue for company retreat entertainment ideas in Washington DC. Upon entering this unique location, your team will begin thinking creatively.

In addition, the facility offers a wide variety of team-building workshops, including culinary demonstrations, cocktail-making lessons, treasure hunts, and even a “shark tank.” This two- to four-hour class focuses on creating and pitching a project and is a great way to encourage your team to work together in a fun and exciting setting. You can reserve the venue as a single event or include it in a long retreat for groups of up to 150.

Learn more about The Mansion on O Street.

6. Smokey Glen Farm

Company retreats take an all-new dimension with an all-day getaway at Smokey Glen Farm. Located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, this expansive site has covered pavilions and open sitting spaces to make the most of the warm season. With so much area to spare, this facility is suited for big parties of up to 5,000 people. You may pick from numerous traditional BBQ meals. The venue is only an hour’s drive from DC and features a range of onsite outdoor activities, including volleyball, mini golf, and horseshoe pits.

Learn more about Smokey Glen Farm.

7. Escape the Room

The escape rooms at The Escape Game DC are thrilling and realistic, and they put your team’s skills to the test. Your team will need their problem-solving abilities in one of many timed situations. Success demands that you work with other team members and communicate your thoughts.

To succeed, your team must work together, whether they are “locked” in a jail cell from the 1950s with just 60 minutes to escape or traveling to the depths of the ocean to stop a deranged scientist from performing harmful experiments.

The Escape Game DC is open throughout business hours, making it possible to do this exercise during the workday. The maximum number of participants in an escape room is six and twelve players to ensure a successful outcome. If you have a large party, then The Escape Game DC will work with you to ensure that every team member gets to join in on the excitement.

Learn more about Escape the Room.

8. The EDGE at George Mason University

The EDGE is a hi-tech location for “outdoor experiential learning.” George Mason University has been running outdoor adventure courses for teams for over 30 years, and its staff will gladly teach your team the basics. Whether you scale the Alpine Tower or stick to the ground, every team member will enjoy the thrilling activities. You will also learn practical skills in problem-solving and communication.

Learn more about the EDGE.

9. Terrapin Adventures

Terrapin Adventures, located right outside Washington DC, provides an excellent team program incorporating group games, obstacle courses, and aerial challenges. Terrapin Adventures are professionals in building tailored programs to enhance collaboration and help groups attain short-term and long-term objectives.

The staff designs games and activities depending on your group’s goals. Some teams need to focus on building communication tactics and collaboration abilities. Other teams require their participants to have greater confidence so they can contribute ideas that might improve the team.

As individual team members push themselves to try new feats the rest of the team will be there to cheer them on. You and your team will not forget the atmosphere of cooperation and camaraderie they experienced at the location.

Learn more about Terrapin Adventures.

10. Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is the world’s second-largest library, with over 167 million items. The library’s shelves are full of different media, from ancient and rare fragile books to the latest releases in mainstream music. The library also has every kind of document a researcher might desire, including maps, manuscripts, pictures, paintings, murals, newsreels, and sheet music.

Three separate structures make up the library, and each has architecture as impressive as the collection it houses. The Thomas Jefferson Building, with its magnificent, golden-toned central reading room, is the most well-known, although all of the structures are well worth a visit. The library is also a popular venue for special events. The structures house various entertainment venues, such as theaters, concert halls, and movie theaters.

Learn more about The Library of Congress.

11. Primland

Primland, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a perfect destination for a weekend escape or a luxurious executive retreat, especially for those who like the great outdoors. You may have to travel farther from Washington, DC, to get to the venue, but the trip is scenic, and there are plenty of activities to do onsite. You can participate in target practice at the archery range, stargazing at the observatory, trail exploration in an ATV, or a game of disc golf.

However, geocaching is perhaps the finest exercise for teams. You and your teammates will get GPS gadgets and go on a trail-wide treasure hunt to discover hidden caches. Guidebooks written by experts in environmental protection may help you learn about the area’s history, customs, and problems.

Learn more about Primland.

12. Ford’s Theatre

Ford’s Theatre entertains locals with plays, musicals, lectures, comedy acts, and other live events. The setting is intimate and welcoming. Red carpets and gilded railings in front of the balcony seats are classic touches that date back to the 1800s.

With the theater’s retro vibe, you will feel like you have returned to the days of trilby hats and corsets. History buffs should also know of the museum housed in the theater’s basement. With unique artifacts, this museum is one of the best venues in the city to learn about Lincoln.

There is no lack of well-known attractions in the nation’s capital, but Ford’s Theatre stands out because of its distinct history and historic appeal.

Learn more about Ford’s Theater.

13. Port City Brewing

Port City Brewing is a great choice if you are searching for laid-back, fun company retreat locations in Washington DC. The facility will handle every detail of your company retreat, thanks to the plethora of onsite services, including private tours, conference rooms, and team trivia. If your team has specific interests, the hosts also offer customizable packages. You may enjoy a guided beer and food tasting in the Lighthouse Lounge, with offerings from Cheesetique and Bluprint Chocolatiers.

Learn more about Port City Brewing.

14. DC Improv

The DC Improv is one of the top comedy clubs in town if your group would prefer corporate retreat ideas for small groups in Washington DC. The two-hour educational seminar centers on the notion that improv comedy techniques apply to the problem of leading a group through difficult situations. Learning improv may help build trust, show the value of teamwork, and strengthen communication. Through these challenges, your team will learn to think on their feet and use their imagination.

DC Improv’s comedy events are a terrific way to let loose and have a good time. Comedic performances are an excellent icebreaker for new employees and a great way to accelerate group bonding.

Learn more about DC Improv.

15. The National Gallery of Art

In the center of Washington, DC, you will find the National Gallery of Art, sometimes called “the nation’s museum” because of its reputation as one of the finest art museums in the whole country. East and West buildings make up the structure. The East Building is constructed from pink marble and has a modern, almost geometric style, with features like open rooftop terraces and sky-lit atrium galleries. In contrast to its futuristic sibling, the West Building’s white columns and neoclassical design are evocative of Ancient Greece.

The insides are as stunning as the outsides. The collection includes artwork from around the globe, including paintings, portraits, sculptures, and busts. You will also find the work of numerous well-known painters. You will be impressed by the profound significance the gallery bears for the United States of America and astounded by the breadth and depth of its shows.

Learn more about the National Gallery of Art.

16. Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park

One of the truly thrilling activities you should try is throwing yourself down a mountain while clinging to a thin wire placed between two trees. As luck would have it, ziplining is of the many activities you can do at Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park in Washington, DC. Activities range from ziplining to navigating aerial obstacle courses and rope bridges.

You may take a Treetop Discovery Journey or try your nerve on the Tarzan Swings. If you feel very bold, you may even attempt a “Monkey Drop.” If you are a beginner, instructors are available to help you learn the ropes and teach you how to participate safely.

There are not many places to go ziplining in the nation’s capital, but Go Ape Zipline, and Adventure Park is not too far outside of town if you are willing to take the hour-long trip.

Learn more about Go Ape Zipline and Adventure Park.

17. National Zoo

If you are in Washington, DC, and are interested in animals or the natural world, you should stop at the National Zoo. The variety of animals on display is the primary draw. About 2,000 creatures live in the zoo, including a family of giant pandas. You will probably find any animal that can run, glide, creep, slither, slither, or roll.

One of the many wonderful attractions of the zoo is its many events and activities for guests. You and your team can have a good time at the zoo, whether it is “Woo at the Zoo” on Valentine’s Day or “Boo at the Zoo” on Halloween. Finally, admission to the zoo is free.

Learn more about the National Zoo.

18. Wine & Design

Workshops by Wine & Design take the enjoyment of drink-and-draw courses to a whole new level. Art Breakers, explicitly designed for beginner teams, is just one example of how their programs are customizable to meet your specific needs. Another option is to attend seminars devoted to increasing output. At the event, your teammates will get their choice of wine or beer and a paint kit. Instructors are available to guide your team through the activity. You can host the classes at their Alexandria studio, your workplace, or a rented location.

Learn more about Wine & Design.

19. Capital One Arena

In Washington, DC, the Capital One Arena is a must-see attraction and has received accolades for helping to revitalize the area around it. Capital One Arena hosts various athletic events, from basketball and hockey to wrestling, and is home to the Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals.

The arena also hosts concerts, festivals, horse exhibitions, family activities, and ice skating performances. You can also watch Disney on Ice. Some of the facilities at the arena include a food court, a lounge, a hairdresser, and retail shops for business. This location is ideal for corporate retreat ideas for big groups in Washington DC.

Learn more about Capital One Arena.

20. Mangia DC

The private cooking courses from Mangia DC are a delicious option for a company event and are hosted in various scenic locations in DC. One of the best ways to build teamwork is via a cooking class. Team members with no expertise in the kitchen might benefit from taking private culinary lessons. Teammates help each other out as they each acquire new knowledge. There is no competition. The intention is to get tasty cuisine.

Team members may hone their active listening skills as a professional chef guides them through the preparation of a meal. Together, participants will seek assistance from one another when they are unsure of how to execute a technique.

Learn more about Mangia DC.


Washington DC is a metropolis on the international stage, a symbol of progress and success. The city is home to several businesses and offices. The City on the Potomac is not only home to some of the finest museums in the country but also a bustling hub for corporate retreat ideas. Washington, DC, may be grand and impressive in size, but the city’s many business attractions tell an even more compelling tale.

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FAQ: Company retreat ideas in Washington DC

Here are frequently asked questions about company retreat ideas in Washington DC.

What are some good corporate retreat ideas in Washington DC?

Some good corporate retreat ideas in Washington DC include the National Zoo, Ford’s Theater, and the Library of Congress. These enjoyable retreat activities should provide plenty of inspiration.

How do you plan a fun team retreat Washington DC?

Your company retreat is about cooperation, so a good idea would be to plan it with the rest of the team. You should encourage group involvement and ensure everyone on your team has a chance to contribute to organizing the retreat. As a result, you will be able to spot original thinking and unearth future leaders; that alone is worth the price of admission. Also, if team members feel included from the get-go, they are more inclined to participate in the event.

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